3 New T-Mobile Pearl 8120 Colors Coming October 15th

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Sep 2008 11:16 am EDT

New Pearl Colors

Back on August 8th BlackBerryNews reported that T-Mobile would soon be launching three new colors of BlackBerry Pearl in the months ahead. The original rumored colors were Tahitian Green, Inidigo and Light Blue.

Today the rumor got an update, with the BoyGenius bringing word that the three new colors, now going by the names of Frost, Black Emerald and Indigo will launch on October 15th. To get a better look at the new colors, check out the images after the jump. They are from the leaked BB Curve/Pearl Palette Pipeline post we made a few weeks back.

New Colors Frost is the Light Blue, Indigo the Purple

Pearl ColorsAnd a look at Black Emerald

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Reader comments

3 New T-Mobile Pearl 8120 Colors Coming October 15th


Since T-Mobile is getting the new Kickstart (Pearl) why would they even push these? I have a feeling these are headed for the Blackberry Museum. Or, is this a way to get rid of the stock they committed to with RIM... just paint them different colors and dump the heck out of them!

These colours are all very...muted. RIM has to learn from services such as Colorware and BeckyMae's popularity- people are looking to get away from the "not black but still very respectable" colours! Yes dark blue, green, grey, red, orange...are all still very "corporate".

I'm not saying do away with the black and grey for the business consumer, but give us normal-word BB users something to have fun with!

i really hope they come out with the amethyst one. ive been trying to get the amethyst housing kit for months and no one has it in stock.