60 Day BlackBerry Fitness Challenge best before/after winner announced!

Fitness Challenge
By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Sep 2010 09:26 am EDT

Well that's that - the votes are in and we can finally crown a winner of the best before/after photo in the BlackBerry Fitness Challenge. We had some amazing contestants with amazing results, and after all is said and done, the winner of the best before/after photo is:


Following up in second place was lee_, then joryyoung and yester18. Congrats to kilted_thrower who really tackled the challenge and went all out. You can still check out the photos from the final four entries to see what it all came down to. As the winner he will receive a great prize pack that includes a free BlackBerry Smartphone, 1 pair of Nike Free 5.0 shoes or Vibram Five Fingers and $100 of free accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com! We'll be in touch to get you your prizes. Thanks again to everyone that participated in the Fitness Challenge! Everyone is a winner in my book. Hopefully next year I can stick with it and beat you all -- Kevin 3.0 baby!!



Hey Kevin thanks for running the competition.


I keep thinking about that South Park episode when Cartman was gonna be on TV, and he was taking that weight lifting product. Beef Cake, BEEF CAKE!!!!!!


After seeing how far a photo got a certain CB Idol in the Idol competition, I just knew that "6 pack" would win this contest. :-D I thought Lee came from a worse starting point, but if you didn't follow the contest and were just voting on the pics, Kilted_Thrower is the obvious choice. Congratulations, KT! Now, seriously, KT, what phone will you be using? BlackBerry Torch or Samsung Captivate?!! :-D

kilted thrower

I do have to hand it to Lee. I would not have been suprised at all if he had come in first. As far as which one I'll use, I'm keeping and using both. The 9800 will let my 9700 go into the drawer.

I appreciate everyone that voted for me.