2012 BBX BlackBerry Roadmap Preview - London, Lisbon, Milan, Nevada, Black Forest

2012 BBX BlackBerry Roadmap Preview
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Dec 2011 07:18 pm EST

On a day when shares of Research In Motion closed almost 10% down after the company adjusted its forecast, the timing feels right to take a look at what's in store for RIM in 2012 on the BBX device front. As Chris pointed out in his finance editorial earlier today following up on RIM's announcement, it's fairly clear that BlackBerry 7 Smartphones, while doing ok, are not quite the cash cow RIM was hoping for. 2012 needs to be a year dominated by hot selling BBX devices.

As for BlackBerry 7 Smartphones, with the recent releases of the BlackBerry Bold 9790 and Curve 9380, we are now caught up on the BlackBerry 2011 Roadmap we posted way back in early February of this year. Between the Bold 9930/9900/9790, Torch 9860/9850/9810, Curve 9380/9370/9360 and the exclusive P'9981, there's really no shortage of BlackBerry 7 Smartphones to choose from.

But what's 2012 going to look like for BBX?

There is still a ton we don't know, but we're hearing enough things now that the picture is becoming a little more clear. Of course we're all familiar with and have seen the photo of BlackBerry "London" (formerly Colt), the first BBX phone that is expected to be announced in 2012 featuring the BBX operating system and a full touchscreen display.

The latest we heard is that London is currently targeting an early March launch (March 13th specifically, but internal launch targets are just that - targets, so we wouldn't put much weight on that kind of specific... I personally am not so sure on this March time frame). We're hoping to see the first BBX phone get unveiled at CES coming up in January in Las Vegas, but if the target is March or later and knowing that things tend to get pushed back vs. pushed forward, I'm not so sure anymore. If that's the case, CES may be more of a PlayBook OS 2.0 relaunch (maybe we'll see some partner announcements finally) and BBX phone unveilings may come a month or two later. I'll keep my fingers crossed though.

Of course RIM will do more than one BBX device in 2012. Other codenames for upcoming BlackBerry devices we're starting to hear about include "Lisbon," "Milan," "Nevada," and "Black Forest."

The same info has BlackBerry Milan slated for late March after London and it sounds like this one might be hitting AT&T/Rogers, but we're not totally sure on the deal here (and again, take these time frames with a grain of salt - they may be referring to internal targets vs. customer launches). Internally the codename for London is R072 and Milan is R071, so it could be that it's the same device from a hardware design perspective with London going to Verizon and Milan going to AT&T.

We're not totally sure what BlackBerry Lisbon is yet, but it's one more we're on the look out for. Maybe a BBX slider? Or maybe Milan is a slider and Lisbon is the GSM counterpart to London?

As for BlackBerry Nevada, that'll be the dream device for many of us BlackBerry addicts. BlackBerry Nevada is rumored to be a full qwerty BBX phone with a form factor similar to the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Hopefully it'll get a slightly taller display to make extra room for all that touchy BBX goodness. The sad news here is that we're currently hearing this one won't hit until later in 2012 (November). 

And as for Black Forest, well, we're hearing that's actually a 10" PlayBook! When we originally heard about RIM working on a 10" PlayBook, it was essentially a sized up version of the 7" PlayBook (same basic shape, etc.). And that 10" PlayBook got scrapped. More recently I heard about a 10" another BlackBerry PlayBook design, but the description was a lot different -- it had sharp angles vs. rounded corners. When the first photo of BlackBerry London surfaced, it became clear that that device was definitely of the same design language as the new 10" PlayBook I had heard of prior to that.

RIM stated again today that they are committed to tablets, so it makes sense that we'll see a new tablet from RIM before 2012 is out. A 10" PlayBook with that sharp angle design that the BlackBery London photos showed off could be pretty awesome!

