8 Reasons BlackBerry Owners Get It Done

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Sep 2013 11:20 am EDT

I am always a fan of a well-assembled infographic, and this morning while checking out my twitter stream I came across an awesome BlackBerry one. Titled 8 Reasons BlackBerry Owners Get It Done, it was put together from data collected by a Verizon survey that polled 1700 smartphone users earlier this year.

The results are what you might expect when visualizing the "classic" BlackBerry user. They're jetsetters. They're team leaders. They communicate. A LOT. They're organized and resourceful, and undoubtedly, successful. 

Over the years a whole bunch of phrases and slogans have been used to describe BlackBerry devices and this type of user and their mentality. Always On, Always Connected. BlackBerry People Do. We want tools, not toys. BlackBerry is for people who have sh!t to do, and need to get it done (as opposed to people who have time to kill and are looking for things to do).

BlackBerry owners get it done!

As illustrated by this infographic, it's clear to me that this user still exists in 2013 and BlackBerry is still the best first solution for them (as I'm typing this I'm having flashbacks to CrackBerry Kevin's Smartphone Hierarchy of Needs), whether we're talking BB7 or BB10 phones.

I say first, because I believe these days your choice in mobile solutions is not necessarily an either or decision, and that if you want a completely uncompromised mobile experience that you're likely going to be owning two mobile devices (I've been saying that since 2008 to be honest).

I know plenty of people who absolutely personify this infographic, are BlackBerry users and will be for the long haul, and also own another device, like an iPad. This doesn't make them less of a BlackBerry user than the person who's only all-in on BB. They still value that BlackBerry experience for where it excels the most. It's always BlackBerry first. 

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8 Reasons BlackBerry Owners Get It Done


it's true I have become super productive with the bb10....... its truly correct, BlackBerry makes you get things done........ now only they know how to advertise, ,,,,,,,maybe I should be on their marketing team.....

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10

But apparently Netflix, Instagram, and being part of the cool herd is more important to everyone, so none of this matters...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I think we all should be on the marketing team. Just today out on a project I was so excited my customer had a blackberry phone and it was a Z10. Usually I have people seeing me use my phone and ask or wonder what it is.

Posted With My Z10 or PB

I agree with most of it, although "the results are what you might expect" if BlackBerry sponsored a Verizon survey of BlackBerry users. But even if its all true, the fact that these observations are nothing new and given BB's current market share, it would seem this should NOT be the focus of a major marketing campaign. Those who care, are already aware of the superior business use of a BlackBerry. Those who don't, need to be reached through marketing that goes beyond the suggestion that their current device is a toy. I over simplified it here, but I happen to be in a (apparently rare) region that has no shortage of marketing for the Q10 and Z10. The average Joe doesn't care about balance, and you can't highlight the benefits of the Hub in a 30 second spot

I love to impress colleagues when I snap stuff out of my Q10 after a fast key punch.

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Speaking of info graphics, and looking at those nice 'sparks' and BlackBerry 10 stickers in the pic, why not give get a campaign together somehow to give-away free stickers to us BlackBerry people.

I for one would find a place to put some so that the world around me could see. Free advertising man!

We could start a post and have anyone participating send a pic in.

Just a thought....

Yeah, I could past a bunch on my guitar case so word can get around that musicians get it done too. We're not all drug addled booze swilling womanizers.

Posted via CB10

Doin' drugs. Doin' booze. Doin' women. BlackBerry people do. Hahaha! Someone please that a t-shirt!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Lovely. Nothing like promoting illicit drug use, alcoholism and offending your female BlackBerry fan base.

