$2.99 Minimum Paid App Price at BlackBerry App World!

BlackBerry App World Pricing
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Mar 2009 10:49 pm EST

WOAHHHHHH... Hold your Horses! After RIM updated their BlackBerry App World website tonight, they also updated their Developer FAQ which now includes a chart that details the pricing tiers for apps. Take a look above.

It seems RIM has decided the minimum price for paid apps will be $2.99. Potentially good news for developers, but bad news for the BlackBerry owners out there thinking that RIM's application storefront would usher in 99 cent BlackBerry app pricing a la the iPhone App Store. Of course, free apps are still welcome, but as previously blogged the way their developer agreement is currently structured it'll cost money to submit free apps to the store. Most people are willing to pay $3 (or more) for an app if it's a good app. Where the 99 cent and $1.99 tiers fit well are for the not good but fun apps (fart apps, beer apps, etc.) which by the looks of this RIM would rather not see hit their app store. What do you think? Good move or big mistake? Let us know in the comments!

* Update: While going further through the FAQ, I couldn't help but take note of the final question...

Can the user store applications on an external SD card?
Applications cannot currently be stored on or run from an SD card. BlackBerry App World does not permit the downloading of applications to an SD card. 

So for those who were hoping the launch of RIM's BlackBerry App World would coincide with a solution allowing you to save apps to the memory card, it appears that isn't in the cards just yet. *

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$2.99 Minimum Paid App Price at BlackBerry App World!


I thought they were gonna be 99 cents too. C'mon give us something RIM - for goodness sake it a freakin' recession! lol

Well.. I think we'll see some more serious efforts by groups to provide a free / low cost download alternative.

I think RIM missed the boat here.

Yeah, that definitely sucks. Devs definitely deserve to get paid and while I'd love to see most apps as free, I understand that they want to charge some money. But a lot of apps are well-priced at $1.99 or that magic price point, 99 cents. I suppose RIM is just trying to show that they don't want low-budget apps in their app store. And hey, this may be bad news for blackberry owners looking to use RIM's App Store but it's good news for the CB App Store!

Every bit of information i have found out today has made me hate RIM more and more.. how could they drop the ball so badly? What is wrong with a .99 cent app!?

What the hell are they doing? Does RIM seriously want to force all of its storm users to the iPhone one day? Jesus!

same here, charging to get your program licensed for the store means less free apps and a $2.99 is just stupid. Let the developer charge what they want. I think that the iphone might be better suited for me due to the games and apps available but I decided to wait for the app store and so far it's not looking good. Maybe enough emails and feedback will get them to change their minds, I mean, it's not even out yet. I sent them an email or two already. Such a misstep before the things even out, geesh. I'm waiting forever for a new official os, I can't save apps and games the the media card (iphone has a 1gb game, good luck getting anywhere near that having to save on the device memory!), and now this... They either don't listen or just don't care.

I completely agree with you, as much as I love my Berry, RIM just doesn't seem to be listening at all. How could a company as big and widely respected drop the ball so badly? After four apps, my storm starts to slow down. What am I to do? Delete a (minimum) $3 app just to download another one? No way! Come on RIM, listen to your fanbase!

Wow... seriously RIM? This does not make sense at all. If they want to compete with the Apple app store, they need to price it similarly... I would dare say 95% of my purchased apps on my iPod touch are $.99 In fact, I will rarely consider purchasing an app that costs more than that. First they let us down with "big news" at 10 pm est followed by a swift kick to the trackball via this pricing announcement... BOOO

OTA links via CrackBerry! No need to get all messed up over RIM's attempt to make some money, we can still get our share of free and low priced apps right here!
I ain't worried, now GET US A NEWER OS!

-please :(

ps...WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO COMPARE EVERYTHING BLACKBERRY WITH iPHONE? I swear, all I hear is "compete with iPhone", "maybe I should get an iPhone", "I ran into iPhone last night and it was the best bj I ever had"!!!!!
Why would you even use "i" in any sentance comparing anything BlackBerry? You morons are too WOW'd by advertising to see that the STORM is far superior to any iSuck! Now get over it and enjoy your Blackberry, or go get an iBlow!

