Released By Bell For BlackBerry 9530!

By Bla1ze on 8 Apr 2009 07:24 am EDT
- Released!

Alright folks, here is one that will make some users really happy or possibly really mad at the same time. As of yesterday, Bell customers who connected their BlackBerry Storms to their computers and ran Desktop Manager were given the option to go ahead and download and install to their Storms. Now under normal circumstances any user would simply be able to log on to the BlackBerry downloads page and grab the installer and install it and then upgrade their device even if they were NOT a Bell customer by simply deleting one file (vendor.xml). This time though, no installer was posted (still the case as I write this) and the download only came through Desktop Manager making it difficult for users on other carriers to install it (not something that's encouraged by RIM and/or carriers but it's something us BlackBerry addicts do all the time).

In the end, savvy users were able to grab the files from their cache on their PC and upload them for other users to have and install. The process is not for the faint of heart though as it requires downloading the files and overwriting any current OS installation you may have already on your PC. Not very user friendly and some users may not be comfortable in doing this which is understandable.

A link in the CrackBerry forums posted by andybrydon will lead you to the downloads if you wish to take on the task as again even now, there is no installer downloadable. So please use caution if you decide to update. While it is an official update, the method of installing it is far from official... at least for non-Bell users. 

Grab The Files From The CrackBerry Forums To Download And Install >>

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Reader comments Released By Bell For BlackBerry 9530!


I've been running it for several hours now, and while it seems to be a good release, I don't really notice any improvements over .114 hybrid v.3.

so would u say for someone hows never done an update it would be easier and safer to try the .113 version first just to get my feet wet.this is my first bb n i want to keep it up to date and running at its best.thanks for being patient with the slow ones

Im gonna leave this one for the adventurous set. I've updated every chance I got and so far .113 has been kind AND stable. Pretty much no battery pulls, and it performs over most all the updates I've done.

To that end- anything that requires more then a disconnect from the internet and install n' go might be cause for caution in my book and I'm a IT guy who has run though every update from .78 to .114.

As the song goes, "you gotta know when to hold em', know when to fold em', know when to walk away, know when to run... etc etc. I'm gonna fold on this one.

Anybody share that chilly fuzzless feeling?

I wonder if any high-ups from Verizon ever look at this site and say, "Man, we really dropped the ball on this phone".

Uh...I don't know about you, but it seems overwhelmingly obvious how to please pretty much everyone. Do you happen to work for Verizon? That might explain a few things.

Nice to see this, but beware!

Bell Mobility is notorious for crippling the OS of their phones, so this version (Bell's version) may not have all the Storm's features enabled.

I got this yesterday, and I must say it's running great. But, for the record, why are RIM and Verizon shafting us? This is ridiculous, as we've had no update since last year!!!

My device is unlocked and running on Rogers, the .122 radio codes does NOT maintain EDGE well at all, so I used the .90 one which is seemingly the only build that does keep EDGE perfectly.

It is getting old and the people AT Verizon stores dont know a damn thing about new software releases or anything. Im 17 and without sounding ridiculous i know more about RIM and Verizon updates than these shmucks at Verizon...Does anyone have ANYYY CLUES when something SAFE to download will come out

Just because someone works at the Verizon store, or even for a call center, does not mean that they are kept up to date on all the latest ins and outs of everything going on in the testing labs. In fact, I'm pretty sure that they're not told anything at all besides to sell phones. So stop bashing them.

As far as being safe to download, I have not had any problems with .122 so far or any of the other updates, except .114 with the keypad issue.

I don't want this to come out as me bashing Verizon because I certainly am not. Nor am I bashing the storm. I'm running 113 on mine and comming off of 75 (and an IPhone I am more than content. Would I like to see an official? Who wouldn't? The fact is the Verizon employees really have not a clue as to when or according to some "if" Verizon will release a new os. They tell people stuff to avoid getting screamed at. Where I live people yelled at the gas station attendents last year for the price of gas...Like the guy pumping it is the one who determined the price. This is the same thing. They hear something from someone and they spit it out. Should they? Obviously not. It creates an uproar in the Crackberry Community!!!!!!

People need to keep in mind that VZW store reps can not
comment on devices/software upgrades that have not been
officially announced. They have a job they are trying to
keep. Besides, the reason why the everyday consumer knows
so much these days because of blog sites that spreads rumors
and create hype. 3 years ago everyday consumer wouldn't know
a thing about new devices. So EVERYONE SHOULD JUST CHILL AND RELAX!!!

