Third BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Color: Silver!!

Silver Flip Pearl 8220
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Sep 2008 01:28 am EDT

So far we have officially seen RIM's newly-announced BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 in two color schemes: black and red. These images (more after the jump), show off a third color... silver. I guess you could call it gray instead of silver, but either way with the black flip I think the color combo looks good!

I stumbled upon the images over at, coming from a RIM Press Release posted in Spanish. It's late at night as I post this (heading to bed!!), so for those of you who can read the release feel free to translate any important details into the comments! I'm pretty sure this is the first I have seen of the third color scheme - at this point I'm not sure if we can expect to see this color be available in North America on T-Mobile and Rogers at launch or if it will initially be reserved for other carriers. Stay tuned for more...

Silver Flip

Silver Flip

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Third BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Color: Silver!!


That looks great in the black/silver if they do it in Pink I can finally convince my girlfriend to get one ;)

it doesn't look too bad, but the Black version is the best in my opinion!

edit: noticed that the picture shows GPRS! that's so bad, it's not even EDGE and edge is pretty weak too haha.

Man this is a must get combo!

I was getting anxious to see new color schemes as it was announced way back when the phone first surfaced.

I was contemplating getting the black model as it looks a bit more sleek than the red one... But this is definitely cool looking, I certainly hope Rogers gets this on the launch date! Honestly, the more color options the better :)

I had a pearl before getting the curve. I was upgraded to the curve because I had so many problems with the pearl. I must have had 6 before upgrading to the curve. I love my "crack"berry. So I kept getting another one and antoher one. I have not had any problems with the curve.

brownsugar, would you mind elaborating? Since the flip is basically a Pearl, would like to know potential pitfalls..

This is what is says:

The new one smartphone BlackBerry Pearl Flip is the solution of mobile messaging leader of the industry for the consumers that prefer the popular folding format "Flip

Waterloo, ON – Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM, TSX: RIM) has brought to light today the smartphone BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8220, the first telephone BlackBerry® that utilizes the popular format 'flip', or folding.

The new one BlackBerry Pearl Flip offers the folding format with all the power of the smartphones BlackBerry in an amusing and popular design. With a simple movement "flip", the users will have within its reach all a world of possibilities of multimedia and Internet, as well as the solution of mobile messaging leader of the industry; all it in a same device. You can send messages to your friends and family, to do calls, to sail in the web, to do photos, to see videos or to listen your favorite song. All is to your reach with a simple one "flip".

The new one Smartphone BlackBerry Flip based on technology cuatri-band EDGE presents a sophisticated aspect and an elegant design with its smooth luminescent dial surrounded by a framework chromed. Full of numerous functions of great power, weighs only 102 grams and measures 99 x 48 x 18 millimeters. It has two screens of highly resolution in color with sensor of lighting: the outside offers a prior view of the messages of e-mail, telephone calls and short messages received, without need to open the terminal, while the extensive interior screen of 240 x 320 pixels show the messages, videos and web pages with a detail and an exceptional contrast.