What's also interesting here is what we haven't been hearing about yet, and that's codenames or info relating to upcoming BlackBerry 7 (or 7.1 or 8?!) Smartphones. RIM has said in the past that the transition to BBX won't be a straight cutover and that the BlackBerry OS will have a life for a while (especially in emerging markets), but it'll be interesting to see if RIM supports that BBOS existence with new BlackBerry OS hardware in 2012 or if they just continue to push the already in-market BlackBerry 7 Smartphones for as long as they can while they introduce BBX devices to the market.

It's going to be interesting to watch 2012 unfold for Research In Motion. On a day like today things are looking not so great for the company, but knowing there's a whole new BlackBerry Smartphone (or SuperPhone) experience just around the corner has me and the Crack Team super excited for 2012. As always, we'll be here day in and day out to cover it all.

Speaking of BBX SuperPhones, don't forget to leave a comment on our Win an IOU for a BBX Superphone Contest. If you win it'll be the best present you receive this holiday season!

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2012 BBX BlackBerry Roadmap Preview - London, Lisbon, Milan, Nevada, Black Forest


*off topic
BB AppWorld showing update for BB Protect(OS7 devices only) v.

**how can i get contact with CBKevin or any CBTeam Members to report news n stufffff??

thanks Con... i figured there was a 'contact us' page around here somewhere....i just didnt see an actual "Contact Us" link....

2012 is officially BBX or BUST for RIM...........They're putting all their eggs in 1 basket, hopefully they'll be successful

Oh sick that's why I love RIMPIRE #teamblackberry but I hope BBX restores my faith cause atm my bb has been getting on my nervs (rare)

Feburary 2.0 is released and then March BBX london. Could be a really good couple of months. Super excited and happy to see that Blackberry is cutting down on the number of phones they put out. Should help the bottom line.

Blackberry Nevada in November 2012? If I have to wait that long for the dream BBX it will be too late. Why don't they put all their efforts in this model and release the other models later. A lot of BB users will not be willing to wait that long. I also just bought the Playbook and I am glad I did but I find the iPad (which I also own) superior. Portability of Playbook is definitely better. There is a lot of room for improvement which I hope the 2.0 version will bring.

You should call RIM immediately! I'm sure if you think November of next year is too far away they'll can everything and get the BBX Nevada pumped out asap just for you. I mean they have all kind of engineers and what not hard @ work tryin to get things right so they can release the Colt aka London on time, but since you brought it up I doubt they even thought to release the Nevada first. Especially for you. You waited this long to get a PlayBook seems like you don't mind waiting.....

I didn't wait for the Playbook because I decided to buy the iPad2 first. The price for the Playbook came down enough that I decided to try it and I don't regret it. No need to get too excited with your smart remarks but I do appreciate you reading my comments. Now relax and have a drink or two if you are of legal age. I wish RIM nothing but the best in case you thought otherwise.

Not much competition in the physical qwerty keyboard market, which is dwindling. To be successful, RIM needs to compete in the full touchscreen market alongside the iPhone and almost all the Android phones. They have their priorities straight in that aspect. What I don't understand is why it takes so long between releases. They've been making full qwerty hardware forever, and if the full touch is out, the OS is done, so what's the 6 month hold up…

Yeah, I guess RIM is trying to compete with full touch-screen devices. i don't get the whole touch-screen thing though. I hate typing on them. I LOVE the BB full QWERTY. The only thing touch screens are good for is scrolling through web pages and documents.

I agree, my wife agrees, and about 80% of my friends agree: typing on a full physical QWERTY keyboard beats a touchscreen. I think BB continuing to make phones with similar characteristics to the 9900/30 is certainly the way to approach and corner the market.

If Nov. is too late forNevada, I assume it's because a touchscreen won't cut it for you. With that being the case, what do you plan to move to?

If you are willing to use an all-touchscreen, why not the London, or Milan, or Lisbon?