Posted via CB10

"Nothing like promoting Illicit drug use.." And YOU'RE totally whacked to be posting in a site named CRACKBERRY bwahahahaaaa

Totally agree. So many BB users would rock those stickers without even being asked to. They need to be made available! It's an excellent way to get the BB10 word out there.

yes i agree Kevin can you get them to do that alot a BB fans can help something can be done to help even for free even here i Jamaica i dont want blackberry to die get ppl on the ground giving out these signs can someone talk to Blackberry about this please just trying to help and yes i bought a Andriod cheap on so i can save for a Z10 i dont want the company to go down so if Crackberry Kevin can help then we can please please please

I'd rock the splat and BB10 stickers to give the brand more visibility. I even stopped using a case just so the BlackBerry logo gets flashed while I'm chatting on my Z10. 2 of my Apple friends who have seen the many useful features of the Z10 also saw the wisdom of a phone with a removable battery the other day. Their iPhones' batteries were on their last gasp and they were in a serious "outlet search" mode (at lunch!). When I showed them the BlackBerry compact spare battery holder/charger they were drooling all over themselves.

Just flyin' the BlackBerry flag...

Posted via CB10

Yes! Blackberry just has to wake up and realise that its not necessarily the best devices that rule, but the one that is able to convince the most people.

Yahoo....one of the many companies that help make the NSA smarter. Guess that is why, to her at least, the BlackBerry phone is not a smart phone! it fails at helping her fulfill her NSA obligation.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Ironically with all of BlackBerry's slogans and catchphrases about productivity, the biggest triumph of BlackBerry 10 is gaming.

focus on gaming may be an effort to attract more consumer oriented users, but that doesn't detract from the efficiency of communications that Blackberry 10 provides.

of all the devices i use, my Z10 is used the most as it provides the best bang for the buck from all angles.

I didn't think I'd use my Z10 for gaming very much but I've actually ended up using it quite a bit. I'm very happy more game developers have built for BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10

One wonders if you use a Z10, can you sell the company faster, and at a better price? I think we are about to find out...

people are always impressed when I show them the Z10 they say " wow! That's a BlackBerry ".. and I Say "HELL YEAH!"..


Ya, ya, whatever. How about we reach out to the common guy or girl because without them we'll all be jet-setting a nice shiny Android any day now.

Can you tell I'm not a big fan of tooting your own horn when everyone around you knows you have no basis for it?

Get $hit done BlackBerry and stop the nonsense. Freaking amazing platform, absolute $hit execution. Take $50 million from your cash reserves, go to each of the top 50 app developers and pay them for the applications to be delivered now. Then you won't need silly infographics to boost the morale.

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Totally agree! And guess what?! Without my banking apps, travel apps and financial apps, I can't get things done! I have to use my iphone 5 "toy" to get my work, personal business and entertainment accomplished. I love my q10 for hub, email, text- but oops- guess what? My iphone 5 does all that too! When I use my iphone 5, I need one device to get it all done. With my Q10, I still need two. Maybe if BlackBerry hadn't had the arrogance to view every other phone a "toy," they wouldn't be where they are today.

Posted via CB10

Wait, you can't bank online? You're telling me your financial institution needs you to find and install their specific app rather than just using a bookmark on your phone's browser? Wow. Do they need to know your exact location before you can pay bills, check your balance or transfer money? Honestly, who do you bank with that hasn't figured out online banking yet? And really, who are you that hasn't figured out how to figure this out yet?

Wait.....wait! Did you not watch the latest news! Apple, Google, Yahoo and a pile of others gave the NSA encryption keys, so they have access to your bank records and everything else you do! Better get a BlackBerry phone if you want security and privacy!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I have an update for you:
Search for the article "NSA can reportedly tap smartphones, access BlackBerry email" on Endgadget. I am not posting a direct outgoing link.

"Can you tell I'm not a big fan of tooting your own horn when everyone around you knows you have no basis for it?"

I couldn't agree more.

Um...I think you missed my point where I said the platform is amazing, the execution by the BlackBerry management is absolute $hit. As it stands now, there is no basis for choosing BlackBerry over another platform in the eyes of the common consumer. Sure the OS is really sleek and offers a number of significant improvements over the competition. At the same time it is dragged down by the fact that the app selection (for what the common consumer would want) is extremely scarce. Top that off with the disjointed user experience due to a massive number of bad Android ports and you have a problem. Denying it won't make it go away. Tell me realistically, what *has* BlackBerry management done to get at least top 50 of the top 100 apps on other platforms to BlackBerry 10?

