2010 Yahoo! Fantasy Football launcher for BlackBerry Smartphones now available

By Adam Zeis on 1 Sep 2010 09:01 am EDT
Y! Fantasy Football 2010 BlackBerryY! Fantasy Football 2010 BlackBerry

It's that time once again when football geeks unite to take on fantasy teams everywhere. If you're like me, you want to be able to access you team 24/7 whether at home or on the go. Last year we had the benefit of a semi-decent app for Yahoo! fantasy teams, it has been replaced this year by a mobile site launcher that hopes to keep you in the loop. I was a pretty bug fan of the app as it let you make roster adjustments as well as view info on your league, but for some reason the app is no more this year. Instead the launcher takes you straight to the fantasy mobile site (active on September 1st) is all we have this time around. The mobile site gets the job done and really has all that needs to be there, but it's totally not as fun as having a dedicated app. In any case, you can still get your game on and download the Y! Fantasy Football launcher free from BlackBerry App World.

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2010 Yahoo! Fantasy Football launcher for BlackBerry Smartphones now available


Great to see Yahoo finally releasing an app to manage their fanatasy football.

Here's hoping they also release a fantasy hockey app.

Mobile site launchers? Wow. Although this is not Blackberry's fault, launchers like this make the iphone and Android very tempting. Both of these platforms have a decent fantasy football app. But Blackberry is stuck with a mobile site launcher. Why dont companies invest more time and effort to produce decent apps for the Blackberry platroom. For instance ESPN/sportscenter app, we are still stcuk with the ESPN mobile site launcher.

So the launcher is not compatible with the 9700 or ATT phones?? I get a message saying, "This application is not available on your device or for your carrier"

screwed out of a dedicated app, and now I can't even install the launcher....nice

It also works for me on AT&T Bold 9700. However it is really no more than a bookmark to their mobile site. There is no additional functionality as far as I can tell. So just just bookmark your the mobile site (http://m.yahoo.com/fantasyfootball) in your browser and it is as good as getting the app.

The mobile site looks a little better than it did last year. Last year I did find it useful for keeping up with stats on the go and making last minute trades.

Last year I though they did have an app that was only available for the storms? Perhaps they will still come out with something later.

Mobile site launchers suck. How about putting out a real app?????

ESPN, CBS or Yahoo all do not have a real app for fantasy sports. They are missing out on a huge opportunity....

After being a Blackberry user for over 6 years......I will be switching to the Droid X in 3 weeks.

There are a few more things you can do with this version, than the 09' version, and the setup is a liitle better as well.

Here's my question:

I acknowledge that I know nothing about the reasons why there's no dedicated Blackberry app this year. That said, with an updated iPhone app and an Android app, is it somewhat reasonable to wonder about the challenges to developing an app that works on a variety of Blackberrys?

Another Blackberry BULLSH!T "App"

No wonder everyone is looking at Android!

If your email push was Pimp, I would be gone already.

That reminds me to check ebay for a droid...

There was an app last year for this! How did we go backwards? The funny thing is I still had last years app and it doesn't work. It won't let you login so yahoo basically killed it. Android is starting to look so much sweeter.

From what I heard, the Yahoo! '09 app stunk. Frankly, this is GOOD news for me b/c I didn't even know Yahoo! had a real mobile site. A good fantasy mobile site (like ESPN's baseball one) is frankly more useful than a haphazard BB app.

With all these people bitching at blackberry for this "app" shouldn't it be Yahoo they are mad at? Isn't it Yahoo's job to produce an app for one of the largest mobile OS out there?

I had last year's app. It kinda sucked, on game day I used the mobile site, but it was useful for roster changes. Yahoo pisses me off because they design apps for the iPhone for every sport and blackberry gets assed out. More than anything it makes me want to switch from Yahoo.

I dont think the issue is with Yahoo, I used to think it was the company/developers fault. Shortly after the iphone/Android platform debuted, developers began to release stellar apps. So I questioned why are companies/developers not producing apps for blackberry. So I assumed that it must a blackberry platform issue that comapnies/developers are not trying to deal with. So blackberry needs need to adapt their platform so the developers can create decent apps.

Pondering... is it safe to say that most companies are focusing their attention on iphone and android platforms. These days it appears that these two platforms are quickly becoming "the standard". They both are gaining the vast majority of the smartphone market.

If RIM wants to continue their large share in the smartphone industry, then RIM needs to cater more to the non-business user and expand their customer base. I think RIM needs to do a better job of reaching out to these companies/developers. Granted RIM is stepping in the right direction with DEVCON, but hopefully vendors will be up to RIM's challenge.

When I first got my Blackberry, I was all about downloading as many apps as I could find and was easily angered when I found out we were lacking a lot of the options for iOS and Android. After awhile, though, I came to realize that the vast majority of apps SUCK (including those for Droid and iPhone) and view my 9700 as a communication device, first and foremost. That said, you would think the fantasy sports demographic would overlap with the BB demographic, so it is kind of sad how little interest there is in developing this.

But there are plenty of apps for BB that are totally worthwhile, including ScoreMobile and MLB At-Bat. I'm hoping we get the equivalent of At-Bat for NHL highlights this year, but the NHL seems to be in bed with Verizon, so it could be carrier specific.

Why is it telling me that I'm not a member of any leagues?! I'm a member of 3 leagues! What gives?!

OK RIM, I have loved you for a long time, but this is the straw that broke the camels back.

I understand it is not RIM's business to develop a Yahoo Fantasy app, but this just shows you how painful it has become to be a Blackberry user.

I looked on in disappointment as the Bold 9000 users got an app last year, and my 8310 was not supported. I upgraded to the 9700 in November only to find out that same app would not work with OS 5. I just kept telling myself "wait until next year".

It's next year, I get what!?! A mobile launcher. Are you kidding me???? really??? Thanks for saving me the aggravation of creating a BOOKMARK!!!!! And the mobile site is garbage.

Some people may think this is a terrible reason to leave blackberry. As a Fantasy nut in multiple leagues, coupled with the fact I work most Sundays, this has put me over the edge.

And thanks yahoo, for telling me EVERY DAMN TIME I log into my fantasy that the Android and IPhone app are available.

RIM and Yahoo, I hate you both, but I am only saying goodbye to Blackberry.

Last year's app was WWWAAAAYYY better than this launcher. I couldn't wait for this and now I'm just disappointed. The app was clean and organized where this is cluttered and have to keep jumping from page to page. Uninstalling now.

Yahoo announced some months back that they were dumping blackberry application development. Turning their backs on large segments of their market. No wonder they are a distant second to Google.

Wow, one more mark against RIM. Their platform is considered so bad that Yahoo won't even write an update to an app that worked well last year. Now I have to deal with viewing the mobile web version via the craptastic BB Browser. Even though this isn't a major app, although I used it a ton last year, its just showing the trend that people would rather develop for faster growing market share OS's with decent SDK's and capable of running feature rich apps. RIM please just release a BBM app for Droid and iPhone and become a service if your not going to try compete. I'll still by the app and get the service, but I went through this crap with PalmOS, I need BBM, and your platform is going to go extinct if no one will develop for it.