360 Panorama from Occipital brings amazing panoramic photos to BlackBerry 10

360 Panorama
By Adam Zeis on 23 Mar 2013 09:22 am EDT

Last year at BlackBerry World (now BlackBerry Live) we saw quite a few BlackBerry 10 demos during the keynote, one of which was a sweet panoramic camera app. While we originally thought the feature might be built in to BlackBerry 10, it turns out it's a standalone app from a company called Occipital. Called 360 Panorama, it's a simple app that lets you take amazing 360 degree panoramic photos on your BlackBerry 10 device.

It's dead simple to use - just tap the button to start snapping then move your device around to capture the photo. The app stitches the image together along the grid making for a seamless picture. You can export the photos for sharing, but viewing them within the app is where it's at. You can scroll around the entire photo and even pan up and down to take it all in. 360 Panorama is truly a great app and I can't wait to try it out even more.

You can grab it now in BlackBerry World for $3.99. If you do, be sure to hit up the forums and share your creations!

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360 Panorama from Occipital brings amazing panoramic photos to BlackBerry 10


That's what I thought!... But it isn't. :-( I just bought it and tried it out doing exactly what I wanted it for, taking 360s of retail environments. The app locks up frequently, often immediately upon starting to capture. It also lags and loses it's orientation repeatedly causing it to overlap existing areas with photos from a completely different direction.

I had such high hopes for this app and was waiting for it ever since it was demoed. But as far as I can tell, it's near useless.

I've used it and am not having the troubles you are. I would suggest that as you turn go slowly and pause at two squares of the grid at a time until you see it render those squares and then keep going.

Yours is the only negative review on BlackBerry world thus far, so it might be safe to assume user error for the time being.

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Thanks for the feedback, dusdal. I'm not being a negative Nancy, there are actually 3 other reviews that gave the app a worse rating than I did. :-)

I've been able to get some panoramas, but it's definitely finicky about the speed at which you turn, and is still relatively unstable in my opinion. Unfortunately, even when a successful panoramic image is achieved, the stitching is hugely lacking. I can understand if I were taking a picture of clouds or something, but I'm taking pictures of a sales floor filled with straight lines that should give the app perfect guides for stitching. Sadly, it just doesn't do a great job, especially if doing more than one pass to fill the grid(expand the field of view).

This app is fine for vacation snapshots etc, but I couldn't recommend it for professional uses such as creating panoramas of retail spaces/home tours for websites etc. Not to mention, the BlackBerry version of the app only lets you send 360s to BBM users... What's up with that? Not sure how I could get a 360 off the phone to put on a website even if the panoramas were perfect.

Anyhoo... I won't ask for my money back, but I will hope and pray for significant improvements.

Aybe it wasn't meant for your uses and possibly, you thought it would exceed everything you expected from it. No need to leave bad reviews, just mentioning what needs improvement is what needed to be done.

If a review is accurate and can help others will their purchasing decision, and does not come across as an attack, then I think it's both constructive while being negative. Some developers welcome such.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

I'm with you. I don't mind paying for the app, but seriously I haven't been seeing very many apps being released with an affordable price tag - leave alone free. Every app is above $2-$3.

Previous os was. 99c styled apps, but now even the toilet paper is going for $2 minimum. What gives?

To the guys who will tell me to "Stop Whining" - I'm not whining that it has a price tag, I'm just expressing the fact that they have a higher than normal or higher than expected pricetag.

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They wont, I wont and you know why is that?...i guess not.
Ill tell you: Because users/"customers" like you dont mind if theres an app or not for BB like Popular apps on Android or iOS. Do you pay for the Panoramic option on iPhone? NO!...they dont pay for most popular Apps right now and thats because is not about whats better sometimes, is about what people would like to get for FREE. I wonder if Oovoo, Skype, Tango and few more apps like that will be 100% free...can u imagine that u have to pay for the full version of those apps on BB world?? I CANT...think about it.

How exactly is $4 not affordable?

It is $4 to add functionality to your $700 phone, and do something that was impossible 10 years ago...

fair play to you, especially as the 810i didn't go on sale until 2006, which unless my maths if failing me is 7 years ago.

