60 Day BlackBerry Fitness Challenge best before/after voting; Random tweet winner announced

60 Day Fitness Challenege
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Sep 2010 04:22 pm EDT

Our 60 Day BlackBerry Fitness Challenge has come to and end, and even though I didn't quite make the cut (way too much going on the past few months - but I'm pushing hard now and shirtless reviews for the ladies are just a couple months way lol) we had a great turnout. If you remember we had three contests in total - the most workouts winner, best before/after photos and random tweet. We already announed the most workouts winner, so now just two to go. The winner of the random tweet contest is gavin_campbell - Congrats! That just leaves the last part up to you. Hit the jump to see the final entries for the best before/after photos and to cast your vote. Let us know who you think should be crowned the winner of the BlackBerry Fitness Challenge.

Best BlackBerry Fitness Challenge Before / After Voting 

Check out the before/after photos below and cast your vote at the bottom.  Voting ends this Sunday at Midnight PST and we'll announce the winner on the blogs next week. Note - we are only allowing one contest prize per winner. Kilted_thrower already won the most workouts prize... if he was to win best before / after he could pick which prize he prefers (and for the one he turns down the runner up will win).  Good luck to the contestants below. Amazing effort by everyone. So impressed!!!

Yester 18


BlackBerry Fitness Challenge
BlackBerry Fitness Challenge



BlackBerry Fitness Challenge
BlackBerry Fitness Challenge




BlackBerry Fitness Challenge
BlackBerry Fitness Challenge



BlackBerry Fitness Challenge
BlackBerry Fitness Challenge



BlackBerry Fitness Challenge
BlackBerry Fitness Challenge


BlackBerry Fitness Challenge
BlackBerry Fitness Challenge



BlackBerry Fitness Challenge


BlackBerry Fitness Challenge


BlackBerry Fitness Challenge
BlackBerry Fitness Challenge 

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I recognize a few of them from the group. You guys kept up with it, I gave in. Kudos to you guys! Looks like I need to put the chips down.


My 2nd afterpic isn't an after pic, it's an old one! How did that get there?

Kevin Michaluk

hmm. ok. must have been mislabled when we received it from gymtechnik. was listed as an after. i'll get the other after for you in there shortly.  thx!

update.... and Done. photo updated.


Thanks Kevin!

~ Lee


would've been nice to get a quick summary as to what each did to achieve their goal


Kilted = Binge vomiting
Yester = Binge eating

great jobs guys...these photos were NSFW LMAO
where was the lady workout meat anyway?


u guys did awesome!!!! makes me wish i kept with it!!

John Yester

My main objective was to build and tone my back, legs, and arms. Doing a lot of lifting in a fire or any call requires a ton and solid build, ready for anything. So rather then get my self injured and also more confidence in my body for rescues and even everyday objectives. Being fit is the best I can try to be. Focusing on the core of my back, arms, chest, neck, and legs. Making a over all achievement on key parts, while still toning those other areas. But the main issue is when thinking your still strong. Most of the time you acting w/ adrenaline at a call/drill and that is when you get hurt.

Heart attacks is the number one killer in Fire Fighting. The next leader is being trapped and unable to get out.

Be safe


The transformations are amazing! Check out the abs! :)

kilted thrower

Really my only objective was to get as lean as possible.
Here's what I did. For the first month, I started throwing in circuit lifting ala Crossfit style after my main strength lifts, added in 50-100 laps in the pool a day (or more) for cardio along with the occassional treadmill or eliptical and doubled up on my indoor soccer games to get more cardio in. I went low carb and my carbs came pretty much just from fruits and vegetables. So I was eating about 11-12 servings of fruits and vegetables a day easy along with a lot of egg whites instead of whole eggs and really lean cuts of beef and chicken. There's a few other athletic activities I engaged in to burn calories, but that was the main part.

The last 30 days I ramped it up with hill sprints first thing in the morning followed by incline treadmill all fasted. I'm a school teacher and have to get up early as it is so I was getting up at like 4:15 in the morning to do this. I also ended my day with more hill sprints and treadmill work. Sometimes I was lifting twice a day. This is where milk and fruit got cut out completely except for a cup of berries in the morning and then that got weaned down the last 10 days before pics. And, of course, swimming.

Also the last two weeks out I started into intermittent fasting which is an 8 hour eating period followed by a 16 hour noneating fasted period.

I swore off all alcohol after the first 2 weeks. I had a refeed every 5 days until the last 3 weeks and then completely strict after that.

I missed a lot of social gathering and going out due to not being able to eat or drink or miss a training time.

Some may call it obsessed but I wanted to see just where discipline and hard work would get me in a short amount of time.


Dude that's amazing! I am not sure about waking up at 4:15 but holy crap! That's some dedication. Congrats


Although I didn't end up with a six pack at the end of this I cut 1000 + calories a day and did between 30 minutes and 1 hour of cardio a day. plus lifted weights 3 times a week mainly Doing biceps and triceps and towards the end of the contest I started doing high intensity interval training.

Kerri Neill

You all did a great job!


kilted_thrower & Lee both look solid. Since Kilted already won, I gave my vote to Lee!

Great job guys!


This encouraged me, even tho I didn't enter (no way!) and I think it would be great to do it every year. Probably starting in January, eh? I agree having people share (at the end so as not to show their hand to competetors)what their regime was would benefit others. Honestly, my vote went to realistic as I just can't support obsession with self to the sacrifice of relationships (especially parenting). It was hard to choose because yesteryear has a runner's body type, but I went for Lee. You guys were all amazing!



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I'm straight but he's sexy!


HAHAHAHA, I'm Lee's big sister. These comments are really making me laugh.
Serious note - Im really proud of him, and hes promised to get rid of my fat ass too lol!

kilted thrower

You guys quit picking on Lee. Poor guy.
I'd like to say on the comment about negleting my family, that absolutely did not happen. I did cardio way before anyone was awake and then after they were asleep. Entire family went to the pool with me. And lifting was done while I was at work. The only neglect was my sleeping time. However, I don't think how I spent my time should be held against me...only how well I did or did not do against the other competitors.


"i love englishmen with nice tits" --Shila


I'm starting to feel like I'm mocked...

It's not my fault I can make vampires look tanned.

Besides pale is the new cool when I'm wearing it.......


Just so you guys know I've been corralled into setting up a Blackberry Messenger Fitness Group if anyone is interested in joining it my pin is 22991D34.

We are a friendly bunch that help keep each other motivated and share tips and other none fitness relevant stuff.



awesome! amazing what 60 days of working out can do!


looks the same. same thing with joryoung. the other two seemed to really change. any supplementation going on there???


I say you hold a round 2 and have a everyone go again.


Way to go guys! Congratulations and keep enjoying the looks and the benefits of being healthy ! Body for life !!!!


Kinda got my morning going....loving those abs!!!!
Definite yumminess.....