7Digital still working with BlackBerry on an alternative solution for music purchases

By Bla1ze on 2 Jul 2014 06:58 pm EDT

When BlackBerry announced they'd be shutting down the music, movie and TV show portion of BlackBerry World come July 21st, it left many folks wondering where they would turn to for those services. At the time, BlackBerry advised through the Amazon partnership and BlackBerry World third-party apps, consumers would now have even more options to choose from but it also appears the 'contract' with 7Digital for music isn't entirely finished.

After the announcement, 7Digital shares actually dropped a noted 12 percent based on the news, which seemingly led to 7Digital Chief Executive, Simon Cole to issue statements on what 7Digital was working on with BlackBerry (their largest customer), if anything at all.

"7Digital understands that it is BlackBerry's intention, after the closure of its own storefront, to continue to provide its users with access to the music they have stored in their 'lockers' using the Company's services. 7Digital is also working with BlackBerry on an alternative solution for the purchase of new music and will update the market further when the specifics have been agreed."

"7Digital Group operates in a fast-growing and quickly-changing marketplace. As outlined in the recent admission document, the consumer market in which many of our customers operate is transitioning from a download to a streamed environment. As a leading supplier of B2B services in the music and radio industry, 7Digital helps new and existing customers to find ways of adapting to this changing market and that is what powers demand for our services."

So that's that. 7Digital and BlackBerry are still working on something. What that may be has yet to be fully disclosed but it's worth mentioning that 7Digital already operates its own apps across platforms and even a web store. BlackBerry technically could, instead of offering music in BlackBerry World, preload the 7Digital app or something similar.

Source: ValueWalk, MusicWeek

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7Digital still working with BlackBerry on an alternative solution for music purchases


Long story short, you're still going to have legal avenues for purchasing music on BlackBerry be it through 7Digital or some other third-party service provider such as HMV, Amazon or the multitude of others out there.

Good enough then. Stand alone app it is. But will previously purchased content be available from that store? Will there be a way to link the accounts? I'd love to use the movies I purchased on my other Android devices.

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Actually given how the industry has been going to streaming content, would it not make sense for 7digital to offer BlackBerry customers free streaming music for x number of months and launch their own service to complete with Beats Music, and Google

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I find streaming a waste of data and battery power if you're out walking for several hours. I'm often camping or something where I'm away from data too. Streaming simply isn't a good option for me.

I'm fine with a stand-alone app but are there going to be 2 or three apps, and we have to check each one to find out which is the best price? it would be nice to have one app with the all the stores (amazon/7digital/HMV/google?) combined.

I really feel like this is going backwards. Why remove the straight forward and easy store built into BlackBerry World? And possibly now require a separate app for the same thing? Making things tougher and not easier.

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yeah, I agree totally. BlackBerry needs to get it together, what in the hell are they doing? Instead of trying to increase the customer base, seems as if they are trying to destroy the customer base.

Opined with my Z10!

HMV's store is actually run by 7Digital (the HMV app took my 7D login and had my purchase history)

But I've honestly really liked the Music Store. Selection is great, prices are reasonable, and it's easy to browse in BlackBerry World. I'd love to see them work out a deal to keep 7Digital.

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As a fellow Canucks Bla1ze, do we have any info on how this Amazon partnership will work in Canada? Amazon prime isn't available here for music and videos as you well know. I hope this is going to be a Sol for anyone outside the US

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Probably a signed agreement for X amount of years they cant get out of.

Black cards, Black cars - All BlackBerry-thing!

looks at MP3 section on Amazon Canada.

Ohhhh... right. It doesn't exist.

Point is, they can still offer 7Digital which has expanded coverage as well as ANY other service that meets the needs. It's not 'locked' in any more, users can use whatever third-party app they want (err.. rather works).

Depending on how you look at it, it's either good for BlackBerry or good for 7Digital or good all around though the reason it has come to light is because of how the news affected 7Digital stock.

Amazon in Canada is still fairly new so I would think it is coming soon. There were absolutely no apps about a year and a half ago, and we just got the Kindle a little while back.


Amazon has sold books and other merchandise in Canada for over a decade. They aren't "new" here at all. I have no idea why they don't sell downloadable or even streaming content, but I'm not impressed.

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It's most likely the content providers who are restricting Amazon. Since they are the copyright holder, they have the say over what content can be sold, where and when. It's the same reason why Netflix can't offer the same selection of movies to other countries.

Obviously, this goes back to where Amazon has distribution rights, but tons of content providers have made tons of content available in Canada, so the impression I'm left with is not that Amazon "can't" provide these products, it's that they couldn't be bothered to negotiate for the rights.

I've already got the Android version of 7Digital installed on my Z10... would be nice for a native app which is what I'm guessing will happen anyway.