BlackBerry using Verizon data from between 16th and 28th march to promote BB10.
Ironic, when you consider when BB10 launched on Verizon lol.

Why is kevin O'leary of CBC show called Lang and Oleary said this week , he will be down sizing to a 9900 because Verizon does not support Global data plans on Q10.

Notice he has not gone to android nor iphone. A lot of companies are holding out on upgrading until BB10 matures into the market. Very understandable.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I'm not an on the go business person, I'm a regular schmo but BlackBerry just makes sense when needing to get everything done.

Posted via CB10

BB thinks like I do! (Insert marketing copyright here!)My teenagers have iPhones, and while they're nice for texting and tweeting, they aren't as business-friendly as my Z10. Actually, I like using my Z better than my desktop sometimes !

Posted via CB10

I had note2 and iPhone 4S in my drawer since I grabbed the Q10 and I loved it, I don't need two devices

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry should concentrate on the business niche and leave the toy phone stuff to the others. That's where BlackBerry started and where they should have stayed by being innovative in the businesses world.

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I'm in 7 of the 8 for sure.

Then 8 of the 8 if you count the following languages:

Delusional Narcissism -
1. Grandiosity. Has an over inflated sense of self importance and achievements. They often believe they are more successful, beautiful, sexy, intelligent than they really are.
2. Belief that they are special.
3. Needs to be admired/adored.
4. Has a sense of entitlement commensurate with their delusion of superiority.
5. Arrogant behavior.

Nail on the head. This is the stance of everyone on these forums. Everything but BlackBerry is a "toy" and anyone who buys anything else is a stupid consumer, dumb, sheep, etc. That view did BlackBerry a lot of good. The iphone 5 is not a toy. It does everything a person needs and more. BlackBerry is not competitive, and they know it. To get competitive, they have to give people what they want. My work is byod. It is so nice not to have to carry two phones all the time. BlackBerry has to compete in the consumer market or it will never recover. "Stupid consumers" want simplicity at the best price with the apps they have already invested in. Why should they give anything up for BlackBerry when they don't have to? Lack of vision, arrogance, poor marketing and failure to understand that the world left BlackBerry behind two years ago is what they should be realizing. I don't really need to see ads telling me a phone can take calls, text, and utilize email. Basically that is BlackBerry's approach - but oh yeah - the apps are coming! If its not a smartphone, stop advertising it as one or produce a real smartphone. But stop turning your noses up at those of us who entered the 21st century and want to experience all technology has to offer. The Q10 is an awesome phone. Just shut up and make it better.

Posted via CB10

Can't afford one..........huh? Obviously you haven't used the Z because that is not what you are describing. It is an amazing smartphone. Won't be too long until Apple is in the same position, Samsung is overshadowing them. Just the cycle of electronics.

I have said this numerous time that BlackBerry BB10 software is the best compare to Android/IOS. I came from Iphone and some of my family used to be Android users. BB10 software is for the next century. BlackBerry needed to pick out all the best features that competitors are lack of and do the commercial da hell out of it. Marketing teams wake up! I hope you are not still sleeping!

My wife uses an Iphone 4S and asking me numerous times why my typing is so easy when I chat with friends/family and her Iphone typing is not easy as my Z10? She likes big phone, so she is waiting for Z30 to replace her Iphone.

My brother-in-law came to visit me from Texas last week. They are both owning an Iphone 5. I took them to Santa Cruz Boardwalk for fun and they took a lot of pictures. While at Santa Cruz Boardwalk, they want their wives to see all the good pictures they took, so anyway, they message the picture one at a time. I told them I can have my son see all my pictures I have taken live. They kind of wonder how can that be possible, so I took the time to demonstrate. After they saw what I did the video screen sharing with my son, their eyes pop opened wide and asking me how did I do that. They want to know if their most expensive Iphone 5 can do the same thing, I said no not at all, but there is a possibility that BlackBerry will have a Cross Platform in the future. They're both not an apps type of guy, but they own an Iphone because they see everyone has it and they think it is kind of cool to have the same. Actually, they have no brain.

