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Ability to choose light or dark theme coming soon to a BlackBerry near you

By Adam Zeis on 30 Aug 2013 12:16 pm EDT

Our good friend Michael Clewley has taken to his BBM channel once again to bring us some great news. The ability to choose between the light and dark theme will be added to the OS in an upcoming version.

Just what that version is yet we're not quite sure and we'd assume this only applies to the Q10, though we could be wrong.

The release of the OS 10.1 MR swapped out the dark theme to light for Q10 users and while some prefer it, others were not too happy (check out our poll results here). Thankfully you'll now have the option to choose your theme for the Calendar, Contacts, BBM and SMS apps. 

So just a tibit of good news and we couldn't be more excited. Again, no word of just when we'll see it or for what devices, but it's coming. Thanks to some new images, looks like it will be available on the Z10 as well.

Be sure to follow Michael Clewleys BBM Channel: C00014277



Whooohooo dark theme is sexc *z10 I am your father *

Posted via CB10


Wow, I really want this for my Z10......

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10


Michael said the update will be device agnostic. So yes the dark theme will be on Z10 too if you choose to toggle it on :)


boy I hope you're right would love a dark theme for my z10


If you have BBM channels installed, you'd be able to see that he commented that himself. So I am very positive that it's coming to the Z10 too :) the dark theme does not offer any battery saving for the Z10 but I can understand that people want it cause it looks pretty :)

Posted via CB10


Great News!

Into Starcraft? Join our Channel: C001242DE


Indeed, I've was hoping that this option would come to the Z10

Posted from my incredible Z10

Kris Simundson

Hopefully they bake it in for all devices, as it seems app specific

Posted Via Q10 running 10.2.0.xxxx | BerryLeaks Co-founder


I guess it could be due to the fact that some people may want the dark themed calendar but want the light theme contacts. I'm not sure who does, but at least that option is there.


Thats me right here. I want light theme BBM, but dark theme everything else.

Everyone has their own preference so we should be able to choose for each app specifically!

Posted via CB10


I would like to try light themed calendar but stay with dark CB10!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10


themers expressed the want for stuff like this back when the dev alpha A was launched. we were told to go away. oh how ironic this is now being added I guess lol


Frankly it is stupid. The "light" theme is for LCD based products, where you can minimize the power consupmtion of the backlight by using mostly white (when all pixels are illuminated, since you need to maintain the same BL power regrdless of all pixels on or off). The "dark" theme is for OLED based products, where you minimize the power consumption by not illuminating as many pixels (since the pixel itself emits light).

So, givingthe 'option' to users just enables a wy to operate the device in a less power optimized way, but the user doesn't necessarily realize that from their choice.


Then, frankly, that's the particular user's problem. They can certainly put a disclaimer notice up to notify anyone who isn't aware of the tech differences.

I for one would want a dark theme on a A Z10 if I had one. I don't think variety is ever a bad thing.


Nice. Giving users the option is always the best. Although it might not be suitable for the Z10, I hope there's an option included for that too.

Posted via CB10


Wish they put it in global settings and made it for Zed and Cue. :P

~STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US


Please we need this for the Z10!!!!!!!!


Hopefully not just for callendar but everywhere (sms, contacts...)

Adam Zeis

"you'll now have the option to choose your theme for the Calendar, Contacts, BBM and SMS apps"


Whats the deal, will this be for BBM as well? Hope so!

Posted from my Q10!

Unbiased Tech

All devices please!

Posted via CB10


Michael said the update will be device agnostic. So yes the dark theme will be on Z10 too if you choose to toggle it on :)


[Reposted from MichaelClewley C00014277]
Not sure I need to say much else other than "we listened"

The following apps will allow this change:
- Calendar
- Contacts

So basically back to the way it was.

Posted via CB10


And yet another reason I love BlackBerry. They listen to views. I'm so happy to hear that my Q10 will be getting sexy Black. :-)

Posted via CB10 on my Q10 running


This is what I want in my life

Posted via CB10


@Blaq is a dark themed app on the Z10 and looks great. Don't see why a dark theme couldn't be done across the board on a Z10.


This is awesome news. Darker theme should aid in preserving battery life on my Z10. Plus, from a personal standpoint, it looks a bit more classy.

Posted via CB10


The darker theme will do [i]nothing[/i] to preserve battery life on your Z10. The BlackBerry Z10 has an LCD screen, and it is the BlackBerry Q10 that has an AMOLED screen that will improve battery life.