I am holding out for bbx phones too. i suspect this (people waiting for bbx) MAY be contributing to low sales end this year and early next year.

ps: this playbook ROCKS :)

So the stuff they release in 2012 will finally work to its potential in 2013. Just like the stuff they released this year will finally reach its potential in 2012

I kinda want a tablet from RIMM, that I can use to take notes in class, one with handwriting sofware, Idk why companies aren't focusing more on people being able to take notes with a stylus on their tablets. It would open up a huge market of college students

i kno right,,, there wont be a need for carrying around notebooks anymore just my laptop and tablet or mayb just my tablet

Palm invented that but the retars couldnt get it carried over iinto webOS and HP couldnt get it into the touchpad. Bunch of idiots.

The only thing I'm going to say is that if RIM really wants to stay in the game and be the third ecosystem they need to deliver flawlessly next year. In every respect.

The hardware needs to be top notch

BBX needs to be polished to a perfect shine and feature complete

They need to throw BILLIONS at developers to port over apps for BBX and the native development tools need to be great because repackaged Android apps wont cut it.

They need to launch BBX with the biggest marketing blitz mobile phone history.

Nokia bet the farm on Windows Phone. They're all in. RIM needs to do the same and be all in on BBX.

BB fans are like Britney Spears fans. They keep saying "next year, they'll be back." I LOVE BB, and although I now have a Vibrant, I hope the next BB are great. All they need is app support, everything els RIM is good at. I just feel sorry for the hardcore that keep hoping next time, or if RIM do this. Just move on to WinMo, IOS or Android until RIM gets it together.

hahah as a britney fan and a bbfan i found that funny ...i do see a bright future for rim i mean they are heading in the right direction if the just focus on 3 smartphones and 1 tablet instead of releasing 7 devices every year they can have more time to focus more on their devices all they need now as u said is better app support

I am sorry guys but all of this happy talk and looking forward to 2012 is like watching people rearrange the chairs on the titanic while it slowly sinks into the cold water of the Atlantic.

Take for instance this post:

“More happy talk Research in Motion, this time from Citigroup analysts, who have a note out today entitled, ‘It’s Worse Than You Think, RIMM is Going to Miss Christmas & More; Reiterate Sell,’” Matt Phillips reports for The Wall Street Journal.

I am sorry to say the RIM is becoming RIP more and more everyday. The company is quickly becoming irrelevant. The co-CEO's have had their heads in the sand for far too long and have been desperately grasping at straws to cover up this inevitable train wreck.

RIM it was nice while it lasted. Thanks for the memories.

Unlike other companies right now, RIM still making money, has cash, its growing many in countries and most importantly it doesn't have debt!

that's just stupid, the sum of all their parts is worth more that $20, why would you sell at $16, some of these analyst are really dumb

cos when you sell, the price drops further, the "analysts" then swoop in to buy huge, price goes up, then they sell. and then they make a big buck. analysts want you to do exactly what they won't do.

What would be "awesome" is for RIM to finish the current Playbook and then focus on releasing a 10" version with "rounded corners" - good lord, I can't believe that they'd even consider focusing on another tablet when they cant seem to get the existing one right. As for BBX, having learned my lesson with my Playbook purchased on day 1 for the full price (yah i was stupid), I sure as heck wont be purchasing any RIM product on the opening day - I'll wait to 2013 to see if RIM's much vaunted, hyped, and endless parades of promises comes to pass.

I don't think that is how it works. Making a new playbook hardware has nothing to do with upgrading the software that will also run on the new PlayBook

The launch of the first couple of BBX phones will either make or break RIM. While I LOVE the full qwerty keyboard, I've become accustomed to the Torch's touch, though I default to the physical keyboard for typing. If the UI is built well I will have no problem going to a full touch BB. The key will be its snappiness. I HATE the iPhone, but you cannot argue that it is infinitely more snappy than any BB I've come across - I'd easily give up apps for practicality. If RIM is going to survive, it will need to make this at least on par with the 4s and the galaxy s2 as far as hardware, and ideally on par with the iphone 5 and ahead of the next wave of android phones.