I think if rim makes the right steps the storm could be superior but it's not anywhere near what the iphone is. I wanted the function of a blackberry plus the media and fun capabilities of an iphone and I thought that's what the storm is supposed to be. making $3 minimum paid apps and having to save on my device memory isn't a step in the right direction. The iphone is an example of a touchscreen done right, not the best though. I was hoping that rim would take what is good about the iphone and add what makes bb's great, and so far I'm not seeing it. Plus you have to realize many people would get an iphone if it was on verizon's network, so they're hoping their storm can be as good at least.

very simple. The i-phone set the standard for that type of interface. They have an exclusive contract with AT&T. There is a lot of pent up demand because many people fear AT&T's sketchy service. Manufacturers set up and advertised to give an alternative. Not an alternative phone, but an alternative SPECIFICALLY to the i-phone. It is common knowledge that the majority of the fancy phones coming out mimic the i-phones interface in some way shape or form. They set the standard and RIM sure as hell gave the impression their alternative was better. As far as business function goes, the Storm does nothing that my Pam 755P couldn't do just as well, if not easier. Touch screen, stylis, and a keyboard. RIM had the momentum going. IMO, they will never surpass the i-phone at this rate. It will always outsell the Storm, and for good measure.

And once again before I get accused of being for the i-phone let me say I think it is an artsy fartsy marketing-packed gaming device-phone for the masses. It is something an academic might like. Not a real business person.

I don't think $2.99 is too much to ask if the apps are actually worth that price. The iTunes app store is running into the problem where devs push out subpar apps at 99 cents and draw attention away from worthwhile projects put out by other developers at a higher price point. Why spend 3 bucks on a well-developed game when you can get a 99 cent fart simulation app? If RIM can demonstrate that they are establishing as a baseline, applications that are of higher quality than those offered at the 99 cent price point on iTunes then paying 3 bucks will be easier to swallow. If we end up getting 3 dollar fat simulation apps, everything will be for naught.

I'm with ya here...

You also have to remember developers are PAYING to be able to submit applications to the app store, exact numbers I'm not *positive* on but if a developer pays $200 they get "credits" to add applications to the store, if they give away a free app...that is 1 credit taken off of their account, so really..developers need to see some profit here as well, also this will also force application developers to create good applications to make it worth their while to even bother with the store and those who create useless apps and try and sell them for $2.99+ will fall off the map.

Whats the point of a price floor of 2.99??? If the app is worthwhile, it may cost more than 3 bucks. Heck, I bought an app for my iPod touch that was 13 dollars (dynolicious if your wondering) but it is well worth it. But there are tons of apps that are 1 dollar and are reasonably priced at that level.. to me a jump from free to 3 is too much. If they were smart, they would allow the price to start from free all the way up to anything with 1 dollar increments.

Here is a really good article about how the availability of 99 cent apps are not exactly good news for the app store: http://www.macworld.com/article/138384/2009/01/appstore_prices.html?lsrc...

"It’s a tempting price point to hit, if only for psychological reasons. Apple itself knows that, having fought for years to hold onto the single price point for all music tracks on the iTunes Store... Infinite Loop has a fascinating interview with an anonymous iPhone software developer who tossed off a self-described 'really terrible' free application in 20 minutes, only to watch in surprise as it racked up over 100,000 downloads. This, as the dev wrote on his blog, for an application 'that has one Button, and one picture.' 'Apparently,' the developer went on to write, 'there are people called consumers that like to consume and they want crap like Sound Grenade.' ... In terms of the iPhone, the risk we, the consumers, run is forcing the talented, professional developers out of business, and ending up with a proliferation of junk food applications that might satisfy our appetite temporarily, but lack any real redeeming value in the long run. While that might not be enough to kill off the iPhone as a platform, it could very well stunt its growth and prevent it from reaching its full potential."

this is one of the most STUPID moves i have seen RIM pull.. min 2.99??? this is gonna be such a massive fail. damn. its like i hate iphones for the longest time but this might be the dagger. i really hope some other third party company creates an app store front (EHM CRACKBERRY.) that works just like the app store but isnt as lame!

