BlackBerry Curve 8900 Only $50 From Amazon!

8900 Only $50 From Amazon!
By Bla1ze on 5 Mar 2009 07:36 am EST

Still haven't picked up a BlackBerry Curve 8900? Holding out cause you know prices always drop a few months after the initial launch of a new device? Well, how about this for a nice deal? If you head on over to and sign up for T-Mobile service and you can grab one of the sexiest BlackBerry smartphones out there on the cheap. As in 50 smackeroos cheap (with rebates of course). So Umm...What are ya still doing reading this? Go get yourself a 8900, sheesh..some people! :P

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BlackBerry Curve 8900 Only $50 From Amazon!


I just logged into my-tmobile to see if they increased the upgrade more 8900 available for upgrade, not even an option.
Had my co-worker check his tmo account, same thing.

Apparently AT&T hasn't figured that the price on the Bold Sucks. Even being a ten year customer, an upgrade is still a pricey 399.00, and I don't think they offer the 100.00 rebate for the upgrade either. Enough to make me go to the iPhone. My three kids did, one even dumped her Bold after seeing her siblings iPhone performance, especially the Browser. My 8300 Curve will be 2 in May, plus with AT&T screwing th 2g, I thought about upgrading to the Bold, but not at that ridiculous cost.

The price on the Bold may be high but honestly you get what you pay for. The Bold is $399.99 out the door with a $100 mail in rebate. I work for a retailer of at&t and out of our 70 or so employees 95% of us run Blackberry, weather that be Curves, Bold, or Pearls. We all have the option to purchase the iphone and don't... that there tells you something.

The iphone is a great toy and the web surfing is un-matched in the wireless game, but as far as business goes I can't imagine sending emails and texting on the compact keyboard the iphone uses. Not to mention you can't take video or send a picture message with the iphone. If you plan on surfing the web, doing a little gaming, texting and emailing throughout the day on the iphone, you best plan on plugging that bad boy in at about 2 in the afternoon.

I guess it's to each their own but honestly I would never get the iphone for my all in one device, I have a touch at work for the fun aspect but it's plugged in if I play games on it for an hour or two depending on the game. By no means do I carry the two for the web surfing and games, too much business running through the Bold.

I wish current T-Mobile customers could get this deal. I'd even pay a little more. I've been contemplating a BB or a G1 and if this would have made the decision easy.

i was just on and with new qualifiying customers for t-mobile you can pick up the curve 8900 for 129.99 with a 100.00 mail in rebate and the cost of the phone would be 29.99!

89 months. That is how long I have been with tmo without getting a contract phone.

I called tmo and got transferred. Best I got offered was $179 cash and a change in my text plan that would save me $10 per month.

hmmm...hubs would not be a happy camper with me getting another phone at that price.... Any tips for me?

Almost makes me want to leave my reliable and fast network for the steaming, festering, disease ridden pile of human excrement called T-mobile to capitolize on the offer.

Just kidding. I wouldn't sign no T-Mob papers for 18 free 8900s. I get the Niagra.

Since the appearance of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Bold are morphed into one, does any knows if Verizon will still offer the Blackberry Curve 8930?