Ok seriously... Ive had my storm now for about two months. Keep in mind this is my first Blackberry. I havent done any "leaked" OS updates and am still running the very slow and unstable OS this piece of crap came with. I am a systems integrator by trade and have more than enough tech experience to do said updates but have chosen not to because apparently i have been lulled into a FALSE sense of confidence in verizon to rectify this situation. Guess i was wrong. They truly are shooting themselves in the foot.

Do the upgrade to .113. I'm not a tech person and did it quite easily. As to the Storm being a piece of crap. If you hate it, take it back. I've compared mine to the speed, stability, call quality, and utility of an iPhone and an HTC Touch and am very satisfied.

Most people I've seen complaining about the Storm are running with under 1Mg of free memory. Clean up the pictures and software and they end up being thrilled with the phone.

Either put .109 on your Storm and never install any applications or get an IPHONE!! I am sorry, but unless you need a Blackberry for work because of the Enterprise server, get an IPHONE. MUCH better UI and applications are cheaper. Also, you dont have to reboot the IPHONE when you install something. With a Blackberry Storm, you get pure hell. the only thing worth a damn is the Email. So, take my advice, get rid of the Storm, go to ATT and get an IPHONE, otherwise, dont count on Verizon to make the Storm better. All I have experienced with my Storm is slow typing, slow camera, the phone is atrocious, and it reboots on its own 3-4 times a week. What the hell is that???

The big reason the IPHONE is so much better is because Apple is an American company and RIM is a Canadian company, enough said... And I would like anyone to explain to me why if you didnt need it for work, why would you buy a Blackberry at all? Look, I wish the IPHONE did have competition but it doesnt right now. Hopefully RIM(O'Canada) will gets its SH__ together soon.

That's got to be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Apple is an American company, so they're better than a Canadian company? Makes no sense at all. Besides, both phones are manufactured in China.

My Storm has NEVER rebooted on its own. EVER. And I've had it since the .75 software was new. Sounds like there's something wrong with your phone and you should return it. It is an outright LIE to claim that a non-defective Storm will reboot 3-4 times a week on its own.

You are the dumbest thing I have ever heard. lol... I was just trying to be funny obviously you didnt find the humor. I was stating my American pride. Oh, and the technology was developed in America for the IPHONE. It doesnt matter where it is manufactured, plus my Storm says made in Canada. The Chinese might be able to put it together better than Canadians.

Nice "anonymous" comeback. Way to also show your American stupidity (no offense meant anyone else). Keeping a phone that doesn't work just to... complain about it?

In not way is that guy supid, he was making joke. It shows your stupidity that when you say "keeping a phone that doesn't work just to complain about it". Most people cant afford to replace their $200 phone they just got a few months ago so they are stuck with it. So watch your mouth when you say American stupidity cause stupidity is not an American trait or we wouldnt be number 1 in everything.

I've heard about people having this issue, but I've been running the leaks and hybrids (currently hybris v3) since January and never had a random reboot. The phone you choose is based on personal preference.

My Storm was made in Mexico, and does at least 3-4 random restarts a week. I've taken to harassing Verizon via email and it makes me feel a little better. I just want my Storm to work the way it's supposed to.

My storm was made in Canada. I'm running .113 and it works great. Only problem with this firmware is that because of the new text selection tool, it is impossible to edit web addresses and searches in the browser.

lol remember the 1st gen iphone....horrid...now its ok

wait and see the storm when we get a later build os...

Now what I really wanted to comment on...

Apple is better then RIM because its a US company...LOLLL you yanks and your horrid biz practices are what got this world in the state its in...


America Rules!!! It wasn't our business practices. It was our politicians forcing banks to lend money to sub-prime lendees. Anyway, Canada rules??? What do they rule? Hockey? What does America rule? Oh, everything else except Soccer which is gay anyway. hahahahaaaaa

What do you mean America rules everthing else but soccer? You dont even rule your country's national sport... Baseball! All the good baseball stars are from Dominican or puerta rico. The only thing America rules at is jumping in without thinking and making excuses.

Soccer is Da Bomb!

