7digital to power BlackBerry 10 music downloading service

7digital BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 18 Oct 2012 05:34 pm EDT

Although it really hasn't been much of a secret, earlier today at the 7digital Annual Event, Ben Drury, CEO of 7digital did confirm his company will be working with Research In Motion as the official music download provider for the BlackBerry 10 smartphones releasing in Q1 2013.

As we know it right now, 7digital offers solutions to current BlackBerry smartphones along with powering the BlackBerry PlayBook Music Store but their BlackBerry 10 offerings will become more integrated within the operating system itself to make the best use of both 7digital and the BlackBerry 10 platform capabilities.

Customers will be able to browse, preview and purchase high quality digital music all from within BlackBerry App World, with over 22 million tracks available to them from the 7digital catalogue. The music section of  BlackBerry App World, powered by 7digital, will feature new releases, best sellers, regional selections, a full back catalog, independent artists and more.

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7digital to power BlackBerry 10 music downloading service


Can't wait for BB10. I want instagram and tried the bluestacks app on my pc (didn't work out too good). I was seriously considering the S3 for now. But, F-dat I'll keep rock'n my 9900 until BB10 comes out and hopefully we'll get the goodies along with it.

I hope 7 digital doesn't suck as much as it does for the PlayBook. Trying to download anything from it takes way too long.

They better accept PayPal. Having my CC stolen online from a data breach I no longer trust any companies with my data. As it stands now they are CC only and don't tie into the billing of RIM as I use PayPal as my payment option only and for ever.

I'm sure we will be able to use all third party app like Amazon Mp3 as well.

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

I had a 7digital account on my laptop & had the devil of a time getting disconnected from them. Got overcharged & their disconnect process would not let me go. It took. 2 1/2 months to quit them & get my $ back. I'll not be using this. Just sayin.......

Why RIM, WHY???????????????? Oye, that just totally soured my joy about the video Kevin put up. :-(

Not a fan of 7Digital. As others I was hoping for a hook up with Amazon. Hoping that's still possible even so, maybe even an Amazon Prime app early on? Come on Alec go get em.

Will RIM ever come out with a 4.5" Playbook for the kids? I think they could.challenge the iPod. Now that would sell music. Who is with me?

Terrible. Ask anyone in the US what the hell 7digital is and they'll have no idea. There's no way I'd want to buy music from them.

Get me iTunes or probably Xbox Music. Anything else will just be junk. But then again, BlackBerry only wants to be 3rd best so I guess this makes sense.

Why is 7digtal bad? Hopefully you don't think it is "bad" just because you never heard of it.

And how would BlackBerry get Apple's iTunes or Microsoft's Xbox Music? BB needs a music app, but building BB10 is more important than building their own in house media store. It is smart to outsource it.

Unless you are saying you would rather another 3rd party music store... if that is the case, what 3rd party would you suggest?

- Overpriced
- Poor selection
- Poor media quality (seriously, listen to an iTunes file vs anything else)
- Tiny user base (most people stick to one store when buying music, and they're sure as hell not going to switch for this)

Pay Apple to develop a BB10 iTunes app. Why wouldn't they? It would expand they're income and customer base greatly. That's the only real way to succeed with music today, it's a dominant market. There's just no room for a 3rd best... at least not in America.

I have bought a lot of music from them on the Playbook and my PCs, worked very well until recently when they've had some issues with downloads.

7digital is not currently represented in many of RIM's leading markets (Africa as an example). Will 7Digital be increasing their coverage?

A Blackberry Lover & User of a Playbook & Torch9800!!

I've never purchased through 7Digital. If one purchases content on, for example, the Playbook, is that content restricted to that one device (Playbook) or can it be copied to other locations?

With 7Digital you are buying MP3 files that you can listen too on any MP3 device. I will never buy from iTunes because you are stuck with the Apple format unless you want to do extra work.

Sounds vaguely familiar but never used it. Judging from previous comments it doesn't look promising. Hopefully they can get things straightened out before the launch!

7Digital is another music service like amazon and others. Stop fussing over it. If you don't want to use it, don't. It's not RIM's fault, it's NOBODY's fault.

They better accept PayPal. Having my CC stolen online from a data breach I no longer trust any companies with my data. As it stands now they are CC only and don't tie into the billing of RIM as I use PayPal as my payment option only and for ever.

Happy i seen this post because i was wondering where the music section was. I notice on all the platforms i tried; android, windows phone and, iphone have their music, games and, applets in one market. This site is very helpful to newbies like me.