8-bit game Retro Runners now free in BlackBerry World

8-bit game Retro Runners now free in BlackBerry World
By DJ Reyes on 14 Nov 2013 07:21 am EST

Fun, 8-bit game, Retro Runners has been updated with new levels and interfaces. It has also gone free. This is a game that has been on my BlackBerry since we reviewed here. It's one I go back to often to have a little fun on. I love its 8-bit look and the gameplay is smooth. With plenty of characters to unlock and levels to play, it's definitely a game that should be in your collection.

If you haven't heard of Retro Runners, it's an 8-bit game where you are basically running a race. You have to jump hurdles, pass other runners and avoid obstacles. You also have to watch your water levels and make sure you collect water to hydrate your runner. If this short description isn't enough for you, you can always check out our video review too. Download Retro Runners today, it's free! Available for the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Z30, as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook devices.

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8-bit game Retro Runners now free in BlackBerry World


I love this game use to kill it in college who could have the fastest time in the entire sch

Posted by z10 boss

With these cubic heads reminds me the Dire Straits video "Money for nothing". And maybe little bit of Minecraft. Speaking of which I would love to see Minecraft running on BB...

This isn't all that 8-bit, given that it's 3D... It's like 8-bit turned into 3D.

Looks kinda cool though.

Posted via CB10

while there were a few bugs on android, the dev is too quick to respond to feedback and push updates! by far, my favorite endless running time waster!

Hi, guys, I'm one of the developers of Retro Runners.
We're really happy to see you are enjoying the game, and I have a few things to tell you.

Two months ago, Retro Runners was a paid game on BlackBerry, because we were really concerned about money, since we are just 2 brazilian guys who decided to quit our mediocre jobs to start Countryside Games.
But it was really sad to see Retro Runners being a paid game without updates only on BlackBerry, and we decided to distribute it for free to you now.

We removed microtransactions and ads fom the BlackBerry version until we can be SURE it's working properly, because it may ruin the game if not well implemented. But when it's done, I assure your experience won't be negatively affected by it, we don't want to screw up Retro Runners.

For this month, you can expect Scoreloop support, with leaderboards, achievements and REWARDS (to help you unlock the special characters).
And we'll publish a new game for you until december.

I thank everyone who helped us buying the game when it costed US$ 0.99, and all of you who are helping us spreading the word now, we won't disappoint you.

Thanks for the game it is great! But as it stated it's for the PB too, I went in and couldn't get it.

Is it coming later on then?

Posted via CB10

It's not available for Playbook because we don't have this device to test the, but I'll do it as soon as I borrow one. We are interested in porting Retro Runners to Playbook.