3 New Colors Coming to T-Mobile BlackBerry 8120 Pearls

3 New T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl Colors!
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Aug 2008 12:24 pm EDT

Mikeypants has put together a nice recap of T-Mobile's BlackBerry roadmap, which includes some new news... most notably, three new colors of BlackBerry Pearl that will be introduced over the next few months. The images above are photoshop estimations, but the names of the new colors are Tahitian Green, Inidigo and Light Blue. We also have some Software, Release Date and T-Mobile Marketing details after the jump, so read on!

T-Mobile BlackBerry Smartphone Release Dates
It looks like the 8220 flip phone is still on track for a late September/early October launch (I'm gonna hope RIM is early and it hits early/mid September... T-Mobile needs a new toy already!!) and the Javelin should be available in later Novemember/early December. 

Device OS Software
According to mikeypants,

All of the models scheduled for the second-half of 2008 will feature at least OS 4.5 - the BlackBerry 8220 will feature OS 4.6.0 and the Javelin will feature OS 4.6.1. For the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 devices, this marks a definitive move towards OS 4.5 for T-Mobile USA, who has been one of the more quiet juggernauts with regards to the updated device software. 

T-Mobile Marketing
We saw in Will.I.Am's latest video that T-Mobile is working hard to get their message out there, and they have to in order to prevent their users from defecting to AT&T for the Bold or iPhone 3G. With no 3G BlackBerry apparently slated until late 2009, Mikepants says we can expect to see T-Mobile pushing the following in the months ahead:

  • Benefits of BlackBerry applications such as Google Maps, Facebook, XM Satellite Radio, and the upcoming SlingPlayer for BlackBerry which enables users to watch their TV from anywhere they have a data connection.
  • Convenience of using the internet anywhere for instant updates on news, weather, markets, and sports
  • Games for BlackBerry
  • Ability to sync a BlackBerry with iTunes
  • Potential savings from subscribing to T-Mobile's HotSpot and UMA package
  • A more personal sales approach in stores as the rep evaluatates the needs of the customer 

That's all folks. Check out the source post here. 

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3 New Colors Coming to T-Mobile BlackBerry 8120 Pearls


Why can't they have colors like black, red, blue, like the 8100. I think every BlackBerry should have a black color version.

The google phone is coming to tmobile soon folks.. and just because other companies are releasing new models before tmobile don't under estimate..T-Mobile was the first to release my faves, UMA calling with hotspots and home phone voip service for just $10 not to mention their new family allowances feature that lets you set restrictions on users min usage by time of day, amount of minutes, call blocking, sms restrictions and amt of downloads. There 7 JD Power awards for customer service also helps so its just not all about the phones people!

lol... thanks!!! Work was rough all week and I've needed a good laugh. Your message reads like you are the dumb$#@ executive at T-Mo USA that is selecting these horrible phones or creating/marketing the services you mentioned.

Seriously, T-Mobile does suck and if it wasn't for my plan, which you can't get anymore, I would have bolted long ago. Whether you like it or not, the phones are the candy in the front window that gets people in and into contracts (BOTTOM LINE). All that other crap you mentioned are the draps around the windows that contains the candy.

When you go to Best Buy and see and top shelf LCD/Plasma on display (the window) the tv-stand is secondary. If they can get the customer into a tv (the candy) then the tv stand (the curtains) will almost sell itself.

If you want a cell phone example, then one word "iPhone". Not a practical business phone, but it locked into a boat load of revenue! No one cared about the misc. services... they wanted the phone.

If you do work for T-Mo; ask yourself this question.
1) Am I happy with being #4? If the answer is yes, then you are doing things right, a bit backwards, but right for a #4 spot... I guess.

I have to say that when I called T-Mobile the other night concerning my minutes, the CS Rep immediately ran an inquiry that showed I am using my 8820 at least 70% at home. So switching to HotSpot@Home made perfect sense. All-in-all, it saves me around $20 a month or $240 a year on my charges. Not bad. We are going to monitor it and see if next month I can go to an even cheaper plan and save an additional $10 a month.. for a total of $360 a year. Not a huge amount of money... but it makes one car payment! I am not sure any other carrier would guide you to a lower cost plan at any time. So kudos to T-Mobile for hitting the mark on Customer Service.

Now all we need is the official release of OS 4.5! Which by-the-way, the CS Rep told me they are getting a huge amount of calls on everyday. So hopefully someone is listening and will let loose with the goods soon!!

Just so you know, you using UMA saves T-Mobile also, since piping your calls over the internet is one less phone on their towers. Not to say it's a bad thing, but don't think you're the only one benefiting.

at&t and vzw might be getting the bold and the thunder but i don't know one person that loves the service they offer. the only thing at&t has going for them is the iphone, and if they get the bold, for some reason i think they will have a conflict of interest. the people at apple should look into this but i think they signed a another contract with at&t. the bold might mean bad news for the iphone. vzw customers...all i have to say is good luck. i had vzw for 2 years too long. i was never satisfied with the service and when i got the phone bill, i was almost always surprised. vzw needs to get the exclusive phones because they have to get the consumers focus off of their rate plan prices. but back to the new colors.....the blue one is cool but i have the 1st generation dark blue pearl and it looks the same. the black one is cool because it adds a sense of class. and the light blue just looks good and a great color addition to the rainbow of colors they have already.