Oddly interesting 5-inch display for unreleased BlackBerry leaks out

By Bla1ze on 20 Mar 2014 04:36 pm EDT

The BlackBerry World is a bit of a strange place right now. We're seeing weird prototype phones turn up, long since scrapped media streamers and now, new images that show what looks to be a 1:1 5-inch display for an unreleased device have appeared.

Looking at this display and looking at the prototype device that appeared, there's some similarities there so it's possible this mysterious display part is for that device but it could also be for another, never before seen device as well.

This wouldn't be the first time we've seen parts leak out well ahead of an actual device release but this is certainly the most interesting one so far in the fact that there's very little information behind it aside from some rumored device codenames and possibly new keyboard stylings.

Needless to say, it's going to be interesting to see if any of this stuff turns into a real device or is the equivalent of leftover prototype junk that belongs in someones collection only to be sold later on down the road on eBay.

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Oddly interesting 5-inch display for unreleased BlackBerry leaks out



It's improbable you will find comparable specs (from other manufacturers) for cheaper unless they have been written down, on a sale, or something else.

$500 is merely out of your price range, which on a plan generally comes down to $49/$149 due to subsidies from a carrier. I do feel that BlackBerry should push out cheaper hardware that their O/S operates smoothly on, or at least, appease the international market with cheaper phones - so that consumers like yourself have an option outside of $500.

$500 is not bad for a well spec'd phone. I don't think it's a lot. It isn't out of my price range. It's just a nutty amount for THAT phone. The z30 had poor specs the day it was released. I've always bought phones at full price off contract. So you're assumptions here are false.

I don't assume anything, I am pretty much correct in this regard.

Aside from BlackBerry actually providing the Z30 with a custom quad core processor shared by no other phone on the market, the closest phones with similar processing power would be the Droid MAXX which retails for $100 more than the Z30.

It also contains probably the biggest battery ever put in a smart phone, and if you know anything about how much a battery retails for... you may realize that my assumptions are not false.

Aside from that, the speakers, antanna, memory, and everything is pretty much competitive with any of $700 phones that have been just released after the Z30. So you are pretty much welcome to spend $700 on a phone with less specs, as, you clearly don't know what hardware specs are.

Hah. http://gadgets.ndtv.com/blackberry-z30-1041-vs-lg-google-nexus-5-1115

z30 compared to a $350 phone. I have both, the nexus gets better battery life, has a nicer screen, quad core, which the z30 does not have despite you claiming it does. I'd go with the $350 in a choice any day of the week. It's beyond comprehension that you are claiming I don't know anything about hardware, yet didn't even get the specs you listed correct. That's all not to say I don't like the z30, I do, but I definitely wouldn't spend $500 on it. I talked a guy on ebay down to $400 as he had it listed for quite a long time with no buyers.

It's a custom processor:

It's a QuadCore GPU. look it up.
Multitask both phone's hand in hand - you will see for yourself.

You might wanna read the stats on the page that you hyperlinked to support your argument a second time. The Z30 has a bigger battery, the Nexus has a slightly better screen but still shows the same amout of colors, just with a few less pixels. 1.7gHz dual vs. 2.3gHz quad......? You might as well get the dual. 2.3gHz for a quad means that you're not even using the quad to its full potential and thus is a waste of hardware. Wasted hardware always leads to a malfunction or "mis"function later down the road. The Z30 was shown to have a better camera as well.

how is the quad wasted hardware? people like you don't really even understand specs do you? my nexus 5 gets insanely better battery life than the z30, much of that has to do with the cpu. and no, the camera isn't better.

So riddle me this, how is it possible that a CPU running 4 processors and a faster speed is more efficient than 2?

As well the quad core is running a far more inefficient OS, than the dual core, again requiring more power.

Tell me how this is possible and by the way I just got 30 hours out of my Z30 and I'm a heavy power user with multiple ail accounts, and bbm and text quite heavily.

Specs are all relative if the Zed was running android and the same version as the phone you quote then you can compare, but since it running a completely different OS you can't

If you consider the OS the car body and the CPU the engine an online four can rocket around carrying a 2500 pound body, but you would need a V8 to make a 5000 pound car do the same, and which do you think uses more fuel?