Along with that feature, another that BlackBerry should advertise IMO is the ability to control app permissions. Seems like with privacy issues getting a bump with the Snowden revelations, the timing would be right. I can't be the only one who would rather not give away the information on my phone so ad agencies can profile me. Let me pay for my apps and stay out of my phone! With blanket permissions on other platforms, do owners of those phones even own their own information any more?

Posted via CB10

It's the same thing with bbry also. Don't for a moment think that all ur data and everyone else's data is safe from prying eyes. Its all laid bare for marketers through 3rd party apps and the others the less said the better.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

I don't assume anything digitized is "safe", but there certainly seem to be differences in how app permissions are handled across platforms. Doesn't BlackBerry require an app developer to create a permission toggle for, say, requesting my unique phone ID, if that is something the app wants? Don't other platforms prevent me from installing the app if I say no to an app's laundry list of permissions, whether or not they are legitimate or wanted? Many apps on Apple and Android are abusive with this freedom, particularly free ones. I'd much rather pay for an app outright and have more control over profiling and snooping. I think BlackBerry should explode this issue.

Posted via CB10

If you're going to compare on-screen typing experiences, don't compare the BB10 keyboard to the iPhone's. The iPhone was once decent but now it's outdated. Using these two outmoded devices trying to prove a modern point just makes everyone involved in the debate seem like they're out-of-touch with today's technology, which skips forward every six months or so. How many years have passed since the height of the BB vs. iPhone rivalry? That's a lot of innovation to ignore while sticking to this old contest. I know you were comparing the two devices because of your own vs your family's, but when you tried to use this comparison to justify your assertion that BB10 is better than Android, that's where you lost me. Compare the BB10 keyboard to Swiftkey on Android. Between the best-in-the-business word prediction and the optional Swiftkey Flow, BB10 is an inferior keyboard, which I found to be quite cumbersome despite its points for novelty.

As far as cameras are concerned, it's pretty well understood that BB's camera is decent but does not produce quality images in terms of sharpness or color reproduction. Cute software while sacrificing picture quality is too much of a compromise for me, personally. Comparing any BB10 device feature-for-feature against just about any Android flagship is not a road you want to go down, my friend. Pick up a Note 2 (another productivity-minded device) and watch as the arguments for BB wilt like a flower in a fire.

Long time Android user, iPhone user, I returned a Note 2 and got a second Z10.. The Note 2 was not a bad device but comparing it feature to feature and use to use it failed me in more than one place. Honestly, the sales rep was so convinced that the Note 2 was the "perfect" phone for me. Though sadly, he wasted my time. But at least I know myself that the Note 2 is not a device worth me owning.
I fall into all 8 of the reasons listed and while I could do it on a Droid or iOS device the clear, effective, and winner to me is by far the BB10 devices.

Since using my BlackBerry I'm more productive and can get things done. I simply love it!!!

via my amazing Z10.

I won't disagree with this, but what platform is this based on? Legacy devices I would agree with, but not with BB10. Most of the posts on the blog are about a new game that's out. How are people supposed to get things done with the Z10 when it experienced constant reboots, a horrible app store, and horrific battery life?

My Z10 had constant reboots before I installed leak 10.0.1.xxxx. Haven't had any since and I'm on now. The app store is coming along great compared to what iOS and Android started with. Also, horrific battery life? Yes, it could be better, but I get 15 hours on average when I'm not at work. So... don't use your situation as a baseline for everyone because everyone's experience is not alike. :)

I don't get even 4 hours on the Z10 it really pisses me off. And here people are singing bullshit praise of the BB10

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

You may need a new battery, I can do about 16 hours on very heavy usage.
I have two Z10s and neither give me any problems whatsoever.

Exactly. After their initial update, not a single reboot for me. And my battery life is fine.

Posted via CB10

I recently picked up a google nexus tablet, first none blackberry device. There is alot that it does but really I can maintain dual devices no problem.