Well, wouldn't we all like something for nothing. Seriously, if people gripe about having to pay less for an app as good as this than you would for a one off coffee from Starbucks then all I can say is get back to the USSR comrade!

Sheesh! ; )

Posted via CB10 via my awesome Zed (or is that Zee?)10

Thanks for the feedback, Justin. I tried several times indoors and even went outdoors just in case. It failed completely or produced a horrible result each time. Usually half way or so through a 360, the app starts to get disoriented and/or stops taking pictures. I've yet to get one clean 360, and that's not even including facing the camera up and down to get a bigger field of view.

I also tried removing and reinstalling the app as well as rebooted my phone, no help.

Hi Brian. I wish there were a more polite way to say this, but your comment is ridiculous. So, as in my situation, unique or otherwise, if a paid app fails miserably out of the gate... I should just shut-up and move on? What exactly do you think ratings are for?? I depend on them when purchasing apps as do others. How does only posting positive reviews help anyone other than the developer's ego? How is the developer supposed to know improvements are needed if users only blow sunshine up their wazoos?

And to be clear, the app is(well, should be) for me! If it worked like the demos on their site, where the app produces perfect 360s and can be embedded in websites, that's exactly what I want. Guess I'm crazy for wanting it to work as advertised.

I didn't mean to make it seem that way, sometimes it's difficult to tell who's (in a legitimate way) actually playing or being honest. Apologies if I didn't comee off the right way and no, nobody has to shut up and leave. That was wrong of me to say that.

Can you delete the app and try to install it again?
Restart your device before reinstalling.
After restart, give your device sometimes to settle down before opening bbworld.

Good luck!

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Off topic question, is there a wikitude typa app available for the z10?! Yet?!


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Nope, no idea if there will be a wikitude app for the Z10. Makes me wonder if they are developing a native version seeing as it was on the 9900 and previous devices.

Haha. Exactly! Why do people feel entitled to free things? Whoever made this app put in their time and work to bring it to us and instead of commending them for making a BB10 app, you piss and moan how it should be free? The developer deserves to be compensated for their work. They have to make a living. And chances are you've spent $4+ on lunch so spending the money for a quality app is more of an investment.

Absolutely. No doubt this app works good and I'm glad it's native, however, this should be "Baked" in from the get go.

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agreed!! not because i'm too cheap to pay $4 but because they need as many "wow" factors as they can get to sell the phone/OS

Just downloaded it and its so damn smooth and fluid. Very impressed as its made natively with cascades so even better. Not sure if its worth the $4 or £2.50 that i paid for it because in all honesty, this is something that should have been baked into the camera and OS from the word go.

But other than that, its a brilliant app.

on the other side what will happen if BB put up everything in the os from beginning? beside that OS10 will never be finished and released course there will always be something to add... they will never give dev's a room to work and make money.....this is the way how the "app eco system" will get bigger and better...
i got my lovely Z10 for 2 weeks and i spend 50€ for apps and games so far....only way to go

Just to add to what you are saying, the Time Shift feature was built into the OS, yet I am sure many people would have paid for it. In the end, you simply cannot build everything into a new generation OS!

Panorama (not 360) was announced as going to be a part of OS before Z10 was released, as it is (and very good too) on iPhone. But of a let down it wasn't / isn't there.

On subject of paid apps, they should be very good since there are great free apps on iPhone, Android & BlackBerry.

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Hey Spawn. You never experienced any problems with the app? You were able to successfully capture several 360s without the camera getting disoriented or the app freezing up??? If so, WTF is wrong with my app/phone?!?! Grrr.... Seriously, I want this app to work so much but it just won't.

Mine is very smooth, what version of OS do you have,
Also you might want to try to restart your phone, just in case

Thanks for the reply, Calvin.

Z10STL100-3 / Which I believe is the latest, for Telus anyway.

Oh trust me, I've restarted my phone, several times. haha I'm going to try the app in different environments over the next day or two. Although it wants to choke when shooting a retail environment where the walls are covered in eyeglass frames, it did "okay" outdoors. I wonder if the complexity of the surroundings affects anything.

