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6,000 RIM jobs on the line

6,000 RIM jobs on the line
By Adam Zeis on 31 May 2012 02:13 pm EDT

Yup. The headline pretty much sums it up. The above image has been popping up all over the internet today. One of my good friends sent it along to me earlier and my favorite Facebook personality George Takei even posted it on his page simply stating "Oh Myyy!". The article itself is based on the rumors that RIM may be laying off a large number of employees in the coming weeks. I'm sure the woman in the photo is thrilled that she ended up under that headline ... 



Sad news. Can't say more; we're talking about people here. I wish them luck.


heh, heh, you said rim job......


Hahaha the fact that there are 6000 of them makes it funnier


Imagine if it was over 9000!


ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!


Over HALF of RIM's global work force?

History shows that "restructuring" equates to 5-10%


I can probably save one tonight.


I just fell out of my chair lol


When will the bleeding stop?! I sure hope Rim has a trick up the sleeve. Selling curves to India will not hold them over until bb10.


Selling color-themed iMacs to the computer illiterate helped keep Apple afloat until OSX was ready.


This is possibly the best comment I've ever read on this board ... so true!


By far the most eloquent summary I've read on the internet. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar!


colored theme imacs were revolutionary at least....


You know, the color themed iMac cases. It made it look so awesome. :D

Saw one running Fedora 12, it wasn't a mac inside it, that's for sure. ;)


Sad situation if that is true... and where is the sexual reference??? LOL Sorry couldn't help it


I'll not explain it here but if you go to wikipedia and search for Rim Job you'll find the answer (NOTE: the picture on the wikipedia article is not safe for some workplaces).


I know what a RIM job is.... I originally thought the post was going to be a bit more satirical and poke fun of the headline


Yet another example why changing the name of the company to BlackBerry makes sense. Make the corporate parent BlackBerry Holdings Inc.


I KNOW they know the secondary meaning, but they went with the headline anyways. Walk all over them while they are down... go ahead.

Scum media.


That is actually sad!!!


If this is what it takes to keep Research in Motion lean and efficient to get BB10 out and beyond, then so be it. In BlackBerry we trust.


There was another one which said "Rim Shot?" - but this headline is comedy gold.


Don't worry RIM people... Crackberry's so-called analyst Chris Umiastowski says the company will do well and $RIMM stock is a buy (with other peoples hard earned money, of course!)



Uh, Chris has never advised anyone here on CrackBerry to buy stock in RIMM. In fact, he's said repeatedly that his comments (positive or not) should not be taken to mean that readers should go out and buy stock in RIMM. The only thing he's admitted to is being a stockholder in RIMM himself.

If you don't have anything of substance to write, why write anything at all? More importantly, why read Chris' posts if he's a "so-called" analyst?





Crackberry's definition of troll:

He who's not a delusional blackberry junkie.

Keep losing your money on Chris' advice. It's your dough.


When RIM saves 1 billion dollars on cutting the fat the stock market may appreciate that. Most of the people that are being let go were people working on the legacy java os, they most likely do not have the required skills to work on QNX therefor they are useless to the company.


Is this at all confirmed by RIM or just the media running off at the mouth again?!?


This time its actually rim. I live in the area.


Nice wording for sure. I snicker then feel really bad :(


Why is crackberry continueing with the hysertia that is being created by the moronic media? Is crackberry lossing people and needs to shock folks so they buy more? After reading all that positive hype from the recent dev event and then seeing this post, I just have to ask why?


Crackberry making fun of unemployment?



This is what happens when you take ages to put new product on the market.


How many of those 6000 are java developers for applications that aren't being converted to OS10?


Exactly. Dig a bit closer and you'll see they're actually still hiring - they're just hiring C++ people now. Not as many as 6000 I'm sure, but still, it isn't quite massive cuts all around either. Fortunately there are still many RIM jobs to be had (sorry, I had to stick one joke in there in line with the article).


