4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook Pricing

4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook Pricing
By Adam Zeis on 3 Aug 2012 11:55 am EDT

The new 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook was just announced yesterday, but noticaebly absent from the press release was any sort of pricing. The device will only be available in a 32GB version (to start at least) so there will be just be one set of prices across the board. A Rogers product launch flyer notes some details about the 4G LTE PlayBook price.

The 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook will be $549.99 no-term, $499.99 1-year, $449.99 2-year and $349.99 on a 3-year term. We can expect the prices will be the same for both Bell and Telus as well, so you most likely won't save much on a different carrier.

Just under a week until launch and we'll have plenty more on the 4G LTE PlayBook coming your way. 

Do you plan on picking one up? Let us know in the comments!

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4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook Pricing


Oh that sound is horrifying. It makes my stomach drop. I've heard that "thud" before. It is the sound of a loved one collapsing to the ground.

Ya made my stomach drop too...right into the laps of maybe buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab or an iPad, which is a wayyyy better deal in that high price range.

Someone needs to fire this idiot CEO Thorsten Heins and get a Canadian equivilent to the great CEO's like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

Bottom line If Blackberry is gonna survive they need to migrate over to the Android OS and drop BB10. I even read on line that Thorsten Heins was seriously considering this.

Well listen up Thorsten!! Stop making idiotic moves. Get full android!!
Playbook, the one and only

"The decision to price the 4G PlayBook was entirely mine and mine alone; also, the delay to launch BB10 is because my son's birthday is in Q1 of 2013, so that makes sense" - Thorsten Heins , somewhere on the internet

Ouch! The pricing is a big mistake. Samsung Galaxy is $199 with contract... so you look at this major competition and also option of simple tethering if you already have a phone, and the Playbook 4G pricing we see is going to be a replay of the poor sales that the Playbook introductory price at $500 achieved last year.

Follow the logic:

1. 32 GB Playbook is $250?
2. LTE chipset built into Playbook $100 more tops?
3. So cost of 32 GB Playbook + LTE ~ $350?
4. Contract-free purchase should then be $350
5. 1 year contract should be $250
6. 2 year contract should be $150
7. 3 year contract should be $50 or even free

With phones, this is a similar situation. I have a Torch 9810 which on 3-year contract was free, but they say with no contract it would have cost me about $500.

What is the difference then between the tablet versus the phone? If I can buy a Playbook Wi-Fi for $200-300, no contract, then why isn't a Playbook Wi-Fi/4G around $400-500 (just like my phone) unsubsidized, but then with a contract and monthly data plan (of at least $50 like my phone) then it should be subsidized by the carrier until the cost is almost free.

Does this make more sense?

I am sure like other people have posted, it has to do with corporate market. Consumers would just get a Samsung Galaxy for $199 and they are done!

Remember, it's an upgraded PlayBook with more horsepower under the hood too -- dual 1.5 GHz processors rather than the dual 1 GHz original.

Also, pricing is set by the carriers. RIM should be forcing the carriers to lower their prices on the 2 year and 3 year plans. Yikes!

Your pissed off about the price. We get it. But no one really cares for your consistent commenting on every post. Get a life.

I have a life which but you obviously don't if you're ok with this price. No one cares? Go read this thread at how many people are pissed off. Do you plan to buy a Playbook 4g lte at $550? Didnt think so. Have a nice day.
Playbook, the one and only

Where are these 'others' you speak of? About 90% of the people in this thread agree with me saying the price is way to high. I was planning on buying one. As I thought the price point would be around $300, but $550? No can do.
Playbook, the one and only

I am getting two
my family is picking up 3
And i need a bunch for coworkers

So yeah, your opinion really doesnt matter to me :) And id rather not read it 12 times either. But thats just me :)

You sit here and whine about price for an excellent peice of equipment that you freely admit at the price you wish you would buy. How does the equipment change due to price. Go buy your damn Galaxy and go post somewhere else you troll

This can only have been done to appease certain corporate markets. I do not think they expect any consumer sales at that price.

Appease certain corporate markets? Who would that be? Android and Apple? Because these are the only corporations who are loving RIM
Playbook, the one and only

Let us see. Posting the same garbage over and over again versus the "information-less comeback". Who really contributed more? Hmmmm...

I agree. You have to think that there is some thought and strategy behind this price point. Given its 4G capability it may be more directed towards a corporate clientele than consumers, especially younger consumers. I am sure the people who put together these prices half expected some of the reaction you see in these comments.

Is there anyone in here who actaully is gonna buy the Playbook 4g lte?
Playbook, the one and only

Money is trivial when you get this excellent quality. You either get the best or eventually fall by the wayside with the rest. The worm will turn and the rest will be crying in their tablets. Yes I will but it.

I have a valid question. I was really excited about buying a Playbook 4g LTE till I read the pricing.

My question is this, and maybe someone can answer it. Everyone is talking about plans and price points. No one is talking about the important specs like processor speed and ram.

How do we know this 'new' Playbook 4g LTE isn't just an old playbook, with a 4g circuit added and reboxed?
Playbook, the one and only

You've been whining and crying for 20 posts. If i was a tablet manufacturer, i would specifically avoid you lol. Go find a different tablet, BB and RIM devices are not made for hand holding.

Just saying.

You to much of an obnoxious moron to respond with a legit answer to the question? Get a clue...everyone is here is whinning. So you dont like my posts, dont read them and fuck off...just saying
Playbook, the one and only

I have a BlackBerry that I bridge my Wi-Fi to.
It's razor fast ... and saves me ooddles and ooddles of cash.