Works great. I don't mind paying for it. I just wish it would add a link in the regular camera beside the other camera options for quick access if you're taking other types of photos.

via CB10 on Z10

That would be something to email the developer about. I emailed them about something and they were extremely quick to respond, especially for a Friday night.

The answer to your question I think once the user base of Os 10 increases, the prices will drop...economies of scale mm if you have 10 million users of the z10 will help lowering prices...my es mm the prices are slightly steep and developers know that BlackBerry users pay premium opposite to android users...
Thanks spawn.. let's hope the wikitude app is out soon prior to summer when people travel mostly!

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Nice version. When will we be able to post the Pano's to the 360 Website, like I can on the Android/iOS versions ?

Before iOS 6 I bought this app for. 99cents, it's still. 99cents in the app store. Why is it so expensive in BlackBerry World?

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I can't tell you how the price was set. And I don't really know about the iOS App. But I think, as others have also pointed out already, it's a fair price if you keep in mind the work the developers put in it.

Besides, does the iOS App also support the 360 degree option?

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I bet people would gladly pay for the Time Shift feature on IOS6. It may be gimmicky, but ultimately isn't the panoramic feature also? I would use it a few times a year at best.

I think it's because the app developers want to hit the $1000 mark to qualify for the $10,000 guarantee from BlackBerry. Once they hit the mark, you'll see their app prices come down.

Ok. Umm. HUH?? What am I missing? I was under the impression this app was built for the Z10. Am I high or something?

I picks this up last night. It's an amazing app and I know not everyone will buy it at 4 bucks but I still think everyone should. I was literally blown away by how nice this app is to use. Worth every penny to me and I don't even think I'm a big picture taking person.

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Come on Sasktel push out the BB10 of upgrade so we can get this app. Tired of the not available for your device message in BlackBerry World.

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Very happy to have a panoramic camera app for the Z10. I do wish it was baked into the camera but it's better then mot having it at all. My brother recently went to iPhone and he has been holding the panoramic camera over my head since I got the Z10. Well now I can have it too.

IMO, I don't care how much it costs, as long as it is a native app and it is a quality app I'm going to pay for it. What bothers me are the low quality ported apps that are just as "pricey". You mean you want me to "fully support " you, but you give me a "Half-assed" app?!

I'd pay twice that price for such a great app. I want BlackBerry World to be the most lucrative app store out there. That's how we'll continue to get the amazing apps. It's the only way in fact. Whiners are just one more manifestation of this entitled generation.

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Just bought it, two pounds isn't bad for how much work has been out into this app, considering also that some apps are going for more than are a lot simpler.

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Bought it good app worth the money.

Was free on ios and android when I used then, but expensive in BlackBerry world the devs taking advantage us all.

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Great app worth the money.

Was free on ios and android to bad not here.

Devs taking advantage is all.

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The only thing holding me back from buying this app is the fact that it is not incorporated with the native camera app for BlackBerry. Like someone else said in here, would love an icon to access it directly from the camera app, beside time shift.

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Lemme see now, one app per week gives me 52 by year end, probably more than I will actually buy, and at 4$ each that's 57 cents per day. Not too expensive I 'd say. I'll buy this one.

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The only thing holding me back from buying this app is the fact that it is not integrated with the native camera app. Like someone else said in here, I would love if it could be accessed from the camera app, having and icon beside time shift. I would definitely buy it then. It shouldn't be that hard to do. I just don't want another app just to take panoramic shots, have it built in the native camera app.

Posted via CB10

Make sure you pick up your marbles before you stomp back to mommy.

And to everyone complaining that this isn't part of BB10... let me see... this app is built into iOS... oh wait. OK, so it is built into Android... oops. Why is it such a show stopper for so many that a paid app on the other platforms isn't a free built-in on BB10?

As for the price, yes, it is higher than on the other platforms, but is $4 really going to wipe out your college fund? It amazes me that many will happily spend $6 on a fancy latte at Starbucks, but grumble over a $4 price for something they'll use again and again.