My phone has been rebooting too. I think the Storm sucks right now but I really hope they pull through like the IPHONE did but if RIM was smart, they would have learned from Apples mistakes and made sure the Storm was awesome before they forced it out the door. I am running .113 hybrid and it does reboot. .109 was the best so far and I was going to go back to it but I saw the .122 so I figure another release is imminent so I will wait.

Yes, Verizon and/or RIM are really slacking on this. Then again, the fact that I check these threads religiously, hoping for an official release probably doesn't help. My spirit has been broken.

I do as well that being said how can they even be thinking about a storm 2 and storm 1 is still f_cked up?

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!? I got my hopes up again for NOTHING! Verizon is definitely makin their way to the TOP of my doo-doo list. COME OOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!

If they are not careful, we will soon see the headlines say "Verizon Wireless will now be (fill in the blank)". And not because of their coverage but because of their sorry service.

1st, they took FOREVER to release the Curve. Everyone else had the damn thing, why was Verizon so damn slow to release it? Now they are taking FOREVER to release an equaly slick OS to match its phone.

Hey Verizon, stop wasting so much money on those stupid commercials and start backing up the product you hyped up so much!

I am a new verizon customer and a first time BB user. I have had the storm since it came out and I have been telling my friends for the past six months that once we get a software update the storm will be awesome... Well, i'm 25% done with my contract and I am also 25% done with verizon.

Peace out Verizon in 18 months!

Us to i remember when we first signed with VZW they had all the top phones,good customer support,and great service those days are long gone and so are we.

Do I need this? Is there any point in going through this self confessed risky installation? What's the upside?

I am a Bell subscriber running a leaked .113. Does anyone know if I need to Downgrade to .75 before installing the official upgrade?

For some strange reason I had the desire last night to download an unofficial OS update when I came across that the official Bell was available.

The browser seems faster, the crackberry site, which used to be slow to access was a lot faster and the links are now much more responsive.

The cut and paste is a lot better, not sure if it is perfect, I will have to play with it some more.

That's it, I'm switching to AT&T. Verizon is ridiculous! They should be rolling out updates until the Storm is as functional as it can be. It's just so disappointing that the Storm has been so neglected by both Verizon and RIM. Every other company has rolled out an update.

You will love the iphone and hate everything else about ATT drop calls,piss poor customer service,did i miss DROPPED CALLS.I'm waiting to see what happens with the palm pre and i'm out

Yah! How is it that I have FREE software that is constantly updated to add functionality and improvements or games for my PS3 which are constantly fixed which cost way less than my Storm? I guess they just take more pride in what they turn out and care about our opinion!

Any rumors about when Verizon is finally going to get off the dime and provide an update for the 9530 Storm OS?

i really like my storm, my only issue is the screen dosnt click around the edges, im going to go get it replaces soon, just need to find the time. other then that i havent had much go wrong, yea its alittle slow sometimes but what do you expect for a device that is the first of its kind, nothing is ever perfect first time around. as for rim/verizon on updating the os, whats the hold up? my storm is good, but it can always get better and thats what i want. come on rim and verizon, get us the "gold code"

Actually if you put a small piece of a paper or a cardboard (eg a flier) underneath the battery. All the side should work, and the click should work ten times better.

9500 Folks,

I'm working with a couple guys who are trying the java files on the 9500, BUT I would request that you hold off doing it till I get more info on their success level. So far it looks promising, BUT sit tight!


Using the files and updating in this manner is tricky and if you are not comfortable with the possibilty of nuking your OS and having to reload it, DO NOT TRY THIS, with a 9530, OR 9500!

In my opinion everyone needs to stop whining about Verizon and how they do not want to take on the 'risky' update. You are all free to have your opinion, however I find it to be a waste of time in the forums personally. Take it as you will. Personally, if you are not happy with the phone that is fair, it is not meant for everyone. If you want to make it better there are ways to tweak the phone i.e. update the OS, and see a lot of improvements.

Also, so many ppl always complain about the riskiness of leaked OS's. That is fine that you feel that way. Simply please stop flooding the forums with your whining about it. You know the ultimate downside (should something go wrong) you can wipe your handheld with JL_Cmd and install the OS from scratch. It is very easy to do.