Awesome idea RIM !

A rocket built in is the insane $550 price tag that rockets all the money out of your pocket lol
Playbook, the one and only

Not at all. But the carriers are not setting the $550 price tag to buy it outright. That's RIM.
Playbook, the one and only

ok listen... i work FOR TELUS. RIM sells its hardware at a certain price and since Telus has to make money they dont sell it at the exact same price they bought it at... lets look at this for a second.. say RIM sells the playbook for $549 do you REALLY think any investor/business owner/company is going to buy THOUSANDS AT COST? Case in point the CARRIER sets the pricing (in this case)

I was gonna buy a Playbook 4g next week till I found out the price. Thanks for the explanation but bottom line is who cares who is setting the price? I have $350 saved and was hoping it was enough, but it's $550 and now I have to wait for ever for it to go down to a reasonable rate so I can buy one.
Playbook, the one and only

Well said. I think he wants a hug too though. But i havent reached the bottom of the comments and i suspect i havent heard the last of his posts lol.

Make it worth my while mr smart ass big bucks. Send $550 + a 3 year pre paid plan for a whole new PB, then we'll talk. Otherwise fuck off and quit responding to my posts you obnoxious retard
Playbook, the one and only

I think he is gonna cry next cause he can't find a real job cause he is on here whining so much. Get a real job and stop whining on here and maybe you could afford it.

The "Rocket" built-in is interesting. "Rocket" is the name Rogers uses for their Mobile Hotspot USB dongle. Does this mean that the PlayBook 4G will be able to act as a HotSpot? Probably...

Edit: just saw the comments above... I guess "Rocket" just means the speed. Stupid to say it's "built-in"... classic Rogers trying to sound better than others.

Unless you are looking to replace a laptop with a tablet in a couple of years then the specs of tablets are not that big a deal, they are perfect for consuming content and none of the current ones struggle to do that.

The main thing with this one that will be out of date after three years would be the display.

No being the Playbook 4g LTE sits on the shelves as they are too expensive, and RIM has to have a fire sale to move them.
Playbook, the one and only

What makes you think they want it to sell them that bad? If you dont like the deal go find something else to do.

Obviously you dont realize the point behind the 199 PB (and why they are selling below costs). Hint: it has nothing to do with profit and everything about getting developers.

The 4G is a testbed for qnx on mobile networks. They dont want it to sell well. They want useful customers who can afford it to buy the 4G.

As for the Playbook being discounted, thats kindergarden business understanding. On April 20, 2011 they should have released QNX 2.0 with the Playbook instead of waiting till February 2012. Do you all remember all the Tv hype on the Playbook when it first came out and how it quickly died? Not having QNX 2.0 at the introduction caused that. If RIM had the brains to release 2.0 with the original Playbook, Playbook would be a major tablet today instead of the center of attention of a cult following.

Playbook, the one and only

Way too expensive in my opinion. What were they thinking/smoking when they price this thing?!

On the plans ya, but on buying it outright is RIM. I was gonna buy one but for $550 that's a f****** slap in the face. For that price you can buy the #1 tablet in the world, iPad. I dont know what they are smoking when they set these prices, but it's retarded.
Playbook, the one and only

Sorry but the iPad is about $750 with 32 GB & LTE. The 32 PlayBook is $200 less!

However, I do believe the carrier (not RIM!) is charging too much for a 1, 2 & 3 year commitment!


Absolutely Ridiculous

This should be $150-$200 on a 3 year. Anymore than that and its a ripoff

$350 is a slap in the face

I know carriers control pricing, but, RIM should have tried their best to avoid this pricing.

Seriously.... $350 on a 3 year is a slap in the face

Great points. I wonder if Thorsten Heins reads any of this stuff. Probably not, hence the $550 pricetag
Playbook, the one and only

The only time rim really sets the price is when you buy it from their website. Can you buy it from their website? No? The final reseller has the leverage here. In the case of a company like Apple the reseller does not have any leverage but that's completely different due to Apple having people begging them to resell their products.


omg! i cant wait to save my money and not buy this!

maybe ill catch the fire sale next month..

Not going to happen. They will have to lower the price, I am going to wait a month and see what happens, if they don't budge on the price then well the writing on the wall for RIM will be there.

There's no way this is priceed with an expectation to sell to consumers - they're targeting businesses, and probably specific businesses that agreed to purchases beforehand. Don't expect a change for quite a while, if at all.

If it's really so with RIMMs pricing - this fault could bring BB to an end!
What the would be the pricing for the 'new' scheduled 11,1"LTE/4G tablet that I'm waiting for??
Absolutely stupid my friends in Ontario.

I already have a playbook and bold 9900. The bridge works great. I have hspa speeds on both devices and I have no need for a standalone lte device.

549$. Seems quite pricey when you can get a curve and a playbook wifi and bridge the two.

This pricing makes me want to god damn yell at someone at RIM. I don't even care that Rogers sets its own pricing

First question: why does the (Wifi + LTE) look like its written in pen? and it does seem a tad bit expensive, its not offensively expensive but I spent more than $549 is less than I paid for the one I have now so....I didnt call myself foolish then and I won't call them crazy now.

What is the point when u can bridge to get the web? I just don't see the point when u have ur phone contract better just buying the first PB at the lower price IMO.

Another fail RIM.