Posted via CB10

You sir should stop accusing people of being brainwashed because you don't have any god damn idea what it is even LIKE to be brainwashed by CULTS (moonies, scientology, etc.) And also, stop bashing people. Start making a damn app and then you'll know how hard it is.

Speaking of CULTS, you sound like the leader, trying to tell people what to and what not to say and do, and with so much aggression. .

Not stooping to your level. Why are you here? To bash? Trolling with intent sucks. At least a majority of us don't do that....

Maybe because the fine folks at BlackBerry decided that it was more worthwhile to devote their time to developing differentiating features that stand out from the crowd -- eg. TimeShift?
Now that the product is out the door, I expect to see more "me too" features over the coming months.

How about the fine folks at BlackBerry provide all the basic features and then some differentiating features.

This app is kick ass, i wanted it soon as i saw the demo last year.
I was hoping that BB was going to collaborate with Occipital to have this app integrated into a camera as a feature but I guess that would make camera app pretty complex.

See my post just above. I'm having a problem accidentally pulling the context menu, in this case posting an empty comment, in other cases giving accidental likes. Anyone else?

On the topic of this app, I bought it and think it's great, but not without a few challenges. I do get the problems where there are gaps in the stitching, or its not seamless. However I'm not sure how quickly I should move either so I'm going to continue to test.

I wish there was a help file and that it was integrated into the camera app. I am willing for pay for quality native apps.

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At best this should be free.
I want my money back.
It takes discrete snaps and knits them together not very well. I don't remember someone doing this with an iphone having the same result.

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Great app! Worth the $4.51 CDN I paid. That said it retails for $0.99 in the iOS store, so there is quite a bit of disparity in the pricing. Is this the cost of brining it to BB10?

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No, I think it's the incentive of the $10,000 guarantee that apps are priced higher so they can get to the $1000 qualifying threshold much easier. After that, hopefully the prices will come back down.

Why they keep doing this to ous the blackberry fans, this app for apple cost 0.99 cents, and for ous 3.99, hope they see soon this platform is ready to everybody come alone

I was able to figure Hugin out on my own after playing with it a bit. Any panorama involves taking a series of anywhere from 2 to 15 pictures (the 15 is arbitrary but I found turning about 25 degrees between pictures works well so a full 360 degree panorama would use 14-15 pictures). The sequence of pictures can be around the edge of any plane.

The image in my link above used six overlapping photos to cover an arc of 150 degrees. To take that 150 degree series you must turn from left to right using the horizon as a reference. You actually take five turns - after taking the first image so 5 x 25 (degrees) = 150 degrees. You need to do this carefully by facing the middle of the arc that you plan to use. You hold the camera squarely at eye level and practice twisting the torso to the left where the first of the six images will be shot. Because all of your movement will come from a twisting motion from left to right your horizon should stay in the same place for the series. The software corrects for parallex errors and vertical displacements and also white balance is normalized to the first image - so the resulting panorama is completely seamless. All you do is feed your six images into one end of Hugin to create the panorama (this is actually a two step process). The results are quite amazing to me. Panoramas need to be displayed at full screen width to be fully appreciated.

I downloaded and it works way better than I expected. 100% satisfied. Not glitzy very smooth awesome app didn't mind spending the money at all.

Posted via CB10

Yeah having the same lock up issues as described by some users. Also, the final image (if you save it as an image) is pretty low quality.

It is a good start though. Maybe hopefully one day after issues are fixed, it will be able to compete with the Android panaroma feature in their camera.

Let's hope with all the feedback, the developer patches the issues.

National Rail Times App for BB10 - http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/20352963/?countrycode=GB

I would buy it for $4 if they weren't ashamed of it, and that's the truth... if you go to their website they profile the iOS and android versions with links to iTunes App Store and Google Play, with device mock ups showing screen shots, but no love for Z10 and no mention of BB10 version and obviously no link to BBWorld.

If they were willing to out all three platforms side by side as equals, even though iOS and Android versions are only $1, I would pay $4 as a show of support... but nooooope.

