5,000 More FREE Copies of Email Alerts! Grab Them Fast!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Dec 2008 11:53 am EST

Aerize Email Alerts!

** Update: That's it folks. 5,000 Free Copies Gone! Hope you got one!! Thanks again Aerize for spreading some holiday BlackBerry software cheer! **

Wow! Gotta love Aerize! Following up on their 1,000 free copies give away which many of you took advantage of, today at 12 NOON EST Aerize is giving away another 5,000 copies of Aerize Email Alerts! Here's the details straight from Aerize:

The 1000 copies from our Aerize Alerts holiday promotion went much faster than we wanted (2 hours). As our present to anyone who blinked and missed out but would like to snag a free copy of Alerts, we're giving out another 5,000. This time, Santa will be coming at 12 noon Eastern on the 25th. A new coupon code will be activated at this time that will allow the first five thousand customers a free copy of Aerize Alerts (which, by the way, is now better than ever with release 1.2.1).

Once noon (EST) rolls around on the 25th,

a.. Visit the Alerts page on our web store at http://aerize.com/blackberry/software/alerts/

b.. Click the "buy" link to add it to your cart.

c.. Enter coupon code FREE_ALERTS_GIFT and press "Apply Code / Update Cart" to receive 100% off Aerize Alerts. (This coupon will not work before the aforementioned time.)

d.. Verify that the total shows as $0.00.

e.. Checkout as normal, being careful to correctly enter your device PIN so the serial number can be correctly generated.

There you can also download and install Alerts. Then simply enter the generated serial number into the options screen of Alerts to unlock your free licensed copy. And, if by chance you miss this one, not to fret - Alerts is 75% off for the rest of 2008, so you can still get your copy for only $2.50.

Wishing everyone the happiest of new years, Aerize

Be sure to let us know in the comments if you got a copy and when they run out!

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Reader comments

5,000 More FREE Copies of Email Alerts! Grab Them Fast!!!


I got it! It took time for the website to load, I wonder many people were trying to get their copy at the same time.

This is great ! I missed out the first time around and happen to visit the site exactly at 12:00 on the 25th lol !

got it! site was slow but it worked. I wasnt going to get this as I didnt even know what it was but I figured you cant beat free.

Got it working . Thanks for the gift!

When I downloaded I got a message saying it was a 7 day free trial and to purchase when it expires. Is this just a mistake or is this a seven day trial?

Thanks again!

I put the code in at 15 mins after 12 noon and it accepted it. Once I filled in all of my information, it told me my discount has been exceeded and then asked me for credit info.


I downloaded it and it said I have a fully functional 7 day trial and to be sure to purchase the license after it expires! WTF

Do the download from the link it sends to your email. It will then say 7-day trial. In the e-mail that is sent to you there is a serial number towards the bottom. Enter it in the application from your phone and it unlocks the trial. I just got one and it worked fine.

The email I got with the download link (and the website after ordering) has an activation code that you're supposed to put into the bb program as the serial. then it will go passed the 7-day trial.

...if you get lots and lots of emails, and text messages, can this not become annoying after a while? Nine out of ten times, you hear your Blackberry make a sound, and you check whatever it is, no? Well, I do, anyway...

I just wanted to know what everyone else thought.

Still wants your credit card info even though its free.No way am I giving that info out.Who knows what might show up on your bill down the road.If its free just email us the download link.

If you are a Verizon customer you can get free text messages about almost anything FREE .Go into your verizon account and set it up its simple .

1:41PM EST and I just got my copy!!! Installed and running just great!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

This software is hot!!! Once you get the confirmation email just enter your activation code as your serial code and you're registered... full version, no more 7 day trial! GREAT find with this one

Thank you so much for your generousity Aerize! I got mine, haven't installed it yet.

It actually looks like I get 2 programs e-mail and sms? They said $2.50 each, total $5.00, and then $0 when I entered the code.

Thanks again for your generousity! Happy Holidays to You!!

I was using the free one week trial previously when i saw this today at 2:20 EST. Put in Code and worked well. Thanks!

Thanks Aerize..for those of you who are complaining about getting a trial version, well it'll be a trial version for a week but when u 'checked out' there was a code on the receipt specifically for your PIN#. Hopefully you have saved the receipt or the email that came from Aerize when you "purchased" the product....if you enter that code after the trial period your fully copy should be activated.

Well... I THOUGHT I got a free copy, but after I installed it on my 8830, the e-mail on the device said it was free for 7 DAYS ONLY - and then I have to buy a license for it, contradicting the e-mail I got.