I'm with you on this. Bridge might be slower but it does a lot. This seems like an un-needed product to be honest.

This is the last failure we are ever going to see from RIM. BB10 will never be released. After this product failure matures to full bloom, the stock wil finish tanking, and the company will be sold off for parts. T. H. has already admitted that they can't do it without help.

The PB put them on their death bed; the PB4G will put them out of their misery.

I am a hardcore BB fan and love my 9930 Dandybj13, but as much as it pains me to admit it, I completely agree with you..

I agree with others that this is targeted for businesses that wanted/needed 4G connectivity, and carriers set the price. I don't think this is aimed at consumers at all, and that's why the announcement is so subtle. There's no US release anytime soon (probably after BB10 comes out), so this was to fulfill a need or obligation where there was demand. I bet they aren't making a large number of these. RIM doesn't want to lose money, and businesses that need these will pay that amount willingly. If anything, this will marginally increase revenue and maybe profits, but in the grand scheme of things this is really much ado about nothing.

Personally, I don't understand anyone buying a 3G or 4G tablet and paying that extra monthly cost. Especially when looking at a PlayBook if you have a BB phone where you can use bridge and have that connectivity at no extra cost.

I sure hope you are right D.Helios. To me this release looks like an epic failure symbolizing all of the past mistakes made by RIM which is why they are sinking like the Titanic.
I just don't see the need to release a 4G Tablet.. We have BB10 due out 5 months. I can't see businesses needing a PB4G that bad.. Especially when RIM is due to release a totally updated phone and tablet early next year. But.. maybe you're right. Time will tell..

This release isn't an "epic failure". It's not going to be a massive success, but I doubt even RIM is expecting that; they've only sold a couple of million WiFi tablets. I can't see anyone expecting the 4G to change the take-up rate.

What it DOES do is address some demand on the enterprise side, because there's definitely vertical applications for this. If they're supplying to the enterprise, it doesn't add much overhead to put out a consumer version as well.

Even more important, this is a full-blown, wireless QNX device making its way to market. RIM might not even WANT too many sales, but it does give them a way to have such a device out in the wild for several months before the release of BB10 handsets.

Thunderbuck, I sincerely respect your enthusiasm. I really do. But oh man, I really disagree with you. The only way for RIM to sell a lot of original PB's was to put them on a fire sale and sell them for peanuts and take a massive loss on them.
Why oh why would they possibly think that re-releasing an updated 4G capable device of such a failed product at an astoundingly stupid price of $550 would help the company?? Answer... RIM is delusional.. Thats why. They've consistantly made bad decisions for the last 3 to 4 years and it is killing them.
PB4G won't help, because no one bought the original at $499 so they had to put it on fire sale and take a loss. And guess what? No one will buy the 4G version at $550. It's that simple.. This will be the last failure that RIM can sustain before they either get sold for parts or pull their head out of their ass and launch BB10 effectively with NO Stupid F@*king Mistakes.
This is it. RIM has no mistakes left to make.. It is do or die for them and I for one hope they can get their shit together.

I'm willing to bet there will be very little promotion around this product. It's not there to sell in huge numbers (I know the take-up on even the iPad 4G isn't massive).

This is being released in part for the sake of getting a 4G QNX product out there. Don't look like this as a product launch as much as a step in a business process.

Nobody's expecting the Playbook to be competitive until BB10 is out on it.

I am hoping to get one through work. I already have the wifi version and love it. Having the 4G LTE capability might mean i never have to carry a laptop again.

Yeah, if it took getting down to $250 to move the Wi-Fi only models, how do they expect to sell them at $350 plus 3 years being stuck in a contract? I think it should be about $200 on a 3-year. The hardware improvements aren't enough to be a selling point, either - basically just the network.

I was going to stick to Wi-Fi anyway (most of my life I'm in Wi-Fi territory), but this pricing isn't doing them any favours for those who did want the LTE.

How many times do we have to sit hear and watch RIM keep making these stupid mistakes?!!
RIM.. You are in serious trouble. You seriously need to pull your head directly out of your ass and start making some good decisions that will positively effect the company. We are all right here cheering you on.. But please for the love of god, stop with the idiotic releases of products that nobody wants at prices that no one will pay.

1. Enterprise customers, not so much consumers. 2. Carriers set the prices, not RIM. 3. Those interested in replacing their netbook or laptop, will buy it.

If RIM made more than 5 of these; they made too many.. There are only so many customer's willing to pay that kind of money for a product like this. RIM was only able to sell their supply of the original version by deploying a massive fire sale at a huge loss.
I don't see them selling more than 5 or 6 if these without another embarrassing fire sale.
Why hurt themselves again?? Why didn't they just cut their losses with the PB and just get all hands on deck for bringing BB10 out on time?
RIM needs to bend over.. Reach back there there with Both hands and pull their head directly out of their ass. :)

Hey, Clinto, the PlayBook is a darn good tablet! I see lots of people shelling out lots more for a 3G ASUS tablet. This is a BlackBerry -- very well engineered and built, with all the trimmings. It is $200 less than a similarly equipped iPad, and still less than a similar equipped Android. Why is everyone giving RIM such a hard time with this? Give Rogers a harder time -- they're the ones setting the price. RIM should sell direct to customers at a discount, unlocked! This would send a strong message to these carriers.

