3 Year Old Girl Calls 911 For Mom on BlackBerry

By Devin Kent on 25 Jun 2008 02:20 am EDT
911 BlackBerry CallThree year old Madelyn Eaves was able to get rescuers to her mother with the help of a little song and her mother's BlackBerry. Jessica Eaves taught the song "911 green" to her daughter in case of emergencies. When she collapsed from a condition called vasovogal syncope, Madelyn dialed 911 and hit the green call button, then was able to direct dispatchers to the house using descriptions of her surroundings. The year before, Madelyn had gotten help with another little song, "green green green." When Jessica collapsed, Madelyn repeated the steps, which called the last person Jessica had dialed and allowed them to get help. It's certainly nice to know BlackBerries are so easy to use, and a very ingenious idea from a dedicated mother.

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3 Year Old Girl Calls 911 For Mom on BlackBerry


Bravo Madelyn Eaves!

If I had the means, I would put this little girl through medical school when she grew up. Hats off to her mom as well for simplifing their lifes.

Kids can learn anything if you put it in the right context.

And as a plug for BlackBerry on being uber user friendly, "So easy even a 3 year old can use it!"

Great job, little Madelyn!

I saw the news report on yahoo news. Her phone is a Blackjack2, not a BB.

Still, that's a smart woman to teach her child that song. Way to go! :)

its good to see a 3 year old learning a simple task that actually saved a life.

Score another point for the blackberry over the iphone! :)