16GB BlackBerry PlayBook now $299 at Best Buy USA

Best Buy PlayBook for $299
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Sep 2011 09:46 am EDT

The BlackBerry PlayBook price drops keep rolling out across North American retailers. Best Buy USA is now selling the 16GB, WiFi-only version of the BlackBerry PlayBook for $299. That's a $200 discount over its retail price of $499.

Considering the PlayBook is only going to keep getting better with a BlackBerry Tablet OS version 2.0 release around the corner, that's a pretty sweet deal. Follow the links below to discuss in the CrackBerry forums and jump over to Best Buy's website. 

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16GB BlackBerry PlayBook now $299 at Best Buy USA


Everyone I know who does not have a playbook is considering buying one! plus on top of this is Best buy is offering up the discount.

Let me guess, you know just 2 people. I kid. You will be stupid to buy this at this price. This thing will be below $200 by thanksgiving. Guaranteed.

Perhaps. I wish I had your crystal ball. Since you can tell the future and all.
Stupid is the guy that goes and buys an iPad2 for 500-700 bucks when it has less processing power, inferior cameras and speakers but admittedly better marketing.

For this price you could buy two Playbooks instead of one iPad2.

My wife and I got them on day one and like most everyone that got one and actually made their own decision we love it. Yesterday I picked up another one at a lower price. I love it even more at the better price.

I read quite a bit of crap out there. I suggest you behave like most intelligent Blackberry users and just go check it out yourself. Compare the specs and look at the content. Sure it does not have as much as iPad but sure has enough and more coming daily. You can upgrade software but not hardware. Just ask all the poor iPad1 users. They had a camera slot built in but no camera. Now they are stuck.

The Blackberry Playbook is awesome. Read user reviews and look at what is coming from BB. BB Movies, android player, etc.

You are a fanboy living in the utopia that crackberry.com tends to give about RIM products. Fortunately, I am not tied to any manufacturer like that. I couldn't care less who makes my product as long as it is done correctly.

Yes, I am an intelligent Blackberry user and know first hand the strengths of the Playbook. I bought it on day one. I am not saying it is a bad device. I am saying, based on what it can actually do (not promises) it is not worth $499. I realized that and promptly sold mine. I will buy it again when the price is right. Sorry if that offends you.

I do not owe RIM any allegiances. I paid money for their products and in return I expect a certain kind of value. I recently bought a Blackberry Torch, paid full price for it. The experience was disappointing compared to my WP7. Like many BB users, we want to give RIM every chance to succeed. But time and time again, they keep short changing us. And, even the BB faithfuls are running out of excuses. Can't say I blame RIM, for too long we have been making excuses for them. Any kind of negative remark is seen as an abomination! And we wonder why they only make the bare minimum.

Why the comparison to the iPad again? What does the iPad have to do with the price cut? It's Amazon's fault, not the iPad, so you should flame the Fire, which has less storage space, no camera, possibly no calendar (maybe email though)...

In any case, the PB was originally priced at $499, same as the iPad, so no one is "stupid" here for buying either tablet. Each has its own use, if you like tons of apps then go iPad, if you want to make full use of your BB and want free bridging, go PB.

It all depends on 2.0 and WHEN we get it. If it's a good update there would be line ups at this price. If it's poor or not coming well then ...

This is the sweet spot it needs to be sold at $200 - $300
I'm not sure if RIM can make it work financially at this price point, but it's the only way the vast majority of consumers will consider it.

Tablets are quickly becoming a commodity - it will be interesting to see if even Apple has to lower their prices down the road.

$250 is a good tablet price. i'm excited about the 5.3" samsung galaxy note(no pricing yet) and the samsung galaxy player 5"($269). i want a touchscreen device that's smaller and more portable then a 7" tablet but bigger than a cell phone.

I use blackberry products for communication and others for entertainment.

Since I already have a Blackberry Phone, I doubt that I'll get a Playbook even if it was $100. If I end up with a tablet it'll either be an Android or an IOS device.

Yeah, you should pay an extra thirty bucks a month to connect your iPad because using a secure BB Bridge for nothing would make too much sense.

I have a Playbook and it works awesome with my Bold 9930.