I think they didn't have one as their music was sold in the BlackBerry Store and not having a separate app may have been part of the agreement. Much like not tieing in 7digital purchases with BlackBerry store purchases in the BlackBerry store. Why oh why BlackBerry decided that I will never understand. This was most annoying having bought a lot of music via my playbook.

I also use amazon, buying CDs that get auto ripped for use on the cloud player has been a big selling point for me!

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Sounds like they are hinting at a native streaming service for BB10.

"Classic" better be called "Bold Q20" or "Bold 10" 

How the hell did I miss that news. I downloaded movies and TV shows all the time! I must be blind was there an article here on CB?

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Please someone help me understand. Are they completely closing down BlackBerry World? So we will no longer have access to any native app?

Consumer app: = Amazon
Business App = ??

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Nobody is shutting down Blackberry World. I don't know how you interpreted this from the Amazon partnership news. They are only shutting down music and videos.

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"7Digital understands that it is BlackBerry's intention, after the closure of its own storefront"

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Should have read the closure of its media storefront. Or something to that effect.

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For all intents and purposes, it sure sounds to me that BB World will be all but shut down after the Amazon deal comes about. Maybe never 'officially', but.....

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Does anyone know why BlackBerry is shutting down the movies and music portion of BlackBerry World? I realize it probably wasn't a huge moneymaker for them but why lose the functionality? It seemed to work good and made BBWorld a one-stop shop.

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I don't think so, Dave. Why would they shut down the music store in markets where Amazon doesn't even sell music?

I think it was just a coincidence. BlackBerry was paying 7Digital to provide content for the music store and Rovi for the video store. I suspect that BlackBerry wasn't getting what they wanted so they announced the termination of the agreements.

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The partnership probably cost BlackBerry to much money.

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What? BlackBerry didn't say anything about the closure of its storefront, only that it would stop offering media for sale through its own store.

This isn't a misunderstanding if wording this is direct as it gets. So BlackBerry World is done right?!

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Will any new apps be available though? I don't use a lot of apps but I haven't seen any good new apps in many months and very few updates to existing ones.

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They are certainly not stopping anyone from writing new apps, but they have decided that they don't want to put money into trying to get developers to write more consumer apps.

Slippery slope downhill... unless they incentivise native app production. No developer that already develops for android will bother creating a native version of their apps.

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We only ever got music in Australia but glad to hear there will potentially still be an option to buy music legally, securely & easily from my BlackBerry here.

I hope they bring a 7digital app to BB10. Always used to use it on BB7. HMV app is available for BB10, that is a front end for 7digital

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I downloaded the HMV app and when I tried to create a new account using my email address, it said that I already had an account. I don't recall ever being on a HMV website to set up an account.
I use the same password for media sites that I have used in the past and I got in.
I'm not sure what's going on.

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HMV is indeed a "store front" of the 7digital service. Though prices may vary from buying directly from 7digital.

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I'm not music savvy enough to really invest in purchasing single songs, but if BlackBerry introduced an ad-free streaming service with genre and mood/activity based playlists like others on the market, I'd get on board. It'd be cool if BlackBerry created such a service and integrated it into BBM as well so they could sell subscriptions cross-platform.

While Amazon does have some nice features, it's library has a lot of holes. I bought an album recently from BBW that wasn't on Amazon music.

The current version of amazon music doesn't even work anymore so this doesn't give a much faith in future services.
I hope will the Amazon partnership they clean up their content a little bit based on my experience with a Kindle fire there is no quality control at all.

I don't like the fact that I will soon need another icon on my screen just to download music from.

I miss the good ol' days of Wuzam.com

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I still think closing the music and video parts of BlackBerry World (and the consumer apps) is a terrible idea. I avoid android apps, unless they are ported into BlackBerry World and just to show the developers that we want their app (in the interest of developing a native version). Having to use a third party app is ridiculous, plus Amazon doesn't offer much outside the US. I really like how it is now.

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One thing I never liked about 7digital integration into BlackBerry World was that it had two side-effects:
- There was no standalone 7digital app support for BlackBerry 10
- There was no linkage between my existing 7digital account and my BlackBerry World account

What this meant was that 7digital, which I started using because of their good support of BBOS, suddenly became completely useless to me on my phone. I couldn't buy stuff on my desktop, and on my phone, from the same account. Since I refuse to buy media through something locked to a single kind of device, the result was that I basically ignored BlackBerry World's music catalog on principle.

If this leads to 7digital actually supporting BlackBerry 10 users as 7digital, using existing 7digital accounts, then I'm all for whatever happens. (In the mean time, I have already installed their Android app, but it doesn't work very well.)

Good point. It is pointless to have media tied to one type of device. I'm the same with apps, once BlackBerry (Thor) killed the PlayBook I gave up on buying paid apps for BlackBerry 10. It's kinda sad because BlackBerry 10 apps are not saturated with ads and pop ups like Android but that's all that will be available now.

