6MB file size transfer limit over BBM to be addressed in next version

By Bla1ze on 27 Feb 2014 10:02 pm EST

Here's a nice piece of news for those of you out there frustrated with the file size transfer limit being set at 6MB over BBM. In discussions with Jeff Gadway, part the BBM Product Marketing team, he let it be known that the BBM team has heard customers loud and clear and are looking to adjust or remove the limit with the next version of BBM.

When exactly that next version will arrive remains a mystery but either way, it's nice to hear that it's finally going to be addressed. Also, don't forget the next BBM update will bring even more BBM emojis as well so with this news, there's plenty to look forward to already in the next update for BBM.

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6MB file size transfer limit over BBM to be addressed in next version


Glad to see that BlackBerry® "hears" us :) I sure been telling em.

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Now the only thing left is that it sends high quality pictures, or at least compressed in high quality. Cause right now when I send pictures I rather use WhatsApp, I don't want to be telling people, "tap and hold the picture and request for higher resolution version" every time I send a picture.

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and on my Q10 (on T-mobile at least) it sends low quality images via MMS also. The only way I get around is by taking a screenshot of the original image. The screenshot (which is PNG) is sent high quality via MMS.

I want that option. You should be able to set it by default to accept & send HQ pics. Or to keep it as is

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when your BBM fellow recieves the compressed image, he can long press it and request HD image ... the best of two worlds, as usually compressed images are fine enough, then if you want them HD, it'll be on request only and save both data usage if they wish to ...

It needs to be set at like 50MB or something, also, maybe allow sending folders, that would be insane!!!!

It's not about being good, it's about beating the competition.

Make stuff attract outsiders.

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Yeah, Bluray/DVD rip "torrentz" via BBM now?

50megs sounds reasonable to me. And include all common media file types.

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+1 we need to have a resolution reducing prompt option for video and photos in BBM.

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BlackBerry listening to it's customers, amazing, once again.
In all honesty though, the 6MB limit was a no brainier, should have been removed a loooooooooong time ago.

@blaze , hey blaze how about suggesting to
Remove the ping restrictions and the ability to copy personal messages like before and improve the quality of the display picture -I'm not sure why but whenever I display a picture the picture seems of lower quality! And finally if they could add the option to send multiple images or attachments that'd be great !

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@papadesaoud you mean if you send/receive a picture and view that in BBM it's of lower quality? That's correct, it is reduced in size. If you've received a picture and want it to look better, long-press is and press the HQ icon, you will then request a High Quality version of that image. Transfer has to be approved by the sender, which makes some sense as both your data plans are being charged if not on wifi. On the other hand, as I'm on a 6GB plan, I'm not that concerned with pictures of 1-2MB and AFAIK there is no option to change default quality of pictures in BBM to HQ (which might be hard on the one receiving them).

That would seem to be a must have feature for eBBM to make it a useful tool in corporate / gov dept's so I would think they'll be working on that as well for consumers.

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Maybe that's their intention, increase the size and allow for short Video Messages, like we can do with Audio now.... this would be HUGE...

I have been screaming about it since the down of time. Hopefully its will be raised significantly, not by small margin.

Blackberry isn't even ready with video compression tools to assist at any size, I have family that upload 2-3 mins of video with What's app and I can't even upload anything reasonable. I was hoping for more than 16 MB and a compression tool built in...but oh well

Agreed. Email limits are around 15 to 25 MB. Anything more and you should probably use a file transfer app.

It's the limitation of the technology. Nothing more. Emails are text messages. Someone hacked sending attachments on top of it, it means base 64 encoding etc.

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Dude people want one messaging solution. No one wants to use 3 different apps to vet stuff done. Which gets messier when you talk about cross platform. If BBM is going.to take off I need to know when I meet a random with BBM and want to send them a file (video,pic or otherwise) I can get it done

Having a 6mg limit is totally worse then nothing at all because now you have an option to send stuff but everything is over the limit. Listen I've tried to turn people on to BBM. Mostly young power users that just want quality all in one messaging solutions. If you are going to go across platform you have to have features that out do mms and a notification when a text is read isn't good enough. 6mg limit makes BBM look worse then no limit at all

That's great news actually. Happy that BlackBerry is listening to its customer base.

