50 reasons a BlackBerry Z10 is a great buy

By Adam Zeis on 27 Aug 2013 10:28 am EDT

When weighing out what device to buy, people will always compare the latest and greatest tech. When looking at BlackBerry 10 devices there are many users who will make the obvious comparisons to the iOS, Android and other devices. As long-time BlackBerry users, we can easily come up with plenty of ways that BlackBerry 10 trumps other platforms without even blinking, and forums member zten did just that.

For those that aren't as educated as to just why BlackBerry 10 is way more awesome than other platforms - zten has laid out over 50 reasons why the BlackBerry Z10 is a great buy. The reasons range from hardware (removable battery, larger screen, LED, NFC) to software (Active Frames, Hub, BlackBerry Balance). 

Of course there are plenty of valid arguments from both sides as to why each would be the "best device" or a better fit for a certain user, but the points outlined in the post do make for a great argument for the BlackBerry Z10. In the honor of tens we'll check out the top ten reasons:

  1. Micro HDMI Port
  2. LED
  3. Removable Battery
  4. BlackBerry Balance
  5. Universal Charging Port (microUSB)
  6. Real Multi-Tasking
  7. NFC
  8. Best Virtual Keyboard (Ever)
  9. No Home Button
  10. Ability to sideload Android apps

The list is full of over 50 reasons that make the Z10 a great buy. It's a great list and while there are some points that may be a bit weak, there are certainly others that make the Z10 stand far ahead of the competition. Some things were even left off the list like BBM screen sharing - which is an awesome selling feature - so there's no doubt we can grow the list to 100 or more reasons.

Many of these points can also be argued depending on your allegiance to a platform, but most of them are indeed great selling points. The Z10 has a slew of features you won't find on other platforms that set it apart from the rest. 

So hit up the forums thread below to check out the list in full and be sure to leave a comment with anything you have to add to the list! 

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50 reasons a BlackBerry Z10 is a great buy


Soon BBM will no longer be exclusive to just BlackBerry users, Adam.

I'm sure there s lots of reasons but for me is the OS, huge fan of the PlayBook OS. Features like the Hub, virtual keyboard and the super fast browser is what made me continue on with the z10.

Looking forward to the additional features in the 10.2 update!

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You negative nancys. Enjoy the post!
Great post, haha I seen that thread get created and closed within a matter of two days lmao. Zten is awesome

Posted via that z10!

Ya lets get back to the original topic. My Playbook rocks IMO but too many people hate it. And the majority of those 50 reasons arent something Android and IOS doesnt have, Blackberry needs to generate mega public interest in their products to generate sales...not 50 numb-nut reasons that any good smart phone has. And what about a BB10 tablet? Blackberrry is the only company on earth that doesnt have a tablet...sad.

Doh!! hey second is the new first I hear.

Converted an isheep this weekend whose contract is up due to many of these reasons. He was waiting for the new eye-phone but no longer. Now if only the rest of the free world could see what my friend was seeing we'd be golden.

Go #TeamBlackberry

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Did you have to sideload apps for him to be pleased with the switch from eye-phone or was just happy about the OS experience?

seriously, except for a couple of extra minutes and an extra step or two, what's the big F-N deal between 'sideloading' and 'regular loading' an app?
Show me another platform where you can load another 50 or 100,000 apps with a unique little feature built into the OS.

The funny thing is, one often-repeated selling feature for the Droids is "user-customizability" and BB10 gives users just that with sideloading. YET it's criticized for being non-native and a workaround. So, "WHY" the double-standard??
And, who cares, as long as it works and makes the apps-selection MUCH more complete.

In other words, would BB10 be EVEN BETTER WITHOUT the ability to sideload apps .... ?

same genre as "sideloading" ... variation on the adjective (below) meaning "the ability to be customizable"

from: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/customize

cus·tom·ize; transitive verb \ˈkəs-tə-ˌmīz\
— cus·tom·ized
— cus·tom·iz·ing

Definition of CUSTOMIZE
: to build, fit, or alter according to individual specifications

— cus·tom·iz·able: adjective

... but we're getting off-topic with red herrings, now, aren't we?