You need to be a little more pragmatic in your assessments and not just look at pure numbers

From my Zed 30 running

For emerging markets of course.

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If I'm not mistaken, the premium devices will still be designed and manufactured in Canada.

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Not true.. designed yes.. manufactured no.

Their agreement with Foxconn is to take full responsibility and accountability regarding the manufacturing of the hardware. The design for high-end phone will come from BlackBerry and low-end will come from both BlackBerry and Foxconn.

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BlackBerry phones other than dev units are made in Mexico or overseas.

Mexican made products do not have tariffs as per the NAFTA agreement.

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If that had decent specs with a keyboard I might switch my z30. It looks pretty interesting for sure.

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It'll probably have that stupid 3 row keyboard that will be just as inefficient with symbols as a virtual keyboard so you might as well stick with a virtual one...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Looks like a slider... one that fits perfectly in a back pocket. I'm in!

My Top Apps: 1.Crackberry 2.Gasbuddy 3.USA Today 4. Word of the Day PLUS 5. Super Hexagon

I'd consider a 5 inch QWERTY, but why in the world would the make it a 1:1 square???

If they release a 5 inch square screen then I'm giving up on BlackBerry. I expect them to be fixing their reputation, not making the brand even more of a laughingstock.

Let's all hope this never ever sees the light of day.

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well the width shall be 3.5 inch sqr(5x5/2) + bezels, and it was 2.2 for the q10 with the same formula. now if it can sport a 1440x1440 resolution it would be a 407 dpi...

Because a square looks ridiculous at 5 inches.

They could have made it compatible with the Z10 or Z30. They both have more native apps than the Q10 anyhow.

5 inches across the diagonal is fine, but a 1 to 1 aspect ratio at that size just looks silly.

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I'm with you on that... it wouldn't fit any pocket and it would be, like you said, ridiculous.

Powered by BB

I thought those giant Galaxy Note phones look ridiculous, but they sell, and worst of all: people use them.... in public...

If blackberry is going to remain niche, then make something particularly niche. the Z10 looks like every phone ever made, the Z30, not much different itself.

*note* i'm only playing devil's advocate. I personally would never get a phone with a screen like that. But, I just feel that an important argument should be made towards how unique devices sell better.

This is not targeted at hipsters, but people in business who don't muck around.

Sure it won't be fashionable, but it will get stuff done like nothing on the planet EVER before.

You don't need to buy it, but the corporate guys and small business people that loved their huge Palms will.

It's gonna be a BRAND DIFFERENTIATOR, and separate the boys from the men.

See my post further below.

(Traditional form factors Z30/S5 style will still be available for you..., no need to dump the brand...)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Really? Everyone except business users are hipsters. What a joke.

Do you actually think that high end business users want to look ridiculous and don't care?

Posted using my Z10 via CB10


I agree. The idea that business people don't care at all about aesthetics is simply not true.

No one wants to take out a ridiculous looking device whether it's at the coffee house or at the boardroom table.

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everyone had similar thoughts on the Wii as well. That ridiculous control scheme wont' work. Where's the controller? Look at those inferior specs. It went on to become the number 1 console (excluding handhelds). I could see true business people using this phone if it's proportioned right.but it's really hard to judge a phone off a few pics of JUST the screen. I'm holding judgement until I see pics of the device.


Ok... I admit that there is a *possibility* that this is BlackBerry's masterstroke and this is a huge hit... I just REALLY don't think so.

In addition to that, I *personally* find its looks to be extremely distasteful (though I admit that this is still in an early stage of its development, and that the number of detailed pictures is limited so far).

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How can it look distasteful when you haven't seen it? Fake

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

I'm into business and I care what I carry..and I still want some thing that gets the job done. So imo BlackBerry should consider this factor and I'm sure that they are considering it. Can't wait to get that Octacore Z50 and show the world the power of BlackBerry.

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I didn't say that anyone but a business users is necessarily a hipster.

What I meant it's for people that value functionality above anything else.

