3D theme pack now available in Scrapbook for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Scrapbook for the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 14 May 2012 10:58 pm EDT

It was less than a month ago that we saw a new pack added to Scrapbook for the BlackBerry PlayBook, but here we are with a new one available! This one is called 3D, and comes with four new backgrounds and nine new stickers that you can use to create fun new scrapbook pages. You can download Scrapbook for free in BlackBerry App World, but if you're just looking for the new theme pack, it's available from within the app itself. Just open it up and you should see an asterisk on the packs tab on the right hand side.

After you've checked out the new additions, don't forget to share your creations with CrackBerry nation for a chance at a prize! (We are announcing winners tomorrow from the past few weeks, so watch the blogs if you've already entered!)

More information/download Scrapbook for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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3D theme pack now available in Scrapbook for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Easy, just copy the direct link to the photo or image once it's on facebook and link it directly on twitter, diaspora, identica, etc.

All you have to do is post the image to twitter or another social media site from the file saved on your PlayBook. The app saves in your picture folder (or hit the up/down volume buttons at the same time to take a screen shot).

Also would be great to see Bridge support with this app as I'm more likely to take photos with my handheld. Would love to have access right away instead of trying to manually move the files around to get them onto the PlayBook.

Basically I want to be scrapbookin' on the fly.

I really enjoy the app, but this pack and that 8 bit pack, bleech. Ugly. App is fun and useful, but really needs a lot more stuff and options to make it really worth using. My wife is a scrapbooker, turned from paper to digital a year or so ago, and uses an app on Windows that she has downloaded litterally 20 gb of virtual papers and stickers, and other decorations. She does a fantastic job with it, and it looks great! Would be nice if this PB app had the option to add your own backgrounds, and stickers etc.