7Digital drops their own music purchasing app into BlackBerry World

By Bla1ze on 18 Jul 2014 07:56 pm EDT

Remember back in July when we noted 7Digital was still working with BlackBerry on a solution to offer music to BlackBerry customers? They seemingly wanted to get the message out thanks to it having a negative effect on their stock. At the time, we postulated that the arrangement could end up simply being the release of a 7Digital app on BlackBerry World and lo and behold, that's exactly what has happened.

Rather than miss out on any customers they gained from being the music provider for BlackBerry World, 7Digital simply adjusted their Android app a bit and have placed it in BlackBerry World. Now anyone who was worried about purchasing music after July 21st, when BlackBerry will be removing movies and music, can continue to use 7Digital if they do so wish in addition to being able to access their already purchased content.

Sure, it would have been nice to see them build a native app instead of porting the Android version over but in any case, it's nice to see they worked out a solution for people. The app is live in BlackBerry World right now, so you can download it as you see fit.

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7Digital drops their own music purchasing app into BlackBerry World


Agreed. Now my PB and BB10 purchases will all be in one spot again. Improvement are still needed.

Native BB10 app
SoundHound integration

My tune will change if I have to wait for ever for 7Digital to upgrade the Android app to native BB10.

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Newsflash, Blackberry is a moving to the position of being a business phone. They don't even want consumer apps on the phone. So passing on android ports is the same as passing on Blackberry. Their decision makes 100% sense and they need to focus on perfecting the Android player so that full integration with BB10 (such a sharing features) is simple and easy. Once android apps run smooth as butter who the heck cares about native. BTW Android apps are made by developers not Google.

Developers who could have developed for BlackBerry as well as or instead of Android, as so many other developers already have. If people want to boycott Android apps that's their business and it's legit.

In fact, it's too legit to quit, hey hey.

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Hell Yeah, The Main Selling Point for me is App Permission if they don't find a way to work around that then BlackBerry is losing a Big advantage over other OS's.

To 7D I'm Hoping the Port was because they didn't have the time to program Native in such a short amount of time.

Hear, hear! I hate Android purely for the fact that I can't use their app without feeling intruded upon. Android you don't have permission!

Z10 with OS

It is of course fine if developers want to write native apps. I just think BlackBerry's time is better spent if they make Android apps so flawlessly run that we couldn't tell the difference.

For example instead of adding a back button make it so that a swipe right is the equivalent of the back button. This can be done. That would make the apps seem more native. There are many things they could do in this regard. If they did it well then it would be as if we had a million native apps rather than a thousand or so.

In the end I think a perfect android player would benefit both developers and BlackBerry.

If bloggers were forced to recognize that BlackBerry run android apps as well as android OS-based phones then they would be forced to look beyond apps to the overall OS where BlackBerry is going to shine.

It is also crucial for BlackBerry in that office for Android is coming and that will be a big feature for businesses. Soon WP, Apple and Android will all have Office while BlackBerry won't. Not good.

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i know, my question is, how as in, once you download the app how, i never had a 7digital account but bought music trough BBWorld

Having two accounts is what messed up PlayBook and BBW movie purchases. On the PlayBook, movies were bought through the Video Store app, which required a Rovio login. Videos bought through it aren't available on BB10 devices. Movies bought through BBW aren't available on the PlayBook because the movies were tied to BBID.

It would be nice if they mapped the customer properly across the Video Store and BBID. The same would be nice for 7Digital app and BBID.

We're basically experiencing the negative effects of DRM.

The purchases already made through BBW will still be in BBW. As for how long this will last is another question.

But new purchases, after the transition, will be done through other means.

emPowered by 

Have they explained how you access your content using the new app?

Once downloaded you are not automatically connected to your previous purchases--you need to login... but what account info do you use?

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They basically are. HMV app even accepts the same account as 7Digital.

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I wonder what ever happened to that native BB10 app? I thought we were going to get one?

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I thought we would still be able to access our already purchased music through BlackBerry World even after July 21st?

I'm sure that's the case still but thank 7Digital for keeping up with us BlackBerry users that love music!

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

They actually tweek this one a bit. There some BlackBerry branding throughout the app.

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So if I downloaded music through BB World, do I have a 7 Digital account already? Maybe that was in the original setup on my Z10 but I don't remember a year later.

Will it work for BB10? Looked at it last week and said not supported for my Q10 and now every time I try to download it there is an error message.

Must be making some good money from BlackBerry. Didn't waste any time on that one.

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Wow. This is what I wish blackberry world's music section was like. This is so much better. This is a change for the positive.

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Because why be faithful with 7digital if they dont provide more service than amazon oR an other??? They loose me with no respect or our loyalty to blackberry

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I just signed into HMV using the same ID and password and I was in. All of my previously purchased music was there.

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What is happening with video rentals on BlackBerry World? Will that be gone too?

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I'd personally love to see BBMmusic back, still can't find a good app that caches the songs on your device when you listen to them, can't stream music on the train!

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Too many rights. If I wanted to give everybody access to my client list and files, I'd buy a droid or iphony.

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BlackBerry move awkward moment now. Amazon store not available worldwide. How about other regions in the world? Do we don't want it, use it to purchase music?

That why I don't put my money on something not convinced me.

Not all BlackBerry user are American and Canadian. Mostly Asia, south east Asia, middle East and Africa. BlackBerry should consider this move properly. R.I.P or fall down be ruins?

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...almost downloaded this app..saw that it was another lazy port...they can't be bothered to make a native app...I can't be bothered to use their service...

