365 Days of Blog Post Goodness from CrackBerry.com!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Feb 2008 11:41 am EST

Our First Blog Post GraphicWooHoo!! We Did It! A Year of Blog Posts!

February 12th, 2008 marks one full year since I said Hello to the BlackBerry world. You can check out our First Blog Post here (the image to the right was the first Blog post image we used too!).

I don't consider today to be the site's actual Birthday or Anniversary though (what do websites celebrate anyways?!)... that date is reserved for February 26th. The first couple of weeks of having the site live we were still tweaking a lot of things up, but it was on February 26th that we fired off some press releases and REALLY told the World that CrackBerry.com is OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

We're cooking up a big promotion to celebrate the 26th, so you'll want to watch the blogs and our newsletter to see what we have in store. In the meantime, don't forget that Valentine's Day is only a couple of sleeps away, and that means we are getting close to somebody winning a New BlackBerry in our Share the Love & Win Valentine's Giveaway! If you haven't Shared the Love yet, do it today!

And if you want to celebrate some CrackBerry.com nostalgia today, why not take a read through our first month of Blog Posts. I took a stroll down memory lane this morning... it boggles my mind how much BlackBerry news there is in a year. It sure feels like we have been around longer than a year, don't ya think?!

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Antonio Miquilena

Congratz on the first blogging yeah :) And kudos for the website, I've been trolling the forums for a very long time but never really posted anything as I did not have a BB. Now that I do, I'm completely addicted to it :)




I am happy this site is available for BB users but sad I was not a reader/owner until last month. I will have to review to catch up on everything I missed!