BB OS7 is just as "snappy" or snappier than iOS or Android. The device is capable of moving faster than you do. That's fast enough for me.

i'll rather do away with all the silly dual cores that are not needed. put in what's necessary for the phone to function smoothly and that's it. i still value my battery life. in terms of processing, numbers are not everything. OS7 runs smooth as butter on a 1.2GHz single core processor, but android will stutter and crash on the same processor.

Nevada in November 2012. So AT&T should get that about June 2013. Just in time for me to upgrade. lol

But I have to agree with SuperionMaximus. The hardware RIM puts out in 2012 better be the top. I think with the trend they have had the past few years they can do it too. Everyone said they were years behind with the 9700. And they said 9900 got specs that were just so-so with market minimums. So I hope the see them pull out all the stops this next round. Not that specs mean everything on a phone. BBOS runs great on on there devices and Blackberry devices are just as capable as other devices out there. But what consumers want are specs. People what the best specs wether they need them or not. And those of us that know we don't "need" them still wish we had better.

Blackberry "Nevada" and 10" Playbook (with decent File Manager and PDF reader) would make the perfect courtroom duo for me.


I wouldn't bet too much on these plans. With the bad news they've had lately, I wouldn't be surprised to see RIM's board make some executive changes. They'll need to take action to reassure investors, and the company really does need some fresh thinking at the top.

Wow, it's like you were looking into a magic 8-ball or something. They've *just* setup a fall guy for the Os10 device failures...

I would like to see RIM transition from BB OS to BBX much like Nokia is transitioning away from Symbian. Nokia, in markets that are not purchasing Symbian devices, has cancelled all new devices save for those running WP7. Now I don't know which markets these would be for RIM, but it makes sense to focus on those markets that support your devices. Moreover, Nokia is making sure that current devices, even in markets that won't get new Symbian devices, are getting updates to the latest updates. For example, my N8 has gotten the Anna update, and will get the Belle update. Belle is a massive change that makes Symbian act/feel as a modern OS. Nokia will continue to release new Symbian devices (albeit at a much slower pace) for the next year or so in markets that desire their products. Nobody wants their handset to be a dead man walking. Yet if the 9900 can a major update or two, it might build up some good will.

Nevada will be killer. I love my 9900..but a Nevada running a higher single core (or dual core) with more RAM would be the shizzle!!!


I'm starting to sound more like an iSheep every day !

With another blow to RIM's credibility today, they must make increasingly drastic moves in order to regain some investment luster. I'm sorry, but one of the two CO-CEO's has to go simply for the effect of being seen to take immediate action. Since Mike L. is the founder, I guess it's up to Jim B. to fall on his sword.

The product plan has to executed flawlessly...and I mean flawlessly. Any delay or "glitch" will reset the credibility meter to zero. RIM seems to have takes a very cavalier approach to delivery on commitments. This must stop.

Since RIM has dug a big hole for itself, they will need all the hard work and luck they can get. I suspect we will see more bad news before things improve as the new technology is rolled out and the older products end up in the bargain bin.

I give their changes....1 in 5.

What I'm wondering is, with the launch of the new BBX phones, will the Blackberry names we've grown to love be washed away? (Curve, Bold, Torch etc..) Because if they're selling BB7 phones at the same time as BBX phones, I don't know how that will work? Will the first BBX phone be considered a Bold?

Whoa.. What a great point. I get the New book, chapter one, page one, dawn of a new day for RIM sentiments. But kinda want my phone to be a Bold, bbx version in quotes. If you know what I mean. The name Bold is iconic in the world of blackberry. It deserves to be attached to the device that carries the similiar attributes. Yes. Put me down for one BOLD "bbx" please. Thanks and have a great day.

I am from the u.s and I am completely in love with blackberry  I hope this companys pulls an apple on the world and turns into thee dominating device manufacturer in the world.I must say that here in the u.s there is little to no marketing though. . Needs to market the products better to the u.s.

The BBX phones will rock, if RIM can pull it off, remember PlaybookOS/BBX is like two years old, how long ago did Google buy Android?