Don't get me wrong, I love my Z10 and what is offers. The problem that I am faced with when converting an iphone or android users is apps. So I was asking you if the iphone user that you converted to the BB10 platform, were they happy with the BB10 OS experience or did you have to sideload apps for him (or her) to be happy with the Z10?

alright Trini-34, my bad: it came across as yet another one of these "side-loading shouldn't have to be necessary" insinuations that the forums are rife with.

So, yours is a reasonable question to the original user. Fact is that NO other device on ANY platform offers the ability to load ANY app that isn't native to its ecosystem. And - as I understand it - the process isn't "all that complicated.'

So, with a minimum of extra steps, it offers the best of TWO worlds.

Anyway, I didn't mean to come across as over-reacting, and I'm sorry if you took it that way. Cheers!

It's an extra few steps...

That's why it's a big deal. The BlackBerry 10 doesn't have any apps that android or iPhone e don't have, only the other way around. So the consumer says, why buy a phone that can load instagram in three steps when I can buy one that loads it in one step. Sure side loading isn't that difficult to you and me, but J also think it's no big deal to wipe your computers and install Linux. My mom tells me every day "I hate that Linux" so it's a matter of perception. Many people will not even consider a phone that doesn't have an app they want. And side loading requires a computer. I know plenty of people in rural America (it never cease to amaze me just how deep the iPhone has penetrated ) who have no computer. My wife was so happy when ios updated to support ota os upgrades, because she didn't have a computer.

That's why side loading is not an attractive alternative to most people

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there is kind of a sideload app, check out sideswype.com its a bit of work to setup but then you can load directly to the phone. there is a cost but its minimal

I love my Z10 More all the time. Such a good phone. Make Android OS look primitive.

As the apps and updates come, it only gets better!

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Forget the Z10, just gone ahead and get the Z30. No need to spend money on old hardware just make it cheaper for emerging markets.

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Don't see how the microusb charging port makes the list. It's one of the worst design features on all the blackberry 10 devices. One only has to look at the playbook for all the failures it has had from it.

Had my PlayBook for 2 yrs and z10 6 months and never had an issue with micro usb port. Never had an issue finding a charger either, which is what every person with an iPhone always seems to need. Maybe because the battery sucks and is non removable.

Posted from my incredible Z10

The microusb makes the list cuz it is a standard charging port that most homes already have. As opposed to the apple charger which changes every few months

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Actually two. The first charger will physically fit into the ports for the iPhone - iPhone 4s but a charger from the original I pods or first iPhone will not work with the 3g+ without an adapter. Apple switched the charging pins on the connector for some inexplicable reason.

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How about: "it's not a proprietary interface like that original touch-screen phone."

Sure, the micro-usb plugs on the Playbook were deficient, but probably from poor manufacturing (solder) or original design.
My 31-month old Torch (9800) gets plugged in a lot, and its plug is still OK.
Besides, what's the current industry standard across other devices? I'll bet most use micro-usb.

just sayin' is all ...

But allows us to charge the phone, even when the original charger isn't around... and PlayBook has the most amazing port, the three pins, wich it's impossible to broke...

The pb's "usb" port is not the standard micro-usb port. The pb's port unfortunately can accommodate (poorly) and upsidedown micro-usb-plug which then pushes or bends the connector board. The true or standard usb micro on my 9930 has never given me any issues - the plug only fits one way.

Well, forgot to name number one reason: the only "mobile computing" solution so far.

Worked via RDP with HDMI-display, keyboard and mouse this morning using the z10 only via the "out-of-the-box-secured" build-in connection of the BES (BES located in network that is connected via IPSEC with the target TS at client site, routing by a Sophos UTM)

That means - beside entering IP and credentials for RDP - absolut configuration-free but highly secured mobile access at any time against any target my gateway provides IPSec for. After all just disconnect and go on...HELL of MOBILE EXPERIENCE.

Can't wait for more comfort by pairing more BT devices via NFC and maybe wireless HDMI (or WIDI) in the next months or years.

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This is clearly the future of computing. Thorston has talked about this and he knows this is coming. I think BlackBerry really needs to refine this experience (along with their efforts at refining the phone as a phone). 10 years from now, everyone will be doing what you did, "docking" their devices.

I don't see how BlackBerry Balance is in the top 10! Most if the consumer market doesn't have access to it. Top 50, yes. Top 10, no way!