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Second this completely. Bring on a native 7Digital app and my purchases will go up again. I have discussed these issues with 7digital and it appears to me to have been taken out of their hands somewhat with their agreement with BlackBerry.

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Well, good. I would be happy with a native 7digital app that I could get my purchases from. I have a fairly substantial library of.music that I bought through blackberry world.

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You got to be fucking kidding me!

BlackBerry makes the announcement that they will shut down their music and movie/tv show stores as of July 21st, make some cockamemie announcement about partnering up with Amazon but fail to actually explain and disclose how it will all work...including purchasing movies and music..

With the OS now supporting the 64GB micro - card, I'd be more interested in purchasing some content, especially if going on vacation...

And then this steaming turd drops...

You're still working on something?! Shouldn't you have figured this stuff out before you announced that you'll be dumping your old music and movies video store from BlackBerry World?!??

Man, the more things change, the more they stay the same...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

If I want to buy music I buy the CD.

If I want to buy movies I buy the DVD.

No worries for me :)

BB really does need to sort something out for the masses though.

I'd prefer the way it is now, my BBID can do it all. I don't want anymore log ons and passwords. I want one place where I can get all my media. there probably won't be any link between the different places just like there wasn't between the BB10 and Playbook. same video store used for movies but I couldn't watch movies I bought on one device on the other. so annoying

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Does this mean that you will be able to stream Amazon Prime Videos again on the Z10 and playbook. Since they aren't recognized now.

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"I'm so afraid of change! I mean, it might be for the better... But what if it's not? As long as it doesn’t stay the same - I don't like it when things stay the same either."
There. I think I've covered most of the demographics.

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I LOVED the native BlackBerry app store for music and videos!!!!! Movies for 99 cents!!! You can't beat it!!!! :(

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I really hate the idea of getting blotware in my phone what could be one app is now 4-5 app.feel like banging my head on the wall.

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Good to hear, I know I'm not alone when I say that I don't want anything to do with Amazon...never mind giving them my credit card or any sort of banking influence...it wouldn't be any extra steps if they (7digital) released a native app...you either would open BlackBerry World or you open 7digital...unless you were getting apps an tubes/shows/movies at the same time then yeah one little tap...lol

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Amazon - well, their MP3s are mostly OK - mostly
I had one with gaps - though, I must say they refunded me the costs there.
I also have some with audible compression artefacts - whyever... (256kBit/s VBR is normally good)

In contrast, BlackBerry music so far has been spot on - though for stuff I really like I'd still get a CD.

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Provide native Deezer app integrated in BlackBerry with a few percent discount and it's done. Our TMO does the same and I was thinking I'll grab theirs SIM just for Deezer.

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I'm wrote them about my skyfall purchase not showing up on my list of movie downloads and I didn't get a response.

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To me it's bizarre that BlackBerry is abandoning music sales. Especially since they don't have to do much.

I have bought several albums from 7 Digital. Love having them on my BlackBerry.

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I was pretty happy with 7Digital's music selection and quality, so I was a bit bummed to hear Blackberry was dropping the music store. (I only bought a few albums because I still actually prefer CDs) but I'm glad they're working on something else because I'll definitely stay with them for digital downloads.

I hate streaming content. I want to own my bloody songs not rent them. Also I want my songs when I want them and where I want them. If that's in the middle of the wilderness with no wi-fi or cell coverage then I should still be able to play my music.

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On the streaming front Songza got bought by the Dark Lord Google. So now you have to pay the piper for music?! Bloody....

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I love 7digital and I buy most of my collection of music from there if I'm not buying a physical CD.

I hope they just work on releasing the actual store as an app instead of trying to re-brand it as something else again.

Amazon audio quality flat out sucks. Anyone sporting Neutron is gonna know it immediately. Everything amazon let's you 'borrow' (I say borrow cuz you can't buy non-DRM songs from them) is only mp3 256 bit. Junk. 7digital, however, attempts to give you at the very minimum 320 MP3 or MP4 or FLAC. You can choose quick quality you get using either their app or the web page (using a desktop pc for the web page).
I for one actually like the music store on the playbook, which is run by 7digital. Just give us that app on BB10. Easy! That way we still get awesome quality music (btw all of the Z series phones have an awesome audio processor that makes the iPhone and even beats audio sound like panzies) and all of the music we have bought either through 7digital directly or BlackBerry world are still there safely in our 'lockers'.

That's my 10 cents anyways.

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Someone mentioned that it isn't Amazon's fault regarding available content in Canada. Amazon has a stranglehold on content. I'm a Canadian publisher and I can get my products in every country Amazon has a store, except Canada. Amazon.ca is very difficult to deal with.

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Why does my z10 let me install any android app then install it it looks good but then don't work none of them tried about 50 different apps al with the same result even the amazon app store app won't launch it just flickers and goes back to home screen in about 1 second is annoying someone help pls