The $500 Desktop Clock App for BlackBerry that I was dumb enough to buy...

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Jan 2012 01:53 pm EST

Everybody knows money goes fast in Vegas. Between the gambling, food, shopping, shows, clubs and more, Vegas will happily take whatever money you have and send you home with empty pockets. But with $500 in your pocket, you can still have a pretty good time in Vegas... or you can be dumb like me and blow that same money with the click of a trackpad by buying a $500 BlackBerry app. And for $500 you'd think this app might come with a happy ending, but trust me, it does not.

When the Crack Team goes to shows like CES, beyond blogging one of Adam's duties is to act as my official handler, making sure I stay on task and don't do anything too stupid (I get easily excited and distracted when there are so many people and so much tech excitement in one place). Unfortunately for CES 2012 this week, Adam flew home a day before me, which inevitably turned into me doing something stupid. So I blame Adam for this purchase.

Enter the Cesar HQ Limited Edition Desktop Clock App by St. Berlin. I'll save the back story of how I decided I needed to buy the app for our next CrackBerry Podcast (for now let's just say I was triple dog dared into it), but buy it I did. And you know what they say, What happens in Vegas ends up on Youtube, so check out the video above to see this Limited Edition desktop clock app get purchased and installed onto my BlackBerry Bold 9900. While at the time of purchase I thought this was the most expensive app in App World, turns out there are quite a few overpriced clock apps in there. And while I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the world to have bought the Cesar HQ app, looking at the other clock apps I discovered one review by another person on another $600 clock app, so it looks like there is at least one other sucker out there.

So check out the video above and feel free to make fun of my stupidity in the comments. I fully deserve it. In the meantime, I'm going to brush up on my BlackBerry development skills. If there's going to be a bunch of overpriced clock apps in BlackBerry App World, we might as well get some in there made by me :)

Check out the $500 Cesar HQ Desktop Clock App in App World
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Reader comments

The $500 Desktop Clock App for BlackBerry that I was dumb enough to buy...


gosh I hate the black hourglass when installing apps or when CPU is having a hard time.

its so win95-ish. main reason why i dont have a BB7 device.

kevin i triple dog dare you give me $1000! or i'll make an app thats called 'licensed to be rich' and sell it to u for 999.99 on app world? :P deal?

Wow lolz... I actually looked up the review while watching this haha...

500 bucks for an app... damn rofl

Q: Hey Kevin, What time is it??

A: It's 500 O Clock!

Seriously, I bet that developer was doing the Happy Dance when he saw the sale come through yesterday. Need to interview this St. Berlin guy now and see what he did with the money. Hopefully he's giving it to a good cause, or at least buying RIMM shares with it so he has more votes to get me on the Board :)

1. Kevin is a Canadian
2. I think you mean "debt", unless there is a Pointless Department in the good ole US of A (which wouldn't surprise me).

Actually I agree with you. American economy driven by capitalist terrorists are out for money and making money is what matter. CEOs will kill their own mothers if the company gain on their profit margin. Services will be over charged to earn money too!

The clock is cool, not, and I appreciate you taking one for the team.

Next time, find a homeless person and hand that person 5 Benji's.

I like that instead of giving it to a homeless person he gave it to someone that used their talent to create something, even though it's very overpriced. But what isn't?

i don't get it. i went to the app store to see the rest of these over priced app's that are all clocks btw and i just DON'T GET IT. why the hell are these apps so expensive? it's just a clock which is already pre-installed on every BB.

Because unlike other apps, they don't need to sell a bunch of them, they just need to sell to one idiot and they've made tons of profit...

Quite honestly, I wouldn't even download it if is was free. Must be nice to have that much money to throw around. The more money you have, the more expensive your mistakes are.

Kevin, loved the bit but have to ask, was there any drinking involved? Didn't look like it but if not maybe there should have been. I've enjoyed living at the CES vicariously. Thanks for the chuckle.

I see Crackberry is doing very well for you indeed!! bout spreading the wealth daddy warbucks?? lol

Looks like lot of money to put into trash for an App that costs almost that of a new phone...

I thought Kevin the smartest person @Crackberry but...this is craziness...

YOU IDIOT!!! Hehe... If you read the reviews the same developer buys his own app and adds a 5 star review.

There is no way in HELL anybody would buy a $500 app especially a stupid clock app. The only person is you. I hope your boss will cover your daring.

The developer must be laughing all the way to the bank.

If ya lookin to buy somethin really cool. I can sell you the Brooklyn bridge in NYC! Good price too.

I quadruple dog dare you, CrackBerry Kevin to get me a white bold 9900/9930. Better not chicken out

hey kevin, I need a loan for a could have brought another member of to ces for that price lol

Kevin, I hope you have an expense account for silliness like this. Or you get a bonus for page views for doing dumb things. Or at least a tax deduction.

Oh, and update your (free) apps already!

Everyone is calling you stupid, I'm glad you did it. I think its cool that you had it in you to download it!
But you better ALWAYS have that app on. And it better be transferable to your new porche phone!

