7Digital Music Store now available for BlackBerry 7 devices

7Digital Music Store now available for BlackBerry 7 devices
By Bla1ze on 7 Nov 2011 05:34 pm EST

For those of you out there who may have purchased some music from the 7Digital Music Store, only to of have later picked up a BlackBerry 7 device it may have been a little frustrating to find out the app itself wasn't compatible. You of course could still access the music through the 7Digital website but that wasn't as nice as accessing it direct from your BlackBerry smartphone.

At some point though, in the last few days -- the 7Digital Music Store got enabled for BlackBerry 7 devices even the BlackBerry P'9981 is getting love here. So go ahead, grab the download from BlackBerry App World and discuss the update in the CrackBerry forums.

Download the 7Digital Music Store from BlackBerry App World

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7Digital Music Store now available for BlackBerry 7 devices


Sorry 7Digital. I liked you I really did, but I've met somebody else and I think I'm in love. I thought it would best if you heard from me. Her name is Spotify.

Didn't even notice since it worked with the bold from att. But then again we waited so long that they had time to flip the switch for us.

Not sure exactly what took so long, but I did briefly chat with the developer at DevCon. Apparently most of the work involved redesigning all the graphics to work well with the higher resolution screens of the OS7 devices.

He also mentioned that they had submitted it to AppWorld at the start of DevCon, so I guess it took a while to get through the approval processes.

I like 7 digital. It provides a very nice media experience and it is integrated with Shazam and it looks like BBM Music as well.

Easy and beautiful. I like the direction the new and improved RIM is heading.

Keep the best security, best e-mail and messaging but give us world class media and ease of use. Good job RIM.

By the way, one way to use BBM is to try out several new songs we are not sure we really like enough to buy and then, after a while just buy the absolute favorites.

I'm feeling pretty happy with my BlackBerry