I also use a BB phone for communication. I use a Bold 9700 running OS6, and my wife uses a 9800. When it comes to tablets we have a Acer A500 running Honeycomb 3.1. The main decision at the time was a price and feature stand point. The Acer was a better value. Now that the price has dropped on the playbook it is more on par with other tabs and am looking into picking one maybe two up for my wife and I, then my 2yr old can have the Acer to play games on and watch video. It all depends on the circumstances everyone is in, especialy those that are price conciouse consumers. (I know there are spelling errors.) :)

i agree. i have a 7" galaxy tab and a blackberry 9700. i feel like i have the best of both worlds. i hate that my blackberry cant be used as a wireless hotspot.

Still too expensive for what it does. This thing will be $150 by November. I will wait. If it doesn't hit that price point by year's end then it will be "old technology" by next year.
I bought it the day it was released and quickly discovered that without a BB phone it was a fancy media player and browser. It was worth $499 based on promises. Adjusted price for failed promises; $150-$199. Thankfully, I sold mine at a premium months ago.

I have to agree, I want a Playbook but I can't justify spending more than $200 on a device that is only going to do what my phone or laptop can already.

The reality is if I am going to be on the move, nothing beats my 9800 for emails/ messages/ notes... okay the browser could be better and if I actually have time to sit down and focus on something my MacBook has a large screen a great keyboard, loads of storage space for films etc, when I'm at home I hook it up to my large TV...

My point is, tablets are a luxury and to get the most out of them you need enough screen real-estate to be able to present to clients at a meeting or great apps and games, for which you have to go to other tablets who have much bigger app markets.

I really like the playbook but what need is it fulfilling? Seriously? This is only made worse by the constant promises that take for ever to be fulfilled. (APP PLAYER! ...I don't care about native email and calendar, I'd rather use bridge. If my tab ever got lost or stolen I would be pissed if all my contacts and business emails were on it.)

You are right, but how many people actually "need" a tablet and why would they want a Playbook? ...I understand it has good hardware but surely that is meaningless if you can do more with other tablets.

...that are cheaper.

Amazon Kindle Fire will put significant pressure on PlayBook pricing. Kindle Fire has similar specs and it's $199! It's not a BlackBerry though. (Take that whichever way you want -- truth or sarcasm). PlayBook does do more and RIM has added a lot of value to it, but at $499? I hope the PlayBook stays at the $299 price point.

Kindle fire is 8GB, no camera, no microphone... The Playbook is 16GB, 2 Cameras and a microphone... I honestly believe that the Playbook sale price is in line with Amazon pricing guidelines. If the Kindle Fire was to double storage and add 2 cameras and a microphone, i can see Amazon bumping the price up $100.00 making the Kindle Fire $299. which would be in line with Playbook sale price today at Best Buy.

RIM should consider dropping the MSRP to 299, 399 & 499. Get the Playbook in consumers hands and then work out how to make money from the device after... Maybe through in-apps payment systems, take a 20% cut like Apple is doing... Video Rentals/Purchases, Audio Purchases. Since the Playbook hardware is future ready, they can consider the like of how Microsoft sell Windows, add a price tag on MAJOR OS releases like moving from 2.0 to 3.0 for $69.99, while minor updates are FREE. They are releasing BBM Music which means its not hard to create an iTunes like service.

There are ways to make money besides the sale of the hardware. Break-even on them or lower your profit from the hardware and focus on steady inflow of revenue from the software side.

Just a thought, but RIM have to first get the Playbook in consumer hands.

+ 1

It looks like that is what they are doing with the sales. I love my Playbook. I have purchased another two and three friends have purchased as well.

I gave RIM over a year after the iPad came out to wait on the Playbook. Had the Playbook launched with e-mail integration, I would have dove into it at launch, which iPad 2 broke before the Playbook, I drew the line. RIM lost me on the tablet front.

I just got my Torch 9850 and love it, but I'm done with the Playbook unless it goes under $100.

Would someone please explain to me the big deal of the upcoming 2.0 and what it offers? I'm on the market for a new tablet at a great price (any suggestions?). I own a Sprint BOLD 9930. Please help!