Although I find myself wanting that full out experience on my phone more and more. Time will tell. I still have yet to try out a Q10, stupid blackberry forced my hand in getting a Z10 because I waited 2 years for BB10, as if I was goona wait 6 months for the Q10. I think I would be more happy with the Q10 and an android tablet, the keyboard keeping me more hyper connected. This z10 can be replaced with a nexus phone pretty fast, all things mentioned in this infographic can be done on android.

Anybody wanna trade a Q10 for a Z10

Said this many times before and will continue to say it, my 9800 and PB16 still rock the productivity. Even if things go south for BB, this combo will still rock my productivity!!

ya..ya.. bs. I couldn't get it done when i tryed to post a video to fb last night, so my wife had to do it with her iphone.

Amen! Finally a smart person on the crackberry team. This is what I have been telling the idiots of life on the fourms for a long time

Posted via CB10

This infographic might have been true in BlackBerry's heyday, but now it just seems like an old man bragging about his best days playing high school football.

I agree! Good article. BlackBerry is the best way to be things done! I had one of my friends kids tell me that they want my Z10! She likes how fast it is, and how much better it is than her Samsung

Finger flicking good! Z10

Yup, BlackBerry users are the definitely the kind of guys who'd take great pleasure in slogging weekends, slogging nights, only travelling for business and never getting time to chill with people outside work. Wow, it must be so productive. At the end of my life, I'd love to tell myself that I never had time for anything else other than my work. Great to be a BB fan.

I'm very curious about something. When you all talk about productivity, what is it that you're referring to? I currently use a Note 2 for productivity and a Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 when I want a smaller device for going out. I have also just given away an HTC One and have an iPhone 4, iPad (1st and 3rd gen), Nexus 7 (both years), and Galaxy Note 8.0. This is is not to brag, it's just to show that I'm a huge fan of tech and am knowledgeable as a consumer in different device/OS experiences. I tried to go back to BB with the Z10 but the lack of push email (seriously?) (Gmail is pushed instantly on Android), poor battery life, and a dearth of apps (banking and Amazon.com for starters) scared me away. I held out hope for the Q10 but I couldn't go back to the small screen (too much of a hindrance in info consumption), wonky OS, or - surprisingly - use a physical keyboard anymore. Swiftkey has changed me for good.

So, I'm just wondering, what is so productive about BlackBerry 10 devices? The on-screen keyboard is not better than Swiftkey, the screen resolution is not the best, the battery life is poor compared to the Note 2, the apps that do exist are harder to use on the smaller screen... Does anyone here use both the Note 2 and the Z10? I'm outrageously productive on my Note 2 and will buy the Note 3 for sure because I just want a higher resolution screen (my little nephews love me because they get my hand-me-downs).

Emails are faster and more reliable on my Android devices. Ever had an important, time-sensitive email conversation while away from your desk? Waiting minutes to grab a message that is waiting on the server is a waste of precious time. Does anyone here use GoogleVoice? I give mine out as a second, "public" number but that doesn't mean it can be as unreliable/cumbersome as I found it to be on my 9900 (my last BB). So it comes down to text messaging for you all? It can't be BBM anymore, since now there are so many comparable alternatives that are just as reliable. I like Kik for its reliability and simplicity, but my gf uses Kakao to communicate with her mother overseas for free. BBM has lost its crown since a few years ago. So what is left? As uncomfortable as the Note 2 can be at times, if I had to pick an all-in-one device that makes me super productive but also allows me to take full advantage of small breaks in my busy schedule throughout the day, hands down it is this device (Note 2). It does everything. I can review PDFs relatively comfortably, answer emails instantly, type easily, have a battery that goes all day with heavy use, enjoy my YouTube quickly and comfortably (have you seen Android's newest version of the app?), use social media on a large screen, sign documents with the S-Pen and send it back far from my desk, make calls, etc. So, again, what makes BlackBerry so productive to you? Maybe I'm missing something. I recently sold a house during a busy period for me, and if not for the Note 2 I'd have needed to stop at business centers to print, sign, and fax back escrow docs. Because of my phone, I was able to do everything from my phone no matter where I was (I used the iAnnotate app, for those who are curious how).