Exactly. While it sucks for those that could lose their jobs, the positions are going to be those in the BBOS (7 and earlier) that will be cut. Anything pertaining to BB10 will be safe as that is the future.


The worst part is that the people losing the jobs arent the story here... the RIM JOB headline is...


Did you watch Care Bears?

If so, by "worst" you clearly mean "best".

Someone should call it "tasteless" so I can call it "delicious" using the same childhood reference!!


No surprise that RIM is cutting jobs. They need to slim down enough to still turn out new products but not big overlay big like they are supporting the pot bellies of some of their staff. Eventually when they are big again they'll start hiring people back again.


This is terrible, plain and simple, jobs are people lives.


George Takei is awesome! I'm torn here. Terrible news, hilarious headline.


WOW! If they fail to deliver BB10 I hate saying this...but they are DONE! They MUST deliver BB10 on time and it needs to be as great as they say it's going to be....this is their last kick at the can.

I have been a Blackberry user for many, many years and have stuck with them. I pre-ordered the Playbook and paid $499 for 16gb. I get their new devices when they come out. I have the Blackberry Stereo gateway etc....

Apple and Android have done a fantastic job with their ability to keep everything up to date. Even with the ability to have Android apps on the Playbook it is still lacking in apps. I have an Android Tablet, the iPad2 and the Playbook. The Playbook is an awesome piece of hardware but because of the lack of essential apps it hasnt had the success it should have had until they dropped price.

I hope RIM can bounce back ....I have faith.....but it is starting to waiver.


Roid has more vendors using the os troll,why would I want one?they are all the same troll.



I am beginning to lose the faith here to. I got my 9900 on a 13m contract due in Oct as i want a bb10 phone. They need to at least drip feed me more. Lets at least get a “glimpse" of the newest handset.


RIM can only be lucky if it 6000 jobs. As there has been speculation over the last few weeks, most noticeably coming from Reuters, that the layoffs could range from 40 - 50% of RIM's global worldwide workforce. Here's hoping that it doesn't come to that type of levels and that it is ONLY 6000 employees.

Kevin Michaluk

Funny headline, but obviously horrible news. Adam wasn't making light of the situation... we all know it sucks (and we've been making fun of RIM job headlines for years... it's expected).

As Chris Umi wrote earlier this week, layoffs are a necessary evil that RIM is going to have to go through. Definitely sucks for all those it touches. Hopefully in the end RIM emerges from it stronger than ever.


I found a Verizon Droid ad at the bottom of this page on my 9930. Does RIM understand how all this bad news makes me/we feel? I can't wait forever for BB10 and hold my breath at the same time...


Mah, I see those all the time. I clicked it once, it didn't even point to it, but a survey site claiming to offer it "free" if I gave my credit card number. I closed the tab and moved on.


Sad news, but RIM has no option but to make the workforce slim until BB100 sees the light, whether or not BB10 makes a splash. Cutting 6K at this time is better than cutting 2K in 3 straight years. Best wish all those laid off, but RIM has no option these days, regarding layoffs... That's sad.


Hey they got to do what they got to do. Sorry that so many people are effected by this action but it is all good. When Ford was going through it they effected alot of people but they bounced back up. Dont be gloomed everything happens for a reason.

Peace Love Health and Strength!!!!


Actually, being in the automotive industry and going through the downturn in the economic. Ford did it right. They were the only one out of the big 3 (Ford, Chrysler and GM) that properly prepared themselves for the economic crisis. I remember at that time thinking Ford's going under due go all the layoffs, but in hindsight they're timing was perfect. In the end they were the most financially stable American automotive company who didn't need a bailout from the US and Canadian governments.

While layoffs are terrible for everyone.. Sometimes you have to do the right thing for the most people. I hope RIM's timing for these layoffs is as equally as accurate like Ford's to help RIM through these tough times.


I don't understand why this comes as such a shock to so many. They're in the process of completely changing their underlying OS, why would they need to keep more than half of their employees when they are all supporting the Java platform. You don't need 15,000 people supporting a legacy OS that isn't having any more significant development on it after this year. QNX has the engineers they need, Torch has the web team, and the dev platform folks are there, why would RIM need to keep so many Java people? This really shouldn't be a surprise, it was only a matter of time until they started phasing out their Java employees.