Well from what is being said all the essentials are being offered that were not originally available...Basically now were getting email,Android app player,calendar and some other stuff that we still don't know but if you want the essentials in a tablet they are coming

You mean,since I have unlimited data with sprint, I can just use the playbook anywhere that I have cell coverage and use Bridge to browse the net? If so that's a BIG DEAL!

I was telling my sister in law the other day (I just bought her the Playbook) that I went to get my wife from work and I asked my wife to order carside to go from applebees. We both had just upgraded our BB to 9900's. For some reason she lost all her numbers. I didn't have Applebees number, but i always have my Playbook with me. I told my wife, no problem, i picked up my playbook that is always connected via BB Bridge to my playbook and opened the browser and typed in applebess web address and up came the site and i got the number and ordered our dinner. I didn't have to go searching for Wifi to get online, didnt have to purchase a seperate data plan, didn't have to go into setting an open a tethering connection to my carrier, i simply open my browser and used my phone existing data plan and connected. I get what my carrier calls 4G speed and the page popped up instantly as if i was on my home network.

A Playbook with a BB9900 is a dream team.

free app for Blackberry called Poynt does that and more..I use it quite often for instances like this, for my job as well as private life....like I always say, Iphones help you play, Blackberries help you LIVE,work AND play.

Not for nothing and a non flame comment but you could do all that on your 9900.

I am considering the PB but seriously what is the benefit of having it when I can do almost everything it does on my Torch?

even if it does goes to $99 it will be impossible to get one just like the HP touchpad was, I got mine at officemax they also have it for $299 and if it drops down to $99 within 2 weeks they will give me the difference back!

HP is what touched it off, though. THAT is why the current table market pricing is not sustainable. The HP firesale gave consumers a glimpse at what tablets can(ought to?) go for... and now that bell cannot be un-rung.

true. i have no pity for a company that has to sell its tablets at a price below the $330 cost of manufacturing it. they sold plenty at full price and will still make profits.

I am so damn frustrated!! I really really want to buy a playbook, but I live in germany.
Nearly everywhere in the US the price dropped to 299$, amazon.de still has it for 406€ which is something about 550$!
why does only the US get the discounts and noone in the rest of the world

PB is primarily QNYX based OS tablet and not Android tablet. Android player is an Add-on but PB is going to provide good integration of it (with multitasking, etc) within the limitations (which are obvious). If you need full Android support then you should go for Android tablet.

It's worth more than that. The hardware is spectacular. QNX is great. I've had my Playbook since launch and I don't "miss" any app. Sure, there aren't hundreds of thousands of apps for it but those 100k are mostly duplicates of the same thing.

I prefer quality over quantity.

I waiting for the significant price drop on the 64 gig one. I know it won't be down to $200.00 but at 7, it is too steep for me. I have the 16 but need more room. Love all the HD podcasts.

I bought my 64gb Playbook when Best Buy had the $150 off sale earlier this month. relieved that the new sale price is within $50 of what I paid....Still a good price.

Same at bestbuy.ca

"Order Online:

* Temporarily Out of Stock: usually ships in 6-7 business days. 97 units available for backorder."

Just make the price drop permanent RIM! I hate that I spent 200 bucks too much, but I'd rather see the price drop for good so that Playbook gains some market share. You can't compete at 499, RIM!!!

$299 sounds about right for now with the Kindle Fire (slower CPU, no cameras) at $199. BUT, you need to add $89 (I think) per year for the Amazon streaming media service to make full use of the K-Fire's features. This, of course brings the K-Fire's proce up to slighty less than the PlayBook's $299.

Both devices do different things and the K-Fire runs Android but cannot (yet) get to Google's Android store.

I guess you pays your money and you takes your choice.

I tell you what I don't like about this playbook, it's the fact that they are bringing that Android Player. That means they are essentially giving up on developers. I don't an android emulator on my tablet i want true and 100% QNX apps running on my tablet.

Everything about this device is beautiful yeah so they don't have thousands upon thousands of apps...how many fart soundboards do we really need?

While I am not glad the price is dropping for RIM's sake, I am glad the price is dropping for the consumer, I find the prices on these devices way over board. That said I do thank the early adopters of this device as they are the ones who typically decide the future of a device.

