7-Digital Music Store Officially Released

By Adam Zeis on 6 Oct 2009 10:55 am EDT

Last week we got word that the 7-Digital Music store was ready to roll. Today is the official release, making it available on more devices (Bold, Tour and Curve 8900) with Storm and Curve 8520 support coming by the end of the week. The app will also be available to Canadian users in the next few days. 7-Digital allows users to easily browse and download music track directly to any device. It is currently integrated with Nobex Radio and will offer other partnerships in the near furutre. You will also be able to grad tracks purchased via 7digital.com and stored in your digital locker. For more information, check out 7digital.com

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7-Digital Music Store Officially Released


that looks great... i'm not a fan of purchase, but i'll check it out and see if the music player is better than the default bb one

Update: the player is nice looking, the default bb player seems to have more features shuffle repeat repeat playlist. so is 900+kb work it in space just for a player? i'm still debating for myself. now if you're going to use the store then this app is pretty cool.

couldnt find this in blackberry appworld.
then went to the 7digial website for download link through appworld, and it said its not available either for my carrier (Verizon) or my device (Tour).

So my question is, has anyone on Verizon with a Tour been able to download and use this app??

This is outside the topic, but what is going on with their signal meter on that Bold. It would jump from three bars to no bars and then back up over and over. I have the tour on Verizon and I never really notice this issue.