4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook Accessory Roundup - Leave a comment for a chance to win a 4G LTE PlayBook accessory!

4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 2 Aug 2012 02:11 pm EDT

Contest: Win a BlackBerry PlayBook accessory of your choice! Keep reading for details.

In honor of the newly announced 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook, we're giving you the chance to win a great accessory for your new toy (or old one if you don't plan on upgrading). We have plenty of great accessories from which to choose, so you should be able to find something great to go along with your new 4G LTE PlayBook.

So what do you want? Maybe just a simple skin case or super-charged OtterBox? Or maybe just a spare travel charger? Check out the best-selling BlackBerry Convertible Case and the BlackBerry PlayBook Rapid Charger.

See our full line of BlackBerry PlayBook accessories and keep reading for your chance to win a BlackBerry PlayBook accessory of your choice!


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To enter to win a spare battery for your device*, simply leave a comment to this blog. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

*Valid on an in-stock accessory at ShopCrackBerry.com of value <$100.

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Reader comments

4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook Accessory Roundup - Leave a comment for a chance to win a 4G LTE PlayBook accessory!



I would love one of those rapid charge docks! Undecided on the keyboard care.. could be handy, but seems bulky.

Dare ya to give me one!

Something more to whine about.. ;)

Thanks CB for keeping what is left of "the faith".


I'd love to win an official BlackBerry Playbook convertible case for my WiFi only BlackBerry playbook because I'm currently still using the neoprene sleeve that came with the tablet to protect it and I find that it can get in the way sometimes.

I just bought a charging dock. Been wanting one for awhile, and 47% off is pretty good. Now I need a fancy new keyboard!

Would definitely love the keyboard with bonus HDMI cable - remote work on the big screen!

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to Torch soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

Blackberry music gateway is a col accessory ... carrying around my playbook and still being able to be connected to the loudspeaker wirelessly is what i need in my cave.. :) .. So would be great if you guys hook me up with one.

My charging stand broke after a water spill onto it, but my first choice would still go to the Mini Keyboard (if it is under the $100 cut-off, or I would gladly pay the difference).

Be honest, it is really hard to get a prize from crackberry, but to show my support, a comment is left now :):):):)

I would get another one of the Ballistic covers that I recently purchased for the PB. This thing is brilliant and tough as nails. I plan on beating the living hell out of it...so I am gonna need another real soon...

It's a hard choice between the charging pod and the rapid charger. But that right slot has gotten no love from the start so I'm going to ask for the Rapid Charger.

Please and thank you!

I certainly wouldnt mind a new accessory, its been way to long since I got my PB a new enhancement lol....BB10 FTW

I've been a PlayBook owner since the day it came out and would love a BlackBerry PlayBook Rapid Charger. -Thanks

Well, I would have to buy a 4G LTE playbook first! but I guess my regular Playbook could use a litte accessory.

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard w/ Convertible Case for PlayBook, if I win.. this would let me drop my phone plan and switch to a data only plan and still have my Blackberry/Fusion access back to Work

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard w/ Convertible Case for PlayBook, would be something fun.


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb

Would like to get either an Otterbox case or the charging pod for my PB, haven't decided which I would rather have.

I will have the New PB the day it drops. I would Love to win an Accessory Please! I could really use a case or a charger.

I would love to use the changing pod for my Playbook, but I have it in a Targus case. I have been really wanting to get a keyboard to go along with it though.

Leaving a comment to this post, shop crackberry is amazing and is shipping to bolivia,

I am about to buy the mini keayboard I guess you are the only store with that accesory available, you should get that micro HDMI cable blackberry has in its store, I want it from you, (i will buy)

thnks guys.

Choices, choices, choices, there are so many to choose from, how can one make a sound decision............oh yeah lemme have the charging dock!
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and ShopCrackBerry.com!!

Torch 9860 bridged with 2 - 32g Playbooks.... Check
BlackBerry Rapid Wall Charger for PlayBook.... Check
BlackBerry Charging Pod for PlayBook..... Check
BlackBerry Convertible Case for PlayBook..... Check
BlackBerry Mini Keyboard with Convertible Case.... Check and loving it!
10ft HDMI Cable.... Check
Griffin Stylus for PlayBook... Check and Check

BlackBerry Music Gateway or Jawbone JAMBOX.. Which would I want more?! hmmmm make me a winner so I can Choose!

Oh and I almost forgot... Smartphone Experts Micro-USB Car Charger w/USB Port for BlackBerry PlayBook... CHECK!

My playbook already has an awesome accessory - my bold 9930! although another one would be nice!

The perfect accessory for the 4G is the Blackberry Mini Keyboard w/ Convertible Case. That what I call the true mobile computing.

Pick me.

Wow! Maybe I could finally get a BB mini keyboard. I tried to buy one, but they are on back order all over. That would be great!!

I have a BB Torch 9860 and a Playbook3 32GB so i would be nice to win an accessory!! But the one i need the most is the mini keyboard...

Thanx from New York

Blackberry Playbook convertible case would be awesome. This product should help me be more independent instead of bringing a laptop.

Any PlayBook accessory would be great, keyboard, rapid charger, charging dock, Otterbox etc. I'd even like a BB10 phone. If it's BB, it's for ME. BlackBerry by Choice!!!!!

BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard/convertible case please.. Its too expensive for me to buy + shipping and would definitely love getting it as a gift from CrackBerry. :p

So even if I haven't got the money to upgrade my Playbook right now, I would really love to make my old PB feel pretty comfortable in the keyboard-case - we will see =)

The PlayBook Mini Keyboard with convertible case would be awesome! Great contest!

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

I think I should win this since i STILL havent received my free unlock code that I won over a month ago !!! Pick me please !!!

Monday I bought an awesome Playbook and am loving it. Kind of sad though about new launch with 4G LTE. But I am kind of loving the device as is. Have an another device through which I can tether. So, might not miss an 4G :)

Surely would love to have an accessory for my playbook :)

With 4 family members with playbooks to buy accessories for, any chance at a free one is great for me.

Not sure what I'd want...but the first step is to be picked as the winner! Sooooo.....PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME!!!hahaha

Thanks Crackberry!!!

Id love to win the new Playbook. I love my Playbook and just got the new update. Can only imagine the possibilities with WiFi and a 4G network. Im really hoping that developers come out with some great apps for the new Playbook as well.

I'd be very grateful for a 'Mr Handsfree Blue Beat Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker' . Would be an awesome first win. Thanks for the chance