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I agree 100% with you. 7 digital please develop a native BlackBerry 10 app!

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You know, 7digital was basically shafted by BlackBerry over this. Frankly, I'm pleasantly surprised that they even had time to get a tailored Android port posted in time.

As a BlackBerry shareholder, I think the Amazon move will be a good long-term change. As a Canadian BlackBerry customer who often bought music and movies through their 7digital store, this is an abrupt and painful shift. Amazon content in Canada is very sadly lacking.

Would have been better if native, BUT something is better than nothing. I'm cool with this. Thanks 7digital.

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...that's what I figure...if smaller organizations can pull off good native apps, then bigger organizations have no real excuse to to put a native app together...there are other options besides 7digital...

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I think all of this is a big mistake on Blackberry's part.

People want convenience. Most iPhone users would not have a clue how to rip a DVD and transfer the content to their phone, so they depend on buying from iTunes and download it straight to the device.

In all seriousness, how are Blackberry users (business or consumer) supposed to get movies and music onto their device now, without having to resort to fiddling around with iTunes/Link software.

Yes, I know how to do it, and I reckon a lot of Crackberry users, have the necessary knowledge, but there are a LOT of users out there (I'd say over 90%) who don't have the necessary skills.

7D is very expensive and not competitive in my country :( And an Android Port is not what I've expected. So Premium + no native app? = no deal

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Nous its notre cool, i have bought albums on bb world and 7 digital coule have developped a bb10 app. I will ni longer but on their store. Why buy on an Android app 7digital when u have amazon music??? So sorry il a customer and i dont sée thé Android app as a solution.

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Just tried this out. I'm not too familiar with other options, but I love this app. Works perfectly. Small things like being able to sample an album and continue to search while doing so is is real plus. This is already a better option than the integrated Blackberry World music store. It just seems so outdated compared to this.


I wish they could just keep it part of BlackBerry World. Or bring the amazon store content to BlackBerry world. I hate using multiple stores

Via My z10 and CB10

Downloaded the app and was able to sign in using my BlackBerry creds. It loads slow (most Droid ports do), but over all it is a much nicer user experience than BBMUSIC.

The did sync the music I had already purchased via BBMUSIC, so they did customize this version specifically for BlackBerry and obviously worked with BlackBerry to port over the accounts.

Overall I would have to give BlackBerry and 7digital a thumbs up for an almost seamless transition. 4-1/2 stars.

Would give five stars if BlackBerry would have worked with them to create a native app.

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Still can't access my BB World songs. I happen to use the same email for 7D and BBID and even after asking them to merge the accounts, I only get the stuff I bought directly from them.

At this point, as long as the app is in Blackberry World, I consider that a "Native" app already.

Plenty of Iphone ports can be found in Google Play.

So marks the start of the end for BlackBerry as a handset maker. As much as Mr Chen likes to say that he will let the market decide if BlackBerry should keep making phones, he is doing everything in his power to motivate the market's decision to choose anything but a BlackBerry.

It can be spun as giving consumers more choice but the reality is consumers dont want choice, they want easy. Without a consumer facing ecosystem BlackBerry is sabotaging themselves. I cant imagine the goal of 10 million handsets per year being achievable with just corporate issued phones. BYOD customers like to play a little music, rent some movies, or compete with friends in a game on their phones after work. BlackBerry is the worst possible choice. Killing consumer services is the worst decision Mr Chen has made and will likely in my opinion prove fatal to BlackBerry's hardware business.

Nice, had it on my old Torch and downloaded it again. I can scrobble to last.fm again!

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Maybe this is just a bridge until they can ready a native app, or it's a sign that sales were slow enough to not warrant a native app.

Either way, how will apps like Sound Hound work now? Will hitting the "Buy song" button invoke the 7Digital app like it does now with BlackBerry World?

I won't buy digital music until they start offering other formats.

I also was amused when I read the description of the app, they use "high quality" and "MP3" in the same sentence.... really quite amusing.

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Selection is not as good as BB WORLD. My test search is Hang on the Box. 7Digital doesn't have them but BB WORLD does. Si what else is 7Digital missing?

BB Proud

Ya, the ending of BB WORLD for music and movies is sad. They had a good selection. I fear it's the first of many steps towards android.

BB Proud

Glad that 7digital is now here, had it on my 9900 and home computer. Let's hope they improve it for our BlackBerry 10's OS.

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Is there anyone else who thinks this was the dumbest move ever made by blackberry? Now I need a separate login for music since my BB Id doesn't work with 7 digital. This is so not the right direction.

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Absolutely!!! I wrote my statement in german because in English I can not write down what I really think. You know what I mean...

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Amazon mp3 is a million times better than this 7 digital, better selection, cheaper prices, way better application and runs flawless on my Z30! I'm gonna skip and stick with Amazon

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I can't get logged in using my BlackBerry World password! How do I keep my tunes if I can't get in with my old password and login?


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Ich bin echt enttäuscht das Blackberry diese Entscheidung gefällt hat. Sich aus diesem Bereich zu entfernen ist sicher kein intelligenter Schachzug. Ich bin absoluter BlackBerry Fan und administriere beruflich ein BES 5 und BES 10 environment. Ich betreibe nun seid vielen Jahren diese Devices und bin nach wie vor der Meinung das Blackberry die Lösung im Business Bereich ist. Aber wir alle lieben neben dem nützlichen auch Goodies. Und Musik direkt aus der Blackberry World gehört eindeutig dazu. Schade...

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Blackberry, I try so hard to support you buy every now and then you pull a stunt like this (bye bye music). Stop it. Native.

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