10tons' announces their launch lineup of Blackberry 10 optimized games

10tons' announces their launch lineup of Blackberry 10 optimized games
By Bla1ze on 29 Jan 2013 12:03 pm EST

If you're big on mobile gaming, then BlackBerry 10 is the platform you'll want to be on. Finnish game developer 10tons Ltd. has now announced their launch lineup of Blackberry 10 optimized games. Some of the games you may already be familiar with from the BlackBerry PlayBook such as King Oddball but there is a few new entries as well. In total, 10tons Ltd. has 10 BlackBerry 10 games ready for launch and we can't help but wonder if that was intentional. You can jump below to the find the full list of games that will be available in BlackBerry World.  

To highlight the quality of the 10tons games being placed into BlackBerry World, as it stands right now two of the games have already been Built for BlackBerry certified with the remaining currently pending approval. In speaking about their launch, ”There's no question we wanted to have the best 10tons games available for Blackberry 10 right away when it's launched. Support from RIM has been fantastic, and the development turned out to be even easier than expected. We're very excited about this launch.”, said Tero Alatalo, CEO of 10tons Ltd.

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10tons' announces their launch lineup of Blackberry 10 optimized games


I have 3 or 4 of those games on my PlayBook already. Hope I can download them to my Z10 without having to pay again. I look forward to supporting devs and buying new games and apps, but I don't want to have to pay again for the ones I already have. I'm pretty sure existing purchases will make the transfer for free though, so here's hopin'. :-) Now off to check out some of the games on that list that I don't have already...

While I hope so too - I have two Playbooks and have had to re-purchase my apps to have them on both (and be able to upgrade the apps) without having to keep switching which device is linked to my BB ID. Maybe we can have one phone and one tablet though which would be nice.

I'm fairly certain you can have more than one device linked to a BBID. That is why they changed from having PINs to BBID in the first place. You can even have more than one PLayBook linked to BBID. One problem I found is that if you have both of your playbooks on the same BBID, then there is no way to make video calls between them.

My understanding is there is no way to make video calls using the BBID... but if you use the devices PIN's, the calls will still go through.

While I don't want to derail this thread - if there is a way to have to PBs on the same BBID I've not figured it out. I posted to the forums here and the answer I got was "of course you have to buy two copies of the app - why would the developer give you a free copy".

When I try to link one PB to my BBID, then go to the other PB and try and update the apps I'm told my BBID is already in use by another device and do I want to switch it to this device.

Anyhow getting off topic of the original post.

On other platforms (e.g. webOS, Android and IOS) you don't have to pay as long as you are using the same ID on each device. I hope this will be true for BB10, too. This uncertainty sure keeps me from spending much money for apps for my PB.

Back to topic: 10ton's games are really great, right know Sparkle is stealing a lot of my time - on webOS :p ;)

i'm a little bit confused. I understand that these apps are for blackberry 10. However if you click on the game and go to the blackberry world page, it says that the supported device is the playbook. Does that mean that these apps are going to work on the playbook as well?

Im as excited about the new BB OS as anyone, but this comment is ridiculous...."If you're big on mobile gaming, then BlackBerry 10 is the platform you'll want to be on. "

Why are you confused? Anything to gain traction. When apple advertises dnd mode does it say "also available on bb since ummm forever" go with the flow...don't be confused

Didn't say I was confused. I said the comment was crazy (and far from factual). IOS might have its fair share of problems, but its by far the best platform if gaming is most important. Again, I am a BBOS10 fan (will be buying day 1), but I will be keeping my iPhone around for mobile gaming (and other things).

Good news. Sparkle is a very used game on my playbook. Looking forward to new games and continued support for and from developers.
Thanks 10tons and BB.
1 more day
Good luck to all

I never paid much attention to the Dev Alpha devices but just now I realized that they are the z10 with a plastic case to make their corners sharp and hide the actual form of the device. So, I guess the dev Alpha hardware is the final hardware.