The $500 clock app in App World I bought was a better deal than this $200 Vuvuzela Android app

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Jun 2012 07:33 pm EDT

Oops. I did it again. The Mobile Nations World Tour continues and today I did the Android-equivalent of buying a $500 clock app from App World. I bought a $200 Vuvuzela app from Google Play. That was garbage. And... showed me a photo of an iPhone. Hilarious. Stupid. But the team I was cheering for in the EURO2012 quarter finals won, so maybe it wasn't a complete waste of money. 

Watch the video above to see how it all went down, and jump over to Android Central to see more of my remarks on the experience. Too bad I forgot about the 15 minute app refund window on Android. At least Google does cap app pricing to a max of $200... the good times were flowing so you know I would have paid more. I just hope the developer puts his chunk of my cash to good use. I wonder if my $200 purchase will result in Google Play hitting a record day in sales thanks to me? ;)



Funniest part about that post was not that you purchased a $200 app. We all know you don't make very good purchasing decisions when alcohol and/or double-dog dares are involved. (Maybe the future Mrs. CrackBerry will change that)

Best part was "I wonder if my $200 purchase will result in Google Play hitting a record day in sales thanks to me?"

lol it's funny because it's probably true :D
The difference between BlackBerry users & Android users?......BlackBerry users have Credit Cards :P


Wow. Kevin, you never cease to amaze me.


I think I'm in the wrong business.

The Consigliere

WOW, just wow. I just wish I had $200 to waste on apps for my phone.


A fool and his money are soon parted.


really, it's adam's fault for not being there to stop the madness. :p


Don't make excuses. A fool will never learn if people enable them.


it's amazing they ever got together in the first place.


You could of invested that $200 into RIM! At least we know high priced apps are more of quality on BlackBerry than Android hehe.


Haha where would we be without our crazy crackberry Kevin. I do altough feel a little bad for him, that app wasnt worth a single dollar.. But now we know the "real quality" of android and its apps.

reeneebob think that this one app is indicative of the quality of all android apps?



You have money to burn my friend.


I presume he has 24 hours to get his money back...

El Cid

Kevin, at times you're simultaneously insane and funny, you never cease to amuse your readers, no wonder you're getting paid so well that you can fork over so much money for an app...

You could've had a lap dance for less than you paid for that app and in the process you would've helped a college chick in need of cash for tuition and fees, heck, MaxineX runs a great 'kareoke club' *cough* *cough* in Windsor, Ontario where a lot of such 'college co-eds' aim to please, you'll definitely get your money's worth there.... LOL!!!


Interesting... So now its cool to pay more for the same thing? And we are questioning the quality of apps on Android vs BB. Thats like saying the 1 dollar bill is worth more than the 50 dollar bill and on top of that, you paid 50 dollars for that 1 dollar bill. SMH.


That's like 20 RIM shares down the drain.




That's it!! GO GERMANY GO


I'm not very impressed with the app but its great to see that you finally got a decent phone!


Decent phone. Really. That POS cost the man $200 for nothing and u call it a decent phone

world boss

that $200 could have saved RIM


Kevin, you're a crazy funny guy! LOL Keep up the good work.. :)


I'm starting a new career developing for Android.


Same. But I'm gonna sell buckets of sh*t n call it Crapberry then license it out

W Hoa

I'm starting a new career developing for Kevin


David What the heck are you even seen in public with an android phone for any purpose......Take-away your "crackberry" from your name immediately!!! Oh - and don't know jump on the bandwagon. Your team is gone, we'll then your gone (England in 2014!!)

Look forward to getting back to BlackBerry on the next posts!! :)


So Kevin was cheering for Italy! Me too! Forza Italia!


I'm gonna create a app for blackberry10 and call it crackberry Kevin rules. It will have a photo of Kevin and his name in text along with a sound bite of a voice saying "I am the mobile God".

I'm charging $10,000 for it because I know Kevin will buy it ;)


What's with the "video unavailable" crap these days??


FailTube is what I call it, when I get that error, or should I say CurrentlyUnavailableTube?


where was Adam?? hahaha.


Dude!!!!! What's the Frak?!?! Seriously, after the clock app, I STILL got a bridge here in NYC I can sell you right now!!!!!!


That is a real phone. You still use fisher Price aka blackberry and don't know the difference.


What's wrong with blackberry if you don't like them don't use them and comment on here we don't wanna here ur s**t on here thanks come again when you realised blackberry rules


Instead of wasting money on stupid crap like this ( and empowering a reason for people to develop more) you could have gave away 200 bucks in prizes to your readers- who pay your bills.. FAIL KM..


Or perhaps Kevin should volunteer at a food bank and see just how the other side lives. $200 on an app is stupid; $200 on an an and the bragging about it on the Internet - downright insulting.


Keving app you brought is 325 pound in uk money and I wouldn't pay tena 4 it let alone 325 pound hahahaha keep good work up kevin and bin your andriod lol


I am not sure I got you right, but 200 bucks are worth around 130 quid (I will not use the term dollar or pound in case you do not understand them)


There is one born every minute .....


First a $500USD clock from the BlackBerry App World; now a $200USD clock from Google Play.
You either make a good amount of money as an Editor In Chief for Mobile Nations/CrackBerry and Chief Media Officer for smartphone experts or Kevin here has a few underground connections on the side.

Either-or, give me a part-time job or internship and pass some of that extra money my way. A BlackBerry 10 phone would also be pretty nice if that is easier.

Matt J

A little bit of public relations advice... spending $200 on an app will not make you any friends or drive traffic to your site when so many CrackBerry members complain about a $2.99 price for an app.

Just sayin'....


Please someone make an APP specifically for Kevin where he can spontaneously spend loads of money the next time he is tipsy. But instead of giving the money of a useless app, the money can go straight to charity!

He's a wonderful guy like everyone knows but the money can be put to a better cause..


Seriously people, stop preaching! If it's your money spend it the way you like. If you feel for certain charity, go ahead and put your money where your mouth is. You don't get to spend someone else money. Lay off the IFs!!