All others still have a choice and can grab a Z30, it's successor or any of the remaining Q series devices. No problem with that at all. These are good looking phones with great functionality.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

There are hipsters on one side, and the hardcore business types on the other.

And a huge majority in between. It's not all black and white. And that's why BlackBerry needs and wants to give us choice.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

If it'll have that 3-row keyboard where you have to swipe just to see the symbols that I can see right now on my Q10, then it wouldn't be good for people who need their phone for business because it'll take twice as long to type something out if symbols are involved...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Nope. Maybe should have skipped over the Palm part of your argument.

I work across all levels of a large organization and everyone turns their phone into their fetish. Everyone. Even me. Stroking and coveting our devices during meetings. All day.

Fucking bbry fanbois and this sentiment that only 'business' is serious about their phones and everyone else is a lightweight is exactly the sort of hubris that brought this company down. Down to where the street doesn't think it has even 1/5 the value of... whatapp. An app.

Think about that while you dream of even more fragmentation concepts across your devices and a PlayBook 2 and sideloading Android apps. Most people I know using Android and Apple devices are serious about their business as well.

Guess I'll head over to bbry world and see if any new GPS maps are available for the rural highways of Slovenia.

Posted via CB10

I think you misread or misunderstood my argument to some extend. I hope I sufficiently corrected that with the follow-up posts above.

Anyone and everyone is "serious" about their devices, for various reasons. Even iPhone users and Android users, because they find the functionality they want in these devices.

I just don't like to be judged on the basis that I might choose a device that emphasizes function over form.

And even if, I will happily tolerate it.

Also, then I won't judge anyone who wants his or her phone as fashion statement if that's it why (s)he got it, not to get stuff done.


"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Another 1:1 screen won't really increase fragmentation, even if it's a different pixel count.

Looks like they've got scaling covered now, otherwise the Z3 wouldn't have that odd pixel count (qHD) and apparently support all Z30 apps by default.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

FYI: The street didn't value Whatsapp, Facebook did.

Also, regarding fragmentation: You can't fragment new customers. Nor, is targeting a market considered fragmentation.

The issue is that the BB10 customers are not the BB7 customers, and BB7 has years of success with no natural upgrade path.

It is clear that Chen has significant interest to "blur" the lines between the two as BlackBerry still seems to have more BB7 users than BB10 - therefore any effort to appeal to the BB7 base - in my opinion is the opposite of fragmentation.

But a 5 inch screen at 1:1 screen ratio??? That is horrible!!!!! And I can't stress that enough. BlackBerry needs a 4 inch screen in PORTRAIT that also has a physical keyboard. The key is portrait orientation, please stay away from 1:1 ratio. Please please please BlackBerry.

The devoted BB fans are waiting for a physical keyboard device with a portrait/rectangle sized screen that will use the same apps as the Z10/Z30. Make this and you will see some results!

Why does the phone need to be vertically taller when it'll only be used in one orientation? I'm starting to think even you BlackBerry fans don't know what the hell you want smh.

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Good point about a physical keyboard making landscape mode concerns kind of irrelevant. Also, sadly, good point about us BlackBerry fans not knowing what we want. We should be thrilled at the prospect of a 5 inch screen on a QWERTY.

It's not the 5 inch screen that's the problem, it's the square shape of the screen.

Most people have been pretty consistent in their desire for a QWERTY BlackBerry with a larger screen, but I don't anyone in their wildest imagination ever considered it would a square.

It looks ridiculous.

Posted via CB10

Tell that to everyone that bought a q10. I wish you guys would just let BlackBerry run itself instead of caring so much about what Crackberry users say or think. A vertically 5" phone with a keyboard would be bigger than the z30 and you think somehow people will swarm to it? Lol

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Screen size almost universally refers to the diagonal length, not the length of any side.

Whether it's 5 or 4 or 4.5 inches across the diagonal isn't the issue.

The issue is that a giant square screen looks ridiculous. The issue is that aesthetics matter, no matter how much you or anyone else insists they don't.

Posted via CB10

I'm curious how you got out of my comment that we're asking for a 5 inch screen portrait orientation. I clearly said 4 inches if you read it again. Also, depending on how the keyboard is designed, it could be just as big as the Z30 and no bigger. Finally, "all those people that bought a Q10" weren't enough to save the company and you should talk to all those people that went BACK to their OS 7 devices.