Google bought Android on the 15th of August 2005, but didn't release the first device until October 2008 (according to Wikipedia).

i like this line of thoughts ok soo how long did the ios and android got in years not months years! to get to were they are? 6 years! 6 years of intense improvement...so my point, RIM got the QNX and they saw their doom in 2011 and push all their efforts to get the transition going, and imo they are doing great actually i got mi nexus one march 2010 and to tell you the thought it was crap crap crap...veryyy promising but crap great hardware but crap.....sooo i got the playbook awesome great software not so much futures and no apps, they are caching up like champs...

PS i just saw a friend um boxing a kindle fire thats crap in box...lol is actually very sad the box looks like a carton of eggs lol

PB is just a beta for a phone...you are helping your company just ass the Isheeps buy the same thing for an overprice...

An even more pressing question than when will the BBX phones land is: Do the 2 buffoons that run this company have any credibility left?

Pretty sure I read a finance article recently where RIM had stated Q3 of 2012 for first BBX phone. Pretty sure that a BBX phone by March is absurdly laughable.

And am skimming the rumors right....are they seriously considering all-touch for first (couple) BBX phones? Honestly have no idea how many mistakes they can make. Cheers!

Do you honestly think that Qwerty phones are going to be around much longer? Or better yet do you think in 2050 we'll be running to go get a qwerty.... definetly not a mistake

IMO, BlackBerry is the iconic QWERTY device. From the browsing I do here, I would safely bet more people are on BlackBerry today due to QWERTY vs the new Full-touch Torch.

So for their historic resurgence into a market for which they've found their own exit, full-touch, IMO, is a mistake.

I will do you a favor and say we agree to disagree since there is a zero percent chance more people are with BlackBerry due to their full-touch offering. Cheers!

lets go bb London cant wait to get it if Rim can keep a schedule and ill get it with my upgrade for a new 2yr contract >:) And hopefully i cant get a PlayBook 2.... (black forest).... thats ridiculous

i really wish the tablets are at least quad core with serious app support and come in white :) ....i have no prob with a dual core smartphone which i know for a fact that the bbx devices can run on nothing less than a dual core

Bill Gates said said the same thing "640K ought to be enough for anybody".

As hardware advanced and so do software requirements. And vise versa.

Damn Everyone is Landing all their hope on BBX, but :( Im Happy with
OS7. yes BBX will bring Rim back to track for most consumers.

has to be an iToy lover
seriously research how much money RIM has before you post nonsense. even if they fail
with BBX badly they will still have money and not
be in debt like some other companies :) Making smartphones is not the only thing Rim does smh.

Like many others here stated, if RIM wants to succeed they need to give us more than just QNX. Yeah, I feel QNX is a solid OS but if the hardware is not up to par with next years smartphones then BB will not gain any new marketshare and just continue to drop to its demise. 2012 is the year for quad-core phones and 12 MegaPixel cameras, I mean c'mon no auto focus! No front cam! No dual-core! Lack of the most popular Apps! No wonder why all these BB users r running over to switch to iOS and Android. I love my BB and my wife does as well but even my not so tech savy wife is considering an iPhone or Android device just so she can video chat with her friends and family. I know QNX will fix the Lack of Apps issue with the ability to use Android Apps but let's just hope the hardware is strong enough to bring people back to BB or entice new people to enter the world of CrackBerry!!! -Cheers!!!

EDIT-As a side note, I'm a BES admin at my workplace and our CIO has already decided to switch our 2000 user base Enterprise over from a BB enviornment to a BYOD environment which means RIM will be losing a nice chunk of change from us and I'm positive that we are not the only Enterprise that is doing the same. I wish RIM the BEST!

Since WebOS is dead, BBX will definatley be my new platform! It's so sharp...You have to appreciate the work RIM is putting into BBX.

The thing is... RIM is finally woke up. They are definitely thinking long term. Unfortunately, most people don't realize that long term thinking involves long term planning. Long term planning involves positioning yourself strategically, which for some parts of the plan, takes more time than many realize. Well written, secure code takes time. If you don't want that or it's not important to you, then yes, you can push product out to market quickly.