So use OTA links via CrackBerry! No need to get all messed up over RIM's attempt to make some money, we can still get our share of free and low priced apps right here!
I ain't worried, now GET US A NEWER OS!

-please :(

ps...WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO COMPARE EVERYTHING BLACKBERRY WITH iPHONE? I swear, all I hear is "compete with iPhone", "maybe I should get an iPhone", "I ran into iPhone last night and it was the best bj I ever had"!!!!!
Why would you even use "i" in any sentance comparing anything BlackBerry? You morons are too WOW'd by advertising to see that the STORM is far superior to any iSuck! Now get over it and enjoy your Blackberry, or go get an iBlow!

They better change it if they want to compete or some of us will be making the switch when a new IPhone comes in. They did say pricing tiers are subject to change.

complaining and whining see that sentence at the bottom that says "Pricing tiers subject to change"?

Wait til the freaking app store comes out and see if it changes. If not, then complain.

so there will be no free apps that you can just play around with like...iphone... this is BS i dont mind paying for apps but sometimes its just fun to play that cheap free game way to Fail me

Seriously, man, learn to read. Pricing Tier 1 says F-R-E-E. Paid apps are going to cost a minimum of $2.99 (complete b.s. in my opinion), but there WILL be free apps.

the worst idea for RIM. Why play catchup with Apple which has a well established store (ever since the beginning of the ipod)

Why not create something new and better instead of copying off apple?

Epic Fail

You're complaining because RIM copies Apple and Apple copies RIM. Well, just so you know T-Mobile copies AT&T, Ford copies Toyata, Facebook copies Twitter, and Myspace copies everyone.

It's not copying it. It's simply trying to recreate something better, and as long as they're doing that, we're moving forward.

If RIM never copied Apple and Apple never copied RIM you'd
be pissed off because we'd still have shitty products.

I mean, they're trying to design a phone with every feature that's out there right now. Everyone is. How is anyone copying each other?

You guys are bitching about these prices like it's the end of the world. Personally, I'm tired of getting shitty 99 cent apps. RIM has always done things in a professional manner, what's different about this? Although, it might not be in the best interest of a lot of Blackberry uses as of late.

Nevertheless, it's a cycle of RIM disappointing you and then blowing your head off with something sick. No one ever gets it right all the time, and this time, they haven't even gotten it wrong before you've began spazzing out yet.

Please note, this comment is not directed at you. It's directed to everyone that's like OMGZAR~!!!!1 Think about it, RIM is far superior than Apple(imo), and they'll continue to be superior with 99 cent apps or $2.99 apps.

Be patient, and personally, RIM has yet to disappoint me.

Well Kevin, looks like you folks at CB have a little niche opportunity, if you wanted it ... CB Independent app store for apps priced $.75 to $2.98.

if you were hating your phone that much an appstore , appworld, appuniverse isn't going to make u keep it. go get your Ibater so u can enjoy playing fart machine and video games...don't worry about synching your email,making phone calls outside your big city area, or send/receiving picture mail...and since you hate your storm so much i will buy it from you for $10. u hate it and want to get rid of it so i will be helping you out.


Quote by dlappjr: ps...WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO COMPARE EVERYTHING BLACKBERRY WITH iPHONE? I swear, all I hear is "compete with iPhone", "maybe I should get an iPhone", "I ran into iPhone last night and it was the best bj I ever had"!!!!!
Why would you even use "i" in any sentance comparing anything BlackBerry? You morons are too WOW'd by advertising to see that the STORM is far superior to any iSuck! Now get over it and enjoy your Blackberry, or go get an iBlow!

My Comment:

If you're a adult, learn to be one. If your a kid, much like me, then learn how to be mature. If you haven't noticed, the iPhone is the leading smartphone in the country. Therefore, other businesses must compete with its technologies. It is your opinion and mine as well that the Blackberry is much better than the iPhone. Yet statistics place it at the standard, so, all companies must be with its prices and hardware, or have better hardware and improve on their faults. Simply put, the general vibe is that RIM screwed up, and if you haven't read the fine print, RIM said that it is subject to change. So try not to get too excited like a dog and wet yourself.