Does it suck - absolutely, was it expected - absolutely.


+1 and a boomshakalaka for you!


+1 CB really needs to implement a +1 or ratings system that sends comments with he most "likes" to the top. it would make constructive and smart comments easily available and get rid of those posting "first"


Ha that's sucks...wonder if moral is still high at RIM.


If they are just as delusional as many people on these forums, then the answer is "yes!".

Sorry, couldn't resist.


RIM should just exit the stock market, and make themselves a private company. Then we can have Lazaridis be the CEO, and they can make BBs for people who want them. there won'tbe any accountability with the stupid markets, and even if they don't make much money who cares as long as there are customers. Why does it have to be BB10 vs. Apple and Google and everyone? The media and analysts are portraying it as though RIM needs to defeat iOS, Windows and Android in order to survive. That's totally unrealistic, impossible and insanely unfair.


American companies:
Microsoft, Apple, Google

Canadian company:

Media and analysts are pro-America in this case. It is most certainly an origin thing. The entire f**king mentality is and it's absolutely pathetic.

Bob G

That is not what is happening. HTC and Samsung are not US companies, yet the US media isn't shredding them.

Us BB fans should just admit that RIM has fallen down. After several lackluster devices (e.g., Storm, Torch, etc.), the Bold 9900 was a year late to be competitive and short on features (e.g., camera, memory, battery, apps, themes, etc.).

BB OS 10 is still many months away. I'm concerned that RIM cannot afford to wait that long.


You're right HTC and Samsung are not US companies; they are hardware companies however they do use US OS's Microsoft and Android. RIM is a Canadian company that is responsible for their own hardware and their own OS so they are uniquely Canadian in this way. I think they may have had an easier time if Android was their OS - they may have been better supported by the US.

BTW I'm glad they do have their own new OS in BB10 cause its looking sweet!


"If they don't make much money who cares"

The people that run the company, whether private or public.


Well as long as they have customers and are making a profit, of course. What I meant when I said 'much money' is the constant push to expand, destroy, and conquer to make more and more billions.


I feel bad for the ones that are going to be cut. But honestly, lets face reality here, there is no such thing as JOB SECURITY. It's been said before, it's necessary evil to do cuts or lay offs when a company is restructuring. it's normal but RIM is just in the limelight when it comes to bad news.


This has been on the kitchener news and in the kitchener-waterloo record for days with this specific number. Should I start sending in pictures of the daily newspaper in town to make the breaking news????


The RIMPIRE strikes out!


Forum admin, please ban JD914..he's simply a troll that has nothing to constructive to say here as per his continual asinine comments.


I wonder if the 6000 jobs are full time or co-op students?

I know RIM hires A LOT of students.


I would advise students to choose something with a little more job security like being unemployed


Never a good thing when a company lets that many employees go


Quite honestly I doubt its that high, most estimates are in the 2000-3000 range.

Small compared with HP but still painful for those affected.


Sad but when the company has lost 90% of it's market value since '08 what u going do. Best that can be hoped for now is some big company taking over RIM. If not the BB's days are numbered.


No more smartphones for is the best phone I have ever used.


Very unfortunate indeed. Out of curiosity, how does their recent hiring blitz reflect upon this. Were some people hired just to now be let go? Or is the hiring is meant to fill in for some of the layoffs.

At this point we are missing the pieces for the full picture. Not a good day for those affected but definitely too early to be panicking.


Lean mean hunting machine = minus 6000 people? Yike.


some of you guys who are laughing, that nasty. Not funny being out of a job. Rim needs it but never that funny as to fall out of my f@#!! chair. Not funny in the slightest when raising a family is a real concern. Good thing this site is called crackberry, cus some of yous are cracked.



it's funny to see how people just do not understand the logic of what is going on. instead they just want to see a good company go down the drain for no apparent reason. ofcourse the obvious reason is RIM sucks because of their phone. really...thats a great reason if you're an idiot. what RIM is going through is no different from what other companies had to do to strategicly to complete their transition.


it is what it is. either 6000 jobs are eliminated or entire company will be eliminated. I am sure that once rim comes back (as much as it can) many of people losing jobs today will be hired back.