.122 seems to be working very good and fast, oh yea no mem. leak on mine at all(48 on the mem and holding with six third party apps running)

I too became very frustrated with my Storm and .075 and with the fact that VZW isn't making it "official"...so I upgraded to .113 over the weekend and I must say that if the Storm would have been delivered with .113 I would have had a much more pleasant experience with the Storm. I've had no problems and it truly performs like a new device- everything is faster, much more on par with what I would expect from RIM. The bottom line is that the Storm (and all other 'touchscreen' devices) will be compared, fair or unfairly, to the iPhone and people need to realize the iPhone set a standard that is just crazy high. They weren't without their problems, too, however, it was accepted because the iPhone was "new". RIM has a long standing reputation of quality product and software and the Storm has adversely affected them. These software updates do provide some kind of hope that the Storm has solid potential to be a great handset and I hope they continue improving upon it...

From what I've read on this site (over & over) R.I.M. writes the software. When they have a version they think is good it gets sent to the carriers (Verizon or whoever). The carriers test it and if they like it, it gets officially released.

I can't believe there are this many cry babies in the crack berry world! For God sakes, ever time an OS is rushed out to quell the demands, people complain that it should of been worked on more and released when it is finished.... If the OS takes awhile to come out, then the masses complain and cry constantly about how long it takes to come out. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE AN OS? Does anyone here have any experience making programs or writing script? How about for once, trying to see the bigger picture and not cry about all the small things...

I'm pretty sure if any of the selfish whiners were ever exposed to how complicated writing an OS is their heads would instantly explode. Gotta love how everyone thinks computer experts deal with witchcraft and can thus crank out amazing stuff on demand.

Still....six months? Honestly? I wonder if they even care. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't update the storm at all and would just hold out till the Storm 2 comes out to make people happy. I hope they realize that I'm getting 1-2 reboots a day on my storm.

Good Point. I admit I was getting frustrated with this whole situation, but after reading your post and understanding the intricacies of building an OS, managing memory, and handling threads (among other things), I'm wishing more people would read what you said.

We're the end users. We don't need to know the complexities of writing an OS. It's their job to work on the OS and if it freaks them out they should make tennis balls or something. That said, the OS has been written, so now they just have to refine it which apparently they are doing. Now if Verizon could just be so kind as to release it to the masses…

If telus does not come out with a new OS soon then fuck that im right over the bullshit of my storm it's fuckin shit and i hate the iphone but it does work a 100% better then this thing .....The storm should be used to hold papers and THATS IT..... Thats my 2cents

I'm itchin to update even though I posted earlier that I'm gonna fold on this one but so far I've read that there are more satisfied people with the install then not... what have you seen improved so far? The short version- nothin long. Just whatever jumps out like camera, typing performance, browsing and general movement in the OS.

Care to shed some light for us neverous but ready to move on it?

I used to LOVE Verizon and BlackBerry..until they unloaded this piece of crap phone. I was so freaking excited, and now all I have is random resets, slow ass texting, and furthermore nobody at VZW knows shit about how to make this phone better! I feel lied to, cheated, and betrayed!!! They better fix this shit QUICK STYLE or else I am making a switch to ATT for the iPhone. I already called into VZW to do it...but they said there should be an updated this week. THAT BETTER BE TRUE or else VZW is going to be missing 1 less customer with 4 lines!!!

In the grand scheme of things...if they lose multiple customers whom all have 4 lines..than of course they should care. That's why they are doing market research when people leave to see if they left because of the iPhone. They wouldn't put that on the survey if they weren't considering looking into the iPhone for future Verizon compatability...they want to know where their thousands of customers have gone.

i've had my storm for about 2 months now and i have to say that when i first purchased it i was disappointed at how it performed. it was running on .75 so i upgraded to .113 and it works fine. i love it and can't wait for the "official" release of .122

to all the complainers, stop cryin' and get a different phone.

My complaint isnt that there hasnt been any updates, just that theres been updates, and none from Verizon. If no one else had an update itd be one thing, but theres been a number of other companies that offer an update, and verizon offers nothing. Add to the fact they're already planning the Storm 2, which takes away resources. I'm fine with offering a new generation phone after the fact, but going into this, I was expecting updates on the phone since there was a significant track record of constant updates in the past.

Does anyone running .122 have any comparison findings after updating?

I've been watching the posts and so far most are happy and thats turning my fold to a "play the hand" move. Just wanted to know if anyone has some details that jump out on how well .122 performs and if theres any noted downside. Honestly I have been very pleased with .113 and thinking of the "if it aint broke dont fix it rule".