The portrait device with physical keyboard needs to happen and the 1:1, square screen ratio needs to die.

Don't try to speak for everyone, speak for yourself. I use a Q10 and the screen is great. I will like to see how this one turns out, I'm hoping they do market research and have some people test it you know before they make final decisions because some of you people's comments are...sighs.

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

2 apps side by side. Whaa? :D

Enable drag and drop between apps, and boom, remove windows 8 from my computer - where did drag and drop go :@

Form factor is pretty ridiculous for a phone and for a tablet.

What about a car infotainment system? Could be an SDK or a demo. Or for the fridge in the Internet of things age.

It says BlackBerry but it could be a QNX driven product too.

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry

How do you know if you haven't even seen the finished product?......sighs heavily........

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

Blaize and all these guys have no balls to reply to controversial posts and just to replying to stupid comments like this ^

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It sure isn't a PB screen.

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To wide, or not to wide, that is the question—
Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Failure,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of competition,
And by opposing end them? To die, to compete—
No more; and by a QWERTY, to say we end
The Heart-ache, and the thousand Natural shocks
That our thumbs long for? 'Tis a consumption
Devoutly to be wished. To type, to bbm,
To bbm, perchance to Dream; Aye, there's the rub,
For in that dirty R of BBM, what progress may come,
When we have shuffled off these physical devices,
Must give us pause.

I got no more. That's how far I can go

LOL, very nice, very nice. Oddly enough, my favorite parts of Shakespeare are his insults. They are actually pretty darn good... :-D

I can't wait to see the final version of this but if I remember correctly with windermere they are outsourcing to a company to make it and if that deal falls through we will see the windermere if not we won't see it but with the picture it seems like a final revision of it so we might see it after all and according to the specs it's going to be 1440 x 1440 resolution and 3gb of ram :)!!!

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I've actually found that typing on a device like a Bold 9900 or the Q10 is faster than those slider phones with the landscape keyboard. When a mobile keyboard is too wide it actually takes longer to move from key to key and it actually slows you down. Something around the size of a Q10, give or take a little bit, seems to be the perfect size for thumb typing...

The plot thickens! Wasn't there a concept you guys posted that had a screen something like that? Time to play match the cell phone parts!

This could be BB's answer to what a business phablet would be. Large enough screen to satisfy many, but providing a physical keyboard too. If it's powerful enough, this could be a great device for mobile computing.

It has an odd aspect-ratio, but with the screen that big and the rumored resolution, it should be able to handle RDP sessions fine and be readable. Even letter-boxed videos might still be ok. This thing reminds me of an OQO device.

With that screen size couldn't they make so that instead of turning the phone sideways you could set the display to a wide screen format. TV's do that and then it could run all apps regardless of the screen size?

People you cannot pass judgement saying it's ugly or whatever...its a screen for the device we haven't seen the body yet or final finish reserve your judgement until the final version is done....jeez people man LMAO

Posted via CB10

I agree.

Sometimes it's good to step back from our current paradigm. Maybe the current tablet / phone scenario needs another kind of device in the mix.

Thank you, someone who thinks before they type. I don't know why some people are so quick to pass judgment when they haven't seen the final product, makes me think of a word that starts with t.

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

A screen ugly? You haven't even seen the whole thing and you call only a piece of it ugly? Pfft

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Exactly. People need to stop freaking out over speculation. When the device, whatever it is, is announce, then judge it. And don't be biased just so you can feel right about your current opinion based on jaded negativity and piss-poor imagination.

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You know, I wasn't really interested in a phone with screen real estate limited due to a hardware keyboard, but this one is wide enough that browsing the Web should be a pleasure, being wider than my Z30... Tempting I must say! I'm in love with the virtual keyboard though... I'm not sure I could give it up, or rely on my brain to spell words anymore for that matter ;)

Posted via CB10

The physical keyboard can predict words just as good as the virtual one, the only deference is that instead of flicking you would be just taping the predictions just right above the physical keys

Whatever it is... Gotta be old because Foxconn manufacturing the new devices now.

