16 Year Old Creates Communications Link for Underground Workers and Scientists

16 Year Old Creates Communications Link For Underground Workers And Scientists
By Bla1ze on 1 Feb 2010 09:25 am EST

Its long been an issue of concern for deep underground workers but has never really had an answer. How to communicate underground when cell phones and walkie talkies no longer work? Well, turns out that question has been solved by a Los Alamos, New Mexico 16 yr old partaking in the 2009 International Science Fair, which he ended up winning.

Alex Kendrick, has managed to create a system that transmits data using low-frequency radio waves that can penetrate rock more easily than that of high-frequency transmissions. The utilization of this method could mean many things to cave rescue workers and scientists abound. A life saving tool, a method of communicating research studies and much more lay ahead for this system to which Alex has been praised for creating. Impressive if you ask me. What were you doing in highschool? I know I wasn't thinking of this kind of stuff. Congrats, Alex.

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Way to go! I'm from New Mexico too, and yes we are part of the United States. Thats an awesome idea. Question, why is this posted on CB?


Cause it's cool and we're not TOTALLY BlackBerry based, lol. Gotta toss in a few non BB things here and there. :)


You should go and buy that kid a drink for all uf os from Crackberry.


maybe because the BlackBerry still needs a signal to do it's job, and if underground workers can get a signal, they can continue to do their job!!


How about BlackBerry getting into the Tablet Market. BerryTab. Yeah, that's the ticket.


that's pretty awesome! Way to go dude!


amazing. That gives me some hope for our future with People Like Alex. My son is in science olympiad at school. These kids are great. think how many lives this could save alone


Sweet, now I can get my text messages and get on my bbm when I supposed to be working....in the mine!


Apparently they have already miniaturized the collapsible antenna to make it easier to use underground in the small, enclosed, coffin like confines of some caves. Can't wait to text in those conditions.


That should make a big difference in mining operations.


this is a real breakthrough. i just hope that he patented it. money money money!!!


I'm pretty sure the science fair would have put him in touch with someone. He is one smart cookie.


That's amazing. The best I could do at that age was make stuff out of Lego...



Make this Guy a 'honorary Member' DagNabbit! Give him a Storm-2 or something. Bring him over to the BlackBerry-Side...:-)

This is much bigger news than that Damn iPad (iMHO).

Wonder if CNN has this as Breaking News...:D.

Keep up the good work Alex Kendrick! You have already made history.




Living in areas with coal mines, this could definitely be lifesaving in case of underground disasters to locate trapped miners.

Way to go Alex! Hope you become rich!!

I vote for giving him a storm2 also~!



I wonder if he knows anything about Browsers? Maybe he can start working on a Super-Browser for R.I.M. and have it finished by mid-terms....LoL!

Next: LinkedIN App, then Xobni App plus all the other Apps we are dying for...

I am willing to bet that he comes up with another invention before e hits 20..!



By: nofrillz | Date: Mon, 02/01/2010 - 11:32 |
this is a real breakthrough. i just hope that he patented it. money money money!!!

Kinda hard for a 16 year old to patent something the Navy has been doing since the late 40's-early 50's :)

Google "Jim Creek Naval Radio Station" if you're interested.

Granted, their antennas are over a mile long, and transmit into the ground with over a MILLION watts, but same concept :)


I just saw this on Engadget before coming here. Awesome. More power to this kid and hopefully there are others out there staying out of trouble and creating things such as this.


When I was sixteen the only thing i was known for was saying 'pull my finger.'

There is still hope for mankind...


Well, I can tell you I wasn't creating a Low Frequency Radio Wave Transmitter that could save lives. I was being a bit more creative, I specialized in making a certain device out of an apple, a can, a water bottle...etc etc... Yeah, this kid will be going to MIT and will make some cool stuff later in life. 27th Version of teh Storm will be designed by this kid.


Wow, it's always great to see the young minds solving problems the older ones seems to accept. Way to GO!

Maybe he can make another and send it to Haiti.


wow thats awesome! Go New Mexico!! Im from there too!