Q10 and Canadian all the way!


Yup - darker theme will purely be an aesthetic thing on the Z10. That and it'd be good for viewing when it is dark and you don't want to blast your eyeballs. I look forward to checking it out.


The dark theme is very useful for not annoying people in a theater. I hate it just before the curtain rises when everybody has to get out their phones and turn them on (at full brightness) in order to turn sound off. The Q10 with the dark theme is far less annoying.


Michael Clewley replied to a comment in his Channel and said that it is "device agnostic" and will apply to all devices.


uh..yea...but we want the ability to change the whole phone in this way. and the B&W as well as Inverted themes as well...


Would love dark theme on the Z10.

Posted via CB10


Michael said the update will be device agnostic. So yes the dark theme will be on Z10 too if you choose to toggle it on :)


Any idea when.

Posted via CB10


He posted it is device agnostic it is coming to all devices

Posted via my Verizon Z10 10.1 on CB 10


Even thought the dark theme serves no purpose for power saving on the Z10, it would still be nice to have for the simple reason that there are times when I don't want to look at a bright screen.


Now all we need is the squircle back!


Agreed. I am looking for the return of the squircle. Then, I will be a pretty happy camper.


Why, where did it go? Running the .1047 leak of 10.2 - has it disappeared in newer leaks?


Yes, .1047 was the last of the squircle it seems.


Yeah, this is why I haven't updated past 1047.

Though I guess complaining that they removed something that's never been officially released is a little petty. I just really like the squircle.


Dark theme for Z10!!!! Common

Because I zed so


Michael said the update will be device agnostic. So yes the dark theme will be on Z10 too if you choose to toggle it on


This is great!!!

I love my Q10 it is the best smartphone in existence todat running the most advanced smoothest running OS out there today.

Having the black theme only adds to that.

Posted via CB10


Cool, you go to the 'darkside',...there's no turning back.



This should have been done in the beginning.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

Pete The Penguin

I knew BlackBerry would back down and give us, their customers, choice. The risks not too were too great.


That black theme is awesome

Posted via CB10


Finally BlackBerry is addressing the dark theme.

Posted via Q10


Will be able to do for all devices. Yessss.

CB10 on Verizon Z10


Must be in all BB10 devices and include images of this in all commercials.. as a differential point

Posted via CB10


Will this be the same version that will bring back home screen one-button speed dialing?? *shakes head*


Yup it will be in 10.2. I tweeted Michael the question a few weeks ago

Posted via CB10


I hope so, I thought some people using the leaked 10.2 said it wasn't there. But hopefully the full version will. That's the one feature I miss the most from my 9900.


That's cool!

Posted via CB10


Love this idea. Exactly the option that should be there for those who want option to save battery life. Or think the dark theme is cool.

Posted via CB10

Mo Cat


CB10 - Q10


Wow! Truly groundbreaking (for Blackberry anyway) Welcome to the 21st century guys!

Did you just employ some old Nokia software engineers or somethng?

Iggy City

I think what matters here is that they listed to their users...


Hey dude, don't you have to be trollish somewhere else?


SMS dark theme? How will that work since SMS is baked into the HUB? Will the entire HUB be white themed and when you go I to Text Messages it will change to dark?

Posted via CB10


Not sure if you're trolling, but currently on the Q10 SMS is dark theme while hub is white. When you go from the hub to SMS, it changes from white to dark ...


I'm pretty sure some future leak will have this feature... looking forward for that.


Hope it comes to the Z10 too!

This is probably the best thing I love about the current BB, they listen to their userbase and updates are fast. Thanks!

DJ Reyes

Michael Clewley confirmed in the comments of his Channels post that it will be for all BlackBerry 10 devices. I'm so happy I get my dark theme back

Haha. Just read this after my post. YEY! WOO!

Posted via CB10


This is absof****nlutely awsome

Posted via CB10

Dark theme for my z10! PLS! :3

Posted via CB10


Michael said the update will be device agnostic. So yes the dark theme will be on Z10 too if you choose to toggle it on :)


Great news!! Can't wait to see this in a leak sometime soon!! ;)

Poirots Progeny


Love that there's a choice - I wish ALL apps could adopt a dark theme, think white on black looks brilliant!

Glad we've got a choice!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10


I think with the 10.2 SDK that's an option the app developer has, which theme they want to use for menus.