Posted from a Blackberry Z10

Thank you.

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No offense, but this is exactly how misinformation gets spread around the net.

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That's ugly looking, I'd need some hard convincing to buy that. I'm waiting on the Z30's successor now that I'll buy in a heartbeat.

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I hope thay make it into a tablet. I dont wish to compare but the ipad mini has a more squarish shape than the other ipad models and I find it easier to use.

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I was reading that they're going to discontinue the ipad mini, I doubt BlackBerry would be making a tablet that size if even apple is abandoning the idea

Posted via CB10

This would the first of its kind, a Phablet with physical keyboard...a new market, this could be very successful, the novelty of this device could drive up its demand.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Canada

Well, do your research to see if this thing can sell but from my perspective it looks pretty stupid.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

From my perspective, I doubt BlackBerry would sell just a screen. You don't need to do any research to figure that out.

Powered by BlackBerry

My only real objection to returning to a QWERTY is screen size. They don't make sense for taking in media or surfing the web. But, a QWERTY with a 5 inch screen size might just answer those objections. Heck, given that some of my pinch to zoom requirements for older, non-responsive websites are because of the width of the site versus the orientation of the phone, this 1:1 orientation could be *better*.

Oh lord this does not look good to me, that messes up keyboard proto was crap

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Lg was not successful with a phone with similar design. BlackBerry should produce tablet of 8 inch named QNX Tab.

Posted via CB10

With a 5 inch screen that device would be at least 3.54 inches/ 89.8 mm wide. Nice to see bb experimenting but there's only that much space inside of pocket!

If this the screen for the Q50 i need this device like yesterday.

Qyped on the most Qefficient device in the Quniverse..

Ooooh my goodness! I'd pick that baby up in a heartbeat. I only text with two hands I think, I rarely only use one. That's what I've always wanted. A phone that large with a keyboard would be amazing

Posted via CB10


The width would be like a Z10 in landscape mode.
With any touchscreen in landscape mode, I always had the gripe that there was not enough space for vertical, so it requires a lot of scrolling. When the keyboard appears, there's only a narrow strip of content visible.

Now if that thing gets its own keyboard attached below, there will be even more screen real estate available, because that 1:1 is almost like a Z10 sideways plus even more vertical space!

Sure, THIS IS NO PHONE for the hipsters or anyone who's after the looks, but will be a killer beast in productivity. You will stand out, and people will know you as someone for whom "getting stuff done" is more important than being hip or having a "fashionable" device.

Just ADD WACOM stylus capabilities / handwriting recognition! The Palm Pilot is back in BLACK, and with the best keyboard in the world!

Exactly following the path set out by John Chen for corporate and business users.


But don't worry, the Z30 successor will come to satisfy all those you want the Galaxy S4 / S5 for factor, but BB10 on it!

You guys don't have to buy this.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I'm totally with you on your analysis except your reference to the Palm Pilot. I owned one of the early Pilots and stayed with Palm through several generations of Treos and I can say this: No one who wants to be productive remembers Palm fondly. I'm sure WebOS was awesome, but the Treo line was awful. My moving to BlackBerry was a huge productivity boost.

Thanks for your comment about Palm and productivity.

I was rather looking at the size and form factor (that's why I picked them), so it wasn't totally out of the ordinary a few years ago to carry such a large device for productivity, and it might pick up again.

Maybe there is a better comparison device , but that was the long-lost and forgotten "PDA".

Man, such a thing with WACOM and handwriting recognition. Not everybody needs to like it or even come on board.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Finally..... sense.

It could also address the number 1 complaint I hear from non BlackBerry users, that the keyboard is too small. I know former power users who would return for a slighter bigger version of this keyboard. Throw in some stylus love and it's a win.

