8520 Going To T-Mobile Sooner Then Expected?

8520 Going To T-Mobile Sooner Then Expected?
By Bla1ze on 11 May 2009 07:11 am EDT

Boy Genius got his hands on the upcoming T-Mobile / Walmart device line up and lo and behold as speculated, the BlackBerry Curve 8520 showed up on the list. Granted, speculation was made on a Q4 release for the device and that it would indeed be T-Mobile picking it up but this documentation pinpoints just a few more things such as a July release date and also reveals some price points which may or may not stick in the end.

As it stands now, the roadmap shows the 8520 rolling in at $78 and then being discounted to just $48 later on down the road. One can only hope these prices stick cause I do not know anyone out there that would be unwilling to hand over $78 for a sexy new BlackBerry!

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This would be perfect if this was on TMO USA'a Prepaid lineup.


I agree and will be right there to pick one up!


The price is just where I (and CB) expected it to be (actually lower than I expected). Rim knows that the smartphone market is much smaller than the dumb phone. Smart phone features at dumb phone prices. Big win.


Sounds like use 8900 till onyx comes to tmo later and replace my girlfriends 8320 with 8520 in july


Walmart usually has decent tmobile blackberry deals. I got my pearl there for free a while ago.


oh ya that is for sure going to be a back device for me and my wife. She has her heart set on the onyx but this will be a great backup device for that price.


"Than", not "then"....

Snoopster J

Until now, I was always under the impression that gravity was always free ;)


**********Sooner "THAN" expected