I agree Joe257, the PB is a darn good tablet. I have an I-pad and hate it. I'd have a superior PB but they only come in a toy size of 7 inches. Dumbest mistake ever by RIM.. But my point is, if the original PB only was sold by putting on fire sale, then why would RIM re-release this "failed" product again at $550 and with 4G? It already failed the first time at $499 and it WILL fail again at $550.
If RIM makes a grown up version at 10 inches and makes it look nicer without a ton of cheap black plastic for a back I will buy one and so will a lot of others.
But what they just released is proven by the original to be a product no one wants and will be another failure for RIM.
They need to stop with this nonsens and just focus on getting BB10 and Blackforest (next gen 10" tablet) to market.

This is just RIM getting into bed with Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc. The original 32GB Playbook didn't sell well until it hit the $300 price range. Now, for an extra $50, you get 1.5GHz processor and 4G/LTE. Oh, and a 3 year contract. Enjoy!

That's messed up. I'll be passing. Bridge works great for me. Fire the guy at RIM who sets prices.

You have to remember that RoBelUs sets the prices. Nobody at RIM set them, or said "price this at a set value".

I actually think that on the other hand this will sell pretty good but at the enterprise level.

RIM is the best and I am a crackberry addict.

NO- it won't. First - it does not connect direct to BES. It requires a MDM solution to connect at all. And most Enterprise shops that are moving or have moved to an MDM solution did so almost entirely to accomodate IOS users. This is a tremendous writedown coming. Another huge quarterly loss. Once this pricing hits market and is roundly excruciated, criticized and humiliated, we can expect shares to drop below $6. How far will they sink before the next quarterly call? How far following the call?

Canadian flags ordered to half mast please. Bridge or tether wifi playbook when not in wifi range. If this replaced a BB (connected directly to BES) than maybe you can justify. But no sane working class person is going to add this on a 2 or 3 year contract.

Amazingly unreal pricing! Or is it just the stupid North American provider market? I would expect a Playbook for free when I would go for a three year contract!!

What a bunch of female dogs in heat....

You know where this device was created for and at the request of, Corporate users who need security and a always on connection to safeguard and monitor mobile assets.

Cisco cius anyone? 900$ 7inch business tablet on Android. Now that is overpriced. (and dead) but still sold a few units.
Guess I'm just saying not everything is for everyone.

No - see above. This will not connect direct to BES. This is not a BB replacement device. This requires an MDM to connect up. Open your mind hole and drop some knowledge in there.

You cant connect your Playbook to your BES but you can connect it to the BDS (BlackBerry Device Service). Fusion is just the front end that will allow you to mangage BES, BDS and UDS (for iOS and Android devices). BDS come with Fusion.

This is an immensly tiny % of the corporate space.

Hmm let's see fips certified how many tabs you know that qualify across platforms...

Best in class security, is worth alot more to alot more companies than you claim.

Actually let me just ask since you seem to know the installation numbers for fusion how many companies use it?

Typical sentiment from myself and my colleagues was if it's not bes we put it in fusion. Because we already have great vendor relationships and a somewhat familiar product from a struggling but very security focused company.

First - just off the top of my head - Galaxy TAB 10.1. Second Fusion is not big. Of the top 20 A-list law firms in the US - NONE have taken on Fusion. Don't know about the top 50 - but I have not heard anyone in our circles talking about it.

But it begs the question- why? Why go to a secured tablet at that price point unless Fusion is already in place? I'm sorry as a corporate strategy - marketing aimed at those companies who have installed fusion that want to have Tablets with 4G/LTE (because no way that wifi is good enough) is an absolute failure and the type of moronic thinking that put RIMM below $7 a share.

Galaxy tab 10.1 = $629 32gb 4G verizon
Panasonic toughpad >> 1000$

PlayBook 4g 32gb 550$

Overpriced fips certified tab = RIM lol

I have yet to see a mdm solution comparable with bes/fusion.
Its all in the options, even my non bb clients have been bouncing around mdms from maas to Mobileiron because they all seem Lacking in options and severely when it comes to UX. Simple task take to long.

Again RIM has over a decade of experience with mdm and I don't see alot of these new mdm solution lasting...

I know FIPS in important for Government - but how important are these certifications in the rest of the world? For example - recently we were shopping for a new washer at Sears - all the sales associates there are using iPads now - gives them on the spot stock, expected delivery dates etc. The most important part for me was - there are no cash registers in that part of the store any more - it's all done on iPad. Apparently for Sears at least - iPad is secure enough for them.

For giggles I googled business and tablets and found the following from the LA Times March 13, 2012:

The research firm ChangeWave spoke with 1,604 businesses last month and 22% said they were planning on purchasing tablets for their employees sometime in the next three months. Of the companies ChangeWave spoke with, 84% said the tablet they would buy would be an iPad, up seven percentage points from a survey the company took in November.

The next tablet they mentioned is GTab 10.1 with a whopping 8%.

I defer to the experts on this blog and I know there are many - but my question is just how important is BB's claim of the ultimate in security if 84% are thinking iPad who is reported not to have very good security?

To be honest.... They could do that much more cost effectively and just as efficiently. Dumb businesses buying ipads for inventory etc. Could use one of the cheaper tablets for that.... That does not change the fact that they are adopting ipads much faster than playbook or anything else.

Amazingly unreal pricing! Or is it just the stupid North American provider market? I would expect a Playbook for free when I would go for a three year contract!!