RIM like Apple puts out good quality and they don't have to copy anyone like Samsung I prefer to support companies that are original.

Android player is an add-on which RIM is providing as alternative to the users to expand the Apps faster than the slower pace it will come with any new platform. All the major players definitely will be making native apps too (we are already seeing popular IOS apps making way through Native SDK). But with current market being so competitive this was the best move from RIM and I support it.
Moreover for the masses and average user, this is good attraction to kick start them. PB is great device, only problem has been the marketing which RIM has done for the device. Atleast 7-8 of my friends have PB (some even returned their iPads)and they are all very happy with it. I am sure OS2 is only going to make it better.

Sad, but PB is dead. I did not buy one, as I waited to see app support, OS improvements, etc. With the news today of how crippled the Android App Player will be, and the presser yesterday on the Kindle Fire, and the massive flood of other tablets (and ICS coming), well - it's over.

And to me, it's more dissapointing because this is pretty much what's going to happen to the BBs. Everyone and their mother has known that RIM's upcoming QNX phones need to be their saviour. Well, it's failing, relatively speaking, in the tablet world. And with Android's dominance, Apple's seemingly un-ending march with iOS and their world-famous marketing... RIM will soon be RIP. I hate to think about that, but it's more than just a possibility. It's more of a probability. If you are honest with yourself, you know this is true.

For those of you who state the PlayBook is "dead" then why is Best Buy stores sold out of them?
Check out the "in-store pick up" option for NYC

All Seven Stores show status of UNAVAILABLE for the 16, 32 and 64 GB models!
Sales seem to be improving for this "dead" product everyone is talking about.

I have had my 16GB since launch day. I use it every day in the office, and the commute home.
My kids use it to play games, and my 2 year old knows how to launch his movie and watch it in the car.
If the local Best Buy actually had any in stock, I would go pick up another one today. A 64Gb model for myself, and let the kids have the 16GB to play with.

Also on Best Buy online, 16GB PB is already back-ordered. Same is the case in Staples and Office max also, they went out of stock already in many stores that I went to.

Best Buy is sold out of the HP TouchPad, and it's dead, too.

How long has the Playbook been out now? And it still doesn't have an email client? That is why it's dead. I don't care if PB OS 2.0 comes out tomorrow. The fact that it has already taken this long after the PB was released just shows that RIM has not changed. Their inability to get phone OS updates out in a timely fashion, keeping up with the features on other vendors/platforms' phones is standard practice for RIM. The PB was their opportunity to change internally and then prove to us that they've changed. Instead, they've shown that they have not changed.

The Playbook is the Blackberry Storm of the tablet world. DOA, but receiving CPR for months, then ultimately dying.

Recent news is that playbook might be discountued. (see BGR.com) - This could be the start of the fire sale.

I would think they would wait it out with new pricing and the 2.0 launch but who knows.....

Has anyone seen the wal-mart commercial where they compare prices to other stores, do u think it'll work for me to go there and get my 16GB lol.

And to the person(s) who said their BB is the best messaging platform around, I say, you are just showing what you're ignorant of. I was a long time BB user. Hosted Exchange with BES. I got the most out of the messaging available on the BB - except BBM. I only used that for one-to-one chats. No group stuff or any of the more advanced things you can do with that.

Now, I've switched to a Thunderbolt (Android phone). On a point-by-point comparison, my Android messaging kicks the snot out of what I could do on a BB. And Hosted Exchange with ActiveSync is cheaper than BES. And my Unlimited data plan also dropped from $45/mo to $30/mo when I got rid of BES.

The simplest example of the Android superiority is that I can have multiple ActiveSync accounts on my phone. Separate Inboxes for each (one for work and one for my personal email), but combined calendar that shows both, plus my Facebook events, all color-coded by which account they came from, and combined Address book, which I can filter to only show contacts from select accounts, if I want.

To do the same with my Blackberry, it would have had to support being on multiple BES's at the same time - which Blackberry does not.

As always the discounts aren't available for the rest of the world. Best Buy Mexico is still selling the three PlayBook models at original price. We want discounts here too.