It would be interesting for a top level RIM management person to step up and explain to the paying public their price structuring.

I wonder if this is a marketing/positing statement by RIM? Do they consider themselves a superior product that justifies higher prices? Are RIM's advertising guru's pitching a position that RIM caters to a different market, a market of business people earning decent money who desire a tool for business (no arguing BB got this right)with "extras". Is this a bad assumption that RIM may consider their market one of deeper pockets, thus they are taking a chance that demand will be their at thses prices?

Does this differ from sports? To pay $100 for a product? Decades ago sports was sport without the fluff. Now sports is fluff with added sports - they fill seats at high prices thus why lower the prices?

Who knows - if the app is real good $2.99 isn't bad. If it's about quantity of apps you want these prices might not appeal to you. So you have 100 apps - would they all be your core apps? With these prices maybe you only settle for 30 apps, but if they're good and you use them frequently it's worth it.

We'll see how this goes.

Not a positive for the Storm. I believe that apps will make or break a phone in the eyes of the consumer. Between limiting the available memory for apps and shunning the 0.99 to 2.99 market, I think RIM is making a big mistake if it truly wants a "consumer" device.

I think the lowest paid tier of 2.99 is garbage. How are they ever going to compete will Apple & the iPhone if they can't keep up with the pricing. I mean why should i pay 2.00 more for an app, just because it's on blackberry?
I think CrackBerry should pickup their slack and start promoting 99cent apps!

so instead of downloading crappy 99 cent programs for our phones...we now have to download crappy 2.99 programs instead!?!

should have known something stunk when the name was first announced....app world, hmph....

because they are the leaders! they do it well and are the standard!

how could you NOT compare these things to apple products?

WOW they are F*cking IDIOTS, not only realize a non-complete cell but they do this sh*t???

Well it is better for the non-RIM stores!!!

I think it's the kiss of death. Why set any minimum at all?
Bad idea RIM hope they reconsider. Well there's always The Crackberryapp store.

The only reason I don't have an Iphone is because Blackberries have the super secure chat.. Im so crazy about an Iphone.. I can't believe rim is doing this.. They are so dumb

i just think they should let developers submit free apps..FOR FREE, the only thing is that their apps should get reviewed by the APP Store moderators before it actually hits the APP store to prevent useless/stupid apps overloading the store

Are they trying to drive people to go somewhere else for there apps. Sounds like they are getting money hungry they do get a kick back from every app sold from the app store. Just plain mad that there going down this road and I am in the passenger set yelling all the way. I would like to see them give Apple a run for there money but 2.99 vs. .99 I don’t see that happening. I guess lets see what you get for 2.99 hope its not the same thing you get for .99 from iphone. That’s a lot of unhappy customers dont you think?

looks like the only thing free after the app store will be launched will be themes from different sites =(

If the Storm is direct competition to the iPhone, then you need to keep a level playing field. I for one will not pay to post a free app... that is insane!

I think it is downright stupid to not have 99 cent apps. Bad for developers who don't want to charge a lot but want to make money back for posting them, bad for customers obviously, and bad for blackberry because 99 cents is an easy buy. How long do you think before you spend a dollar? What about 3 dollars? HUGE difference. BAD MOVE.

GOOD MOVE. I like it. The app store for apple is ridden with crap, and there are so many good apps i keep discovering that u dont see because the top ones are the cheap ones.

So overpriced apps are the big news, eh?

What's the difference anyway? As if a BB had enough device storage in the first place.

Now if AT&T would lower its plan pricing for the iphone - THAT would be big news.

RIM = Real Ignorant Morons

yea that does suck i hope there good as hell

when are they expecting to release this end of march?

WOW, talk about bursting my bubble! I was really looking forward to this. And no SD card support? Crapped out!

This is a deal-breaker. $3 for an app will bankrupt me. What is BB thinking.../facepalm. I am going to buy 17 iPhones and cry myself to sleep.

