3D animated weather app Orbit udpated to v1.2 with bug fixes and more

3D animated weather app Orbit udpated to v1.2 with bug fixes and more
By DJ Reyes on 15 Nov 2013 09:39 am

World time and weather app, Orbit, has received an update to v1.2. With it comes lots if improvements and various bug fixes. Every time I use Orbit I always end up spending more time on it than intended. The visuals are nice and I get curious to see what other parts of the world look like, weather wise. It's also great to check the time around the world too.

What's new in v1.2?

  • FIXED: bug in daylight calculation;
  • FIXED: bug causing share feature to occasionally distort image;
  • IMPROVED: more robust in low network coverage areas;
  • IMPROVED: optimized data usage;
  • IMPROVED: the weather detail/forecast screen is now updated live;
  • IMPROVED: low and high temperatures are now calculated over the next 24 hours;
  • IMPROVED: much smoother animations, especially on Z10 STL100-1;
  • IMPROVED: more compact Adjust panel on Q10/Q5.

I have found myself using Orbit a lot more lately but for a quick weather check it still use the regular weather app. But it is always a joy to use Orbit. If you haven't checked out Orbit before you can watch their demo video of its features. Orbit will cost you $2.99 but if you've already purchased the app before, the update is free. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

Learn more / Download Orbit from BlackBerry World



It's a pretty cool app

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That typo in the title makes me feel uncomfortable lol

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Nice! I've been waiting for this update.


One of my favorite apps to use. I still use BB WEATHER as my go to, but the world clocks is what sets Orbit as a great app.

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Great Udpate!

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This is a great app, download it y'all.

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Very cool app

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Finally fixed the daylight setting on the globe. I contacted the developer way back when the first release came out and he tells me to check my timezone setting on my phone (facepalm) without any regard that maybe he tested the app without using different timezones on his device.


Now that the daylight setting has been fixed, I can actually recommend this to people. It's a very cool app, but that was really annoying.

Loving my Q10


I was planning to buy this when it first came out, now I finally decided to because of this cool update :-) Supporting the developer

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Probably it is not due to the update but my Q10 autoreboot one time after updating and launching orbit :-(

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Mine opens a blank screen and does nothing.

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You know, this is a very cool app. However, it still needs a lot if work with being able to auto detect locations. For example, I am located in Moose Jaw, SK. Canada. Auto locate brings up info for Calgary, which is approximately 800km away from me. Now perhaps I can understand that a small city like MJ may not be included amongst the list of auto detect locations, but I am only 70km away from the capital of Saskatchewan Regina. At the very least, Regina's info should be auto detected well before jumping over to a city 800km away...? BLW, all of the other apps installed on my phone which are using an auto location function work just fine. fix this, and you would have my full support. Cheers!

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see full android comes to us and people are still going to support native apps and developers. I just got paid so, so are you. going to purchase. I love weather stuff.


I know you never make a spelling error eldrico


Thanks crackberry for the article.i bought this app today based on your writeup. I'm glad I did; this app is freakin' AWESOME!!!!
The app picked up my general area (Washington DC) immediately; wish the gps was a little more accurate aS to my location though.
A minor gripe though; because the app otherwise is visually itsstunning.the globe, the colors, the discreet flashing highlight of your location; the rotation of the globe and the weather info is simply stunning.this is one of those apps (to me at least) you leave open just to stare at it in wonder.its that good!

It would be very very cool if this could somehow run as a wallpaper on your main screen, it's that pretty.
Buy it, you'll be blown away by it!

BlackBerry by choice,BlackBerry for life!

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Udpated? Proofreading guys.

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Love the "real-time (well almost) cloud satellite images from NASA and NOAA " on the details page on BlackBerry world

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