$1.7 million worth of BlackBerry PlayBooks stolen

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 16 Dec 2011 05:03 pm EST

We know there have been a lot of BlackBerry PlayBook sales recently but you'll want to keep an eye out for any that seem too good to be true. According to police reports, approximately $1.7 million worth of BlackBerry PlayBooks were stolen from a semi truck that was shipping them from the Bright Point Distribution center in Plainfield to Ontario, Canada.

According to the report, the driver of the semi truck carrying 22 pallets of PlayBooks stopped to get something to eat and take a shower, upon return to where he had parked, an hour later, he found his truck was missing. Police have no suspects at this time.

Source: Hearld Bulletin; Thanks, @Hoosi3r!

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$1.7 million worth of BlackBerry PlayBooks stolen


That explains why I haven't received the PlayBooks I bought on Black Friday for my wife and mom :/

Yeah... I think there are going to be quite a few people who wont get christmas playbooks because of these ass clowns. I suppose the biggest loser is the insurance company though.

RIM should publish the serial numbers of the stolen Palybooks for buyers to decline buying it or to demand for a much lower price :)

I have the feeling the thieves wanted to steal the truck, not the Playbooks.

Or RIM is looking for new ways to clear their Playbook inventory.

I feel sad for the thief when he tries to sell them...

Playbook is a free accessory in where I am living when someone enters a new contract and the thief would have to try selling it for nothing if this happened here.

Maybe he would dissemble them and sell the parts...

unforunately the thief will have to write down about 1/3 of that in inventory costs so.........just kidding....

WHOA! that is insane -- this isn't pocket change either -- i'm sure RIM wont take this lightly. (hopefully)

so we're talking what.... 3000-4000 playbooks.... this is not enough to hurt RIM.... and even if the insurance gives 100%... 1.7million isn't much in light of the 1.5billion cash RIM has sitting around.

And in two weeks, Wikileaks will publish photos of Jim and Mike handing an "envelope" to a shady, suspicious-looking character.

Insurance FTW!

/I feel legally obligated to mention that this was a joke.

He must have left the keys in the truck! sounds like the driver is the guilty party here, hope police/RIM don't take as long as the OS 2 update rollout to catch them.

This is a huge mistake. Its not like they can sell this now because Playbooks are so secure compared to iPad and such... Oh wait, root? LOL

if ur stealing a truck u might take first and ask questions later..... so maybe he actually didnt get what s/he wanted cus s/he wanted ipads and got a bunch of half-baked goods

RIMM will get a good payout from the insurance company, it's better than selling them dirt cheap at $199 apiece.

Is it seriously even possible that the serial numbers for these things were not recorded? It's impossible for someone who gets one of these to even make it work without having the number transmitted to RIM, most likely, so somehow I doubt these will get sold en masse, or without someone getting tracked down pretty quickly.

When your write your salary down to $1 a year, you find other ways to make ends meet....just saying (and kidding).

Someone stealing a rig most likely wouldn't be your run of the mill house thief. They would have a warehouse to hide the whole truck in and different buyers for whatever the contents ended up being. The buyer would be smarter then the average crook and would most likely strip down the tablets and sell off the parts.
Just saying, not that I know anything about things like this. lol

OMG The new 100 Million in Marketing is really effective! I hope they can make a movie out of this!

Disclaimer: Just kidding, but seriously I believe stolen BlackBerries have been tracked down via PIN, I can't see how anyone is going to get away with this.

It remains to be seen whether these will have been tracked that closely. Even so, yes, the devices' PINs were likely listed on the manifest.

I guess this story counters the 'thief returns blackberry' headline. :)

Stock prices are sure to soar on Monday due to obvious PlayBook demand!!

unless the headline next week is "$1.7M Worth of BlackBerry Stolen PlayBooks Found Dumped on Highway"

but just to be fair, I doubt the robbers who returned BBs were interested in getting a BIS plan with a stolen phone with PIN.

As soon as any of these Playbooks go live on WiFi they will be flagged .. I believe the serial number is required for registration.

Too bad they already wrote them off. Had this happened a month ago the insurance company would have paid out two to three times as much. Hah!

Figures, times are tough blackberry has lost on the tablet war, so let's report this missing so we can do an insurance claim save 1.6. Mil and get paid for them too, times are tough

Mm hmm... Stopped to get something to eat, left the keys inside, and Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta took the truck. I've seen this movie.

Wow I didn't see that coming. First they have trouble selling them, now they can't keep people from stealing them. I smell a marketing angle. Take advantage of this and let's see some comedy relief in a commercial RIM.

Boldly sent from my 9930

LoL Just look for the freaking DAmn Truck with Blackberry LOGO!
Or maybe see if yyou can fiind in your neighborhood with a truck that reads BLACKBERRY

I did it and will return the truck as soon as shopblackberry sends me my Playbook. The waiting and the promises just got to be too much and I had to take an action.

"Why not just take one off the truck" you ask? NO!!! I WANT MINE!!! THE ONE I ORDERED!!!! JUST FREAKIN SEND IT TO ME!!!

I work in transportation. This isn't uncommon for a situation like this to happen. Good luck finding the truck. I've had truckloads of toys stolen, valued in excess of $250K but nothing in the millions, and you won't find the truck for at least a week and if you can't find it by then then the truck is probably in pieces.

I feel for RIM in this situation.

Great way to get 3,000 PlayBooks to end-users and still have an insurance claim. Clever is the word I was looking for :) I wonder if there were a few Devs smuggled in the truck too that were "stolen" and will now be making custom apps for the "thieves" :)... RIM is resorting to GhettoFabulous activities to get ahead. lol, just kidding.