Meh I think it'll turn out to be a positive...

You wont have tons of worthless apps for a buck.
You will have plenty of quality apps for only 3.
You'll also have alot of Trial and promo apps to get dev's names out for free.

Not that big of a deal - in the end you'll probably end up SAVING money because you arent enticed by dropping $1 on P.O.S. Apps every time you get bored.

for 2.99 as long as its a really good app than maybe.... but I want to see what kind of Apps are going to be in the $599-$999 range.. maybe an App that will stop my Storm from memory leaks all together LOL!!!!

Ugh.. How can RIM create and App Store and only allow stuff to be saved to device memory??? I have a hard enough time keeping it clear with Quickpulls and making sure I don't have a lot of apps installed. They really need to make use of that extra 1gig onboard memory on the Storm of the 8gig SD card. Get to work making a good OS and common sense storage solution for apps before making an App Store!

I mean I know that it costs a small amount for RIM to have apps up on their servers for us to download, but come on... A $2.99 minimum? That sucks. Why couldn't they just have a .99 cent tier or even not have tiers at all? Why can't devs just price their own apps themselves and sell them to us? Kind of lame. I hope they do something with this problem because, Boo RIM, Boo...

dammmn.. its pretty dumb to make da cheapest price 2.99.. especially in this economy.. im a college kid and i wouldnt even buy a 1.99 app.. it sux their also charging developers for free apps.. dat means there probably wont be much free apps.. bummer..

so... why are they even launching an app store? Shouldn't everyone just sell the apps directly from another place? Crackberry store?

Making developers PAY to release a free app? WTF? Why would anyone ever do that?

Refusing to move apps to the card? another wtf.

I'm at a loss.

Hey apple? Kudos to you! To the folks who make the apps, even more kudos to you, because RIM here in all of their mighty glory just gave you even MORE time and incentive to catch up. AWESOME!!!!!!!

This is the beauty of free markets. People will pay for an app if they think it's worth it. Hopefully, developers will create great apps and they will make good money and the users will be happy.
If users don't like the prices and think it's not worth it, they won't buy. They'll search for other sources for apps or just not put apps on their phone.
If apps aren't selling it could be that they are priced too high and the prices will be adjusted.
It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Everyone is talking about sticking to crackberry store, but you guys know that the minimum price for the crackstore is 2.99$ an app lol. You have to submit an email and ask the mobihand reps (mobihand powers crackberry app section) to lower the price. They can tell you no and your app will have to stay at the 2.99$ price.

Also do you guys hear yourselfs? You can't even upgrade from from a big mac to a big mac meal for 3$ and you're worried about paying 3$ for an app that will give you a lot more entertainment and pleasure then a big mac meal lol.

3$ is a perfect starting price, it will keep out all the crap and will force developers to come out with a decent product that people would be willing to pay 3$. I would much rather have a decent 3$ app then a useless .99$ app.

Ok let me get this straight....

My Blackberry Storm has memory leaks and limited storage..
I can't save apps to my memory card so i can only have so many apps installed at a time...
Basically there will be no free apps on the "APP World" because who would want to have to pay to post a free app...or
actually you will be charged more to post a free app because of RIM's $200 charge to post an app and Paypals percentage they will charge you!!!!
The Storm was released to compete with the Iphone but it's not because the OS isn't there yet and Blackberry fans are going to be charged more for apps...

I personally think that RIM should forget about the "APP world" until they perfect the Storm's OS and develop a way to store apps on the SD card. They are taking on too much work all at once...fix the problems you have and then add to your services. In the long run this will pay off!!

I don't know why, however I was really expecting BIG news and with all the hype I couldn't wait for it. The anticipation was huge........wow this was supposed to really be something gigantic!

My conclusion: Whatever, I wasn't that impressed with their stuff before and I'm certainly not any more impressed now. A good application is worth the money in my opinion and with money scarce, I wait for the reviews of others and take advantage of trials before throwing any of my money at any application. I'm a bit puzzled by the PayPal angle, because IT DOES cost them money when they are paid. However on the other hand its PayPal's problem as far as security and all that too. I think they raised a bunch of hype and anticipation over nothing and they may regret it.....or maybe not. *shrug*


Maybe Rim figures that since we don't really have that much app memory in the first place, they might as well make as much money as they can per app? I dunno....