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Lol 6mb what's app is 16mb and probably looking to make that bigger. Blackberry should remove the limit all together or make it 50mb usually on app store anything over 50mb need wifi. So removing the limit or making it 50mb is reasonable. But if the want to please their customers. Removing the limit is their best option

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I just posted this on my Channel food to hear and very welcomed fix I hope they do away with the limit entirely

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Hopefully along with the Gif reduction issue that turns Gifs being sent via BBM into static pictures.

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Currently paying for Hushmail premium, another great Canadian service.

No dramas switching / paying for it. Cloud sounds good, too.

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Yes, videos are badly missing on Channels. As it is today, it is way too static and frankly not very appealing.

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How about a user selectable limit - for those with crappy plans can set it so others can't send them big files, or over a certain size would go to Wifi only - even queue large files till Wifi is connected!

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I'd like this also! Especially if the idea of group video sharing in the forums ever gets implemented. I don't want people arbitrarily sending me big videos when I'm on data only.

Great. Get rid of the limit! With Wi-Fi and the huge data plans now a days it wouldn't be a big deal.

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With my 1 GB Canadian plan, it would be. Need a cap or a control to prevent it when not on WiFi. Canadians get the shaft this way

Is nice to see but BlackBerry should have been proactive with this. It shouldn't have taken pissing off a bunch of customers for them to fix it...

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Bandwidth costs them money, please consider that. Not a plentiful resource @ BBRY at this stage.

OK, admittedly, good service brings customers, but BBM is not generating any returns yet, so I understand why they put such a limit in place.

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This is amazing. Looking forward to the update and ability to send larger files.

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Thank the Lord!!!!!!!!! Can I hear a amen!?!?!? That was one of the reasons I use whatsapp for the last reason I can transfer videos and big songs through and with this I can finally use bbm for now instead....finally!!! a lot of whatsapp users didn't come to bbm because of this!!! :)

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Great news.

They need to give the option whether to send low/high res picture or not require approval to have the HQ version. The low res pics just don't look good.

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YES! we need that feature.....especially since most people don't even know there's an option to request HQ pictures. It just a needless step, when the HQ picture could have been sent in the first place

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Exactly!!! I'd love to set mine to always send HQ pics

BlackBerry: Stop playing catch up and start leading again.

Pretty inconsiderate of you. What if people don't want to waste band width on every picture every one sends?

90% of the pictures I receive don't need HQ. Those that do I ask for.

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+10 Thank you. I was waiting for someone to mention this or I would have.

Get rid of this "request HQ" crap and send it HQ right away. All of my friends, and myself, avoid sending media over bbm because of this and the 6mb limit. Whatsapp wins in this category, and their group chats.

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Hopefully they will do the same thing for videos like they did with the images. Send out a very low res image first and then if they want the highest quality then they can request it. Probably add a wifi notice if on LTE just to make sure it doesn't eat up our data.

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So let me explain how my tweet to @bla1ze, @gadway and @bbm started, my 4 year old son was practicing his baseball swing at my local rec center and I edited my video taken on my amazing z10 down to 5 seconds so I can share it with family and friends on BBM and I originally was upset because we can't upload videos to BBM groups so I sent them a tweet asking when we'll be able to share videos with BBM groups and Bla1ze replied about the limit and lo and behold when Bla1ze speaks BlackBerry listens. Thanks Bla1ze

Perfect. Blaze, do you know if you will be able to send a photo without having to request HQ to get a better quality? (sorry if this has been asked)

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Yeah on address the bugs too I'll really appreciate that too

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A function similar to Snap Chat would be great to grab more market

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What would be nice is if they added the ability for iPhone users to send files other than pictures. Current my wife can't even send me a less than 6mb video file and has to use MMS... how sad is that?

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My BBM wish-list:

** BBM Message Delivery (D/R):
-> Messages are sometimes delayed on iPhone BBM and Android BBM. URGENTLY investigate this and fix it! Messages should be delivered as close to instantly as possible!

** BBM-Group Chats:

-> Allow us to send pictures AND videos (or any files) directly from Group Chat window. A thumbnail of file sent should appear in the chat-window right away.

(Right now, I can't share videos! how lame. But even to share pictures, I've to EXIT Group-Chat, GO TO group album, UPLOAD a picture there, GO BACK to Group-Chat, and SEND A MESSAGE "Hey, I just uploaded a picture, check it out"!!)

** BBM-Multiperson Chats

-> Same as above. Allow us to send pictures AND videos and other files directly from MULTIPERSON CHAT-WINDOW.

