50% Off All Elecite Themes This Weekend!

By Bla1ze on 7 Nov 2008 01:10 am EST
Been holding off on getting that nice new theme for your BlackBerry? Now is the time to head on over to Elecite because for this weekend only they have all their premium themes on sale for 50% off the original cost. All themes have been exported to be user customizable as well, so grab yours using the coupon code "elecite" at checkout. They have quite a few new themes, such as their new iBerry Bold as well as Cynosure. Their is something here for all devices, so get crack'n on this one cause it's only a short sale ending on the 9th.


w00t! I just got the iBerry theme for my Bold! Thanks Crackberry for the tip on the sale.


As soon as they start making themes for the storm I will be spending lots of money that their site!


The past 2 themes, Scion and now iBerry, have both given me issues and I've been unable to install. I received the email with the download link, selected the option to get an email vs SMS (since I get charged for it). I received a link via email but when I try that link on my phone (8330 running I get a message saying I have to do this on a PC and use desktop manager to install. So I clicked the link on my PC and it tries to download a JAD file, an OTA install file. So what gives?

I emailed their support person/group 4+ hrs ago and have yet to receive a response back.


I just picked up the iBold, and iBerry themes...love them both. They look great!


I'm having the same issues as StirCwazy. They sent an email with a download link Except when I try to send the download to my phone via email or sms I never receive the e-mail. It's going on 2 hours now. I emailed their info@elecite.com but have not got any response other than the auto response. I have since emailed them again with my BlackBerry model 8330 running OS, theme name and order no. No response yet!


Thanx 4 the heads-up on this sale. They've made some really nice looking themes. Picked up 'Scion' n 'Scorched'. :)