Also i have forgot to mention we often talk smack about RIM which is now re-releasing an already amazing device which has been repolished, maybe not by a whole lot but its hardware is already top of the line, I with all sincerity believe it is far superior to the ipads and i think the price is worth it for a no term one, as for the 3 yr contract, that is a different story . As for the rest of you, you're simply winning cause you wont be able to afford it (myself included)

Whoa whoa whoa.

I can afford this 4G LTE but I still think its a horrible rip off.

Hardware far superior to iPad? iPad 1, 2 maybe... sure as hell no iPad 3.

Top of the line? wow.........

Sorry, BBA Brian, but I have to disagree. The 4G PlayBook is very competitive with the 4G iPad 3. You're looking at one spec -- retina display, which requires the quad-core GPU. Otherwise, everything is spec-for-spec very similar. Apple never gives the speed of their processors so it avoids direct comparison, but everything else is very similar indeed.

BTW, I have no issue with the screen resolution on the PlayBook. It is very good, if not excellent. Retina displays are a bit of an overkill -- what is costs versus what it brings.

PlayBook OS is superior to iOS in core efficiency and performance, but the iOS eco is much larger than the PlayBook. However, the PlayBook browser is far more compliant with HTML5 and it also supports full flash too, which it runs with ease. Both have pros and cons. It all depends what the user favours most and how much he or she wants to spend. The PlayBook is $200 less.

BTW, if you want to talk about a rip off, how about a 8GB iPod for $200. I could get a great 7-inch tablet for a tad more with 32 GB RAM!

Yeah no problem that the BB enthusiast community can't afford the latest BB product. Brilliant thinking. You must be part of RIMM's new PR push.

My guess is they've produced a limited quantity so don't mind holding out for the higher price.

Plus this device will probably be able to run full BB10 in January.

The equivalent Ipad3 (32 GB, with cellular and wifi is $749) I do not think that this PB price is a ripoff, it may be more expensive than what we thought it was going to be but its not a ripoff if compared to the equivalent ipad3.

RIM is the best and I am a crackberry addict.

The thing is the iPad 4G has a retina display and amazing battery life. Those two features alone are worth more than $200.

I expect a fire sale at the end of November like the WiFi PB last year.

I don't really think so. Ipad hd/3 has quad-core graphics, dual-core cpu. Quad graphics for the insane 4:5 display at 2650x1530

As much as I agree with what you're saying, RIM is NOT currently competing with iPad. How much is the Galaxy LTE tablet? And RIM is not currently competing with them either. I didn't want to say anything earlier this week when the news was released, but why would this have even been made a priority within RIM when BB10 is behind and PB are really only selling due to price. A premium priced tablet (IMO) is NOT what the emphasis should have been on at this point in the game.

BB by choice!

There are two development teams. One PlayBook and one BB10. You can't just switch one off or get everyone on one project. It will just cause chaos and fail. The PlayBook folks had time on their hands and they're obviously trying to advance the device and take it to the next level. RIM has had no new products in a year, so they welcomed the launch of something new which will keep their customers happy.

It is sad that the carriers appear to be trying to make it fail! There is no reason to go with a stinkin' 3 year plan to save only $100. Forget it!

The BB10 dev team continues to work on their own schedule. The other parts of the business need something to do.

Help, help RIM! Prce ist at minimum 50 $ too high - do not forget, that is utmost urgent and necessary to (re-gain Market-Share!!! Hi-RIM-Marketing, place at minimum the price UNDER 500 $ !!

IMO, more emphasis should have been put forth bringing BB10 to market than to have a LTE tablet released. I'm thinking PB-LTE should've been shelved temporarily and all those resources allocated to have BB10 released when it was originally forecast. That way as well, the "New & Improved" PB could come with BB10 natively. I'm not calling doomsday, but I think this will hurt them. The (IMO) 1st critically bad move by Thor.

549 is NOT too much a phone costs more than that. This is a tablet. A completely mobile computer without the need for for wi-fi, although it will swimming change up when wi-fi is detected. Nothing but complaint after complaint. The 800 people spend on an ipad is a bit overpriced. This? Notso much. People talking about dropping knowledge into mindholes had whatnot had better learn to do some f*cking research and actually know wtf they are talking about. Playbook's are completely capable machines. One cannot drop prices below costs just because of the negative stereotype imprinted on rim right now. If all of the fanboys here put their money where their mouths are the playbook would have all those apps people complain above it not having but would in all likelihood, rarely use. At the initial price point I could understand not wanting to buy. But at 200 to just 300 for a 64gb model is beyond a steal. The nexus and it's 8gb is a horrendous waste compared to that. And yet time and time again people here compare the two in terms of pricing... I tire quickly of the bitching and complaining on here from supposed rim and/or bb supporters. The original ipad was less capable and the ipad 2 isn't running circles around these machines either. It's the support that Apple has that makes it a winner. Say what you want about the sheep, at least they're loyal. And they spend buttloads of $$ on overpriced goods to prove it.

I still believe this should not have been a priority...just saying. SHould've shelved it, concentrated on BB10.

I don't think shelving it would have done much good. It would have amounted to yet another empty promise from rim. I would attribute some of they delay in getting the product out there to the fact that they are focused more on bb10. And I apologize for the terrible spelling in my post. I was a little perturbed, as you might have gathered, and spell checking went out the window so as to have my thoughts put down as quickly as I could yell them out(in my head of course).

How dare you speak logic and common sense, I want a deeply discounted year old tablet sold to me at a loss from a company that I want to make it through a tough and financially taxing transition. That's the only way they are going to make it. /sarcastic Rant...