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It's a unique BlackBerry feature that isn't found elsewhere. It is a standout-from-the-crowd feature. I know it's not important to the average consumer, but it is certainly something that makes BB10 unique. Yes, it is definitely not on the top 10 for consumers.

I just wish that BlackBerry Balance was available to regular non-corporate users who don't have BES.

Q10 and Canadian all the way!

I'm always surprised that people mention BlackBerry Balance as a plus when (a) most people with BlackBerry phones are consumers, not "enterprise" users and (b) Balance is only available to enterprise users and (c) this restriction of Balance to enterprise users only is almost never mentioned when Balance is mentioned.

I would have thought most consumers would love to have a feature like Balance on their phone. But no, it isn't.

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I think a consumer version of BlackBerry Balance is a good idea. A user configured balance where they can set their own restrictions or permissions, etc. Make it a selling feature.

Posted from my incredible Z10

I love my Z10 phone but when I'm asked by other people what phone they should buy I direct them to the iPhone. It's a safe bet they won't regret it.

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Yeah it's weird, I had the salesman at the Porsche dealership direct me to the GM lot next door ..

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Once people compare side by side for 2 minutes, I don't see how most could choose the iPhone. The Z10 is my personal cell and a 4s my work one. I curse the latter each time I use it. The Z10 is far superior in nearly every way.

Posted via my Z10

On a subjective Note! It's no mainstream crap that everybody is with an iPhone or a Galaxy! My Q10 is unique! :D

posted via CB10 powered by my Q10

The same Q10? Wow. He must get very little play time with his Q10 since he has to let one million other people use it. :( lol

Posted via CB 10 on my naked Z10 ;)

.... AND she smells of Elderberries!

That's your father. Your mother wears army boots.
My mistake: real sorry about the mix-up!!

I wouldn't quite list #10 because:
1. The legality/morality is murky
2. It highlights the deficiency of the BB10 ecosystem(native apps/ported Android apps) that necessitates sideloading.
3. Security

ARE you KIDDING?!?!?!

HOW is any of what you've listed here even remotely logical?

That's like saying "don't buy a 3 bedroom house because at the flip of a switch you can give it the features & functions of the Playboy mansion" .... but that's not legal or moral AND it's not 'actually' the Playboy mansion.

Sure, security is ALWAYS a concern, but I'll bet any given user does more him/herself to be a threat to their own security than a reputable sideloaded Android feature ever will. For those who choose to load cracks and hacks, regardless of platform, that's Threat #1.

Umm...except this three bedroom Playboy mansion doesn't quite live up to the real one. If I wanted a SEAMLESS Android app experience, why would I not buy a phone that runs Android apps PERFECTLY, aka an Android phone?

Btw, good job skirting the legality issue of sideloading.

Well, exactly: because the "real" thing comes with a long list of requisites, obligations and "issues" some people neither want to deal with, nor are prepared to use regularly.

Because ANDROID itself is the biggest security threat to ALL its users, regardless of whose phone it's on. Google is the biggest data-miner of ALL things user-information and behaviour - EVER!
Check out the links to vid's & articles on THAT topic here:

What's to address about the legality issue?
I'm not a lawyer, nor will I even pretend to have read ANY Terms of Use and other software legalese in a very, VERY long time. Besides, when you DO read it, you end up wondering if ANY AND ALL use of the software is, both, illegal AND without recourse ... even the open-source stuff.
I mean, you pay to use the software but do not own it, yet ANY consequences of its use are without warranty or recourse, so entirely "your bad luck." AND, the list of prohibited uses is longer than even what it's intended to allow you to do.

I'm well aware of Google's data mining. We are on the same side of THAT debate. I might have agreed with you on sideloading too if it weren't for dubious legality (more on that later,) and the fact that you DON'T get as smooth an experience on BB10 as you would on a phone/platform these apps are made for. Just look at the relative effort it takes to sideload, versus downloading an app from Google Play.

Legality: if you are sideloading and are in the US and are not a copy owner, as per the US Code, Title 17, you are committing copyright infringement. So if you grab a converted BAR from the CB forums, you are infringing. There's a reason why you don't hear BB touting this ability to sideload. In fact, they've condemned the practice as it pertains to the Playbook.

but, can't just anyone download some app (paid for or free to use) from the google store and then just sideload it onto their device? I can't imagine that someone would "legally" be able to restrict onto what final device it can be loaded.
That would be like Sony Pictures restricting someone who buys their DVD from playing it on a Toshiba player and LG TV (notice I didn't mention that "other" Korean monolith - intentional!).

