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4G - Coming soon to BlackBerry 10 giffgaff users in the UK

By James Richardson on 7 Mar 2014 07:09 am EST

For you BlackBerry 10 folk that use the UK carrier giffgaff - you'll be pleased to hear that you will soon be able to take advantage of 4G data speeds. The MNVO that uses the O2 network has updated their website and you can now view the 4G coverage in your area. 

What the site doesn't tell us is when 4G wil be available to customers. In addition, there is no information whether gifgaff will be charging any extra for 4G. If they don't implement any additional plans then it should be extremely good value as their unlimited data goodybags start from just £12 per month. 

As well as giffgaff selling SIM only deals you can also purchase the BlackBerry Q10 from them if you fancy it for £350. Alternatively - if your BlackBerry 10 smartphone is unlocked, it's maybe a possible option for in the near future when pricing and availability is confirmed. 

We will of course keep you in the loop. 



James: they wont charge any extra for the 4G, but they have their own 4G plans. They have a 4G plan that costs 12 pounds, but unfortunately only offers 2gb. There is no unlimited internet 4G plan as of now, which sucks as i have the 12 pound a month unlimited internet package.

Black cards, Black cars - All BlackBerry-thing!

Prem WatsApp

Same here. The "unlimited" $2 a day prepaid plan on Optus can use 4G. But only max. 500MB / 1GB a day.

The older plan on 3G only is real unlimited, but no 4G usage. Let's say you download Real Racing 3, it will stop at 1000MB. It's a 1003MB download. Ouch. (Or start downloading at 11:55pm. )

I can't really be bothered to switch, no 4G in my area on Optus. Not for a while. Telstra's too expensive, and no unlimited. And I would lose the real unlimited, it's a grandfathered plan, no longer available.

LTE is really too fast, you'd be downloading ridiculous amounts of data in a very short time, let's say your tethering a few users on a wifi hotspot. Carriers won't approve. Lost profits.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Pete The Penguin

It IS likely to be unlimited 4g eventually.


Forget 4G
I want 4G Advanced
Aka TRUE 4G before they lowered the standard sue to winning carriers who wanted to make more $ my making us upgrade our connections twice instead of once

Posted via CB10

Pete The Penguin

By the time the western world gets 4G-A, far eastern countries will be on 5G!!


£12 for 2GB of data?? You could easily eat through that in an hour or so watching videos etc. Guess I'll be sticking to their HSPA+ coverage for the time being until prices offer decent data plans.

Posted via CB10


The Blacker The Berry ,The Sweeter the Juice.

BlackBerry...Get it done

Posted via CB10


ThreeUK allows unlimited 4G for £15 a month

Posted via CB10

Pete The Penguin

They're dropping support for BlackBerry so I'm wondering if BB10 users will get the OTA software update to allow us access to Three 4G.

Jakob Greve

From the comments I know it's relevant to some but how related is this to BlackBerry. They only seem to have the Q10 in stock. And a lot of the time you can use 3g quite well due to better reception, which often compensates for the lack in speed.

the cnut

My experience of GiffGaff so far is of a non existent 3G signal and reliance upon wifi to get anything done. So 4G sounds optimistic to me.

Posted via CB10

Pete The Penguin

I get great GiffGaff coverage except in Clacton-on-Sea where I have to use my Three sim.

Pete The Penguin

GiffGaff have said they'll roll-out 4G in March 2014 as they're reliant on the 02 network.

Pete The Penguin

Three is the only national UK network to keep its unlimited data caps in place on plans that already have them. There are no new contracts to sign, so the existing data limits remain in place.


Can't wait...

Posted via CB10