Bacon Munchers

The dark theme would help further differentiate the BlackBerry experience.

Shame that I have to download al black wallpaper and use A-note, just to 'fake' a dark theme for my Z.


I realllllllly hope they include this for the Z10!!!!!


Michael said the update will be device agnostic. So yes the dark theme will be on Z10 too if you choose to toggle it on :)


Hope to get it soon. One of the best news ;-)

Posted via CB10


Awesome, the ability to choose is a great option!

Kriilin Namek

This will be a great battery saving feature for the Z30, assuming it's an AMOLED screen. There'll be a lot of real estate to light up.


I wonder if the theme toggle will apply all the way across the phone or whether it can be customizable to be app specific? I'm not sure I would want to have the customization personally, but I think it would be a very cool feature to have.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!


Sweet. Hopefully it's in 10.2.

Also hope for this option is all apps. I want it all dark!


Thanks Mr Clewley! You've made a wish of mine come true! The choice between dark and light visuals. Good show! I remember him stating "we listened" and he's proving it! He (they, BlackBerry) listened! Good show!!!

Posted via CB10


And, just like to add one thing: the BlackBerry Q10 is the world's finest superphone! Best mobile computing device on the planet! Such a perfect phone, I love it.

Posted via CB10


personally, I hate having the dark them in contacts... it's just not practical and to be honest, it doesn't look professional. same thing goes for the calendar. bbm/texting/etc I have gotten used to it but I think I'd prefer the white/light theme.


That's just fine, the important thing is that everyone gets the choice!

Posted via CB10


Wouldn't this also apply to the Z30 as well as it is going to be an AMOLED screen too?


Yeah, like OS10 for Playbook is coming! How about option for KB backlight

R Field

Great decision by the BlackBerry dev team. Choice is good.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10 -


What about the settings... if it was black too that would be even more fantastic!!!

Posted via CB10


Awesome can't wait...



J' attends la mise à jour vers le OS10.2. Possibilité de thème plusieurs couleurs pas que noir ou blanc

Posted via CB10

Enguerrand de Marigny

Non ? C'est vrai, on aura ce choix ? Au fait quand arrive en France la mise à jour 10.2 (je suis chez sosh) ?

Arjun Sahota

I want the option for a black Hub on the Q10...

Posted via SQN100-3


Cool idea

Posted via CB10


Thank you! This will be so much better on my eyes when I'm using my Z10 in a dark room.

Johnny Crack

Yesssss this is great news as I love the dark theme plus it's great on the battery



How can I follow someone over BBM?

Posted via CB10


Ah you need BBM beta

Posted via CB10


Love the dark theme. Woooo

Posted via CB10


damn i swapped to a q10 mainly for the dark theme might have to swap back lol


Wanna trade for a not-very-gently used Z10? Kinda scratched body (also tooth-marks), chipped screen, dead pixels in a few places, and please don't look inside the phone, but it runs like a champ! =P

(that's a lie. Even if I had a Q10, I'd probably never be able to give up my Z10)


The Angels and Demons


Great news

Posted via CB10

Mady Thiel

Yeayy finaly

Posted On My Awsome BlackBerry Q10


I hope this is going to be available for the Z10 ... COME ON BLACKBERRY !!! We already have a 'lighter' battery !!! HELP US OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So will we get a dark themed option for CB10 app on Z10? I'm looking at you Kevin.




Posted via CB10


wow 10.2 cannot come soon enough I'm just assuming this will be in 10.2 but holy cow it's got a ton of new features I cannot wait to have officially on my device!

Posted via CB10


They should offer it for all devices and as an OS option. App specific is cool, but it would be nice to have that option like on the legacy os (greyscale, etc.)


Yeah !!!!

Posted via CB10


Woot! Thanks for listening Blackberry!


Fantastic news! This could truly save Blackberry!! Should help to keep all those doubters out there quiet for a while ;)

Jamie Wooten

I hope they add this to the Z!


I would like to get the dark theme on my Z10. Would it save me any battery life?

Posted via CB10


No, not with the Z's LCD screen. Real battery saving is only realized with an AMOLED screen like the Q10's.

Cheers. :)

Posted via CB10


at the risk of dampening enthusiasms, let us not forget we are still waiting for speed dial from the home page. We are also waiting for bridge to become more functional. And if you have been under a rock for a while you might even still be waiting for BB10 on the playbook. I'm not saying this won't come, but if they won't even say what release, it means it is quite conceivably a long way off !


