60 Day BlackBerry Fitness Challenge Now Over!

60 Day Fitness Challenge Winners
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Aug 2010 04:18 pm EDT

61 days ago we kicked off our BlackBerry Fitness Challenge. An ambitious undertaking to say the least, but an event where those participating would be winners just for taking part. Of course, CrackBerry and our friends at Gym Technik upped the stakes and provided some extra incentive with some extra awesome prizes to compete for. If you check back to our original contest post, you'll remember there were three contests tied to the event - a random winner (based on a random tweet from all #blackberryfitchallenge tweets), the most workouts winner (based on most tweets) and the best before/after photos. Read on for an update and to see who pushed out the most workouts in 60 days!

60 Day BlackBerry Fitness Challenge Contest Follow Up

Contest #2 Winner - Most Workouts:  At the end of 60 days, the award for most workouts goes to morganrawks, who basically lived in the gym with a stellar 156 workouts (tweets). Honorable mentions go to Trigga_83, jajinko27, and gavin_campbell who all worked out like mad too (136, 87, 57 workout tweets respectively). Great effort!!! 

All four contestants above will take home a free Premium License of Gym Technik, while morganrawks will also take home a new pair of Nike Free 5.0 or Vibram Five Finger shoes and $100 of free accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com. Wicked Prizes! To the winners - we'll follow up soon with details on getting your prizes.

Contest #1 Follow Up - One More Week to Tweet!!  For the random tweet winner contest, we've decided to extend your chance to win by one week until August 6th (we want to entice everyone to workout this week too while the best before/after decisions are being made!) On the 6th we'll randomly pick a winner. Don't forget, if your free trial of Gym Technik has expired it's your last chance to take advantage of the premium discount Gym Technik is offering exclusively for this competition giving 40% off, so a yearly fee of just $28.80 (ie. $2.4/month). The cbsummerchallenge code will expire on the 6th as well. The code can be used at www.gymtechnik.com/store

Be sure to keep working out and tweeting your workouts with #blackberryfitchallenge. Stay tuned to CrackBerry for our winner announcement on this one next week.

Contest #3 Follow Up - Best Before / After Results!!  If you submitted your before photos and want want to put your 60 transformation into the contest running for best before / after, you'll want to get your photos uploaded to GymTechnik asap. Gym Technik will be sending out a note with instructions.  Keep it locked to CrackBerry for more follow up on this one. We shall soon be seeing who is in the running to take home that new FREE BlackBerry of choice and other awesome prizes.

That's it for now!! HUGE PROPS go to everybody who took part in the 60 Day BlackBerry Fitness challenge.  Doing it over the summer months made it really hard. I know for me I was pretty much on the road for 30 of the 60 days. Definitely not winning the best before / after here, but at least I didn't go downhill which if this event wouldn't have been taking place would likely have been the case!  

Reader comments

60 Day BlackBerry Fitness Challenge Now Over!


I was told the tweets have to be made from the app... So how did that guy win first place??? 0.o Even if it was entered from the web site the gymtechnik part would still come at the bottom....most his tweets just say from web!!! RECOUNT I think somebody else is the winner!

We actually didn't include any of the web counts in the final tally. So all the counts were from the BB app.

We also verified within his account, and the numbers look good.

Kudos for such a great summer workout plan!

Because a few of mine did not show up. So if they didn't go through aafter doing them twice, I directly tweeted them. And most of my tweets came from gymtechnik. The last couple weeks there were a number not from there but most of them are from gymtechnik.

I'm not sure why you're upset. If you had won, I would've congratulated you. I was doing cardio four times a day, in the gym 5-6 days a week and sometimes twice a day. I added numerous extra indoor soccer games for a workout and I can't tell you the number of laps I spent in the pooL

I dropped 29 pounds from this and am now suffering from an overtraining flu.

It's nice to see somebody like you be the winner. You have been dedicated from the start, very active in the BBM group, sharing with us pics of your meals and giving us tips on exercise. You were active on the thread. Your end pic is awesome. You just might sweep the big prize and then you'll have a real decision to make... Android or BlackBerry! Congratulations!

noooo It was way more than just a couple of times. I was in the contest so I followed everyone closely. Ive written countless emails on tweets not showing up. I received countless emails back telling me what to do and the hash line had to come from the app. If it was oh so easy jus to log in my twitter and enter it that way I'm sure myself and others would have followed!

Is there still a contest for the forum or the thread that was started for on the crackberry.com site for the fitness challenge?

To all the winners. I guess my 4th was pretty good. I thought I worked out a lot but obviously there are more hardcore fanatics than I am. I may not have won the contest but I was still able to drop 13 lbs in that time frame. Every one of them these days is a pain!

Congrats to all of you who joined the challenge! I hate to say it, but "you are all winners" for being healthier and losing a few lbs. Think one pound isn't much? Go to the fridge, look at a pound of butter, and tell me it's not worth it.

i guarantee i worked out more than the people who tweeted the most. unfortunately i dont tweet every single workout i do because my tweets are pretty funny and nothing is really funny about doing the #blackberryfitchallenge