I'm not being a troll. I'm genuinely curious because I think it's profoundly odd that so many people are saying something that I find to be so out of touch with present reality. I think it would be much more honest to simply say you love the BB brand and are loyal to it through thick and thin, rather than trying to make these specious statements about BlackBerry productivity or users.

As an aside, I remember when this site and its users had an open disdain for games, as that was the calling card for iPhones at the peak of the iPhone vs. BlackBerry debate. Fast forward to today's CrackBerry.com and you'll see (although it's slowing now) the site regularly peppered with posts about some new game - except it is hardly ever the actual game. Rather, it's some sad imitation, which just gives the BB brand a subordinate feel. Like the BB brand, BB users seem to be grasping for straws in a desperate bid for relevancy. Harsh, but not intentional trolling. Talking facts just comes off like trolling, which reflects the dismal current state of BlackBerry in present tech culture.

The BB keyboard is way better than the Android one. I've watched push emails come in on my BB while Androiders wait for the same email. BB security is superior, as every intelligence agency on the planet can tell you. BBM is far and away the best messaging service on the market. And so on.

You are, in fact, a troll. Or just not a very well informed user.

Keyboard: I wasn't referring to the stock Android keyboard. I don't find that any better than BB10's. I was referring to Swiftkey, which is the best third party keyboard at the moment by sales if I'm not mistaken. It is an outstanding app, which transformed the way I used my Android devices.

Email: I don't own any current BB devices (as I stated in my original post) but when the Z10 came out it was announced (I think Heins said it) that you could only set it to check for emails in intervals, much like the iPhone does it. I believe the shortest interval was 15 minutes(?). That usually works fine unless you're expecting and waiting for an important, time-sensitive email. With the iPhone I found myself manually checking every couple of minutes because I didn't want to have my client waiting for possibly more than 15 minutes for my reply (since he could have walked away from his desk in that time, delaying the whole process). If his email arrived a second after my iPhone (or Z10) checked the server, it would be a full 15 minutes before my phone would check again. On the other hand, on Android it's not as instant as it was with BB07 but it is reliably "instant" 99% of the time. When money is involved, I now feel comfortable with my Note 2 over what I know of the Z10, which I think says a lot. If nothing else, it says a lot about mindshare.

Security: I agree, BB is king. But I have never heard anyone enter a cell shop and ask which device provides the greatest security. To be honest, if not for work, I wouldn't worry much about it. When I'm working, I treat my phone as I would my office computer and use common sense. Nothing is more secure than a professional messenger with hard copies. Messaging is trickier, but again, I just try to use common sense mixed with a little paranoia to keep me sharp. The trade off of superior features of my Note 2 fully justifies this minor inconvenience. Intelligence agencies across the planet? I couldn't say, but that is hardly enough to keep this company afloat anyway so it's kind of a moot point.

Being a troll: [rolls eyes] I used to really love BB, which is why I've lurked here for so long. I even bought two people brand new Storm 2's because I wanted them to see how much more functional it was than their iPhones. One liked the switch, the other... not so much. I was a hardcore BB user until I eventually faced the fact that modern life - of which one's device is such an integral part - was easier with another phone. And I don't think my experience is so special, judging from current sales of BB devices. I'm just trying to share my personal experience here.

I have an update for you:
Search for the article "NSA can reportedly tap smartphones, access BlackBerry email" on Endgadget. I am not posting a direct outgoing link.

I had the Z10 and still have and use the Note II. The Note II served my needs better than the Z10 could. I agree with most of your points. However, I didn't have any problems receiving emails on my Z10 that I can recall. It's becoming a distant memory, but I think that my OWA email and my GMail accounts had push email.

The thing that many people don't seem to realize is that different business people need to do different things. Most of the things that I read that people need to do, such as share files with my desktop and use the BlackBerry to make presentations, never come up in my job. Because of the software that I use, I would not do most of my work on anything less than a 27" monitor. There are other side things that I do that are not specific to my job but are related to my company as a whole (watching video from the mobile website), and that is clearly done better on a Note II than any existing BlackBerry device.