Very good points and explanation.

Hahahah epic cluster fuckup by Rim, i will wait to October. By then it will be 199.99 buy out right price, or I can get another wifi playbook for 99 by then. Starting to look like Rim is trying to go outof bussiness. Just write off the 4gpb inventory now, as they going to sit on shelves. Oh well more customers for nexus7 and upcomming ipad mini.

I'm actually going to respond to your post. Why? I honestly think you're just mis-informed. The Nexus 7 is a piece of rubbish -- overpriced with no room for growth! 16 GB at the top end? Are you serious? I think it's a toy for my toddler!

And why would RIM sell you a great little tablet way below cost? They used the PlayBooks to seed the markets to attract more interest in the platform to built their next generation ecosystem. They won't be doing that with the 4G PlayBook -- I can bet you that.

To tell you the truth i personally don't think that this is currently costing RIM a whole lot because i think that they either had these tablets already manufactured for a while and if this is not the case then they might have very well took the existing 32 GB pbs added radio signal components to them and replaced the current processor with a quicker one, and the reason to why this is quite plausible is the fact that there hasn't been any other hardware upgrades specifically a higher resolution screen. Hence, them not doing well with this tablet is not going to be that dramatic at least there image could be slightly enhaced as they will seem to be pretty much still alive. And because i love this company I will try to purchase this new pb to show my support and still enjoy its blazing fast processor.

RIM is the best and I am a crackberry addict.

Or you can save $300 and buy the Nexus 7 which actually has Skype! LOL. I like my Playbook but this pricing is a joke

I have barely touched my Playbook since I purchased the new iPad 2 weeks ago. The iPad is far superior in every way. Especially the display. The iPad does more than I ever imagined and more. I can't put it down. I've been sitting and waiting for BB10 to replace my 9930, but with this much satisfaction from Apple's tablet, why should I care to wait for a BB10 when the iPhone 5 is due out in September? Its very likely the decision to roll out BB10 in Q1 is going to cost Rim some of my money. I'm tired of waiting. I've got work to do and typing on a Blackberry means very little to me at this point.

Folks at iMore don't need me to help them appreciate their Apple toys. I've got nothing to say to them because I've been faithful to BlackBerry. So much so I've missed out on many wonderful solutions while RIM has struggled to develop those solutions, along with its own future. Aside from all that, a little truth around here couldn't hurt. RIM is so far behind the curve, I don't see evidence of a turn-around, and I'm finally starting to doubt their relevance. Another opinion iMore couldn't care less about.

$549 with no term is not so bad when you have to pay $750 for a 32Gb iPad with no term. I guess it comes down to how much you need to pay each month for the plan. I can't find any info on that.

Some of those terms are questionable. I'm with the guy above.... $549 isn't too bad with no term seeing as how the iFad is way more.

Lol for those who say that $200 extra is justified for retina display, thats not what current ipad2 owners think. Most of them refused to upgrade because they pretty much saw their exact same devise being resold with a better resolution and some extra ram fore more money. Once more when comparing the new 4g pb to its equivalent ipad3 which is $750 the pb,s price does not look too bad.

RIM is the best and I am a crackberry addict.

My wife has an iPod2 and I just got the new iPod. Based on my eyesight, While the iPod2 has a better looking display than my PlayBook, the new iPod is in a higher stratosphere than any display I've ever seen. I don't think further refinement of the new iPad Retina Display could be detected by the human eye. That's how perfect and gorgeous I think it is. Working with digital photography, the new iPad is a marval. Night and day vs the Playbook. I was using my PlayBook as a portfolio for my work, among a few other things, but that's over. The iPad SMOKES the PB. The only way I could ever imagine using a PB for that purpose is if it reaches the Retina Display's quality and the App World features a top-quality photo portflio app. The new Network Capable PBs are a joke if they come with the same display as the original build. Simply "Fail." Back to the original point, the new iPod, however holds a serious edge over the iPod 2, as well. I would pay the extra $200 bucks for it. Plus, iPad2 is 3G, and the new one is 4G. Worth every penny.

They don't care how they price these things. They are hoping a few fools will buy them at a ripoff price then they will drop it. They are going to get out of the tablet market anyway, they are bottom of the barrel in the tablet space.

It seems to me that when they launched the Porche Design P'9981 that there were a whole lotta people saying it was going to FAIL because of the obscene price point, it was ugly, it was exactly the same as a 9900. I was one of them. Well, it seems that the whole P'9981experiment turned out just fine. No, it didn't change the market, but it probably has made some reasonable profits for RIM.

Look, everybody who wants a budget-priced PB has got one. As many have said, it does not lack in connectivity with both WiFi, bridge, and hot spot options. RIM is selling as many of those as they can, but they must be hearing from some folks that they really want a built-in cell radio on their PBs. So, RIM says sure, we'll build it for you, but it'll cost ya. And so here it is. A "4G" iPad never made any sense to me either, but there's a lot of people that buy lots of stuff that doesn't make sense to me.

For some people, it probably makes some business sense for them to get this. For everybody else that is complaining, you're not the target market - probably just like we weren't part of the target market for the P'9981. Only the Kevin Michaluk's of the world are...


Many companies/municipalities pushing playbook to employees. McCain, City of cambridge, parliament... They can afford the 549?

Looking at this a little differently. Genius move by Rogers. RIM products use less data. At these prices PBs won't sell, prompting consumers to buy other brands. Conclusion: Rogers will make more money from the data other tablets will consume.

