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360 Panorama from Occipital updated with bug fixes and support for Verizon Z10's

By Bla1ze on 12 Apr 2013 02:43 am EDT

The awesome 360 Panorama from Occipital has been updated and this one is sure to please a lot of folks who picked the app up early on. Getting pushed into version, the update adds several bug fixes for camera lock ups, improved battery life and even support for Verizon BlackBerry Z10 owners who are stuck on BlackBerry 10.0.9.x for now.

Other improvements include support for the upcoming release of BlackBerry 10.1 and the occasional errors that popped up while using other apps at the same time as 360 Panorama. If you've not checked 360 Panorama out yet, now is a good time to give it a look. If you're already making use of the app, go ahead and grab the update.

More information/Download 360 Panorama




Posted via CB10


No video demo??
Come to think of it. I'm not sure what you guys think but I've always wonder why developers are leaving $$ on the table. Why? With the exception of the big name developers, I'm yet to see a other developer puts together a nice demo to promote their own app(s). They seem to think that "just building a good app" is all they need to know. Maybe for a few these is the case, but not for most. They leave themselves at the mercy reviews who, even if well intentioned, can't possibly know the app better than the themselves.
Granted, programming is NOT the same as selling. But you gotto do, what you gotto do to grow your business.
Juzt sayin'!!


Agreed. Demo vids would be very helpful.

Posted via CB10


I'm glad they made an update. It works even better.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 L.E.



Posted via CB10


You mean upcoming release of BlackBerry 10.1 right?

Posted via CB10


Fir....... ha. I enjoy this app. The only problem was the price and mastering taking the actual pictures. Hope the update eases the learning curve.

Posted via CB10


Great app. I was impressed and so are the folks I've shared it with.

Posted via CB10


Hmm. Just updated but after one use it no longer starts up. It just hangs on the opening screen now.

Posted via CB10


Restart the Z10?

Posted via CB10


Uninstalled, then reinstalled. Still no luck. The app would reach the launch screen and sit there for a while then crash. I restarted the Z10 and it launched once and worked fine, but then wouldn't start up a second time. I'm going to avoid using the app until another patch comes out as it's not worth restarting the Z10 every time I want to use it. This is very odd, since QNX is supposed to guarantee that all programs have self contained drivers and memory usage and should clean up after themselves upon crashes or closures.


Uninstalled, then reinstalled. Still no luck. The app would reach the launch screen and sit there for a while then crash. I restarted the Z10 and it seems to be working again, but for how long...

Posted via CB10


I needed to reboot the device too. Now it seems to work :)


Glad they updated, been having a few problems when my panorama was enhancing it would shut suddenly and i would lose the picture which was annoying when I was trying to take a quick one of the Berlin Wall!

Posted via CB10


Still disappointed that there's no stereographic projection option like the iPhone/Android versions of the app.


Update has made a poor app even worse.
I start to pan. It takes a picture every 3 seconds for the first 3. Then goes all weird. Delayed picture taking and unusable pictures result.

Posted via CB10


I like this app, have had some great results to share with others . Would like to see brightening feature added to the video portion of the app in future updates if at all possible please. It has been fun. Thanks. Sorry to hear about the bugs some people have been experiencing.

Posted via CB10


I haven't had a single problem from the start with the app but like someone else said, it's extremely irritating that the app costs 4x more than the iPhone/Android versions yet offer less features. No stereographic projection and you can't even share the panos you make except with BBM contacts which I only have like 3 left of.

Posted via CB10


Just tried the app out. Seems to be working a lot smother now but we'll see once I put it through some more cycles.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10


Glad it's a native app. I'll buy it on my next trip.

Posted via CB10


New update crashes app when saving photos

Posted via CB10


Does anyone know if a panorama feature will be included in the camera in a future OS update?

Posted via CB10


This is working smoother than before but now when I'm taking a panaramic shot, after about 3/4 of the shot the grid starts moving the opposite way that I'm turning the camera rendering my shots useless.

Anyone else seeing this?

Bill Berleth

This is pretty dumb but kinda sad that the developers are slicing into BlackBerry users. $3.99 for this app may seem like an average standard for BlackBerry but the same exact app is free in the iphone.

Posted via CB10


I wish the would update where it would be clean and stay in spot so the pic isn't all sloppy and bad :(

Posted via CB10 using BlackBerry Z10.


Nice fix! But still problems with gyroscope detecting were it is sometimes. I wonder if an update is needed to address this issue with the gyroscope for the BlackBerry 10 or is it the 360 panorama app?

Posted via CB10


I love this app.

Posted via CB10


Doesn't install or update on BB 10.1.