So when I was watching the video-on my torch-when you were downloading it, the screen dimmed like they do after a little bit. I tapped MY screen to make it come back on haha. Just a habit! I can't be the only one who did that!

And I have to add a stupid comment like everyone else...
Hey kevin, I have ocean front property in arizona if your interested! I can make you a good deal!

Holy Cow! The true definition of "tech geek"...buys a useless $500 app on a triple dare...from a GIRL!!! Hahaha. I swear I just watched the shortest episode of "The Big Bang Theory". I think you were supposed to gift HER the app...BAZINGA!!!!

Way to go Kevin! You aren't the #1 BB fanboy for nothing! I'm proud of you. What a great way to BeBold. LoL.

Been complaining about these for months now.

Many of them are by Ali Koc and his brother (I believe). If you buy, then you're a sucker. Rather, a KOC-SUCKER!

next time you want to waste some money - just pay me the hotel for DevCon Europe Kevin! - Cheers Matthias

Oh fearless leader,
if you ever come here to NYC, a got a bridge to sell you for less than that clock.

I've always wondered about these stupid overpriced clock apps. I think it seriously epic that you took one for the team and actually bought one. Nice!!! Bravo!!!
No nonsense like this when you are on the board though. :)

Sounds to me like a good way to launder money. Make an overpriced BS app and have people purchase it in a legit storefront while exchanging the real goods or services elsewhere. So Kevin, what did you REALLY just buy?

I think you need a leason in self discipline. Lol. So to learn your lesson you should sign the back of your white 9900 and give it away to one lucky winner.

A $500 clock app???? The damn thing better have rotating live Vegas showgirls appear when the alarm goes off to passionately wake me in the morning.......heehee.......

All I got out of the video was the entire time I wondered why kevin doesn't use the touchscreen! When I had a 9930 I barely ever used the track pad!!!!

do you get actual physical hand watch with this perhaps ? I can see why they would have these apps 'cause many celebrities own bb and to them $500 is like 99c to us

I gues my perspective is coloured by the type of work I do. But to be honest, I find the fact that a $500.00 app was purchased because of a "dare" to be incredibly offensive, absurd, and with all due respect to Kevin and Crackberry at large, downright stupid.

To put it in perspective, you just spent enough to feed, easily, a family of 15 - 20 people for one month in Indonesia. The money could have purchased 80 blankets in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Seattle. It could have supplied an entire day of soup delivery to the poor, infirmed, disabled, and otherwise mentally challenged in the City of Victoria.

I get that it's your money and, of course, you can do with it what you want. I'm certainly not saying that you should have given it to charity. But what I find offensive is that Crackberry actually had the gull to post this as a "news article" on the front page of this website without, I suspect, giving any thought as to the optics of what this would look like - and that is what I truly find repugnant.

Why don't we count all the useless inexpensive stuff you buy throughout a year? Its definitely gonna be above $500

I really don't think its the best way to see it... anything could look bad if you use this comparison.

When you have $500 do you send it to Indonesia? I doubt it. You probably use it to buy something that is useful to you... but useful to you is relative and probably a luxury compared to food for 15-20 people.

But Crackberry is a blog, which means we will see opinionated articles... There are always gonna be subjects to disagree on.

Kevin, you could had sponsored a couple of save the world children for a whole year instead of pulling of a moronic stunt like that! Triple dog dare my a$$! That is on par with David Hasselholff eating that burguer from the floor!!!


good job! Do you remember the 999$ App for iPhone that doesn't do anything but showing a jewel? It even got sold some times ;)

and btw the reviewer for most of those watches is either really rich or hired: "dedyp79" is his username ... maybe he didn't actually notice its not cents but dollars?...

People have done "dares" for far far sillier things...As long as you are using your own money and it doesn't hurt anyone else, who's all for the fun of it. Way to go :)

Kevin is allowing Vegas' allure of frivolous spending environment get the better of him. Shame on you Kevin. You're smarter than this stunt. Donate $500 to a Winnipeg shelter next time!

well, I always thought this guy an idiot but this time...
at least the US economy is not in recession anymore!

I guess now we know how the delevoper gets the capital to make these overpriced clock apps. It onlu takes one. . . Seriously, Kevin, that's two ans a half Playbooks at Chistamas! When you were being dared, all you had to do was say, "Nah, I don't need it.", and show off the nice watch that your friend gave you for Christmas! Lesson learned, I hope.

Kevin, as a fellow watch nut, my advice is next time put the $500 towards some hardware, not software. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the video. I was a little surprised you actually went through with it so I hope you really grow to love that clock.

if kevin can spend that kind of money on a clock app, why wouldn't he just buy the porsche design p'9981 himself??? it only X4 of the price of the app.

its now $375 in AppWorld!! I hate those St. Berlin apps. MAKES NO SENSE to pay those apps that they make

So I get a Torch stolen 6 months after upgrading and I'm stuck with my old 8330 curve because a new phone is too much and you drop $500 on a clock app. Very discouraged with Crackberry right now!