Here's my 2 cents. I feel that the Blackberry Marketing Team have not done a good job. Many people that I have spoken to say they didn't even know Blackberry had a tablet. I was listening to CNBC and the people on there one being Jim Cramer said they also never heard that Blackberry even had a tablet. People think that Blackberry is old school, so, Marketing Team step it up. When's the last time anyone saw a Playbook commercial? I personally never did. I learned about it from Crackberry

Advertising a product that you've consistently not delivered on and has received near-universal bad reviews wouldn't be smart. "Hey! Everyone look at the reason people have been hating on us for."

Waiting until OS 2.0 to restart advertising is a prudent move IMO.

im waiting for a 9900 type bbx phone and playbook with 2.0 i just hope they keep the 7" model and not go only with 10"

RIM has never, ever delivered anything on time as promised and when they do release a new product it is a half baked piece of garbage that is at least two years behind the competition. When are you people going to finally wake up and accept the fact that this company is dying quickly? Overall smart phone growth will eventually slow and then where will Blackberry be? The two CEO's are perhaps the dumbest business people I have ever seen and they should have been shown to the exit long ago. Sure they have made personally great wealth, but the shareholders have been left with shit.

I give them no more than 2 years, tops and then they become the next Palm, Nokia, etc.

OS7 was actually on time. That was a first. I really hope that RIM gets it now, stop over promising and deliver the products on time.

QNX is RIMs last chance, everything rides on these products. The RIMpire will either strike back this year or blow up like the deathstar. My money is on the RIMpire, don't let me down.

your comment is pure ignorance.
Palm bled for eight years before HP acquired its scraps, do some research.
before the inventory writedown provision RIM has stated Q3 net income will be around $630-$680 Million not a bad quarter.
RIM needs to put together a transition plan for its customers otherwise many will just wait until BBX is released, with most wireless packages 2 or 3 years many will forego BB7 and wait for BBX.

I don't claim to be exact with the facts, however as the profits continue to decline and the market for new phones starts to decrease it does not bode well. With the management that is in place there is no way they can survive. They have made on bad decision after the other. Do you think they are going to wake up one day and become smarter?

Consumers are leaving RIM in droves and in retail of any type it's hard to get them back when there are so many better options. Don't get me wrong, I used to love BB but it totally pisses me off to see how fast this company has fallen and I am afraid its just much too little and much too late.

first off, if BBX is not a success Mike and Jim will be out come July 2012, they will not survive the next AGM.
remember both of them own 10% of the stock so they do have a vested interest in the stock of the company.
the majority of consumers will always move to the next best thing, if BBX is truly the next best superphone consumers will buy whether they be new or former BB owners.
Market share is the US slipped from 18% to 17.8%, so it appears the slide may have bottomed out.
my guess is RIM has an inventory of over 2 million PB, simple math 2 million x 242.50 cost per playbook = $485 million. The only positive from this latest news is that there will over 2 million playbooks sold, albeit at a loss. RIM probably hopes(prays) developers will produce apps since the PB market will be large enough.
RIM is very fortunate that they are in an expanding smartphone market, since some are dumping their BB for IPhones or Android devices others are dumping their dumb phones for smartphones and RIM is getting a piece of that pie. If RIM had a device that rivalled iOS or Android we wouldn't be having this discussion, BBx has to be their savior, I believe it will because the PB is an exceptional hardware it just lacks the apps however if you take a look at appworld the apps inventory has increased substantially since PB launch and don't forget those PB apps will play on the new BBX phones.
RIM needs to get OS2 released, native email, android emulator, video store, etc. it is not all doom and gloom, come February RIM's future will be more clearer.

and it's never too little or too late, just look at Apple, they were late to the party and have done just fine.

After all the bad news from the analyst and business world.. this is a move i anticipated from RIM
called aka "damage control".
Investors aren't FanBoys of RIM especially when they are loosing money, most of which are jumping ship.
All it take to crash consumer confidence is a few bad words from analyst and you stock comes crashing down.