Yes, I've read that it's not quite as smooth, but really: is it THAT much an issue? (I don't know myself; couldn't care about most apps, 'personally')

Again, though, I'm not a lawyer - especially on the IP side of things - so who knows? BTW, "unlocking" your phone has also become illegal as of earlier this year ... wonder how many new users could go to jail for THAT violation.


That's the "copy owner" part you're talking about. If you are a copy owner, you have more rights than someone grabbing a file from CB and sideloading it. I'm not sure what the Code says about modifications though, which you make when you convert an apk into a bar. I'm not a lawyer either, or all that well versed in copyright laws, but I would assume you are allowed modifications if you are the original copy owner, because it would essentially be like converting audio tracks for use on other devices. When you modify an app obtained from GP, you are in violation of Google's ToS. What The penalty is, I don't know.

Re: smoothness, it's a subjective call. What may be acceptable lag to me might be a deal-breaker for you. And if you run multiple apps that lag, the frustration can add up. Netflix, in at least its earliest side loads is an example of this.

And it's funny you mention the issue of unlocking, as it's something I'm quite passionate about. There's currently legislation in front of Congress that would make it legal again, and it has White House and FCC support behind it. Until then, yes--unlocking is essentially illegal, punishable by a prison term and/or fines should the carriers choose to prosecute.

Just need a lot of apps and BlackBerry 10 is perfect, still waiting a lot of native simple game such as: temple run, fruit ninja, etc. Also waiting for another app such as: Instagram, LINE by Naver, Kakao Talk, Path, etc. Even BB10 can run android app, wha's the poin I bought BlackBerry to run Android app. Hope to see more apps coming to this Platform, BlackBerry 10 rocks!!

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My mother is going to get the Samsung Note 3 when it gets released because she always has her purse and since she is older finds it hard to see small screens. I told her I'm not her technical support guy any longer, lol. But in all seriousness she doesn't mind having a giant phone.

So, how does this relate...I guess that I'm hoping that the Z30 will appeal in the same way and that there will be an option to the Samsung Notes.

Posted via CB10 via BlackBerry Z10 (Telus)

Up to half hour ago, a guy saw my Z10 on my desk here at work and asked me about it. He was considering, between this and the samsung. I was pretty honest and saying if it apps that he wants...android wins hands down. But if he wants a solid phone with great features (which I then showed off the hub, peek and flow)
BB10 is the way to go! He said he always really like blackberry, and I believe with my quick demo, he is going for the Z10.

Did my good deed for the day :)

Screen size, resolution and quality (ppi) are a big plus. My screen looks so much bigger, Brighter and clearer than an iPhone's. It always impresses ppl I show it too. Phone itself is the perfect size as well, another great feature. Love one handed use and pocket ability of the Z10.

Posted from my incredible Z10

That was a great thread while it lasted. Thanks Zten for starting it, and thanks Adam for bringing it front page

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He made another one :) A more positive one. Lol. Which is the one getting mentioned.

Posted via CB 10 on my naked Z10 ;)

I converted my first iPhone friend with a 3 minute demo by me and 2 minutes hands on by him. He has his Z10 and loves it! We all need to be doing this! They will thank us later.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Hey Adam how about Blackberry launching these Z10 with some side loaded apps like Netflix and Instagram etc So that the users may never complain of atleast these not being there. Atleast the US based users. Why can't blackberry sideload these and give it pre installed.

Copyright issues. Have you heard BB publicizing or highlighting this sideloading capability?

This is the kind of energy BlackBerry needs. Get all these reasons duly documented with testimony and post it everywhere.

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my next 3 yrs are with the Q10 but I hope I have a new BlackBerry to upgrade to by then!!!

Posted via Q10 using CB10

What about 51 reasons a Z10 is not such a good buy? Don't get me wrong I still love BB and their keyboards. But like the coming Z30 all the BB devices seem out of date (especially for the money) even before they're released. No trolling intended ^^

Keep fighting BB!