If that's the case, you should know how they are ripping off CrackBerry members...

The Phlash

Got one, punched in the code, got the license, downloaded it to my BB, and it's running now =) Thank you Crackberry & Aerize. Merry Xmas to all of you

I got up @ noon and found out i missed out on the first 1000...but patiently waiting on the website...here comes another 5000...i got one immediately and it works...thx Santa...all u storm owners make sure to get callavant too...it's so cool

Hi, just wanted to tell everybody that they are still available! I missed the first 1000 but got my copy this time!

Merry Christmas to all from Barcelona [Spain]!!


Not sure if I like peekawho or aerize better but still a nice little treat to get a freebie! Thanks so much for posting it.

well its 3:15 pm here and i didnt think i would be able to get my hands on this but i tried and to my suprise i now have it for my 9000! Woot Merry Christmas everyone

got it... not too impressed yet. Does open only ever take you to the message list and not the actual message?

Well I got one free so I guess there are still some left. Hurry guys and get yourself a copy.

got my free copy! as i type this ive alraedy installed it and put in the code and sent myself a message from my dad's phone! so far so good! :)

This doesn't seem to work too well with the Storm. The touch isn't working so well on it. Does anyone know if I have to do something.

I downloaded it, installed it on my Blackberry, but I got an email notification on my bb that my 7-day trial was functional...


I emailed their service desk to see what's going on.

Hi AnvilForge, i got the same issue all you have to do is go to the application and enter the ACTIVATION CODE where it says SERIAL CODE. Hope this helps.

What a response. I followed instructions to the letter and entered the ACTIVATION CODE where it says SERIAL CODE. I got an email from Aerize saying the following:

"Thank you for choosing Aerize Alerts!

Now that Aerize Alerts is installed you have a fully functioning 7 day trial. After the trial expires, please make sure to purchase a license for Aerize Alerts with the device is 'XXXXXXX'"

Hopefully I'll hear from Aerize. I've already sent them 2 emails.

I didn't get that email again after entering the activation code. i did however had to edit the app permissions to allow instead of custom so it could fully work. Haven't had any issues since

In the last week Aerize has GIVEN AWAY 6000 free copies of
this application. To show our support I implore everyone that
got a free copy to not just take but give a serious look at
the other offerings form this developer and if one is found
that is useful, BUY IT.

Great Christmas present for me. I'm from Asia and when online around 2.00am before went to bed and saw this promotion.

I am not a fan of this application. It interrupts bedside mode and it is just really intrusive. It is just not for me.

I got the program to install, but can't tell if it's for 7 days or if it's permanent. Took awhile to get it to work, but when I rebooted my blackberry it works great. Thanks!

Tried several times since about midnight est time to no avail but then seen that someone picked up a free version this morning!!!! ummmmmmm funny. As of right know it appears all are spoken for. Hey i tried! Thanks Kev and Aerize

I would like to try and win a copy of your software. I was on the Crackberry site yesterday and your contest did not even show up. I have been visiting the Crackberry site throughout the day lately noticing that they have been adding information throughout the day for about the past week. I missed you because it was not posted on the site until after the contest. All I saw was that the contest was over and the results. This happened the other day when you had your first contest. Any compensation for someone who would like to of had the chance to win a free copy? Thanks David

Noticing a problem on my Blackberry 8330 after loading a copy of Aerize Alerts. I have a company mandated password setting to open the BB and after entering the password, the BB hangs on the "wait" screen. Hitting another key gets it into normal mode.

Also noticed that some of the popups that ask for an "Open" or "Dismiss" options may also hang and have to be cleared by the backout button.

I got on the Aerize site to check the FAQ's and nothing there, also no place to leave a support message to alert Aerize of this problem.

My overall impression of the software is it's awesome, I noticed something similar on one of the TV shows and had been looking for this. I have noticed a few flaws with the software though, it seems if the call or whatever is from and unknown person there is an occasional white screen, I also notice on occasion when I get a call from some unknown callers the phone will not ring or vibrate but that's it.

If I could change any two things about the software I would make the picture larger, I would also, and I know this one is probably tough, but on the unknown or private callers I see no reason to have them show up the way that they do, I dont answer the unknown and private callers (I know I have that listed as a problem above, the problem is listed to be comprehensive even though it does not affect me personally)

The price was right, although the software is very buggy and should have been something more in the BETA line, had to remove it due to the errors getting worse by the day, white screen, half a screen, freezing etc.