I can't believe how cheap all of you guys are on this site. $2.99 is less than you pay for your Iced Latte in the mornings and you piss it out an hour later. If an app is usefull and helps you organize some part of your life or makes something easy for you how can you b!@&h at $2.99? My guess is you really need to stick to the fart apps or go get an i-phone and sell me your Blackberry on Craigslist or E-bay.

I think some of you all are over-reacting on the pricing. Granted, 2.99 is abit high but some of these apps might be worth it so i say lets wait and see about all that.

The true FAIL of all this not being able to save to a SD card. WTF!!!!! My lil buddy the 8300 cant afford to be downloading any decent sized apps to its nonexistent device memmory when its already starting to slow up when i barely have anything on it as it is.

This just makes me just want to wait until either they release a software update to allow us to save to an external SD card (can they do this???), or until they start releasing devices with plenty of memory already on them. RIM, first you failed with the Storm (In my eyes), and now you've let me down with this app store. I still got faith, but damn, step it up.

Lets not forget that the core of RIM's consumer base are business people. Which tend to have a high income so 2.99 isnt much for those consumers. I dont think they realize how much there consumer base has change from Business Woman to 15 year old girl who uses it to update there facebook profile.

I've been storing and running all my apps from my 8GB media card ever since I installed Aerize Card Loader. Its the best app I've found for BB and everyone should have it. You can get it here at the CB appstore. I would recommend it to anyone with a BlackBerry. It frees up your device memory for more important things.

Whahhhh I'm broke. I'll pay $7 for a COFFEE to look cool, and run around with a $500 smartphone like I'm a baller and pay $30 a month for data, but $2.99 is TOO much! I'm a broke fake businessman and I look teh coolest wif mah Storm. All I do is Facebook, like OMFG! But I look sophisticated.

Can't afford $2.99? Then get a damn job, bum. Burger King French Fry Engineers don't need Blackberries. What would they do? Set a reminder to cash the welfare check, or take out the trash like mom said?

All ye broke complainers........your tears fall on deaf ears when you're rockin a $500+ smartphone. Want free apps? Make em yourself smart guy. I'll call GMC and tell them I want my Denali to be free. Welcome to America, Land of the free, home of the profit. I personally don't get outta bed unless I'm getting paid. Why would a software designer spend his time making you apps? Because he likes you? A charity? GTFO!

Um Gay! I think Ill stick too third party apps from other sources and they should def include fun apps that may be useless but people want them.

Having a $2.99 minimum price is pretty BS in my opinion. Having developers pay to submit their free apps is even more BS. Why can't RIM just take notes from a highly successful model which is Apple's App Store?

As usual the users get screwed in this. I am quite dissapointed. Still I am reserving my judgement until the app store actually rolls out.

When Apple figures out how crappy AT&T is and opens the iPhone up to all carriers, you are screwed.

How nice of RIM to NOT listen to the consumers. I guess they don't care if their App store is a success; cause if they did care they would allow the storage of apps on an SD card.
Since developers are limited to around 25Mbs, the programs are going to be crap. A bunch of card and puzzle games.

If you really can't afford $2.99 then get another job - or another phone. There are plenty of people and businesses that can afford it and much more.

RIM is a business built on catering to the business user. All the homeys and children out there that are still in school need to be patient until they are in their own career before they expect businesses to cater to them. Remember, it is the people with lots of disposable income that make this world go around, not the welfare recipients, free lunch recipients, or financial aid applicants.

If you are of modest intelligence, get the SDK and write your own code for the phone.

Having a higher starting tier allows sites like the CrackBerry store remain in business (even if they have to adjust their prices down a bit to fill the gap). Obviously RIM didn't want to bite the hand of their biggest supporters & free consumer resources.