Posted via CB10

If thats the screen of a new blackberry phone, that phone is going to suck to hold, seems like its as wide as a phabelt. Hopefully it doesn't turn into an LG Vu

Posted via CB10

lg vu 3 is 85.6mm wide. With the calculation I made above (sqr(5x5/2), a screen like this is at least 88.9 mm (add the bezels...). My wallet is 105mmx137mm, almost 4/3. I consider it as a reference to what a phone size limit could be. If I take 100mm as a screen size, with 1.1 ratio it gives 5.56 in display (365 dpi) and to make it a qwerty I guess the ratio would be closer to 2/3. If we use a 4/3 we we can reach 6.56 in for the display (1440x1920). Yes 4/3 looks to make more sense to me than 1/1, and I like the vu format on the paper (I've never seen one). So I think if you want to give up the one hand use case, 4/3 is good and 4 in is the width limit.

I really hate the inconsistency of putting the Blackberry logo at the top of the screen or bottom.

Posted via CB10

It makes more sense at the top, from a business standpoint, as now the logo is visible to random passers-by. Would make sense to push the BlackBerry logo on the back of phones up high too, line where the apple logo is on the iPhone, or did apple patent that?

Posted via CB10

I would rather like to have a textured
on the back filling the all height, and the width with the B.
Then a trackpad with the logo above the keyboard, but minimal space above the screen. The thumbs would point to it, for people looking at your hand.

Hilarious, no one even knows what this is and their complaining about the size etc....

It's a screen....old...new...in production....not in production......???

Who knows?

Powered by BlackBerry

Come on guys this is obviously a slide-on display for non-BlackBerry's smartphones.... an answer to Typo keyboards.

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Id like to see how a 5inch square phone fits in one's hand then ill decide.

Exciting stuff!

Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3

Yeah, depending on the overall dimensions of the device, I think it could fit in a suit jacket pocket and probably most trousers. If it does that without ruining the clothes, than this is a big, big leap forward for BlackBerry QWERTY.

I can easily fit a flippin' Playbook into a lot of my pants/pockets, and I a skinny guy of average height.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

This should be the future Q series phone with
Trackpad / security scanner.

We don't need gimmick phones like future Amazon phone with 6 cameras or Android phone made by Lenovo possible with 30 Mega pixel poor quality camera.

This BlackBerry phone should have all the improvements CrackBerry nation voted most for in future BlackBerry.

If you want to make this a killer Beast:

1. I recommend all future BlackBerry should be weather resistant to rain and dirt.

2. How about the ability to download Apps made for Apple. Like we have for android.

3. All Android Apps and Apple apps should be easy and safe to download just like downloading BlackBerry 10 native in BlackBerry World.

4 CrackBerry Nation always prefer native BlackBerry apps to alternative. We need developers to join CrackBerry nation .Know this machine is built developer friendly!!

BlackBerry Lead.
Do not Follow.

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1:1 and 5"?! That would be massive...are you sure you meant to write 5" diagonal?

Posted via CB10

This is a real device oriented towards business users. I was told about it last summer.

Posted via CB10

Anyone see the UK Gadget show on channel 4 this week? Phone with a screen on the front and ink on the back. Would love to see BlackBerry do a double sided phone. Keyboard and 1:1 screen on one side and full touch on the reverse.

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A 5" qwerty with mad/decent specs would be awesome! I love my Z10 but I miss my 9900 keyboard.

Posted via CB10

Maybe it got "accidentally thrown in someone else's trash bin" after all those people in BlackBerry's Ottawa hardware design division got sacked a couple days ago...


There are a lot of very close similarities between the leaked screen photo and the leaked qwerty device. The curved rounded edges are also there so the screen will feel like a Z30 screen I bet.

I bet this part belongs to that device and is real. I don't think it has a 5" diag screen though. I think the screen is 3" x 3" .

If this becomes real, it will certainly be one hell of a unique device.

Seriously a 5" qwerty phone, I may be missing something but would a person need king Kong hands just to hold it comfortably.

 BlackBerry Q10  KEEP THE FAITH

Actually, each of your thumb only need to reach about two inches out so that should be comfortable. And the keyboard this wide should be super easy to type.

 CB10 

Who knows where this came from. Could be pretty old.

But... it sure is ugly. I am a big supporter of BlackBerry, but I have a hard time imagining myself buying a phone like that.

Maybe it is for a completely kind of device that we aren't even thinking of. Ie embedded in another system.

This is probably the display for Windemere. 5" display with keyboard.