If you talking specs, maybe, but I believe that power means to do as much as needed with 2gigs of RAM and two cores instead of throwing in a phone 4gigs or 8gigs of RAM, 8 cores and 41mp camera . My laptop has 4gigs of RAM, and I'm very pleased with the performance .

Almost DOA when it comes out as one of many smartphones available on the market. BB10.2 does have to make it a real new alternative. Probably it won't. There's hub shortcut icon, but there's still no back button. For non-BB-users it is the main no-feature confusing them at first sight. Over 6 months gone and prospective Customers are still not educated in relation to BB10 gestures! Why? How?! Eh...

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero: www.smartman.mobi

I strongly believe that you don't have such a " crappy " phone :)
Posted with my "crappy" Z10STL100-1/

The only disadvantage of BB10 platform is lacking a lot of apps.
Its very difficult for ios or andriod users to mive to BB10

Posted via CB10

95% of the apps used by most users - business and consumer on a REGULAR basis are: Email, texting, browsing and calendar. Asked a Galaxy s3 owner and she said the same thing. The big difference in her mind was the much larger screen and coming from a curve - well that is a no-brainer. Otherwise she reallyh liked the curve and BB didn't have the large enough screen. Z10 has improved the browsing quite a bit from OS7 which I am still on at the moment. Day 1 BB should have had open contracts with Android developers to put their apps on BBW where they can be downloaded and converted with a built-in good converter (legally) that will make them work on a BB 10 either almost perfectly or with a few minor issues and disclosed appropriately. All apps would have to be paid for downloading and worked out with devs. What do the devs have to lose? - listed on BBW, getting paid and maybe, just maybe for a little more money to download, might develop a native BB version of their same app. Choices and options.

you really need to use it for a few minutes free of a back button to see how amazing this phone is. Try it and you will love it

Posted via CB10

I have z10 and i love it, design, keyboard, functionality, but still i need to keep my iphone cus of the apps that i cant find on BB10 store

Posted via CB10

1) Z10 ain't cheap. (TM US purchase price is about $530+tax)

2) Most new smart phones have similar functions.
Once you learn how to use one piece of hardware<>OS you can do most of the same operations efficiently.

3) BB has not convinced, or paid, app devs and their clients to advertise OS10 (Z10) their apps as available on BB appWorld ("Built for Android and iOS", but BB - NOT)

Even though for the regular user the security it's a matter of faith, the exceptional security of the BB10 should be on this list. And somebody has to explain (sell) the consumers the concept of RTOS wich QNX is!

One important feature it's that look "what the heck it's that? " when someone sees my Z10! :))) Funny smartphone! :)

I love my Zed10 and I have music going on it for 6am to 6pm plus texting and browsing the net, it doesn't last 4hrs. I'm running I don't run leaks cuz i don't have a pc to load them. Plus SaskTel takes so long to come out with os updates. The 4500 battery is kick ass.

Sent from The Legendary Zed10

Most people overlook BlackBerry just because of its reputation.. The Z10 is the best device I have ever used!

Can't understand why Z10 is not picking up. It's far more superior than iPhone. Have the iPhone as a send any phone and not primary. Most of essential apps are available for Z10. Very sad to see Lack berry considering alternatives.

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Native apps compare to side load apps which one work perfectly? Don't just can side load but not work correctly it worse. I own Z10 I love it O'S but I hate what inside and how it handle battery and some apps and it make my device hot over heating. Stl100-1 the worse Z10

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I own Z10 and iPhone 5. Z10 need more polished it inner then it can challenge iPhone, now Z10 need more device like it but it need to be overhaul inner and outside

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I read every comment and enjoyed the discussion. Then I went back to twitter, clicked on a link to an Internet story about nhl player selection for Canada, hit the three dots and went into reader mode.

Then it hit me, I don't recall 'reader' being mentioned as one of the 50 great things about bb10. Is it? If not it should be.

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I went on a plane today and two guys where fiddling around with their cellie's. One was on a Bold 9900 (yes, I was close) and the other one on a Z10. My bet is that the Z10 and probably the Q10 is getting more visibility in companies soon.

However, I also heard three guys talking about the Z10 experience of one of them who was not happy with the battery life. Claiming the Z10 ran out of juice after a few (few := <undefined>) hours.

I tested three Z10's in the past and only the last one was a real good one - so I guess he just picked a crappy device.

