The 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook gets an online price cut in the UK. Bargain of the year?

By James Richardson on 24 Aug 2012 09:25 am EDT

The Dixons group seem to have an online special offer on at the moment on the 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook. If you head on over to Dixons or PC World you will find the 64GB PlayBook for only £129. Yes, you did read that right! Why this version of the tablet is cheaper than the 32GB I have no idea but this may well be bargain of the year.

Even if you don't use a BlackBerry smartphone there are still many good reasons to use the PlayBook. It is portable at only 7 inches, shoots video in full 1080P HD (with front and rear cameras), great web browser, native email application, all office tools pre-loaded and that's just a few of its features.

Don'f forget that the BlackBerry PlayBook will get the OS upgrade to BlackBerry 10. This offer will be the most cost effective way of picking up a BB10 device and with 64GB of onboard storage you will have yourself plenty of room for movies, music and pictures. I'm not sure how long they can hold this price so you may want to get in quick.

Thanks for the tip Dave.

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The 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook gets an online price cut in the UK. Bargain of the year?


Unreal price. I paid £259 about 7 months ago which I thought was fantastic. RIM must really want to get what will be future BB10 devices out to the consumers.

+ 1, same here been enjoying the PB since I got it 7 months ago. for the same Price. I wish they would do that here in US as well. Thats the cheaper than any tablet, plus you get a real piece of a hardware. More people will enjoy the Blackberry 10 when release..

Yup, bought a 32gb on sale less than a month ago but this is too good to pass up on. Ordered a 64gb yesterday. Looks like my kids are getting some playbooks :-)

Tried it already, shipping can't work in the USA or Canada, country name is fixed to the United Kingdom, sadly.

My wife works for RIM and she was able to get the 64G for $199 so I sold my 16G. It looks like they want as many BB10 devices in peoples hands as possible come launch. My 64G works much better than my 16 did, there must have been a problem with it so bonus all around.

Just reserved mine and going over to pick it up from PC World now. Pretty excited, might not have as many apps as Android tablets, but it still has Flash support so I can have a much better web experience instead of a crippled one. Thanks for the tip guys!

I agree they need to keep them at a price that nobody can beat. RIM needs to get BB10 out to the market and get a large consumer base ASAP. They may need to take a bit of a price hit or not have significant gains per device to compete.


Amazing price, but I just don't get why I'd actually want a Playbook - as an enthusiastic BB fan I blame RIMs marketing entirely for this ;) Ebook reader? It seems to small for reading newspapers, has no offline BBC iPlayer app, no Sky Go app, I can browse the web on my phone or my laptop if I want a bigger and more complete browsing experience, my phone has HD video recording, and I can't use video chat outside of the Playbook native client.

I don't mean to PB bash, and want to get why it's great and buy one, but just don't get why I would. What do UK users love about their PB?

I'm not from the UK, but here's my top 10 reasons for why we have 2 PlayBooks in the house..
1) It's going to be upgradable to BB10 when it launches.
3) I can get our news through a pretty decent native news App. Also The Score is a great sports App..
4)It has pretty much all the Apps and more for what I need. (I have a whack of Apps and Games loaded on mine but find I use the same 10 or so all the time).
5) Awesomely portable, take mine just about everywhere including work where I use it daily.
6) Android player which has gotten progressively better in the new beta. And Email is supper responsive too.
7) It's going to be upgradable to BB10 when it launches.
8) $ for $ best hardware on the market even though it's already 1 1/2 old.
9) It's not an Apple product..
10) And did I mention it's going to be upgradable to BB10. What more do we need!

Thanks for the input people. Again, no PB bashing intended here, but I don't think this is the tablet for me - I think I'd primarily want to conveniently consume media on a tablet (portable movie and tv viewer mostly) and fit things from my life into it (eg picture gallery and newspaper reading), and the portability isn't really a deal breaker for me. I've already got great devices for browsing the web and for messaging. I think the iPad is probably the way to go if I get a tablet.

God luck, so long and enjoy that if it's the one for you.. My day is now complete knowing your going to ipad..

Glad that I've made a positive impression on your day, perhaps you'll be a little less of a douche in future. Remember that CrackBerry is a place for BB users to help each other and share opinions as a community, not a place to be a dick.