Whaat !! They're working on bb10 ! And 6000 employees are gone !! That's confusing ! RIM is dead, and BB10 won't make any difference ! That's sad, I used to be a blackberry fan !


This is one source, Alastair Sharp, who says he heard it from two sources (which could be his dog and his cat) and every media outlet is grasping onto it and spreading it like he was Moses bringing the tablets down. Nobody is going to let the truth stand in the way of what is big news right now.

Unless you hear Thorsten Heins say it .. I wouldnt put too much stock in any "sources confirmed"

And for every simpleton who thinks he is clever and unique by posting RIP RIM.... If and when reports of their death is proven to be exaggerated or premature... I hope you are man enough to step up and and apologize for being so flippant about other peoples jobs and professions.


It's zionist swine like the author of the article which keep creating HYSTERIA and mass PANIC among the masses of sheep which believe everything they hear in the media.


Couldn't have said it better my man. Be funny to see what they say afterward.


Honestly, seeing that headline over a blackberry advertisement of mobile fusion is more of an insult to RIM than anything else, and it just shows that the author's hatred or way of trying to put RIM down. Maybe I didn't explain my point properly, but I hope it still came across.

This is why I hate watching tv news, they just spam the same crap over and over, and have nothing but bad news to talk about, otherwise they make it up. Pretty sure that it was Globe & Mail that either started the 6 thousand global employee lay-off or made it sound worse. Everyone knew RIM was already restructuring, and apparently this big layoff had nothing to do with it. They also try to make it sound like this restructering is going to hinder BB10.


Thats the globe and mail for you. Most that work there live in FOREST HILL


IT IS OUR DUTY TO GO AND BUY A BB10 PHONE AS SOON AS IT IS RELEASED. We will save this great company.


My comment is just the following: it is incredible how journalists can change the reality. I read articles where they mentioned "bankruptcy" (ah? a company with 2.1B in cash reserves and 78M customers?) and a few others stupid statements that are way far from the truth.
Layoffs are painful but, in this case, for a company that is "changing skin" are something that had to be done. Shame the previous CEOs didn't do that way before. The other things that are never mentioned is that RIM is hiring like crazy, new teams around the new BB10. No one said that, right?


I have definitely picked up a vibe that some in tech journalism are WAY too happy to write RIM off. Is this some leftover hostility toward Lazaridis bubbling to the surface? No doubt things are bad at RIM, but I'm not sure they're quite at bankruptcy's door.


I think hostility towards Lazaridis counts. A lot.


I think a lot of it has to do with the simple fact that its not an American based company. I believe I think its a opposite that a lot of companies do see a real value with rim, and that why rim is constantly being downplayed n dissed a lot.

The general comsumer is too busy playing games n texting wit their ipone n android to really understand that berries where designed primarily as a comm n biz device, not as a multiamedia device.

Blackberries, as dismal as their image is now, WILL NOT disappear. IMO its just too valuable to a lot of people. There are a lot of ppl who don't own stock in rim, but the ones who do are the ones, I think, are creating the atmosphere of hate n paranoia of rim. BB10 will not be a runaway succeed but it will save rim and make the company relavent again and for its future.



As I said for the past 4 months while working for RIM under Marketstar; they should have listened to their field reps and this would not have happened. RIM always put the cart before the horse,. Now they're the horse's ass. I have no sympathy for a company who dumps employees at their leisure to accommodate them. The field told RIM to put up or shut up for a year. Now they're going to eat it. Trust your employees. As far as Marketstar goes; a bunch of sheep drinking the wrong koolaid. Hope the best for the rest of the thousands laid off, I was one of them.