** BBM Emoticons/Emojis
-> I like BBM Emoticons/Emojis. But when you actually send them, they are TOO SMALL. They need to be much bigger (probably twice the size) to be fun. If you send similar looking emoticons, it's hard to tell which emoji is which in a message!

-> When I am typing a message and want to insert emoticon, I am only able to insert ONE emoticon at a time. As soon as I select emoticon, the emoticon drawer closes. Then I have to open it again and insert another emoticon. Keep the damn emoticon drawer open! So, I can insert MULTIPLE emoticons quickly!
(whatsApp already does this)

** BBM File Transfer
-> BBM File transfer limit should be REMOVED altogether.

-> Allow me to DELETE chat history with one particular contact, instead of having to clear chat history for everyone/whole of BBM!!

** BBM PICTURE sending
-> By default, it sends low-res picture. You've to LONG-PRESS to request "HIGH QUALITY" version. Many users don't know this. Maybe when a picture is received, show a text-link "request high quality picture" (instead of having to LONG-PRESS thumbnail). So that it's more obvious.

-> When I select multiple pictures, allow me to share them with BBM contact or BBM Group or BBM Multiperson chat. Right now, I can send only ONE PICTURE AT A TIME. But I often want to send MULTIPLE PICTURES at a time. Allow me to select MULTIPLE pictures and then send them all at once.
(WhatsApp already does this!!)

I second on all of that!

BBM is catching up guys, more features & optimisations coming. sit back & enjoy the ride, BBM WILL RISE! GO #BBM4ALL #BBMamplified!!!

- more emotions
- video calling for everyone
- option to increase emotion display sizes. ( selecting them is fine but when they display in the text they are way too small)
-timers/restriction settings on send a pic like snap chat. Call it (pop-a-pic)


I 3rd most of that & would like to add a request of my own.

The ability to send a msg in a group & be able to tell who's read it & who hasn't. This usually isn't needed but sometimes in work environments you need to make sure your co-workers got the msg. With BBM focusing on the enterprise I think it's important they add this feature

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Who's the idiot that originally thought that was okay. Why is Chen the first person to do something about it. It has been crappy like that for years!

Welcome change for sure. It was rather frustrating to be bound to legacy limits.

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Definitely need this, it's the only reason I use what's app is to transfer files over 6mb. Good work BlackBerry looks like you guys are really starting to make a lot of positive moves

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Fucking about time!!

I specifically requested this month's ago!

No if unlimited there is no stopping bbm!

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

Wow I just post earlier tonight on their BBM Channel that the size limit needs to be increased.

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I can see a limit on file transfers if we're traversing some of BlackBerry's pipes.

What I think would absolutely rock is if BlackBerry could use UPNP to do peer-to-peer file transfers of unlimited size, where firewalls permit. That would especially rock say when I'm at my friend or neighbor's house and we are on the same WLAN so no firewall/NAT traversal would even be required.

Anymore news on BBM Money?

I heard they were testing it in India I think, but haven't heard anything more.


That's awesome! That's one of my final main complaints. How about synching to Outlook and bringing back bis?

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Thank goodness! It's one of the two reasons I still have whatsapp on my phone. The other being that sending attachments fail many times. I hope they sort that out too!!

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It's 16 mb. I have the beta with stickers. Bad part is I can't send to anyone unless they have the beta too

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Not happy!!!! BlackBerry people just choke on everything... that is not how innovative revolutions happen..
And no.. using it to share large files is not like using torrents..
In case of torrent files, thousands of people are sharing a single file at the same time..
In this case, a file is being sent from one person to another... which is absolutely no different than sending VHS movies, then CDs and then DVDs to your relatives and friends abroad through snail mail... Only difference is that it is quicker.. thanks to innovators that in fact had balls to actually make a difference..

If they call it a communication tool.... then they should first learn what eCommunication is replacing...
I mean when real innovators are trying to figure out teleporting, BlackBerry wants to limit file size to 16M, sounds like trying to control what people should have... In, that case... I've a news for you will fail...because someone will give them what they want, that BlackBerry should have learned by now, you would think...

As a matter of fact.. it is the real reason why the company is failing in the first place, it is a company full of chokers.. top to bottom all choke on everything that they try to take a bite out of..

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16mb Really just like Whatsapp? Message to BlackBerry Wake the hell up! and don't hold back! If your going to update something dont update to the current standard, future proof and take that step forward - MAKE IT BETTER THAN THE COMPETITION!!!