Posted via CB10

Yea, the more I look at this, (and this is only a guess of course) it's either one part of a new kind of business device or a in-car display screen.

I have no problems with BlackBerry experimenting with out of the box creations. Remember the first BlackBerry. I thought that was the funniest looking thing to hit the market. The rest is history. You can't succeed without trying.

Powered by BlackBerry

If it was for BlackBerry's only phone, I would be scared, but to add it to a lineup of phones, it doesn't hurt to have options. It would be a BlackBerry that's deserving of the name "Bold"

Posted via CB10

Is it me or is this screen have real small bezels on all 4 sides. If yes. That would be bad ass!!

Posted via CB10

OK. Time to ask the serious question... how is that going to fit in my pocket? I'm also worried the sharp edges might slice my femoral artery...

Posted via CB10

This is brilliant design. Talk about the future of true mobile computing. This is it. -- Everything is going towards the phablet size so I'm sure that will not be an issue here. Also, the teens/younger generation will pick this up. Why? Because the desktop computer layout is familiar to us. Remember the T-Mobile sidekick? Loved it. All teens. Then the teens loved the Bold and Pearl. People still do love the keyboard + screen combo. It just has to be modernized.

Think about it, the BlackBerry qwerty hardware style was never an issue. It was the fact that BlackBerry couldn't keep that form factor or BlackBerry for that matter to remain cool and up to date (in terms of apps, and good hardware design.)

Someone already commented best and said it. Sleek and thin design + a 5 inch screen + fingerprint scanner + 10mp camera + good internals = golden success.

That's interesting. The big complaint about qwerty boards is a small screen. This could be a big screen qwerty?

It is part of a multi display. It is a separate display for the next tablet. There will be two of these for separate video conferencing in conjunction with a tablet screen. This will allow swiping/file transfer to one of the people on the conferences. As well as transfer of information from one small screen to another to another via screen sharing. Multiple files from multiple people. How's that for speculation.

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My next phone will be a Q...can't wait. This one is as good as any if it has the leading computing power and screen size...and is it wrong for my ideal Q to also have the tool belt of yesteryear? Give it 10.3 or greater and I buy.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

Interesting leak...I wonder what form factor this was intended for...slider? big ass qwerty? flip?....at least it wasn't something that was "left" behind at some bar in Toronto (looking at you Apple), lol.

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I think the Nazis experimented with 1:1 5-inch displays near the end of the war but lost the war before they could put them in the field.

Blackberry should show some guts. Release Playbook 2! The first one was a great device without apps. Make a new one through Foxconn that runs Android apps. Make Blackberry Bridge fully functional from the outset.

Blackberry needs a tablet. It's just one device. Don't learn the wrong lessons from the failure of the Playbook.

Today's smartphone Do a lot more than sending and receiving emails. Old days of 3 inch screen practicality is gone.

Today's phone can show case the same desktop version of websites and also match screen resolution.

It's mindless to even think of smaller screen on today's smartphones. I sure do not want to squint my eyes to madness. 5 inch is ideal size to get things done.

Could it be possible this phone will have write/draw on screen feature which then can be transferred or converted into different formats.

BlackBerry lead.
Do Not Follow

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I was also wondering if there could be stylus support for something like this. I'm definitely interested in seeing what, if anything, happens with this. The z10 keyboard is a little cramped for my fingers. This could have serious potential for me. Would love to see it it come with a 4000mAh battery, probably has the space for it ;)

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A-Freakin'-Men... kill the damn galaxies..., apple owners were flocking to us for the Z10, that's why AT&T&TMobile stopped carrying them in store...couldn't let another device get in the way of contract-dependent iPhone sales!!!

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This is gonna be a baller qwerty device. Can't wait to see the finished version.

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Would be funny if this was modular in a way as to connect it to a Q10 and it just dangles off to the side. Dudes be like, Q30

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On the reals tho, BlackBerry should make one main board with modular parts with screens, keyboards, ram, batteries, everything modular. Like project ara, but BlackBerry only, not willy nilly.

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I actually think 1:1 5 inch qwerty may work. Imagine typing on such keyboard. It should be awesome. The complete phone won't have a square shape.