Anyone have something to tip my motivational scale?

Well Im very happy with my storm!!!!!!!Im still running the original OS from last year with no problems just a little slow,comming from a piece of crap LG phone slow is ok by me.... This is my first BlackBerry I dont know how I lived without one.....BlackBerry phones are the real deal.I guess we will have to hurry up and wait..............Crackberry nation rules.

Just curious if anyone has every actually called up Verizon and actually talked with someone who knew what they were talking about?

It doesnt seem right that everyone is clueless about an update.

I have been playing with .122 for the most part of today, I have 9530 with VZW. I must say that I have been very pleased with .113 but my curiosity got the best of me. I installed .122 and I have had to restart maybe 4-5 times and the Storm has restarted itself 5-6 times. I think it is starting to work more and more stable. I have not pulled battery for a few hrs now, but thats when the auto restart began. Almost all the auto restarts happened when I was trying to find My Location with Weatherbug.

If I 'nuke' my phone its my fault and no one elses, I love my Storm and am waiting patiently for VZW to put out a update, until then I will use these leaks to update new features like the Cut & Paste or bigger keys and so on. Maybe VZW is just doing alot of beta testing to get things right or do not want to back up a version that they dont think is stable enough,so they dont get bitched at by customers. In my eyes I see bigger and better things to come.

Love the ps'd image. If you are going to fake it instead of taking a screen shot at least get the data right.

v4.7.0.122 (Platform

why people are still defending Verizon when it comes to the lack of attention to the Storm "community". I have been a Verizon costumer for around 6-8 years and have always stood by them and their service until now. The lack of attention they have given to the costumers who have been having issues with their storm is absolutely unacceptable.

I know there are those people who are quick to say wah wah stop crying and go download the leaked OS. It is not simply a matter of downloading a new OS, the very fact that Verizon has chosen to keep their costumers/employees guessing in the dark is a downright slap in the face. For a company that prides themselves on excellent coverage and costumer service this is unacceptable and no matter how many times you try to excuse them the sheer amount of unhappy costumers should show you that this is no matter to be brushed aside.

I have been a verizon man for 10 years and this is the first time i have been seriously thinking of leaving VW.What would it take to release a statement on the status of a new op system.This is crazy, why must you be left in the dark?!RU Storm well said.Mind you this was my first blackberry and i was under the impression updates came out often i guess not when your with verizonwirless.

Ok for all the ppl who are saying y y y . When Testing a beta OS if they find a bug it gets Rejected. Which makes RIM start over again(Hense the version they are on now with leaks)If you read all the blogs for all the leaked OS's and the ones that are offical there are a laundry list of problems that would of set off a huge Red Flag at VZW Testing Labs. So take it how you want switch carriers but YOU PPL ARE TOO PICKY . Lets think if i owned a multi Billion Dollar company I would want it to come out right the next time not release a shitty offical several times. AND BY THE WAY THE .75 VERISION WORKS MOST PPL ARE HAPPY. and stay of these Forums if your going to bitch they are ment to be for information not crying!

Hi all, I am new to the CrackBerry site but have been lurking around the site for a while. I don't know if this is useful I spoke to a Telus Blackberry Techrep and asked about the release date for the OS v.122 (mentioned bell to him). He said that they are testing a new OS (don't what version) to make sure it is compatible with Telus SMS system since it proprietary.

I asked for the an actual date and he can't give me one. But he added that they don't want to release a faulty one.

it cost's nothing. But be sure to backup everything because it will cost you your messages, contacts, etc.

1. There is no point to have surepress for the QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode. It should be simple "touch typing". Surepress works great with your thumbs, but it is tiring with your other fingers.
2. When using the QWERTY keyboard in portrait, it would be good if the keys "popped up" like they do on the iPhone, it is too difficult to tell which key you are pressing.
3. Browser runs a lot faster. The links are much more responsive.
4. The new copy and paste is an improvement, but I don't think it is perfect, yet.

