3G Theme Now Available Free for BlackBerry Storm

By Adam Zeis on 6 Aug 2009 11:11 am EDT

3G for Storm

You may remember the 3G theme we checked out a few weeks back. Sadly it was only available for the Bold, but after much begging, redzapper finally found the time to do it up for the Storm. 3G is one of the best free themes I have come across in a while, and I'm sure Storm users will be glad to finally get their hands on it. The theme features a hidden today screen, center banner slot for weather, QuickLaunch support and homescreen hotspots. 3G is available OTA for the Storm at this link.

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3G Theme Now Available Free for BlackBerry Storm


I'm usually pretty savvy at figuring out stuff, but i have not been able to figure out how to install these JAD files. CAn anyone help me?

Just click on it from inside your blackberry browser, or e-mail the link to your blackberry e-mail address. It will ask if you want to download, tell it yes and it will go from there.


Wow, this theme rocks, especially for free! I bought the Storm Today theme, and man, do I regret that.

In comparison, I would have been very happy to have paid for this theme! Awesome stuff.

OK, so I am lame and none to hip on tech issues. Downloaded the new app; I now have have a JAD file that when I attempt to add your app when syncing via destop manager I am informed that the program is not compatible with my Storm. I would appreciate some assistance. It looks great and I would like to use it.. Thanks for your good word.


Go to the link on your blackberry browser not PC..
either type it out or email it to yourself.

Looks great...but I found it very slow. Trying to move applications from one folder to another was painful.
Would use if the speed could be improved.

I'd just like to say that this is the BEST free theme I've ever downloaded to my STORM...and thanx for making one for the STORM btw. I've been using the iBerry theme which to me is the "richest" iTheme in existence. I've been waiting for a new iTheme to come out worth using and this is it!!!...and to top it off, it's FREE!!! Excellent job...and...thank you, very much!

- Jason

This is the best looking theme out there! But I am dying here. For some reason I am not able to download. I emailed the link to myself and it gave me some error. Then I tried to access it from my Storm's browser and after the painfully slow process of getting to the link(not sure why so slow lately), I can't click on the link from my browser? Weird! I have never had these problems before. It seems to be only running slow on the crackberry site, all other sites are working fine. Any Ideas?

*** We are good now, determination is my middle name and i survived the slow browser and finally got the link to work. Booyaa grandma! ***

Does anyone know what the little rocketship icon is/does in the top right of the screen? It shows up next to the strength of service indicator in verticle mode when you don't have the application pulled up. It is selectable (like the sound icon on the left), but doesn't do anything when I click it.

The rocketship icon is used for the quicklaunch app, but you must download the app separately in order to use the icon.

if you had that app and clicked on it, it would launch the app. one of if not the best and useful app for your BB. it was on sale for $2.50 which is a steal. look into it.

I have to say I am a fan of most anything that is free but I guess with this I’m different then everyone else because I find this theme to be very bland and kind of boring looking, I'd like to see something with a little more flair something brighter and not so sterol, nut that’s just me.

I tried downloading this to my storm, OTA, and it wants to save it to my computer, and it doesn't recognize what kind of file it is, so i can't open it or anything. kind of confusing. How do i fix it? I would love to have this theme, if i wasn't so retarded and could figure it out.

Go to link on BlackBerry browser not the PC..
You'll get prompted to download and install directly on the BlackBerry

Really?! What is your free Mem at Reboot and what is it right before your reboot? maybe this theme has a Mem leak. I have noticed with most plasmic themes that they will slowing leak memory, some worse than others.

I've noticed absolutely no slow down with this them. Check out the forums and you'll find others who note no lag with this theme. I've run this for several days, memory held solid, no loss of functionality or delays. Only reboots have been to install new updates to existing applications, otherwise this is SOLID!

The theme is great. On 5.0 and haven't had issues. Question is, on the pictures, it shows a media icon. I have looked through all the icons to see if it was placed somewhere else and can't find. Any help would be great. Thanks.

I think this theme is great. Fast and smooth! I download QL also and it is perfect for this!I downloaded the black edition of this in the theme section of the forums. Very Nice! I will be sporting this one for awhile!

Ive seen nothing about a Black edition.Where is this supposed Black Edition? Are there any screen shots? What kind of operation are you running here? Lol

I downloaded and installed. I needed to retart to complete the installation but when it finished restarting it looked the same as always.

I downloaded this app early this morning and love it. I have the black edition and it looks great. To get this edition you have to click on the forum link and you will find pics and another link for the Black edition. I have had no issues after installing and then doing an immediate quickpull. There does not seem to be any memory leak and it does not use up the battery at all. I dont have quicklaunch but it is set up so nicely in the upper right corner that i may get it. Great free theme and the creater said he will be upgrading it where you can have 10 Icons, which would make this theme even better. Great work and thank you

I believe I mentioned that I will work on things that need fixing first and then changes and enhancements as time permits.

Well i have been using it for a few days and its a beautiful theme!! Kudos to redzapper for the great work!!

The bugs that i faced using it with .164 were that mail box wouldnt update properly or showed new emails that werent actually there. I marked all old emails as opened and yet it showed 45 mails as unread. This number wouldnt changed and even after a hard reset the mailbox icon showed a sterik on it indicating there were new emails when there weren't. So this bug did affect my use as i recieve close to 200 emails a day but it may be because i am on beta OS .164.

i highly recommend this theme to everyone, even on the beta OS!


Installed, noticed immediate leak. wiped with JLCMDR and re-installed OS (os: .148/5.0 hybrid + shrunk os). Still leakage. Uninstalled the theme... again holding steady 35-52mb app memory.

With that said, I love this theme so much that it broke my heart to un-install it...

Holy cow, I've never seen that much on mine and I don't have too many things on it. I too noticed an immediate leak after installing this theme. Went from 28-30 to 15-18. Uninstalled and re-installed and holding steady at 28-30. Looks great and love the QL integration!

Beautiful theme and works with .164. Unfortunately yhere seems to be a bug in the calender app not updating inputs.

This is awesome! Downloaded and using now. Looks so cool - others want it for their simple mobiles - HAH HAH!!!

Calendar shows "Fri 11" instead of today's date. Is this shorthand for Friday 11 (something) o'clock? If so, that's annoying

If you are referring to the calendar icon in the screenshot, it is just an icon that represents the calendar. It is static and does not change - very much like the default Storm calendar icon with '31' on it.

this theme is amazing....and its free...if youre experiencing lag do a battery pull and itll run smooth. was lagging for me till a bp now i love it...the icons are well done and love the wb space...thanks to the creator!

I take back what i said about the memory leak!!! i downloaded the black version and its perfect with no leak!!! awsome theme... simply awsome... payday i will donate.... thank you!

This is the first theme I've used that I'm totally pleased with. Its not too large and doesnt bog down my phone. Its crisp and clean and very modern looking.

Thanks for the great theme redzapper. Looks and works great! This one is definitely worth paying for, where is the donate link again?

I downloaded the 3G and all my downloads disappeared. when I go back to the old theme they're back. Any reason for this. I'd like to use the 3G.

Your downloads are still there, they have probably been moved to the application folder, or downloads folder. This usually happens when you switch to a new theme. Just move them back out to your "home" folder

I have downloaded this app. in my phone but can't find it. It says it is downloaded and reboots but does not show up in app. or downloads...help

how do i get my weekly appointments to show on the home screen....showing the next 3 years of birthdays and not stuff for this week?