Thank goodness... I hope "addressed"doesn't mean "piss everyone off by increasing the limit just enough to annoy everyone". BBM will get somewhere is they make file transfer between different platforms easy, useful and fun. Remove the limit and let people burn data at their own risk...

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This is amazing news! I know im excited! I have had so many videos to send to friends and it never happened because of the file size limit. I did not want to resort to Whatsapp!

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Next if I could attach multiple pictures to send instead of sending one at a time I would be a happy guy!

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While they're listening, can they expand the email size limit too? Maybe give us a limit while on the network and none while on Wi-Fi? I like the idea of user selectable limit. Someone mentioned above too.

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Yes YES YEEEEESSSSS!!!!!! Finally! That is the main reason why I have held on to WhatsApp. I'm always sending music to people and most files are larger than 6MB. *Tears of Joy*

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How is uploading a file and having someone else download it as convenient as just sending it? The point is to make it easy and more convenient. People won't use it if it harder than whatsapp or just texting.

Nice! Damn that limit! Damn it straight to hell!

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While they are at it. Remove the low resolution feature when sending pictures..or at least give us the option to set HQ and the default for sending and receiving. Cant tell you how many friends think BBM sucks because all the pictures sent look crappy.

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what about the automatic compression of pictures... need a way to auto send HQ versions. that extra step to request HQ version is one step too many in most situations.

Now that data plans are becoming cheaper the bbm file limit should increase with this. As people are moving to mobile computing and away from desktop, it's limits should be 100-200 megs in my opinion. Right now Whatsapp has 12 or 16 as a cap. Let's better that BlackBerry!

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They should also fix the image quality via mms, I can't send the full HQ I need to ether email it to the person or cloud or blue tooth or BBM which I shouldn't have to do six extra steps for a simple one step process.

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This restriction limit should be a trivial software change. I don't send files via BBM but their is no excuse for an update not being released immediately. BlackBerry could even allow users to configure the file size limit.

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The message to BlackBerry and BBM...

Are you a Leader or a Follower?

Do what the competition is doing but better.

Do what the competition isn't doing and be the best.

Talent is not enough.....Hard Work and talent = success

What is the biggest room in World?

The room for improvement....

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!!

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i suppose BB should remove the file attachment limit since its a pain point to some people, but since BB10 launched with Dropbox and box.net integration, it became a non issue for me..

Sending a 300MB file directly to a BBM contact is no where near as efficient as sending a box.net or dropbox link...sending the file directly burns my data and the recipient's data..i don't see the sense in that but i guess the freedom to choose is never a bad thing

wow big news indeed and with BBM crossing over to
windows phone and hopefully more people installing BBM,
I should be writing my thank you notes to Whatsapp very soon......
and saving more battery life in the process! lol....

That is great news. Starting to get my family to use BBM and it's a stonking programme but the 6mb limit is an issue I've bumped into and getting rid of it will be great. The key benefit for me is that I can share with a defined group pictures or videos or messages and not have to use multiple different social media programmes

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Great! My survey has been answered! Make it a big update and bring with it video calling and GiF for BBM pic.

Posted from my Awesome Z10!

Things to add that will improve and make BBM so much better:

1. The option of directly sending photos and videos to many as BC.

2. The option of choosing emotions when sending BC.

3. The option of liking personal BBM status like DP or status message.

4. The option of seeing your messaging, posting, liking and other participation history or actions right in the BBM menu.

5. The option of sending BC to category of contacts and not to all only and go through the trouble of deselecting the contacts you don't want to send BC to.

6. The option of posting tweets and FB messages and statuses as BC in BBM.

7. When sharing messages from browser or else where like FB, picture, video or even a BBM Channel post, ...etc to more than one contact or perhaps as a BC to BBM contacts

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Very important. While I get the data conscious mindset of BlackBerry, the end user should be able to decide. Especially now that we have got iOs en Android users on BlackBerry Messenger!

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Hear this BlackBerry : make is easier to send and view group pics. I've only said it 1000 times!!

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This limit made sense on slower connections and bis.

These days with 4g. BlackBerry can do better

Let's hope they don't take away the awesome choice of deciding whether to download a hq photo or not etc.

Is good to remove 6MB file limitation. It really restrict me to share my favourite video

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I truly hope that removing the limit also means removing 'HQ' request for picture transfers. Why in the world did they even come up with that? If someone is sending you a picture they want you to have HQ picture anyway.

