3 New BlackBerry Pearl Colors Available From T-Mobile

By James Falconer on 12 Sep 2007 12:34 pm EDT

T-Mobile Now Offers 5 Colors for the BlackBerry PearlToday we were tipped (Thanks kasperapd!) that T-Mobile is now offering 3 new colors for the BlackBerry Pearl... So, I went and checked it out, and what do you know, there they are!

You can grab a pearl from T-Mobile in white, blue, red, gold and the traditional black right now. All models are available from their website.

The gold is looking mighty nice... Maybe I'll pick one up for myself :P 

Check out the New BlackBerry Pearl Colors at T-Mobile

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3 New BlackBerry Pearl Colors Available From T-Mobile


I saw the gold a few weeks back and thought "ew" - I think it looks like a totally different phone in gold. It makes me think of my old Barbie stuff - the fake electronics were always that funky gold!

Now that you mention it, I also had a Nokia 3390 years back in that shade. Ha!

i've read a few places that the new pearls also have increased functionality, only to compete with the latest and greatest smartphones and handhelds here and there. there isn't much new; but one thing that jumps out, according to reports is the HTML Web Browsing capability that was a hair fleshy in the previous model. One can assume that this update was to compete with the likes of the outrageous new iPhones and soon the Moto Q9h. Who knows.