Edited to add: Swiftkey isn't my choice of keyboard; I prefer Swype.

If you check the stats today, BlackBerry's OS market grew even more up to 5.59% and climbing. Its shot up in the USA by about 6% though in Canada it went down a bit. If you look at North America, BlackBerry is growing where as WP8 is almost a flop.

BlackBerry needs to make this a commercial and at the end say "pick up a BlackBerry 10 phone today and join our club"!!!!

The key about BlackBerry is they not only help you get things done, they can also serve everything else other platforms offer. This is why BlackBerry is amazing.

I carry a Blackberry to Communicate. I carry an Android for Entertainment.

Have been for years.....

People ask me why I still use a Blackberry, because I'm more productive with it.

Posted via CB10

If I had the spark stickers, I would be tempted to stick them in the corners of every window in my house.
Then I would probably stick some on my wife's paintings....

I also want to state I have the Z10 and can't understand why people are not buying it...it is a fantastic product

Posted via CB10

Things like this infographic is what we need to be positive and cheerful about BlackBerry.

To bad BlackBerry the company is totally incapable of getting anything done except it would seem chopping up and liquidating the company before the end of the year. I mean if that rumor turns out to be true, it will be the fastest BlackBerry has accomplished anything in years. Maybe the entire history of the company.

BlackBerry people got tired of waiting for BlackBerry to fail to get it done, and switched to other products that actually meet their commitments.

BlackBerry had a great idea to pull together some of the best tech, and talent, to create an all new platform. But somehow, even though the finished platform is good, it was just to slow, and to many missteps along the way.

It's a shame because I'd love to see BlackBerry 10 evolve and grow because I really do believe the QNX microkernel is the best choice for mobile computing and I really do believe that BlackBerry has the best Operating system on the market today.

"Like" :).

I'm proud to be a blackberry owner. It's actually nice to have a smartphone (z10) that not many people have ..

I have 2 executive positions and van do most things with my z10 from the palm of my hand.
That a real pro, seen the fact that I'm always on the road.

it's a shame that it is undervalued by the press and most people take their opinion for the truth.

Good thing about it is that people really get jealous when I show of my z10 with BB10 !! :)

Hope they will find a smart solution to 'survive'. but about that, seen the major transformation they've made in just 2 years, im I'm pretty sure and confident.

Nothing else but blackberry for me. To pull out another slogan :

'I love what I do, and my BlackBerry helps me do it'

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Isn't it amazing that people are ALWAYS jealous when people in these forums take out their blackberry, yet I know several people that work selling phones, and they say to a person that no matter how much they show off bb, users 90 percent of the time don't even give it a chance, immediately wanting an iPhone or android phone. And out of those that give the bb more than a 5 second look, the majority of them still don't buy a blackberry.

I know in several cases a bonus was given to whoever could sell the most blackberry's because the inventory wasn't moving, and even with incentive most were returned.

What does that say? It means that all this "I took out my blackberry and now so and so is jealous they don't have one" is nonsense. It exists only in your head.

Realize that no one wants your blackberry, and then demand better from the company.

Stunned by the number of people on the crackberry forums who really believe BB10 is a more efficient way of working than BB7. I love blackberry but BB has lost its way with 10. Proved by the removal of the "power" to increase screen space. Irrelevant.
Frustrating this just leaves an empty void for the business user as angry birds takes over.

Posted via CB10

So, business users don't like larger screens? Is that your assertion and complaint about BB10? Combining the screen lock and power button was too much of a sacrifice for you? Oh. Ok.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry is still the one phone that doesn't come across as a toy. It really is a true renaissance piece of hardware that exudes utility.

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Agree 100%...

But, 1. with BB not beating Samsung in the ad department and 2. the sales staff at the kiosk everywhere from Costco to Bestbuy to VZW taking the easy path to push whatever the lay consumer will buy, is it too late to counter the negative spiral from Wall Street to the iHerd culture?

