39% of EE customers use their mobile device to shop for Christmas

39% of EE customers use their mobile device to shop for Christmas
By DJ Reyes on 9 Dec 2013 05:40 am

Lots of people do it. Order all their Christmas gifts online to avoid the rush and long queues of the shopping malls and retail stores. And now, with internet the in your pocket, more and more people are using their smartphones to shop for gifts. Up 15% from last year, UK carrier, EE has 39% of its 4GEE customers will be using their smartphone to do their Christmas shopping. 

EE's report says that most people are at around 8:30am or 5:30pm, which is during the daily commute to and from work. A retailer with an app or mobile friendly website is most likely to be the place where people will order the most. 

EE's 4GEE Mobile Living Index Key Findings

  • 39% of 4GEE users plan to Christmas shop on a smartphone or tablet this year, up from 15% last Christmas
  • Fashion, entertainment, electronics and books are the most popular purchases, with a third of mobile shoppers spending more than £100 a month
  • The daily commute (8.30am and 5.30pm) is the most popular time for shopping on mobile devices
  • Browsing, streaming and social media continue to rise as superfast 4G internet enables people to do more on the move

Chief Consumer Marketing Officer of EE, Pippa Dunn, says:

“People are now buying their Christmas gifts on the move, without having to queue in shops. They are following their favourite team even when they can’t be in front of the TV. And they’re doing their online banking on their daily commute, while listening to music and searching the web. 4G is enabling people to shop, share and browse with a new level of flexibility and freedom.”

So, CrackBerry Nation, with the awesome BlackBerry 10 browser, are you going to be shopping from your BlackBerry this year? Or are you done with gift shopping already? I, for one, have yet to do the bulk of my shopping. Will I shop from my BlackBerry device? Not quite sure yet. Would love to know who will be though. Sound off in the comments.

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Already done most of my Christmas shopping using my Z10. I have to use desktop mode tho, mobile websites are terrible to shop on.

jojo beaconsfield

Better use a password to use your phone or you could be in big doo doo, if you loose it.Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays.

RP Singh

And make sure BB Protect is enabled.


Just out of curiosity, who on earth trusts shopping on an Android or iOS device? Nothing is more secure than shopping on a BlackBerry BB10. I've done my shopping on my BlackBerry PlayBook :)

Prem WatsApp

Scary thought, shopping on what... scamdroid?

Uaaagh... get me outta here!

My name is Prem, and I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...


I did all of my Xmas shopping on my phone this year and last. Hell, I even do my regular shopping on my phone, all the way down to my toiletries.

Posted via my sexy-ass Z10 running ON A BOAT!!!


Use or plan to use? 39% is impossible even these days and even with 4G, if they don't take apps' purchases into account. BTW, 4G does not increase general shopping rates relating to physical goods. Increase of smartphones in use somehow does. But... most of them are even not 4G ready. What is wrong with 4G? It's just overrated (not necessary cost for most of Customers, in market researches based on their choices).

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George Jenkinson

Good spot on the Use -v- plan to use!


Interesting read providing stats for those thinking if taking the plunge with a mobile friendly site. I agree with step07, mobile sites are not very feature rich and the content is just not as satisfying as it's desktop counterpart but it is useful for those with not so smart phones that won't have the option of desktop mode. I see an opportunity here with the 8:30 to 5pm mobile shopping times as this stat has been mentioned on other research materials. Only time will tell how big this m.commerce phase will grow. I have not done my Christmas shopping just yet and I doubt I'll do it over a smartphone or tablet. Christmas is the only time I do any real shopping fashion wise and for family so I see myself heading to join the long queues. Merry Christmas everyone. ;)

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The mobile sites are useful when you know what it is that you want and especially if people are sharing links.


I've already done some shopping on my Z10. I'll also do some of it on my Nexus 7. I don't use a PC for anything anymore really.


I just purchased a BlackBerry Transform Shell case for my new BlackBerry Z10 from eBay on my beast.. i mean Z10!!

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RP Singh

I haven't swallowed the pill and acknowledged that I need to do some Christmas shopping yet this year.


Wow. Only 39 percent? I thought it would be more like 80 percent.

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Mark LeGear

Most people shopping on their commute? I hope that means these people are busing...

Posted via my Z30


Yes. Amazon, eBay ... anything with a decent mobile site or app.

Z10 STL100-1 /


I've used my z10 for booking many hols this year and shopping using and knowing my debit card details are safe using bbry... never did that with my Android phone... never trusted them...

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I did one so far, but from my ipad. Z10 don't too. Smaller for me. Where is playbook 2?

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EE don't even stock the z10 or z30

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Since I don't follow the chri$tma$ spending season... i'll just be sending cards. :)

Posted via my BlackBerry Q10


EE doesn't stock the Q10, Z10. They have been terminated.

Please someone stop pumping EE here.

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