I'm tired of waiting on the new OS to be released from VZW I am running the .75 os since it seems like the best OS (non released) is the .113 (or tell me if their is another/better one) where do i go to doanload it and how do i do so (sorry 1st BB dont knwo how to do allot) thanks guys ! =)

Where do i go to download the .113 software and how do i do so ? And is that the best one so far for the BB 9530 ?

it's so funny how people here tell us to "Stop Crying". WTF cares what it takes to build an OS. That's really none of OUR concern, is it!? Our concern is making sure the company in which we all buy stock in (most of us for the next TWO Years!) takes care of it customers. And Verizon (and/or RIM) is NOT. At the very least provide some sort of timeline/ETA. Instead we get nothing but rumors and shrugs of the shoulder, by the very same people who kissed our asses and made us feel all warm and cozy to get the sale in the first place.

So YES we are very pissed, and Do NOT care of the involvment or process in writing scripts. That is what us as the masses pay these fools for. Our concern as the Consumer is to enjoy the product we have invested money and "Commitment" to. We do NOT work for Verizon, so screw the process involved. When I get hired to do a job, nobody cares how "hard" i work if the job does not get done!

So if you're tired of the "Crybabies", don't read the posts! Us Crybabies have a very legitimate complaint, we've done our part and "Commited" to this company, they need to do their part!

You said it right..and I am in no mood to get any bull sh*t from VZW right now...because they are on a very thin line with me. I have been with them for over 7 years now!!! HURRY UP AND MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!!

You make some valid comments, but it is such a waste of space and everyone's time to see all this whining over and over again. I would rather see posts that are more informative or helpful.

So Stop Whining about the "Whiners" and "Save the space". My post was in response to all those asking if we knew what goes into creating scripts. This is very informative and helpful if VZW/RIM would take a peek. Others can stroll on by.

It's funny to read over and over again people calling the Storm a horrible phone. We all had our 30 day trial. I've had the storm a month, left the precious iPhone for it. I'm using .75 and guess what? It actually works!!!! I'm just as anxious as the next guy wanting the update to fix/improve any issues but as long as the product is usable as is, what's with being patient? If the phone performed so horribly as you all say, why didn't you return it immediately? Don't say you were giving RIM/Verizon the benefit of the doubt because only a complete fool would keep a non functioning product in hopes of immediate fixes and gratifications.

You see other carrier updates.... I'm sure that Bell Mobility has the same subscriber numbers, the same towers, the same telco switching equipment, the same backend BIS server configs as Verizon. You people ever stop an think that must be why the carriers push the updates and not Waterloo directly?

The power of Crackberry is too much for some of you. Makes you greedy fools that act like children because they think that they're the only customers Verizon has to deal with. Stop installing every theme you can, every program that gets thrown your way and guess what? The phone functions just fine. If you hate Verizon so much because they aren't bowing down far enough, then enjoy your iPhone. It only took 3 years to update the software to include 10 year old tech.

I've been running .114 for a while and I just installed .122 and I don't see a huge difference between the two. I'll probably be able to tell after a few days but so far- I'm hoping Bell hasn't screwed with any of the apps and crippled the OS like a previous commenter had mentioned.

Bell is full of crapola when it comes to crippling their devices. As for the .122 release, I just installed it and the first thing that happened was the PHONE function wasn't working. I tried making calls but all it did was keep saying 'connecting' without doing a thing. Then the phone froze, then it restarted itself. Once restarted, the phone worked for half an hour and restarted itself again. I'm WITH Bell, so I did it the normal update way, and I'm praying it doesn't restart again. Will get back with more shortly. As for the new Blackberry Storm 2 that's rumoring around here... I know as much as much as everyone wishes they should get a free Storm 2 for all the griefs and despair they've gone through (myself included), RIM will most likely not do it. Lets face it, no one really gives a sh*t about consumers anyways... we're just walking wallets to these people. This phone was a disappointment. If I didn't respect Blackberry's enough for their name, I would never get one again based on this junk. My two and a half cents...

I too am on Bell and with the exception of losing my contacts and messages (which, luckily I had backed up and was able to restore), I had no problems and I very happy with the update.

I am coming from .113 with the mms.cod fix as my only adjustment.

I have had .122 going since this morning and I have to say it seems outstanding. I am not just talking about the new build honeymoon period (i.e. everything seems to be running faster).

It seems very stable. I dropped down 2mb of memory, did a memory clean and for the first time ever it went back up to where I had started.

I don't have any more "dead clicks!" (click and nothing happens).

When the phone rings I can silence it again by pressing the volume button (or any other) something I have not been able to do since .75.

Many other improvements I will save for the forums.