It seems to be a pretty common practice for truck drivers in cold weather to lock their trucks but leave them running while at truck stops, sometimes for hours. I have seen it a lot.

I would think that you wouldn't need to be all that cleaver to break-in and drive away. It would not be pleasant if you were to get caught. I am sure the other drivers might be happy to "show you" there disapproval.

No one told RIM they were shooting the next Fast and the Furious. And people need to quit saying rim job.

I doubt the thieves knew what was in the truck. It wouldn't have a Blackberry logo on it; it was most likely a third party carrier. The driver most likely left it running while he went to take a shower, and the thieves probably watched him. The carrier's insurance would be on the hook for this, and the increased premiums next year may even put the carrier out of business. All because the driver was too much of a wuss to let the truck cabin cool down.

Agreed. The trucking company will have contractual obligations to compensate RIM for the lost inventory. And the trucking company would in turn be covered by their insurance company.

Whether they recover the goods or not, this cannot be bad for RIM.

i am sorry for the theft but cb needs to stop putting every little incident or occasion online for all to see.

are we going to post when jb takes a crap or ml sneezes.

enough with the nonsense already

I am also sorry for you my friend for reading and spending the time to read every little incident or occasion online for all to see.

are you going to spend the time to read for an article about when jb takes a crap or ml sneezes.

enough with your nonsense already.

They will be sold in a remote Russian or Asian country. Of course, now that they can be rooted, do you need to register them upon startup?

The serial numbers are on the shipping manifest. I did an advanced RMA on a defective Playbook and the RIM rep helping me knew the warehouse, the retailer, and my purchase date all from the serial number. I have a funny feeling that these Playbooks are on their way to a different continent right now. The insurance company will take a bath on this one. The driver will probably be fired. And the people who buy these probably won't be able to activate them. Lose/lose.

that is why we provide truck and trailer and cargo securement devices at the company where i work to prevent things like this.........yes, drivers do idle there trucks, but usually lock the doors (extra set of keys) but you would be surprised on how easy it is to gain access and if needed start the truck without keys......(depending on model) also our trucks have communication/tracking systems. But like stated earlier they will find the truck about a week later abandoned and missings its cargo. more then likely the trucking company will be the ones that will have to take it in the shorts.......

Whole trucks being stolen isn't unheard of. Hell, the truck itself tore down into pieces is usually worth as much as the cargo it's carrying so naturally the thieves don't care.

The thing I wonder about is how often truck loads of merchandise like this get that big. Seems a lot safer to just not send that much stuff in one truck. What if something not theft related happened to it, like an accident or something? I don't know the logistics, but that much value on one semi seems like a bad idea over all.

don't worry ya'll.. These things are easy to track. as soon as someone tries to update the software, the PIN will be sent and the person will be questioned about where he/she got the device. sooner or later thief will be caught.

The good news is the PlayBook is getting on more and more hands everyday!! One way or another!!!

This is clearly an inside job. Since when do truck drivers ever take showers or baths? That should be the detectives first clue.

I know how to get these playbooks back. Offer 1 single ipad to the crooks for the whole shipment back. No questions asked.

I have a feeling someone told the crook that the truck was full of half baked goods and he stole it because he thought it was food.

Ever been to a truck stop? Most long haul drivers do shower at them and have to settle in and grab a bite. No telling what kind of truck it was but certainly wasn't a day cab.

The odd part is most long haul drivers work in teams to keep the cargo on the move without violating DOT laws of drive time.

Additionally, rarely are trailers marked with manufacturer logos or other such tags or even more trucks full of iPhones and other Apple hardware would be stolen or those carrying merch headed for Best Buy etc.

Most likely if what was known on the cargo manifest, the easiest way is to hop in and run (if you know how to drive a tractor with a super 10 drivetrain). Haul down the highway a bit and drop the trailer and hitch to another tractor (privately owned) so the tracking system on the original truck is worthless as it's either abandoned or gutted already.

It's a shame but I also agree on something fishy going on. Owner operators have the benefit of driving alone but must be bonded and insured for such problems which is really expensive. Corprate long haul has always been done in teams. So where is the co-driver?

The distribution or trucking company will take the insurance hit, not RIM. I don't think anyone who buys the stolen PlayBooks will get stuck with an inoperable device, as RIM and/or the police will question the people activating the units in order to gather information to track down the thieves.

This will be to RIMs advantage in more than one way... If the playbooks do get sold on the 'black market' and RIM track and ban these pins, ur gonna have a whole host of angry consumers who probably didn't know they were buying stolen property. Might as well let them go, collect ur insurance money and let the market be flooded with PBs. Playbooks are getting more popular by the day, great PR strategy...when they aren't being sold for half their price, they are stolen by the thousands. Everyone will know about PBs now.

Really, really, REALLY.....that's BS from rim, let me guess playbook's stolen only had the casing no motherboard wow genius, RIM just stock making it period....they are trying to squill out on the pathetic book ( PB )... here comes the playbook' 2

Now, will the insurance company pay the full retail price or the huge discounted sale price on each unit? :)

Also, I wonder what market this truck was headed to? Some poor folks may miss out on their PlayBooks for Christmas!

The PlayBook will sell well on the street. I hope RIM can track the serial numbers. Unfortunately, buyer of the tablets will be screwed, but they should be careful when they're spending money. If you're buying from someone directly, ask to see the receipt, even if you're dealing with eBay or Kijiji!

These thieves were actually modern day Robin Hoods. In this case they were saving you all from the suck that is the Playbook. Either that or they were RIM employees actually found a way to get an insurance payout for these bricks. LOL

I got mine from Best Buy... i would investigate Best Buy... maybe that's why they sell it(16gb) for only $199 here in Canada?

(just kidding, please don't sue me...) LMFAO ^^