I will wait a month or 2 to see if RIM budges. If not the writing is on the wall for them.
RIM = Fail...
Thats all.
Playbook, the one and only

By comparison, the PlayBook is actually cheaper than other tablets offered by carriers. http://www.rogers.com/web/link/wirelessBuyFlow?forwardTo=PhoneThenPlan&productType=normal&productId_Detailed=I957BLKR&N=52+11+4294935552 http://www.telusmobility.com/en/NS/samsung_galaxy_tab_89_lte/index.shtml

What's wrong with all of you?? The playbook 32gb wifi cost around 250$ to manufacture. The new playbook lte with 1.5 ghz and lte chipsets and nfc could easily cost 350$ to manufacture. 549$ may seem high but man after rogers markup of say 100$, how much is left for rim???

If you can't afford it then tether or bridge the wifi version which rim is selling at cost!!! You're upset that they want a small return on the device. Wtf???? Like all devices over time the price will drop, relax!!!

I just don't get the complaints about the pricing.

Ipad Prices via Apple Store

$649.00 16GB LTE
$749.00 32GB LTE
$849.00 64GB LTE

BlackBerry PlayBook Prices

$549.99 no-term 32gb LTE
$499.99 1-year 32gb LTE
$449.99 2-year 32gb LTE
$349.99 on a 3-year term 32 gb LTE

The 16 gig version of the Ipad is $100 more than the Playbook; and yet, there's no hue and cry from the proletariat denouncing the evil's of Apple.

I swear that some of you honestly thought that RIM would be giving each of you a LTE Playbook for free! Well guess what, astrophysicists have proven that The Centre of the Universe doesn't exist; therefore, you cant be it.

Your logic is funny. RIM cannot afford to price their tablets that don't sell at the same price of the number 1 tablet in the world. RIM should have price this tablet at 220 bucks. RIM does not sell any tablets period. As Tim Cook said people don't want tablets they want ipads. That is why the ipad owns 70 percent of the market. Even the kindle fire couldn't make a dent.

And so, did you actually look at the post above. Isn't RIM already selling their product 200 dollars less than iPAD. That is already a 30% discount and thus the price point is different. In regards to the 70% iPAD market share, your living in the past. Their market share is hovering between 55-60% and dropping ~4-5% per quarter.

Don't get me wrong, the market for a cellular tablet is small and unlikely to rise until someone figures out how to enhance functionality. Perhaps, this is what BB10 will address. As to Apple, iPAD sales in the cell-tablet market suck big time. It tells you that people are price sensitive and having access to few more App doesn't justify the additional cost of a cellular connection. It is not rocket science.

HAHAHAHAHA Youre trying to compare Playbook with iPad, the number 1 tablet on the planet? What are you smoking?

RIM is not Apple and should be competing with the $199 Google Tablets out there.

Playbook is good but isn't worth a dime over $200 with a 3 year plan, and $300 outright.
Playbook, the one and only

F*** that S*** Im trying to get a decent understanding why RIM is F****** us in the ass like this.
Playbook, the one and only

I just don't get the complaints about the pricing.

Ipad Prices via Apple Store

$649.00 16GB LTE
$749.00 32GB LTE
$849.00 64GB LTE

BlackBerry PlayBook Prices

$549.99 no-term 32gb LTE
$499.99 1-year 32gb LTE
$449.99 2-year 32gb LTE
$349.99 on a 3-year term 32 gb LTE

The 16 gig version of the Ipad is $100 more than the Playbook; and yet, there's no hue and cry from the proletariat denouncing the evil's of Apple.

I swear that some of you honestly thought that RIM would be giving each of you a LTE Playbook for free! Well guess what, astrophysicists have proven that The Centre of the Universe doesn't exist; therefore, you cant be it.

Thank you for this factual post that stands out in the mire of crud posted in this thread,

''The 16 gig version of the Ipad is $100 more than the Playbook; and yet, there's no hue and cry from the proletariat denouncing the evil's of Apple.''

What ever your smoking man I want some. Cuz then I could see why you actually believe that #3 RIM is justified in pricing like its the #1 iPad.

Playbook needs to be competing with the Google $199 tablets of the world, not the f****** iPads.
Playbook, the one and only

....maybe with a data share plan it wont be too bad, but kinda pricey for it 'no-term'. All in all not too bad especially as the original PB is now $20 cheaper

God the wankers are out in force today. Look at all the specs and prices before you make an informed decision (and comment), or just be a jerk and say the first stupid thing that comes to mind and make a total ass of yourselves...

How many nails thus far and how many will it take? I love doom and gloom naysayers, they just say something is dying and then 10 years later they drop an "I told you so". X number of years from now a guy with a sandwich board that reads "the end is upon us" will be correct.

I think RIM should have gone $100+ lower but that said, we will see deals come closer to Christmas I'm sure.

These prices are too high. They should be the same as prices of regular playbook. After contract is required to get them. Extra cpu power and lte does not warrant such price increase.

I love my playbook.... have 2 actually BUT this has failure all over it. starting to think RIM is trying to get its stocks as low as possible for whatever reason.

Get the stocks as low as possible so a mega corp like Microsoft will wanna buy them out. Hey if that happens at least we'll finially get a Skype app as Microsoft owns them.
Playbook, the one and only

FINALLY, I knew you would bring up Skype. Why don't you just add it to your signature so you don't have to troll so hard to get to say it...