Did I mention that everything seems so much faster :)

oh where oh where is he. BBCRACKMAN oh where is he. im lost with out him. if any1 knows pls oh pls let him know.

man dese guys r crazy, Im nu here still and all dis bashin Verizon and the Storm, chill. now i just got my Storm over a month ago and i wuz runnin .75 and it was workin fine. i jus got hyped by all the OS leaks and did my 1st and it wuz .113 and its even better so yes 2 anybody still ponderin .113 is the shit!!! i dont have no random reboots, never did at all. i text as fast as i did on my other fones and everything is fine. sure sum thangs may b alil bit slo like the camera but its not dat big of a deal. plus i no from havin other smart fones not 2ddownload every single thang and how 2keep my phone cleaned up but anyway i wood rather have that than not bein able 2send ah pic thru MMS which da iphone jus now is goin 2b able 2 do and my lil sister has sum cheap lil noki and ben doin 4 two years.
point bein is err phone has its issues, stop bitchin and get ah different fone. and i do feel the pain n ah way cuz an official os needs 2b released but at da same time, if u dont like it Move On.

crackberry baby

I hope you actually had to work harder to write this than if you had just written normally.... My thoughts on your point about attitudes toward VZW and the Storm were almost completely lost in the hooked-on-phonics catastrophe you put on display.

Sorry had to say it. But it did make me laugh though. :) Welcome to CB.

To all you people on here disappointed with VZW, you should just stay in your house and cry alone. I think their policy is more than fair, if you don't like the Storm the way it came you had every chance to return it and wait for something better. We don't care if you go to ATT and pick up an iPhone. This forum is for people who actually have and want to keep our phone and service and share new features. If you're not happy with it get the hell out, RIM and Verizon are better off without having assholes like you cry about everything.

I have a Storm and love it. I have been a Verizon customer for almost a decade now and the service has gotten better. The Storm I have still has .75 and it works fine for me. If you're having problems its probably because you keep 800 apps running at the same time. If you need that many apps, just buy a broadband card and use a laptop. For everyone else who actually shares useful information on these OS builds, thank you and keep up the good work.

Well I have a Storm with .75 as you do with one app. And my storm reboots at least 10 times a day. The software is simply not ready. They rushed it to market.

With that said, I love the storm but your asumption that people with issues have 800 apps is way off.

If this Storm would have been my first BB, more than likely it would have been my last. I've had to exchange it twice now in the local VZW Store, which is probably a total of 3 hours of my life I'm never getting back, as the "touch screen" kept becoming non responsive and no longer "clicking". So, I'm on my 3rd Storm and unfortunately am now 5 days beyond my 30 days that I bought it and can't return it to the store. The VZW Employees kept encouraging me to hang on to it and give it a chance in hopes that the anxiously awaited software upgrade was going to make it a phone I wouldn't want to be without. Well, now I still have no upgraded software, a phone that is a pain in the ax@ to type or text on, even more painful to try and call someone on and drops calls constantly! (That is if I'm fortunate enough that it even "rang" in the first place). Thanks VZW employees, you kept me waiting for software that was going to solve all my complaints only to stick me with a phone I now can't return because you say too bad I've had it now for more than 30 days. Great customer service. Sad thing is the phone I had before was a BB Curve and that phone was a far better device than this piece. My curve had the best phone reception of ANY phone I've had yet and was very fast and easy to compose an email or text on. Only thing lacking was a full internet browser which I hear with the latest software update that phone had really improved that...so I am sit to wonder why I upgraded and wasted $200 on a phone I hate when I loved the one I had. Those VZW employees have been trained well I guess.

I am very disappointed in this phone and as I read the comments from those who say remove pixr, remove apps, remove this remove that and the phone will work beautifully...NOT. I have nothing of that sort or even music on my phone...right out of the box, roaming remains updated, software as updated as it can be and still I have nothing better than a device that could be better used for traction under one of my car tires.

There are people who love the Yugo; there are also people who complain about being chaufferred in a fully loaded limosine; then there are those in the middle who have reasonable expectations when a product shows promise, but isn't there yet. So for all of you who love the Storm here is a site you can get a free dashboard holder for your Storm ( http:\\www.yugo.com). Some of you don't like people expressing there opinion about the Storm, Verizon or RIM, but it's okay for you to complain about them taking up valuable space, for what?? Thats how products and service improve; people speaking their minds and expressing their dissatisfaction. If everyone who is dissatisfied with the storm and Verizon left crackberry to you geniuses, it would be a pretty wimpy website; and if these same people returned their Storms, the rest of you would be paying $1500 for a new Storm.