But this guy would not give a Z10 a second chance for sure.


Not necessary. The only time I feel like this would be an advantage is when using websites designed for desktop or selecting text/moving insertion point (because let's face it, who hasn't had difficulty selecting text the way it is now?).

Q10 and Canadian all the way!

BlackBerry Balance was a huge selling feature for me, but due to the lack of enterprise turns out it's a no go! Ah well, I love my Q10 and my wife loves her Z10. But balance would be awesome!!!

Posted via CB10

My company is providing me a phone and the choice is iphone or BB. My personal phone is a HTC/Andriod.
Some of my queries below ..
1> Can I load Google maps + Navigation on Z10? Will it be any different from the Andriod experience?
2> Where is the GSM, Wi-Fi and GPS antenna located inside the shell?
3> Is there a mic for noise cancellation?
4> How long will the battery last if only a dozen emails/sms are sent/received? (no calls or games)

I think the phone's excellent reception, call quality and sound quality are selling points. Also the phone is extremely durable.

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My Playbook rocks IMO but too many people hate it. And the majority of those 50 reasons arent something Android and IOS doesnt have, Blackberry needs to generate mega public interest in their products to generate sales...not 50 numb-nut reasons that any good smart phone has. And what about a BB10 tablet? Blackberrry is the only company on earth that doesnt have a tablet

I do not understand why i should pay 600euros for an unlocked q10 when i can get a sony xperia sp for 280....bb is dead. Even the 'new" ideas underpinning the bb10 software are ripped of from other OSs...if you try android, you notice a huge difference in productivity from the first minute...and if you consider security issues, i do not see the reason why i should entrust bb with my personal data and not google...even bb users have google accounts, no? to cut a long story short, i think bb is obsolete nowadays. You just can't claim that sideloading android apps is on the pro side of the balance when we all know what a shitty job sideloading is....too bad i wasted money on the bb platform for more than 5Y...

Yup BB is dead and they are just biding their time till someone buys them.

That being said my Playbook cost me $400 2 years ago. When Heins killed Playbook I went out and bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for $179. The Tab 2 has 100x more apps then the Playbook and is an awesome tablet, BUT my Playbook has a quality to it of class that my Samsung doesnt have which is still why I use it.

BB might be dead on the side of the road waiting for emergency services to revive them (be bought out) but you cant say they didnt make quality products.

RIP BB and hope whoever buys it will do a better job then the current idiot CEO did.

50 reasons to buy a Z10

But there's only 1 reason needed to buy a Samsung:

Because all my friends are using it, so i gotta have it! (Trend)

Posted via CB10

The deals you can get on a Z10 now are amazing. I love the phone-and for the money no other phone can compare. People that choose an Iphone 4 with a contract for free over the Z10 are really missing out. I understand that Blackberry has to rebuild their brand, and maybe selling cheap Z10's to get them into the publics hands is the best way to do it.

I recommend the phone to anyone who asks, or will listen. With my employer we have a choice of Z10, Q10 with full access(Balance), or an Iphone 5 or Galaxy 4 with restrictions. The other options are so restricted people can't even go on Facebook or Twitter. The Blackberry options offer so much more because our company is comfortable with the security.

Many colleagues that used to carry a personal Iphone AND our old Bold 9900s are now only carrying a Z10 or Q10. Hopefully Blackberry will be around long enough to keep building it's brand.

Hi,my new Z10 came from Carphone warehouse in UK,I bricked my bold last year and the curve I purchased to replace it the scroll button failed.
I also had a Playbook 64gb,which I loved but it failed and the uk supplier had none left,so got a refund.
I purchased a new old stock 3gs just before Christmas,the battery blew up! Wrecking the phone.
My first impression of z10- its great!
I like the interface, the hub,the bigger display,the touch screen and keyboard.
I think it is a nice phone,even better at the £160 it cost.
My own thoughts are that for most phones are a fad Samsung is the latest draw,huge great thing= more bling,for my mainly email/messaging/twitter and comunication needs Blackberry's have served my needs well.
I hope that the new lower price brings more users and restores Blackberry,although from a personal perspective for my own use and the enviroment they operate in £500 is too much to pay for a phone.
The z10 and its bargain price,a good sim only deal, 2 year warranty,made another second user smart phone look expensive.