Ohh a new 10" playbook in 2012, does that mean our current playbooks are going to fade away without realizing its full potential?? I guess RIM is cutting their losses. -__-

If the Lisbon is a slider, then I am looking forward to upgrading to it next year. However, I will not be eligible for an upgrade until November, so the Nevada could be in the running as well.

I think RIM's new lineup will be underpowered as always. Also, as always and in RIMstyle, they will be behind the powerband by the time the new BBX phones debut.

RIM introduced Playbook with a 1GB dual core processor which matched Ipad2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

BBx has to powered appropriately whether it will be dual or quad core while maintaining appropriate battery life more power does not always mean better, all factors and user needs have to be.considered.

btw i hate typing on glass!

The form of the 9900 is definitely the best selling phone type of RIM and they will release it as the last one? Is the top management of RIM really so stupid and doesnt want to get better sales figures? I hate the iPhone hunt of RIM, they can never win it! RIM is qwerty!

Blackberry Lisbon for Verizon would be awesome! A slider with BBX.....Nevada sounds great too. I hope they can pull this off

Android runs dual core because it HAS to, the software just isn't that smooth to run flawlessly fast on one core.

I do enjoy hearing about these BBX devices, but one has to wonder two important questions' will it be on time and will it be done right the first time?

With the Playbook having issues of features missing, the Bold having no auto focus and bricking, not to mention everything being late but the marketing being on time, will people skip out in favor of an iphone or Samsung Galaxy S4 (prolly 4 by that time)

I really hope BBX works flawlessly with the email client or else its like, why am I using this again?

Right now I am loving my Torch because it is reliable and the big screen helps for browsing, but I wouldn't mind a BOLD with a bigger screen either, in fact that is what I would love, and get rid of those overly sensitive lock buttons on the Bold.

All I can say (for myself) is wait and see. My contract is up in April. I've pretty much decided to go with Android for the next few years... unless somehow RIM manages to really turn the tide before then. I hope they do. They CAN innovate, and there is a lot more to them then we see here in North America (Canada AND United States). I hope BBX is beyond amazing, and the hardware is smoother then glass and faster then turbo-powered, greased lighting. I really do. Fact of the matter is this: Unless they give me a reason to come back before my contract is up, I'm going to another OS. 3year contract (ugh). When that's over RIM will either be very much alive and kicking in the consumer market, or they will be a "has been".

I don't need RIM's push email and security. I will likely miss the physical keyboard though. However it seems more and more touchscreen devices are becoming the way things are going. So I might as well suck it up, adapt, and get used to it.

5 room mates, all iphone users :(. Help a 6 year blackberry user have a phone to ROCK the HOUSE! I am overdue for an upgrade from the Torch OS 6>

RIM must be oblivious to that market changing strategy that apple did (touchscreens). And that's what are they doing know. BUT its not working man.Not at all...

I would totally rock a London, just hope that they change that silver bezel, I love my 9860 so if its anything like it ill be pumped!!! predicting some awesome things for RIM in 2012!!

question, will the 2011 devices be able to support the new 2012 bbx? specifically the bold touch. i got t-minus 20 something days before im stuck with bold. (not to say it like that)

Definitely looking forward to the new devices!

To answer the above, no 7 devices will be 7 devices... .10 will be 10....

Everyone know if the Black Forest will be a new tablet or only a bigger playbook with same software and hardware? Please answer me because i don't now if buy playbook or attend for Black Forest

Awesome!!! My birthday is in November......and so is my upgrade date perfect time for phones to be release anyway just in time for black friday and holiday sales right now I'm rocking a bold 9650 and I have been enjoying drooling all over 9900' But I'm not sure if I'll upgrade then or wait until BBX10 phones come out

Why is this called "2012 Roadmap"? More appropriate title would be "Things we may see". Use of 'roadmap' implies its a business outline from RIM.

Sidenote: If anyone has a certified PayPal and wants to wager on any device releases, PM me. I will gladly take the over on every device.