And who's twisting your arm to read my posts? Sounds like you are the troll here. Add it to your signature that you are an big time obnoxious retard. And as I said to you before, you dont like my post then fuck off and dont read them.
Playbook, the one and only

My 64GB is connected to wifi most of the time other than that it's bridged/tethered to my 4G 9900 100% of the time so I will have to pass on signing a contract for network access. I'm completely satisfied with my 1st generation playbook.

Ridiculous pricing for this tablet, it's really mind-boggling how the top guys came up with this pricing scheme. It's hard to see how they could come up with a newer tablet that sells worse than their previous tablet, but I think they just found a way.

Its like RIM has a death wish and wants to go out of business.

Ive been saving all my pennies adn have $350 saved. I was hoping it would be enough to buy the Playbook 4g outright, but RIM really screwed us here.

I do agree with you that this thing isnt gonna sell at $550, so I'll just sit on my $$$ and wait till Christmas when the price drops to $200 to $300 for a Playbook 4g.

Can you imagine if the worst happened and RIM went out of business? They'd be dumping these things for $99.
Playbook, the one and only

Money isn't (thankfully) much of an issue for me, but it will be a cold day in hell before I'd shell out $549 for an LTE PlayBook. I have a 16 and a 64G version (that I spent over $1000 on with taxes, cases, Wireless keyboard, chargers and the like) but there is no way I'd spend an extra $300 to get an LTE version. If RIM is thinking these kind of crazy prices for BB10, I won't bother waiting to January to buy a new phone... I'll pick up an Android next month. This was a real brain cart on Thorsten's part. Dumb, dumb,dumb.

Must be nice to be rich. I've been saving my nickels and dimes literally since Jan 1. I saved up $350 and was sure it would be enough. Then RIM pulls this garbage and screwes us all in the ass. I'll just bide my time and wait till Christmas when they do a severe discount on these 4g, cuz you know they arent gonna sell at $550. I seriously think Thorston is trying for bankrupsy. Then some rich corporation like Microsoft, will buy RIM out and we'll all live happily ever after with our PLaybooks :-)
Playbook, the one and only

Okay, here we have it. Once they reach $350 you are gonna get one, right? Me I think you won't. IF they do go on sale you are gonna point out some other reason why you didn't buy it.

Sorry youre wrong. I got my current playbook when it was $300 in January. Nice try but no cigar for you...well maybe an exploding one
Playbook, the one and only

Odd, that isn't the topic at all. You said you have been saving all your nickels and dimes ($350 worth) to get a 4G Playbook and now you can't because they are $550. I say that IF they do come down to $350 you'll just make an excuse to not get one then too. I guess you can just prove me wrong by buying one @ $350. That'll show me!

It's interesting how so many blame the builder for how much the retailer is pricing the goods. At this rate we might as well blame the construction company for how much the real estate agent is asking for the property. I can buy an apple at the grocery store but the same apple will cost me less at the farmer's market. Who's to blame? The farmer? It's the same apple from the same farm land picked by the same work labourer.

Why doesn't RIM learn from their earlier mistakes? The only thing new in the device is the 4G support and a bumped up processor. How can they justify the price point?
Those defending it by saying that its a retailer selected price - who is going to suffer in terms of profits and goodwill when devices don't sell?

Seriously think RIM is trying for bankrupsy, then some mega corp will buy them out, and RIM will become the giant they once were,and we all live happily after with our Playbooks, and the iPads of the world can get blended by blendtek blenders lol
Playbook, the one and only

'Ass Clown'' you sound like this old stuffed shirt retard of a teacher I had in high school
Playbook, the one and only

Is this real or just the perception. As a past BB user who's last BB was a Bold 9900. I visit Crackberry from time to time to see if maybe RIM can have some positive news for a change. The major headlines are PB delays, PB has no stand alone BBM, Layoffs, BB 10 delays, CEO makes comments regarding Possibilities of licensing OS, overprice PB 4g. How can RIM entice past BB users with so much negativity. BB10 better blow away the competition or at least get people excited again about BB because this bad news is very frustrating...

Guys, hands up who is complaining about the prices and want's to buy it for private purposes? Don't forget that there are many business and enterprise clients out there who don't care about the prices or are just willing to pay it because they have already customized software in use.

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Playbook stock is just over $7 a share and iPad stock cost as much as a top of the line iPad 3. What do you think?
Playbook, the one and only

Guys, hands up who is complaining about the prices and want's to buy it for private purposes? Don't forget that there are many business and enterprise clients out there who don't care about the prices or are just willing to pay it because they have already customized software in use.

Designer needed? View my portfolio at http://www.lrrm.de

RIM charges rogers a lot for the product. Rogers has to make a marginal profit to stay in business so they have to charge more then they paid for it. RIMs initial selling price to rogers is the consumer purchase plus profit for rogers. Its RIM's fault.

Final pricing is up to the carriers, but there will likely be price collusion. It starts with the full price of each unit (no contract), which is set by the manufacturer.

Didn't RIM learn from the flop launch (compared to other brands) of the first playbook?? Prices need to be 100$ more then wifi version outright. 100$ more for a LTE chip. Ill pay it.

the extra processing speed is to handle the LTE radio, so people won't really notice any extra speed from the 1.5ghz .. with that being said, ive never noticed the 1ghz dual core being slow anyways..

regardless, for this price point, it will be hard for them to sell these in the market.. even at the enterprise level where most of the companies are starting to include apple devices for the employees..