24 Hours to Go... I want the BlackBerry 10!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jan 2013 10:07 am EST

The big day is almost here!!! If you're anxiously waiting for BlackBerry 10, be sure to chime in on the comments to this blog post or hang out on our official BB10 waiting room thread, where you can win great prizes!

Remember to be back on CrackBerry tomorrow morning for 10am ET, when things get REALLY REALLY REAL. 

CrackBerry's BlackBerry 10 Waiting Room Thread

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24 Hours to Go... I want the BlackBerry 10!


I want to fas forward to tomorrow. Crappy thing is my company has a breakfast meeting tomorrow. Going to be tricky to catch all the news.

I'm not sure what I'm more excited about...BB10, or Kevin getting a haircut!!! :)

kidding...BB10 of course!! Hard to believe it's finally here!

Me toooooo. I am so excited. I cannot wait. Telus is driving me crazy not having a pre-order system in place.

I tried calling Rogers today to see if they have any info on BB10's and they were totally clueless, I had received a text from them saying I had a free upgrade and nobody seemed to know how to transfer me to a rep that could help me out. I must say that their customer service is the worst. iwill get my Z10 and hopefully by Saturday as its my Bday. I cant wait to get my hands on that sexy bit of kit.

Argh. I can't afford to be part of the BB10 revolution for a good while yet, but me and my Bold will be locked right here tomorrow since I work midnights and will have nothing but time to check out the updates! Man I was tempted to use my feeble tax return to pick one up too, but too many damn debt collectors after me for that kind of thing. Still, those of us on the OUTER-RIM (haha) are excited for the future of BB as well. Hope you guys post some video of the unveiling, or if by some chance you get to have a chat with Thorsten. At any rate: Rock it out Kevin!

Cat with VZW rep yesterday reveiled NOTHING abiut when they will carry it. Sooooooooooo EXITED about the release but when will I be able to get my White Z10??????

My company made the move from Lotus Notes to Google Apps for email last year, and chucked the BES in favor of phones that could sync to Google Apps without a middleman. I tried the iPhone, then a Droid Razr Maxx, but ultimately wound up returning to my Torch 9850, reconciling myself to just using the browser to check my corporate mail.

We have an office in Montreal and the head guy from there, down in the U.S. for a board meeting, just came into my office chanting, "BB10! BB10! BB10!"

I'm not alone!

It's been a long and sometimes frustrating wait, but I think us BB folks are coming out of the darkness into the light.

I am counting down the minutes, have rearranged meetings at work tomorrow so I can watch the launch. My PlayBook will be by myside with ear buds and I'm ready to Rock N roll this.

Very excited! Now if only Verizon comes through with a release date that's in the next 10 days, I'd be ecstatic!

On another note, this morning Apple announced that it is releasing a 128GB iPad. This was obviously done to mess with the BB10 release and is seems to be all CNBC can talk about. APPL up marginally, RIMM down ~7% as I write.

They managed to get a deal on cheaper flash that meant they didn't have to do any R&D to announce a new product. Expect a lot more of this, because they used to do that a lot in the distant past (new model variant just with bigger hard drive or a processor speed bump).
Masters of manipulation.

I just took an entire bottle of sleeping pills so I don't have to suffer waiting for the next 24......zzzzzzzzzzzz

Rimpire strikes back tomorrow. Lets start our own army and take over the world. First order of business to declare apple illegal! Go rim go!

BB10! BB10! BB10! This is the word I search in google every 15 min.... Was not excited this much even for my birthday!!! Lol:) the hype is increasing here in india... But worried abt the late shipping... Just can't wait kevin:( pls do something boss.... bunking college tommorow to watch the live stream!!!:-)

Waited for this for so long... Hope RIM has the goods and some surprises left for tomorrow. #Pumped #BB10

Can't wait!!!! My local Bell store did confirm that BB10 will be available Feb. 5. I'll be the first in line for it.

I've followed crackberry everday since BB10 was lat delayed so I'm shur I know all the important stuff through leaks. I'm most curious about the in my hands sale date. And if skype and netflix will be coming to BB10. Not because I want to use them, so people can shut up about it. Its the last negative thing these people say about blackberry. Even know I bet 9/10 people saying its necesarry for success don't even use it themselves.

What? BlackBerry is coming out with a new phone? I thought they were in bankruptcy...

I hated hearing people say that. Now I won't have to hear it anymore. Suck it haters.

Might have to cancel my breakfast date just to be present on my Playbook when the bombs drop. Missing this Moment is not an option!!

Living Bold-ly!

Tomorrow is going to be like Christmas all over again!! I will be watching the launch event live!!!! Bring it!!!

Just spoke with Verizon customer support and they don't have the first effing clue as to when they will have the Z10 in stock. The gal I talked to didn't even know it was being released tomorrow.

I have a final job interview tomorrow and guess what!? It was scheduled at launch time!!!! Arggghhhhhh I cant believe it!!! I had everything setup for tomorrow and now this! I can picture my self there and looking at my phone insanely to get updates! I do hope it's aaaaaaalll recorded so I can play it on youtube later!
I'm so freaking excited! And that excellent article from Chris got me going even crazier!!!

Go Blackberry 10!!!

I want some BB10 for the PlayBook. This will help me to make my decision on whether to get the phone. I hope this wait has been worth it. No more battery pulls please. (Skype and Netflix too)

I am #222 on the ROGERS pre-order waiting list. My contract, which I signed 3 years ago, expires for my bold 9790 on February 4th. The timing could not be more perfect for a February 5 contract renewal and a new Blackberry 10 in hand.

Come on T-Mobile, let's do this! Only BB10 would make me get up at the crack of dawn to go my local Starbucks tomorrow morning to watch the launch. Keep calm and rock that BB10! :-D

The worst part, besides all the waiting up to this point, is that I can't upgrade until March. At least that will give me time to do a lot of hands-on playing before I have to decide if I want the full touch or, as I used to think, the physical keyboard.

I've cleared my morning for tomorrow so let's gooooooo.....

Hey Ho Lets Go indeed,

Great to see updates around BB10 accompanied by the Ramones. They did us proud with UK gigs back then (I was lucky enough to meet Dee Dee back when I was16). Really looking forward to the launch tomorrow (just hope I can control my fingers, can control my brain when I get the Z10).

Surprised to see so much excitement for a brand which is unbelievably behind the times and for a product that will undoubtedly suck. Get with the program people... buy an iPhone.

Hope it pans out. My first smart phone was a bb and would definitely switch back if bb10 turns out to be as good as advertised.