7digital Music Store and BlackBerry Podcasts apps get shown off on BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 9 Mar 2011 04:30 pm EST

Following the announcement of the 7digital Music Store heading to the BlackBerry PlayBook, the Inside BlackBerry Blog has posted up a great video showing off the app. BlackBerry PlayBook Product Manager Ryan Biden takes us on a quick tour of the app on the PlayBook. Much like its handheld counterpart, the 7digital Music Store lets you check out tons of artists and albums and you can easily purchase songs with one click. Any items that have been purchased can instantly be played via the media player on the PlayBook. All of your purchased items are stored in the cloud so you can go back and forth between the PlayBook and your smartphone without a hitch.

We also get a look at the BlackBerry Podcasts app which will be installed on the PlayBook at launch. It looks amazing in its current state and should be fun to play around with. You can search and subscribe to podcats, and when the app is launched it will automatically download the latest episodes. The app handles video, HD video and audio podcasts. Also noted is that you'll be able to use BlackBerry Desktop Manager (as expected) to transfer media to the PlayBook. 

Definitely some great info in the three-minute video so sit back and check it out!

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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7digital Music Store and BlackBerry Podcasts apps get shown off on BlackBerry PlayBook


The playbook is 100% capable of native bbm. As is any other device with access to the internet. If a blackberry can BBM via wifi, then any other device can. The magical blackberry PIN is just a number to identify an endpoint, like a mac address or an IP address. RIM could produce a PIN for any device it wanted to and connect it to the BBM network.

If the playbook does not have native BBM it is because RIM doesn't want it to.

You're right, a BlackBerry can BBM via WiFi but ONLY when you have a BlackBerry data plan attached to it. Remember that RIM makes money from the carriers for each BlackBerry data plan. So perhaps RIM may charge the user some sort of fee to get a WiFi BlackBerry plan (similar to BIS) on the PlayBook which will then give you access to BBM?

But what about those that do? I for one wouldn't want to pay some sort of fee to use bbm on the playbook if I already have one connected with my bb phone plan. I would lie to see the possibility to register and de-register bbm codes on the playbook and use it on there via wifi without having to pay again. That will make it so much more portable in case my bb dies or I had mistakenly left my bb at home. Mind you I don't think this will ever happen

BlackBerry Podcasts is available now. I'm rockin' it on my Torch and it's great! Plays video, too (probably no HD but that would be useless on a Torch).

looks very nice, the integration is tight and this is what blackberry is all about. Also 7Digital beats iTunes to the cloud

I like the end sentence: - games, business, media...more to come? - Absolutely!
Looking forward to it.

It'll leave rim focusing on their products and I don't think they need to focus on this. Maybe more focus on ze cloud ;) I look forward to more partnerships in the media industry!

Wow Apps look so good...best thing is it stores the songs on Cloud so that user will not beed to synch everytime...Its getting better everyday and I falling in love as much as I see playbook.....

I havent really been a fan of 7digital in the past, but this just might change everything. Not only does it look fluid and fast, but it looks easy to navigate around in. Which is one of my main problems with other music stores.

And i do enjoy that it stores your music on a cloud system so you can log in other places and still be able to access your music.

Keep up the awesome work with the playbook this thing is gonna be awesome if all this continues to happen.

Am I the only one who is not looking forward to the 'synching via desktop manager' method of getting my media on the playbook? I'm hoping the playbook can be seen by my PC as a removable drive and vice versa with my Torch. More of the BlackBerry platform cohesion and less Apple creeping will make this device a winner.

Also, when I log into App World via my BlackBerry ID on the Playbook, I would like to see the opportunity to install the PB-equivalent app if one exisits. Has anyone seen the PB version of App World in action?

More integration less fooling around. Since were not getting sd integration with pb it would be a travesty (maybe a little exaggerated) if it can't be seen as a removable drive. Can't say I've seen or heard the pb eqivalent ui of app world but judging by their acquisitions like tat. it'll certainly won't be bad.

I remember seeing an interview where an employee of RIM said that the PlayBook will mount as an external drive when you plug it in to your computer, just like blackberries.

Thought the 32gb was my best choice but now with this cloud based system means I'll more space for movies and resident music from my music library( which has become a monster of a collection). I might us well get the 64gb now. I'm all about work but play is still one of my favorite ways to kill the layovers in what ever God awful airport I get stuck in. Wonder if they'll incorporate some kind of detection software for any other playbooks in close proximity. Would be really nice to play a chess match or race someone in the airport over some kind of bluetooth bridge without wifi. Security may be an issue but that's what programers get paid for, so get to it IT. Just a matter of time now....