20% Off EVERYTHING from Bplay Until February 1st!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jan 2009 01:21 pm EST

Save 20% on Everything from Bplay!

This sale won't be here for long, so take advantage while you can. An email from Bplay just went out to subscribers (thanks to everyone who emailed it in also) dropping word that until February 1st you can save 20% off everything from Bplay. They have some cool new games and themes you'll definitely want to check out.

To save Your 20%: Just use coupon code 'EMAIL20' at checkout! 

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Excellent. Time for something new!


Too bad the interesting stuff hasn't been updated to support the 8900 yet.


they don't have much stuff for the storm yet either!


for the heads up. Ill be downloading something new tonight.


BPlay Sucks.

Granted the Storm is new, but their website and their support of their offerings is not only sub-Par, it is so far below the bar that I would rather deal with Handango.

Handango has a habit of displaying items that are not compatible with the proper phones and does not fix their site, but are at least willing to help resolve any issues that arise.