No need to be so sensitive. You asked why, I provide my opinions as to why, just as you did the your why nots. If you carefully read my posts, I never called you any names or referenced you to any body parts. I even thanked you for providing your feedback. Sarcastically or not its a thank you.. Bottom line is most of what you want I already can do (other then the skype). But if playbook is not for you and you're happier with ipad, that's your prerogative and you're entitled to do as you feel is best for you. Opinion sharing is a two way street.. Have yourself a great day!

Sorry dude, hadn't realised that you were the same person who'd offered advice and who I responded to - had thought it was a passing troll. Apologies.

What do we like about it? 2 cameras, great speakers, blackberry bridge, good website browsing experience, great messages app. ,hdmi out, on and on...

anybody got a UK hook up, this suck for us americans, we hardly see deals like this.......gotta get one for sure, just don't know how

I have just reserved one...going to collect tonight! How easy will it be to transfer everything over from my 16GB one?

Not bad for a slow-ish tablet with a pretty limited browser and app selection.
Not sure it's worth buying for CONSUMERS just to put BB10 on it as there already are better 7" tablet out there today.


At £129 quid I could spend more on a good night out with mates, too much of a good deal to pass up just ordered a 64G to join the one we already have at home.

BB Curve 8900
Iphone 4s 32GB
64GB Playbook - OS 1.0.8

Not sure, but I suggest downloading the beta. Other then my mini keyboard everything has been working for me. Email is very quick and responsive, Portrait email works great (was already available in previous 2.1 beta) Apps open quicker, separate App windows for Android player (again available in previous 2.1 Beta). Browser has had some speed improvements, nothing to shout from the Empire with but over all well worth the download. They might be getting ready to jump past 2.1. Just my guess..

Too good to avoid, bought one even tho I've already got a 32gb. Will give the 32gb to my son....I have convinced him to wait for BB10 despite most of his friends having android phones and loads of apps. He really is fed up of his slow 9860.

Reload the is clean on the 9860 and it'll be much faster and more responsive, after a selective backup and restore.

NOOOOOOOO! I just checked my bank and I have £114 and pay-day isn't until Friday! :( Shouldn't have spent £55 on DVD's today... And £15 on those stupid bloody Moshi Monsters for my half sister. Hindsight is a flipping wonderful thing...

Hope it's on until Friday because I'll be so upset with myself if I don't get this offer! :(

My 12 year old son, who has been saving his pennies for an iPad2, has bought one of these instead. He uses my 32GB PB all the time and as he pointed out to me:

He knows how it works
He really likes how it works (the UI)
It will be his own tablet
It is great for YouTube, and this is what he looks at most
Some of the games are great, and as a kid that matters

Best of all, he doesn't yet have enough for an iPad2, which is still around £450 for a 32GB WIFI version, but this purchase leaves him with more than £200 in his bank account. How can that possibly be wrong??

Good for him!!

Hopefully the PB gets Skype, Spotify and Netflix at some point meaning the iPads reign over tabs ends!!

Never been a BB user before, but with this price drop i could not resist. As a Nexus 7 owner i thought i would quickly pass this on to my nephew. Boy was i wrong, i am loving this little tablet.

The design of the product makes it feel very high end (i know the SoC is old) it has weight to it both physically and aesthetically.

I will probably use this mostly as a work diary, the installed callender app is ok but something better would be nice, any sugestions for something showing a full A4 style page that you can add pictures to ?

Will be picking one up for myself today. When I saw it on the Currys website I figured it was an error being cheaper than the 32gb.
Can't knock getting 64gb of storage for this price

Girlfriend got me a 64gb for my birthday in March. Think it was about 269 ish? Had to get her one at this new price. Will mean she wont be stealing mine anymore!

Got my 11 year old the 32g last week at 149 and thought that was a great deal, then I found out about the 64g for 129, could not believe it so got one for me today. Absolutely buzzing!!!

£129 to much TBH ....

Was testing new Nexus from google today n is a good bit of kit £159 for 8gb.
Really regret buying a playbook ... Google Play Store n apple store you look for new apps daily ... Blackberry you wait months n still offered very little.
The bible being 2nd app in app world says it all really lol.
Mega fail.