Charging for Free apps ensures that "crap one button" apps don't appear in Appworld. These free apps are cute, but waste time and space. Apple insider recently reported that "Just 20% of users even return to run a free application again the day after it's downloaded. As time goes on, that decline continues, eventually settling below five percent at the one month elapsed mark and nearing zero after three months".


Are people really complining about RIM refusing waste their resouces hosting "trash" that will be thrown out after a month? If a developer is going to use one of their "credits" to put a Free App on Appworld, we can expect it will be a very cool/well designed app. A showcase of the developer's ability and their willingness to give back to the community that supports them.

A big FU to RIM. It's about the principle. And FU to verizon however I will not be leaving their service. This is BS. No good phones with great cheap apps. I just hope to God the Treo Pro comes out for Verizon.

Just keeps me buying apps for the ipod touch instead. No interest for blackberry apps at this time unless it's free. Not paying those CDN prices.

You don't HAVE to buy anything that you don't think is worth $2.99. Like others have stated, Crackberry will continue to provide lots of lower priced/free apps.

Don't get me wrong, I think RIM is making a mistake as I'm sure a lot of apps priced at $2.99 would be better off with a .99 cents price.

Anyway, there are alternatives so it's not that big of a deal, really.

I think a big point is missed.

You can offer any app for free and have your own registration model (to your website, or crackberry, or whatever). You still owe them a cut (20%), but you don't have to use them as your payment processor. This would allow you to do anything you want with pricing, but still have the exposure of the app store.

You do lose the "I'll pay $.99 just to find out if this sucks" option, but I think it's a good idea to remove those kinds of apps from the store.

(Note: I could be hugely misreading their TOS, but that was my impression)


i think the price is fine, i mean for people paying 299 for the phone with contract or those who spent 500+ without, i think we can afford 2.99 and above... hopefully not to much the 9.99 apps i have seen thus far are not worth my time and money, no offense that's my opinion. but as far as being constricted to not being able to download to a microsd card, i'm more than aggravated, because i bought a second microsd card for that exact reason, guess i wasted my money as of now. hopefully they will fix that problem later on, i hope the app world will allow it to be done as well.

Sucks I was hoping this might bring down the prices of some apps since its easier to find. I hate paypal so won't use this until they allow other forms of payment.

Still thinking that since they rule the Enterprise, they can keep prices high, since BB users are strictly business, right? And we all know that a "business" device costs more to operate, and maintain. Thus a true $10 application should be at least $30.

While I do not think it is an issue at this time, as more and more people begin to look at BB's as a device that fits what they want in a phone, this will encourage piracy.

Where Apple hit a home run was making the iPhone a consumer device. With the App Store, they encouraged developers to keep prices low, and then make it up in volume. I would rather sell 300,000 1.99 Apps, then 20,000 19.99 Apps.

And especially since the Curve and Storm, you would think RIM was positioning both devices for consumers and businesses, but apparently consumers have the deep pockets business does.

This does however, look like good news for CB members, as the app story has plenty of stuff that sells well.

Ah, here we go again. Forcing the developer to pay for their own implementation of application software. What the hell is doing through the heads of the marketing crowd at RIM?

Can someone tell me?? I'm at a loss!

And what's with RIM deciding how much to charge for an application? As far as I'm concerned, that table's a GENERAL GUIDE, and is not to be taken as defacto truth. Let the developer decide how much something is going to be.

Since when did BlackBerrys become BREW-like in that API's draconian, only-for-profit development scheme?

Also, not having at least a Gigabyte of on-board active, non-volatile RAM is just going too far at this late date in March of 2009: RIM, Listen! Either install the memory needed, enable an external card to hold all the huge software--enable SDIO so that the largest elements of apps can remain on the card--and throw in a high-speed, dual-core processor, or please get out of the handheld biz!

I've had enough!

I'm keeping my eye on the OpenMoko Project www.openmoko.org .

RIM's not made the right move by charging more for the apps, by their tier system.

Having the 0.99$ app allows people to buy several types of apps without feeling the pinch too much. That can be seen in the success of the Apple app store.

I really hope RIM changes its mind!