There is still hope for the PB and it still holds a lot of potential but RIM needs to MAKE big time companies and developers build apps for the PB/BB that people are waiting for.... eg.. skype!

It is killing me that I am forced to abandon the BB ship and go elsewhere for my needs. And there are many people like me out there. We don't need a million apps, just a few more that everyone around the world is using. Basically they are now what Nintendo used to be: in house developed apps are rocking and giving people something they want but no backup from outside to make it all it can be.

Additionally what saddens me are the US-ONLY price drops. RIM needs to let PB prices drop all over the world. If they could only hold a "RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK CAMPAIGN" by lowering the 16gb model to 249 - 299 USD/EURO or sort-like prices around the world for about 1 month, at the time of OS2 release. Throw in a marketing campaign with that to emphasize what OS2 is all about (in a way that nobody thinks they need a TAB from other manufactures). I bet there are still a lot of "I want a tab but still waiting" people out there for grabs but you need to offer them a sweet deal to hop aboard the RIMwagon...or they will polarize to APPLE or ANDROID OS.

I just love how everyone is an instant expert on tablet sales because of the TouchPad fiasco and think the PB will be going the same route. Makes me chuckle every time I see "Wait for the PB fire sale..."

I think you'll be waiting a long time...

I had initially gotten the PB on launch day but promptly returned it because I just couldn't justify paying full price to beta test hardware. IMHO the PB is STILL in beta test but this recent price drop/sale has tipped the balance point over enough to where I feel comfortable buying one again.

Thanks Best Buy, RIM, The Easter Bunny!

OK, after reading so many posts about the Playbook, the iPad and many things more, I really have to wonder if some of you die-hard Playbook defenders are actually for real.
Yes, QNX is a great OS. Yes, the hardware of the Playbook is nice(not that special or great some of you claimed though). Yes, the display is very bright and can be used outdoors even in the brightest sunlight (actually one of my favorite features of the Playbook). Thats it. Nothing more.
QNX is great but apps availability is ridiculous. Some guy said that he lets his kids play with the Playbook. Great. What games ? There isn't ONE SINGLE decent game available. Not that it matters but check out the iPad 2. There are AT LEAST 50 HIGH QUALITY games, ranging from strategy to car racing to first person shooters, etc., absolutely amazing and in a quality which usually surpasses any portable gaming device. There are hundreds of other games which aren't that great but still better than ANYTHING I've seen on the Playbook.
Take business apps: There are great business/office apps for the iPad but only very few high quality business/office apps for the Playbook.
I live in Germany and there are a couple of banking apps available for the iPad 2. None available for the Playbook.
I could continue but the fact is: Apps play a huge role in the success of a tablet and right now, the Playbook sucks big time.
Another problem is also the fact that the Playbook doesn't offer a native mail/calendar/contact app yet, you need a Blackberry phone to be able to use these features. This is insane.
Bottom line is: The Playbook has a great display, a nice form factor, a good battery life but nothing really super special many Playbook die-hard defenders are bragging about. The camera(s) ? Really ? How many of you have used them for actually taking high quality photos or videos ?!
Fact is: Right now, the Playbook sucks from many points of view. Whoever doesn't realize this, doesn't actually know anything about tablets. I have them all, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, HTC Flyer...I can assure you that the Playbook isn't that special, especially not at the high price tag RIM was selling it from the start.
After introducing FW 2.0 with native mail/calendar/contact support and after reducing the price tag to 199,299 and 399 USD respectively, the Playbook could have a chance to survive.
Yes, the Amazon Kindle Fire has only 8GB capacity, no cameras and costs 199 USD but keep in mind that the Kindle Fire offers something the Playbook can't: CONTENT. HUGE amounts of content, including books, magazines, tv shows, movies and music.
Stop being dillusional about the Playbook, this doesn't help RIM at all. Customers aren't stupid and many have or had an iPad or an Android tablet in their hands to see the difference.
RIM needs to make a good deal on the Playbook and if they want to survive this tablet game, they need to offer more apps and more content. Since this very likely isn't going to happen, the Android player is very limited and doesn't offer Marketplace support, I think RIM should get out of the tablet market as soon as they can. I can't even see how they could survive with their phone business but they tablet war, they already lost for good.