32GB and 64GB MicroSD cards are insanely cheap today on Amazon

Save a boatload on a new MicroSD card
By Derek Kessler on 31 Jul 2014 10:08 am EDT

Transcend MicroSD cards are on sale today only at Amazon. You can grab a Transcend 32GB MicroSDHC Class 10 (with adapter) for $13.99 (that's 63% off) or a Transcend 64GB MicroSDXC card (also with adapter) for $28.99 (42% off). If you've been wanting to increase the storage space of your smartphone, today might be a good day to make that purchase. Added bonus: they both come in "frustration-free" packaging, trading the irritating blister plastic packaging for a simple paperboard sleeve.

Additionally, a few of Transcend's standard full-size SD cards are on sale, as are their USB drives (that 128GB drive has been knocked down by 74%), and a pair of ruggedized USB 3.0 external hard drives. And if you happen to own an older MacBook Air or Retina MacBook Pro, Transcend's SSD upgrade kits have been reduced by up to 33% and their SD slot 128GB expansion cards for Macs are going for just $64.99. Check them out at the source link below.

These prices are good for today and today only, though, so if you're looking to buy, we suggest you do so shortly. If not, you can always check out our own store's selection of MicroSD cards for savings every day.

Source: Amazon

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32GB and 64GB MicroSD cards are insanely cheap today on Amazon


no no, it's ok, in your hurried attempted to make sure you were first and to say one... you didn't mention if you were getting the 32gb or 64gb... Next time, don't try to act a fool ok ;)

CB First patrol back in action!

Irony here is the user actually commented on the article in some form. You however did not, and now tell them they are acting foolish. C'mon maaannnn

Btw the cards look super cheap. Would love to hear feedback from anyone that's used em re:quality/reliability.

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I've tried the class 4 cards. They seem okay, but my music got corrupted twice. It was the 16gb version. But if its a higher end model, I think it should be fine.

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You did the same thing when posting a comment to another article. That makes your comments in this section look like sour grapes 'cuz you didn't get to be first.

Really, give it a rest.

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I'll give it a rest when the silly people stop trying to be clever saying first. I might be annoying, but really the internet is better without the stupid losers who think it's cool to say first or reference being the first one to comment on an article.

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This has become kind of a CrackBerry ritual!

I'm OK with the odd first and also the First Police comments, :-) just wouldn't miss it, too amusing as long as the conversation stays socially acceptable...

Keep going guys... (now I'll cop flak from those who don't want to read through the argument every time... ) LOL

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It's none of your fucking business what he buys. He said he is buying 1, as in quantity.

Get a fucking life and stop spamming these comments. You are a troll and an asshole.

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what are you sore that they never said first? grow up man. You are the worst part of coming to this site. It seems that nobody can comment or at the very least be the First one to comment without your usual drivel being flung at them. You're a fool. Give it up already

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My question as well - I usually stick with Kingston - if anything ever goes wrong (and tit rarely does) - one phone call and 10 minutes later I get tracking on a cross shipped replacement.

Transcend memory cards have worked well for me. Other Transcend products, like card readera, have not. Stay away from their non-memory card products.

All 64GB HDHC micro card are cheap now, for nearly all brands except the SanDisk ones that can operate at -30 degrees Celcius.

It's right before a new generation arrives anyway.

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I got it in canada.... List Price: $49.99
Price: $28.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35. Details
You Save: $21.00 (42%)
In Stock.
Ships from and sold by Amazon.com in easy-to-open packaging. Gift-wrap available.
This item ships to St. John's, Canada

And they are not sending to uk... suckerd

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Ooops. Sends to uk.

Just ordered 32 gb :))

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It's also posted on their Channels. C0028F4B5. It'll be good if this is also mentioned to show Channels activity.

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It would make more sense to let folks know that this is only available in the U.S.

Toronto is the city that I rep, give respect.

Those prices are available in all Amazon local stores. Including Canada and France.

It is the price of all 64GB microSD cards that was lowered last month. For all brands.

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This is nor cheap neither news, and it's only avaliable in U.S gees have ye no mods or have ye mods no shame. can't see how this has any relevance as a top-story on crackberry

y'all are lazy, no one bothered to try ordering off amazon.com for shipping to canada and just complain instead? It's $5 to ship to toronto for me.

Transcend 32 GB MicroSDHC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card with Adapter is $21 at amazon.ca which is $19 US and it's the everyday price. So if $14 is 63% off in the US they have been paying too much to start with.

This is not a deal. I've been paying less than sixty cents per Gig for the last year - for name brand class 10 UHS-1 micro cards.

At forty-five cents per Gig for an off brand card - I'll pass.

What would get me excited would be to see a 128 Gig Kingston or SanDisk card for sixty cents per Gig. That's a sale.

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Hmm, just $69.99 for 128GB,...

I wonder if this would work in BlackBerry 10 devices?????

Z10, *.3175, 3500 MaH Btry - Posted via CB10

Really? We have them but not up to that usage yet, won't be long though, we will see how it goes past 64GB, however we do hook up to external 1TB powered drive with no issues.

Z30 144GB

I'll stick to my 13x 8GB usb drives, and 32GB microSDHC and other microSD/SD/MiniSD and CF cards until they no longer work. :)

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