Wonderful - one of the biggest disappointments was to have suddenly white calendar

Dark is cool (and better readable IMO)

stooy leown

-1 its in a spotted OS AFAIK.


What's in a spotted OS? The selection of the theme as described here? Yes, you are correct and I'm looking forward to.

Otherwise the OS MR updates and (we had two in Australia) changed the original dark calendar to white, as you can easily see in many threads which complain about this.



I hope that would give an option to have dark theme in Calendar on Q10 back, because the last change had absolutely no sense to me.


And this will be in 10.3?


I want it in my z10 :)

Comedy from youtube
Check this out C0012002C


And it's per app! Thank you BlackBerry for listening

Sent from my Z30/3

Ruslan Botsyurko

I'd live a black theme option on my Z10 even if it doesn't have an AMOLED display, so it's not that power efficient. I just like it, it's more minimalistic.


Would love to have the option for a dark theme in the Hub to make it all flow together better from a visual perspective.

Posted via CB10


Awesome!! Much needed not only for the better visual look (personal opinion), but on the Q10, make it all dark and improve the already amazing battery life :)

Posted via CB10

Phil Schulte

Quoting Kris Simundson on this one:

"I can say that 1581 has the theme options MC just dropped in his channel


timmy t

Wow, this is super big news!!!!!!!


He'll yeah that's what I wanted to see. Keep going Blackberry.



That's a great news! And a sign Blackberry listens its clients.
Keep moving BB!!!

Posted via CB10


In the beginning I found it awkward to have different themes in different applications, now I do not care anymore. Seems I have got used to it.

Posted via CB10


Aside from my taste, I really appreciate, like other user mentioned earlier as well, that the customers have the feeling that BlackBerry listens what their customers want *code on guys*

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry introduced something, many didn't like it, BlackBerry now offers choices.

Thank goodness BlackBerry is finally listening! :)

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


I am a bit confused, news title says "coming soon", news itself says there is no actual date given. Maybe we'll have to wait for 10.3 or 10.2 MR to get this feature, which wouldn't be "soon".
On the other hand though, BB users should already be used to the fact how "soon" is a pretty stretchable word in the BB world.

Posted via the awesome Blackberry Q10


I smell extended battery life here! Keep moving forward!


Yay options... need more options!!

Posted via CB10


Great cannot wait. I prefer dark anytime.

Posted using my Q10


So BlackBerry is listening to customers. So happy. Thanks BlackBerry!

Posted from Z10 via CB10


Perfect! Good stuff from BBRY! listening to what end users want.


Good to have more options, hope that will come to the Z10 as well.

Sent from my Z10

stooy leown

just read the post, and you dont have to hope. READ first.


I would be over the moon, if I could get that dark theme. My Q10 would look even more groovy, my battery would last longer, and it would be easier to the eye too.

Posted via CB10


What about the ability to choose an built-in and headless app LED notification colors?
I give a damn about those cosmetics when what we really need is to customize the basics.


Love the dark theme!

Posted via CB10


I would love to have the white theme on my Q10 because at the minute it's too dark & gloomy for me :S

Posted via CB10


would it be available for Q10?

Posted via CB10

Jamez Avila

I hope they expand the use of the black theme to more than a few settings apps. I want everything on my Z10 in black theme.

Posted via the CB app on my BlackBerry Z10!


Always "coming soon". Never comes

Posted via CB10


This can not come soon enough. Just got my Q10, had dark themes all day then came home and hooked it up to my Mac, and was told I have an update. Did the update and lost the dark theme's(new i would) but it still hurt. Hurry up Blackberry and bring back the dark theme


This dark theme looks awesome!


I thought the Q10 already had this functionality?

Winston Loh

Yes, cant wait for it to return


This is another reason I am staying with my 9900: BB loves to remove features willy-nilly


Just a comment not so much on the color of the theme but the calendar in general. I find my calendar is taking way too long to load. Is anyone else having this problem?? The 9900 used to be instantaneous. What can I do?

Posted via CB10

Fadi Sofia Hashwa

I have the new z30 and dark calendar theme is not available on my version of 10.2.


blackberry goes from one extreme to another
obviously if there is an option to switch to white from black then the consumer is the issue
because we have an option
so why would blackberry listen to people about their irrational complain when we were already able to fix it
we had the option to switch
now they just took the option away from us
what is wrong with them :s