And on the business/app side - Supra & others failing to support BB 10.

The future is bleak.

Hope not...

My Q10 and I are inseparable. This has become more of a case since I had a cast put on my hand, basically reducing my BlackBerry usage to one hand. Not a problem with a BlackBerry Q10... I can easily get my #@S% done with just one hand... #BlackBerryByChoice is my favourite.,

Again today a girl saw my 9900 and said "gosh I miss my Blackberry", so I said "check their new ones, they are great" and she goes "oh really?". Demand is there. Advertising is not.

Before we give each other a BlackBerry reach around let's remember that no matter how loyal and dedicated BlackBerry users are to their devices (damn that sounds ridiculous!) the failure stems from the weak and out of touch top management, especially Thorsten Heins Ketchup and his merry band of fucktards!

When it is your customers who fight to support and promote your own products and services, something you as a company should do...then you are in trouble!

Then again I'm starting to get the distinct feeling that Heins Ketchup 's mission was never BlackBerry's transition, revival, restructuring or anything of the sort...I think that the task entrusted to these twats was to devalue and disassemble the company as fast as possible and sell the individual parts for a profit!

The only thing keeping Heins Ketchup and his sycophants from jumping ship and completely abandoning BlackBerry is their continuos wet dream of the severance packages they will earn once they completely ruin the company, screw all the shareholders and worse, get rid of all the employees! Can you imagine anything better than $55.4 million reasons to do just that?!

That is not the to understate and overlook BlackBerry 's own fault as an overall organization in their own decline and perhaps ultimate demise! Operating on hubris alone, declaring the IPhone and other devices toys, while your own fall behind in specs, features and overall quality does not a company make...said Yoda!

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Interesting how you add in your take on having to use more than a BlackBerry...I am pretty sure just about everyone, including business people have a smartphone and another device, i.e A laptop or PC... Technology is not quite there yet that a business person can do everything they need to on a smartphone.... Anyway just trying to figure out the theme of your article...

I can get things done with my z10 like create a group contacts, open more than 8 apps at the same time, do multiple alarm clocks, run apps in the background, etc.

Tsk tsk.

Z10 any day

I love my Z10... dont missunderstand.
and i understand, that the z10 isn avaiable in japan..

but how to write emails comfortable with contacts in japan?
was bb never think about? it was great with my bold to stay in contact with japanese people, now i have to use my notebook, because android port apps for japanese IME isnt the way...
i like the reasons...
but the missing native japanese, is every day a reason to cry....

What I can tell you is that Remember really helps. I use it to its maximum potential. I use Remember everyday. I used BB Maps extensively when I'm on the road. I traveled three times this year and I was pleased with BB Travel.

So folks who use iPhones [for example] are not jettsetters, not team leaders, don't communicate A LOT, are disorganized lack resourcefulness, and undoubtedly, are losers? If that's not the case, then these are not USPs for BB. They're nice to have, but not strongly marketable attributes.

New to Blackberry. Never used the OS7 in the past. The Q10 is my first Blackberry and I absolutely love the new OS10. I owned an HTC Amaze with Android ICS on it and the new Q10 is an amazing phone running on a highly efficient platform. Very well though out. Reminds me of my old Audi TT. Things are just where they need to be and work flawlessly. Love the way you can move from one app to the other and the Hub is fantastic. Hope Blackberry survives because I'd hate to go back to Android. I also owned the HTC 8X running Windows 8. Great looking phone, but . . . just wish the Playbook ran OS10 and had better hardware so I can also ditch my Nexus 7.

Wow, I'm use to deluded Blackberry owners repeating this tripe, but not actual writers.

I run a company, and my personal life with my iPhone. I use to do that with my blackberry. I haven't experienced any difference. My iPhone does just as good a job as my blackberry ever did. Plus, it's better at entertainment, media, as a camera, games, etc. etc.

This nonsense about a Blackberry being for work is nonsense. It's drivel. And to just keep repeating it gets you no where. When Blackberry is sold for parts just remember that you didn't help by living in a fantasy world.