OK I loaded the .113 and during the process it looks like it deleted all of my contact information. Nothing else was missing but was strange is that I had to set up the phone like it was new and all of my applications went back to the app folder instead of my home page is this normal??

I see alot of people saying im waiting, it better be right, and they released a faulty product, but again imagine. xbox360 released the RROD and people still buy them. just wait and be patient. IF they were to release an OS and if it had one problem, some of you guys would drop like a rock. Patiences is a key factor when releasing OS's and updates. look at windows vista. lol. just be patient. remember good things take time. It took 9 months to make some of you guys and look at all the defects we have.



I have owned three Blackberries, Pearl>Curve>Storm, and I must say... the Storm is a great piece of hardware. Ya, ya, I had to update the OS like 6 times since January when I bought it, but hey, Microsoft is still sending me updates for my Internet Explorer:) Anyway, I kind of like updating the Storm, pretty sure I would be bored with it if I didn't. I am presently running the .122 and don't notice a huge difference from .113, but like I said, I would be bored with the phone by now if it weren't for these little nuggets to keep me occupied.

For what it is worth I was at VW in Houston, TX yesterday and a sales rep told me that the official VW update for the Storm is coming out at the end of April or the start of May.

I'm hoping he is right...but in reality I'm starting to think VW just tells all their sales reps to say an update is coming out at the end of whatever the month it is.

Come on VW...T-Mobile is making you look bad.

New Phone: $199.00

Contract and monthly access fees: $90.00

Support for new phone from Verizon: $0.00

There are some things money can buy, somethings Mastercard can buy

for all the headaches and heartaches, There is Verizon.


let me explain something really obvious. First I am not bashing or protecting Verizon. Second I love my storm and the call quality so verizon is the way to go.

take 5 seconds to think about what you are saying. Do you think that blackberry storm users are the only customers Verizon has? NO. The blackberry market , escecially the storm, is only a small percentage of Verizon's total sales. Say 10% of their income. now of that 10% maybe 1% of customers have the storm. Now of that 1% of storm users, how many people do you think even know what an OS is or even how to upgrade. Maybe 0.2%. So think about it, do you think verizon wants to dedicate money to providing an expected date of a new OS. I dont think. They are going to continue testing and when they find one that passes it will get released. If you want to complain to them and waste your time go ahead its a free country, but if you are truly interested in improving you phone download .122 its worth it.

wow....what a great update i havent had to do a battery pull once and everything runs so smoothly now....i feel like i wont be needing to update my phone ever again!! THANK YOU BELL!! sucxks to be a verizon client!

I love the storm. update works great.

only prob is the storm sucks battery life.
even when all apps are closed an left with the basic must run ones

I finally broke down and followed the fairly straight foward instructions and installed on my storm......I think?
The device still shows installed ("ABOUT").

Everthing is working fine i don't see much difference.
Is there anyway i can tell which OS is actually installed?


thank you so much ...i finally was able to upgrade and everything seemed to be working , the speed has improved the camera is faster the keyboard in portrait solved a VERY frustrating task, BUT my e/mail didn't work.
going back to the forum someone else had that problem and suggested restoring the data files....THAT WAS IT
i'm now enjoying the storm ....thanks to all

\Damn i spoke too soon everything WAS working fine except now the phone doesn't work. i can call out the it's dead on my end but the phone rings on the other end but i can't talk and people on the other end hear nothing.
also if someone calls me it rings but is dead when i answer.
i'm going to try restoring again when i get home....

NO LUCK....EVERTHING WORKS GREAT except i can't hear them and they can't hear me, when i dial it doesn't ring at my end but it does on the other end. any suggestions before i call blackberry or vzw ? will i have a problem having loaded bell .122 OS on the phone?....HELP A BRAVE NEWBE

i broke down and reloaded .75 thinking i was going to vzw
for a new phone, the phone now worked! but the e/m didn't
so i called vzw he said i need to load the "service books"
he e/md them to me and that fixed problem now i have a perfectly functioning phone using .75
i wonder if i had done that when .122 was loaded it may have fixed everything

maybe tonight i should start all over..................