 CB10 

Ugly will never buy... i would like a slider but sadly don't know if it is going to come.

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1:1 dumb! how many games and apps use 1:1, you physical keyboard lovers can have this one, haha

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Indeed. I do not use my phone to play games... I have a PS3 and a gaming PC to do that. On my Q10, I play puzzle games if I have to kill time. The last one is: "Puralax", very challenging (btw)... Cheers.

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Just like the screen on the Porsche Design P'9981 (didn't check the size of the Porsche though)... Well, since a new BB will feature a BB Belt row.. maybe that's why it appears square. So that the lower part of the screen will be dedicated to the touch belt implementation if that's the way they go with it.

It would make sense for a car dashboard, gps with radio I'm not sure that's a good idea to be used on a phone. But 5 x 5 for a backup camera, gps, xm radio I'm all in

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Just noticed the speaker hole and the red link blink. So it was most likely a phone design

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Looks like it would be perfect for media! Perfect for recording videos are long as the put better cameras in this device. I mean...if Nokia can put a 42mp camera on their phone the way can't we at least get 16mp...and better quality.

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I think this phone will be the mysterious Q20 no announced yet, but honestly I see it a little uncomfortable, that 1:1 resolution is really new for me, it's hard to imagine it using it every day

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Nope not for me. I have a Q10, Zed10/30 and if you have a Zed30 turn it on its side and imagine a keyboard there underneath...........ok see my point.

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Clearly we're not looking at the same photo if you believe this is the same size as the z30 turned sideways lol I swear you guys are reaching for anything.

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It will be beyond horrible- it was beaten with an ugly stick. It's so ghastly. Apple was built on design. Won't they earn anything.

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I don't like the aspect ratio of it personally, I'd rather see 1:9 with a keyboard kinda like the Viktory that was floating around the net for a while. I think that's why the Que was disappointing to some of us BB fans like myself.

Doesn't look like something they would use for a phone. Maybe in the car somewhere or HMI unit, GPS, but definitely not a phone.


They added in OS 10.2.1 a 1:1 ratio on the camera. I see the point, but would never want one.

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This device if designed well will bring BlackBerry it's lost glory.Clearly this will be a zero competition phone in the market no apple or Samsung won't be able to release a phone with such a design language.

Obviously the specs should on par with industry standards and with some nice additions with 10.3 this phone will be a killer. Business users will love this phone and will be rejoiced as they won't carry an s4 or ip5 for the media consumption of for big screen.

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I do not hink that we're seeing a device here, it is only the "screen-glass" covering the device display... I think that's about the screen-size of the new 1:1 Querty device equivalent to the Z30, that'll come out late this year: Windermere/Q20/Q30 any how it'll be called.

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Don't tell us that it will be the Q10's successor? I wonder how it feels to hold such device? I hope it won't feel weird.

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Why would u wanna put the charge plug in on the bottom of the phone cause u can't stand it up while it plug in when u using on BBM, skype or tango with video chat

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i can honestly say that i would be open to seeing more of this mysterious device, wether i would go out and spend money on it is another thing

geez i hope its a 5 inch qwerty. 1:1 is fine by me. means it'll need to be a wider keyboard and this will suit my big hands much better than my Q10 does. I can type well on my Q10 but when i use my Z10 in Landscape mode my thumbs work way better. Although this still wouldnt be as wide a Z10 in Landscape, it would be all i need as im almost there with my Q10, 1 more centimeter wide and my Q10 would be perfect.

Big, bigger, the biggest? No, not interested, I prefer small smartphones with slider to get a full screen and a keyboard. And small means for me << 4", I love the 3,1" of my Pre 2, the 3,5" of my Pre 3 is just still acceptable. Z10 or Q10 are already a little big for what I like!

The price point of 500 USD/EUR might be fine for the really great quality of the device and comparable to other devices on the market. But if I want to enter and grow into the market, I have to deliver great and good quality smartphones for a price, that is much lower than the one of the competitors!

So less than 300 USD/EUR for a smartphone like the Q10 ...

That thing looks scary! Its way too big for a phone which has a keyboard too but we haven't seen the end result.