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John Chen just have spent his first few months in charge reading through all of the posts on Crackberry.com because, slowly but surely, we seem to be getting everything we want!

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Group messaging needs improvements too like Kevin said. We need to know who has read seen the message in a group chat and also be able to share images in group chats.

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When will they address the text size issue on IOS and Android, it is ridiculously small!

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I'm guessing synced with BBM Video release, if you want to make sure it pushes through and competes you want to be able to share anything, no holds barred.

Posted from my Z10STL100-3/

With the announcement of eBBM this had to happen otherwise what's the point.

Enterprise customers expect a better grade of service than just ordinary customers.

Personally I think there should be no distinction regarding the service you receive. It should be Platinum Standard especially with the changing nature of business.

It has become more fluid, you don't even need to run it from an office.

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Great news BlackBerry.
Thank you for listening.

Now get Bbm video cross platform quickly to beats whatscrap

It would be cool to have Bbm video before whatscrap even has voice

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What about compressing pictures down to 10kb, that's even worse.

Everytime I send a picture on bbm I have to explain this requesting of higher quality process and steps

Multiple images, multiple emojis (you press one and have to reopen the emojis to select another), bigger file sending size; should be unlimited. Better profile quality.

Whatsapp does all this, they're the main competition right now. I have friends that refuse to even try bbm cause they ask me what does it do that whatsapp can't?

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Finally.. 6mb was way to low for vids and stuff.. as well as the picture quality maybe?

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

About bloody time!

How about enabling BB10 to produce low resolution videos so that they can be exchanged easily within BBM Without resorting to WhatCrap!

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Any idea why they implemented it in the first place? Back in the day I get it. But in the last two years they were trying to re-brand and become a modern company. Something like that just screams 2006.

Its good to see that finally they are addressing those thing that we wanted to be solve a long time ago, I will remain using by BBM and spreading the word to android and ios users, BBM Rocks!!!

Yeah as much as I try to convince family and friends to switch from whatsapp to BBM they like certain things about whatsapp better. The ability to have pics and video in your discussions thread is another no brainer imho.
Now that whats app is putting out voice too BBM gotta step upcoming it's game

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I thought the Dropbox integration was supposed to solved the large file cap issue? I would rather NOT have my friends sending me big files willy-nilly on bbm, they can mail me a link to a sharing site, thank you very much.

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Well, I hope that BlackBerry will receive some sort of royalty for the data through-put.

Even with compression, isn't anyone worried that this will open the floodgates and crash the servers?

BlackBerry is acting like they have Google-like resources. I am a bit concerned about this. All we need now is to hear that the fine thread holding BlackBerry together has been broken.

They also need to address the ability to post video to groups in this update as well. And pls do it for all platforms. I totally love my BlackBerry. But they need to keep up or step ahead. It's no longer acceptable to lag behind!

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Why can't BlackBerry and BBM integrate a cloud solutions for sharing and that would over would definitely stand out from the rest of IM.

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You know what would be a hit for bbm vs whatsapp, is that if bbm can use phone numbers of your contact list and find everybody who has bbm and add them to the suggested list in the invite. Therefore it is more secure and your contact list is not automatically added to your bbm contact list like whatsapp. This might beat all the IM out there and add more users as fast as whatsapp but more secure.

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Please remove the 6MB limit, maybe something more plausible like a monthly cap of say 1GB.

Or 250Mb per individual file

Phobe's Owner- 2AD257F7

I'm all in favor of much higher limits but also understand why they do this. I bet it's not really because they want to save people's data plans but rather their own. Keep in mind the reason that BBM and BlackBerry in general is secure; it's because all the traffic for BBM travels over BlackBerry's proprietary network of secured servers around the world starting at the carrier edge (note that little BlackBerry icon in the upper corner that turns in when you have a network signal.) No one else has infrastructure like this to ensure the full path is secure. My guess is their network has capacity limits and they have to limit it so they don't have outages or slow performance. It likely takes time to upgrade their network and also costs them more money than others so they have to be diligent about use like video streams or huge files.

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Yehey I'm happy to hear this one. Sometimes I would like to send a video but of course it won't let me send vid as it's more than 6mb so I move to whatsapp to send it!

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Nice option but will not really have the impact BlackBerry need to claw back market share. We need an evolution in mobile. Take a look at MWC and you will realize that mobile hardware development has slowed somewhat. Wearable headgear and biological tech will be the future.

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Yes! I can't send 2 pics at a time without going through the whole motion of finding the pic to send

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