9500 Storm OS Officially Released by Vodafone

9500 Storm OS Officially Released by Vodafone Australia
By Bla1ze on 9 Jun 2009 03:42 pm EDT

If you are among those who only wish to install "Official" OS releases on your devices now is the time for a 9500 update. Vodafone Australia has released for the Storm 9500, and you can grab the update at their BlackBerry download site.  Be sure to check in the CrackBerry forums for all the .148 changes.

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9500 Storm OS Officially Released by Vodafone


So has RIM just slowed down on the OS updates or something? The latest leak wasn't far off from this one. Just a handful of builds I think.

forget all about 148 OS if you had a leak 151 OS in your storm ! it's thousant time better .....I am totally agree with rvzero

is that a multi language release? I require Dutch and German! Thanks!


Sorry for the 9530 users ... thanks for not spamming

I keep trying to upgrade but my phone says It doesn't have enogh memory??? I don't have anything on the phone... is there a trick to this?

I had the same problem and Tech Support told me to try removing the battery and letting the phone reboot. That will clear your temporary memory and should allow the install to occur.

I was wondering if there going to have any more updates for the blackberry storm 9530, rather than the recent one which is the 148.