Posted via CB10

I paid the 4$ and im not too impressed idk if it's just my phone, ive never had problems with other apps, but when I'm turning it loses its orientation and fucks up the picture. Not what I was expecting and I've done a battery pull and still not working properly. Idk but hopefully they fix it in an update

Posted on my Z10

I've been waiting for an app like this for awhile and although I'm happy to have it, there are some glitches. I've only tried it a few times but almost every time I have, the app either freezes or doesn't capture all the frames. I've had to restart the app or delete the image and start over. It's not consistent, but great when it does work.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

I cant get this thing to work at all....camera is glitchy as hell lol. i hope they update cause as of right now it doesnt really do what it says.

Posted via CB10

Runs perfectly, did crash once but after that it runs flawlessly. I don't mind paying 4 bucks for a quality app we've been waiting for like this. Great job occipital and keep moving BBRY!


Sent from my Z10 posted using the CB10.

Just downloaded it. I tried it out in my living room it works perfectly but you have to go slow. I plan on trying this out when I visit the Grand Canyon next week.

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Anyone having serious battery issues with this app? I went from 75% to 45% after shooting 1 panorama and my phone got very hot very quickly

Posted via CB10

Come back 10 years time it will be free. People pay for a cup of coffee more than this app. And you ended up pissing it off anyway. The app will stay there for a lot longer. So do the math!

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I like this app! Very easy to use and it actually combines the pictures very good, tested it indoors.

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Initially this was shown as being a part of the BlackBerry10 camera along with time shift. I was curious as to why it wasn't there at launch but it all makes sense now.

Out of curiosity, where did you see panorama shown-off with time-shift?
I don't remember Panorama ever being publicized. I know Occipital demo'd this at BB Jam in Orlando last May, but I don't recall seeing any RIM material claiming this would be part of the OS.

I also know there was a panorama demo on the Playbook at the same conference. No one involved ever claimed it was a launch-day feature though.

I bought it for my new z10. It crashed 8of10 tries. If not fixed soon, I want my money back.

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In BlackBerry world it seems like all the negative comments are the later ones, all early comments are very positive. Maybe the dev changed something??

Posted via CB10

Love the app but it has been crashing many times on processing of a panorama, any update in sight?

Posted via CB10

Does anyone know if there is a way to use the camera flash with this app? Pictures are a bit on the dark side and normal pictures with the camera are fine.

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I bought it and Like it very much, would like an update to share the 360's via email so that I could make a database out of them to look at later. Also a zoom feature would be nice and a hd option. Keep the updates coming. found it very easy to use but an instructions splash screen would definitely be a bonus for your app and help out people who would otherwise complain about lack of instructions. I gave it 5 stars.

Price is to high. I hope BlackBerry will add price filters..otherwise the app store will fail.

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To share the 360 via BBM does the other person have to have the app?

Tried twice to send to non app bbm'ers and they got error messages.

Posted via CB10

No..I sent mine (2) via BBM to my daughter on another continent and she was impressed with them on her Bold 9900, of course they are flat..like a tape...
I also sent one to my wife's BB9900 BBM to verify results locally and it came in as a long strip that you can see in the regular screen and you can pinch and zoom to get a larger look at it..scroll from one side to the other...
Worked perfectly
...I also posted a pic in the Forum Link Above...this is the scroll pic that would show up on the BB9900's
of course in the APP it looks amazing because it rolls around ...

check it out..it was my first panorama shot outside and I think it went extremely well...

Here is the Forum Link:

See POST #65

I've been waiting for this app since it was demoed at BlackBerry World last year.

Downloaded it last night... showed it off... everyone was amazed :)


I just installed it and it works ok. What I've noticed is that it works best if you rotate the phone on it's axis as opposed to moving around in a circular motion, if you move around it looses it location.

Posted via CB10

Exactly. Hold it close to your face and spin around its axis. Also try different angles (up and down) . If it's dark, turn pause turn pause and repeat as necessary.

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I haven't been able to download it. It says it's unavailable for my device. Using the Z10 on Verizon.
In fact, I am unable to search for it in BB World and could only access it from the link on this article.

I've tried it several times and it starts well, but it just decides to freeze and jump around. This is after taking one picture. What fix does this need??

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